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European Environment Action Programme to 2020
"Living well within the limits of our planet" The European Environment Action Programme to 2020 (The 7th Environment Action Programme) will be guiding European environment policy until 2020. The 7th EAP shall contribute to a high level of environmental protection and to an improved quality of life and well-being for citizens. Over the past decades the European Union has put in place a broad range of environmental legislation. As a result, air, water and soil pollution has significantly been reduced. Chemicals legislation has been modernised and the use of many toxic or hazardous substances has been restricted. Today, EU citizens enjoy some of the best water quality in the world and over 18% of EU's territory has been designated as protected areas for nature. However, many challenges persist and these must be tackled together in a structured way. More info: http://ec.europa.eu/environment/newprg/index.htm
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Moving towards a circular economy (short version)
The EU adopted new initiatives to increase the level of recycling and moving towards a circular economy. http://ec.europa.eu/environment/circular-economy/ Circular economy is a system that optimizes the flow of goods and services to get the most out of raw materials and cuts waste to the absolute minimum. Using resources more efficiently will bring new growth and job opportunities.
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EMAS: Bridge business opportunities and environmental performance
Discover more about the achievements of the organisations that feature in this video and about EMAS, the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme, by clicking here: http://ec.europa.eu/environment/emas Taking a proactive approach to tackling environmental challenges is the hallmark of any successful organisation in today’s marketplace.
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Ecosystem services
What's the largest multinational of Europe? There is no other that produces so much food, provides us with so many services and products, and offers so many jobs... IT'S NATURE
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Ecosystem services and Biodiversity - Science for Environment Policy
To keep Europe’s ecosystems healthy, we need to protect #biodiversity. How can the ecosystem service approach help? And how can we capture people’s more deeply held values beyond mere money? Watch the video produced by Science for Environment Policy about the different tools in the ecosystem services toolbox. Find the report on Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity report here: http://ec.europa.eu/environment/integration/research/newsalert/pdf/ecosystem_services_biodiversity_IR11_en.pdf More information about Science for Environment Policy: http://ec.europa.eu/environment/integration/research/newsalert/index_en.htm
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Moving towards a circular economy
The EU adopted new initiatives to increase the level of recycling and moving towards a circular economy. http://ec.europa.eu/environment/circular-economy/ Circular economy is a system that optimizes the flow of goods and services to get the most out of raw materials and cuts waste to the absolute minimum. Using resources more efficiently will bring new growth and job opportunities.
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Aquaculture & Sustainability – Science for Environment Policy
Fish and shellfish farming are facing a new era of expansion in Europe. What are the environmental implications of this, and how can the sector expand sustainably? Watch the video produced by Science for Environment Policy about how aquaculture could develop in greater harmony with environmental goals. Read the Future Brief on Sustainable Aquaculture here: http://ec.europa.eu/environment/integration/research/newsalert/pdf/sustainable_aquaculture_FB11_en.pdf More information about Science for Environment Policy: http://ec.europa.eu/environment/integration/research/newsalert/index_en.htm
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Single-use plastics: are you #ReadyToChange?
Life moves so fast that we don’t always have the time to think about the impact of the small, daily choices we make – like using a take-away coffee cup with a plastic lid or accepting a straw with our drink. 43% of all marine litter polluting our oceans is made up of just 10 types of single-use plastic items; food containers, take-away beverage cups and lids, cotton buds, cutlery (including plates, stirrers and straws), balloons and balloon sticks, packets and wrappers, beverage bottles, cigarette butts, sanitary products, and carrier bags. As soon as we’re finished using these items, they often end up in the natural world; washed up on beaches or submerged in our oceans. This litter negatively impacts ecosystems, biodiversity - and even human health. This can’t continue. We need to be ready to change the way we think about single-use plastic. The single-use plastic initiative is part of the EU’s broader Circular Economy agenda, including the world's first Plastics Strategy: an EU-wide drive to increase awareness about plastic waste and our transition towards a more sustainable, circular economy. The awareness-raising campaign has been launched to accompany and promote new measures to tackle the problem at its root cause, including reduction and collection targets, obligations for producers, and awareness-raising measures. More information: http://ec.europa.eu/environment/waste/plastic_waste.htm
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EMAS: Geschäftsmöglichkeiten und Umweltschutz miteinander verbinden
Um sich heutzutage erfolgreich auf dem Markt zu behaupten, müssen Unternehmen ökologische Herausforderungen aktiv angehen. Behörden und Firmen aus der Privatwirtschaft wie Großkonzerne, aber auch kleine und mittelständische Unternehmen und sogar Kleinstunternehmen können sich im EMAS-Verzeichnis registrieren lassen. Erfahren Sie mehr darüber, wie die EMAS-registrierten Organisationen ihren Beitrag zum Schutz der Umwelt leisten, und werden Sie noch heute Teil der EMAS-Gemeinschaft! www.emas.eu.
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How to become a Green SME in a Circular Economy
The following links are mentioned throughout the video: - French tool for companies to identify their vulnerability to critical raw materials (4'27): http://www.entreprises.gouv.fr/secteurs-professionnels/industrie/chimie/metaux-strategiques - Examples of industrial parks in Europe (7'40): Since 01/04/2015 http://ec.europa.eu/environment/archives/sme/support_networks/eips_eepas_en.htm - National Industrial Symbiosis Programme in the UK (7'50): http://www.nispnetwork.com/ - Guidance to industrial ecology by the French Ministry of Sustainable Development (7'55): http://www.developpement-durable.gouv.fr/-Ecologie-industrielleterritoriale-.html - EU Cluster Portal (8'00): Since 02/02/2015 http://ec.europa.eu/growth/smes/cluster/ - Green Action Plan for SMEs (12'44): Since 02/02/2015 http://ec.europa.eu/growth/smes/ - The EU's approach towards a circular economy (12'49): http://ec.europa.eu/environment/circular-economy/ - An overview of funding opportunities within the EU (13'24): Since 01/04/2015 http://ec.europa.eu/environment/archives/sme/funding/funding_en.htm - Dedicated Euronews Business Planet to EU financial support tools for SMEs (13'30): http://www.euronews.com/2014/07/25/help-at-hand-making-the-most-of-theeu-s-financialsupport-tools - Entreprise Europe Network (14'11): http://een.ec.europa.eu/
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Shale gas risk or opportunity?
This video on Shale Gas seeks to put forward a balanced view of the shale gas industry in Europe. Using experiences from EU Member States and commentary from experts and representatives from industry and NGOs, the video dispels myths about both the benefits and concerns surrounding shale gas exploration and makes the case for EU action. The European Commission adopted a Recommendation aiming to ensure that proper environmental and climate safeguards are in place for "fracking" -- the high-volume hydraulic fracturing technique used in shale gas operations. The Recommendation should help all Member States address risks and improve transparency for citizens. It also lays the ground for a level playing field for industry and establishes a clearer framework for investors. More info of the Environmental Aspects on Unconventional Fossil Fuels here: http://ec.europa.eu/environment/integration/energy/unconventional_en.htm
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Air pollution in cities
Air quality in Europe's cities has improved in recent decades, but with estimates showing that air pollution causes more than 400,000 premature deaths each year, we have to do more. Greener transport, low emissions zones, and better cycling infrastructure can all play a part in improving the air in our cities.
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Natura 2000 (EN)
Natura 2000 is the centerpiece of the European Union nature & biodiversity policy. Is the largest network of protected areas in the world. The aim of the network is to assure the long-term survival of Europe's most valuable and threatened species and habitats.
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Air pollution from agriculture
Did you know that 95% of ammonia emissions come from agriculture? And that ammonia-induced particulate matter contributes up to 58% of particulate matter in cities? From closed manure storage, to changing what animals are fed with, there are many ways to address the issue and improve our air quality.
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Circular Economy… it’s the way forward
Short animation explaining circular economy. The European Commission is adopting a Circular Economy package. More information: http://ec.europa.eu/environment/circular-economy/
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Inquinamento acustico: la prolungata esposizione al rumore lascia il suo segno
Il rumore è uno dei principali problemi per la salute. E' la seconda minaccia alla salute dovuta a cause ambientali, dopo l'inquinamento atmosferico. L’inquinamento ed i rischi per la salute stanno a cuore ai cittadini ma c'è poca consapevolezza riguardo l’inquinamento acustico e i rischi per la salute.
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How to value and account for ecosystems
How should we value ecosystems’ natural services like pollination or clean water? The risk is that, without efforts to measure and value these services, the default value can be ‘zero’. Healthy ecosystems allow for human life to exist and thrive. The healthier our supporting ecosystems, the more reliable the flow of benefits they will provide. This video introduces the key debates on valuing ecosystem services and about how natural capital accounting might be used to lead to better, more balanced global and local decisions. For more information, read the In-Depth Reports from Science for Environment Policy - Taking stock: progress in natural capital accounting: http://europa.eu/!JV94Ux Ecosystem services and biodiversity: http://europa.eu/!kt73TK
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How to achieve compliance with environmental law?
It's not enough to make laws to protect the environment, if people don't comply with them. What aids compliance with environmental laws? How best to focus compliance efforts? And what challenges does the future hold? Richard Macrory C.B.E., barrister and Professor of Environmental Law at University College London, gives his succinct view on the challenges and opportunities for ensuring compliance with environmental laws in this interview for Science for Environment Policy: http://europa.eu/!rr43bJ For more information, read the Thematic Issue, Environmental compliance assurance and combatting environmental crime, including an editorial from Professor Macrory: http://europa.eu/!Xu84rD
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Programme d’action de l’UE pour l’environnement à l’horizon 2020
"Bien vivre, dans les limites de notre planète" Le Programme d’action de l’UE dans le domaine de l’environnement (7e programme d’action pour l’environnement) structure l'ensemble de la politique environnementale de l'UE jusqu'en 2020. Le 7e programme d’action pour l’environnement a le but de contribuer à atteindre un niveau élevé de protection environnementale ainsi qu’à l’amélioration de la qualité de vie et du bien-être des citoyens. Au cours des quarante dernières années, un vaste arsenal législatif a été progressivement mis en place dans le domaine de l’environnement jusqu’à constituer aujourd’hui le cadre normatif moderne le plus exhaustif du monde. Les émissions de polluants dans l’air, dans l’eau et dans le sol ont été réduites de manière significative, de même que les émissions de GES au cours de ces dernières années. La qualité de l’eau dont bénéficient les citoyens de l’Union figure parmi les meilleures du monde, et plus de 18 % du territoire de l’Union et 4 % de ses mers et océans ont été désignés zones protégées au titre de la protection de la nature. En plus, la politique de l’Union dans le domaine de l’environnement a stimulé l’innovation et l’investissement dans les biens et services environnementaux, ce qui a créé de l’emploi et des débouchés à l’exportation. Pour en savoir plus: http://europa.eu/!qB63jG
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La pollution sonore : Le bruit à long-terme laisse ses traces
Le bruit est un des problèmes principaux pour la santé. Il représente la deuxième plus grande menace environnementale pour la santé après la pollution de l’air. La pollution et les risques pour la santé sont au cœur des intérêts des citoyens, mais la sensibilisation vis-à-vis de cette menace reste relativement basse.
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Using technology to combat environmental crime
Technological advances in recent years have made it possible for regulatory bodies, non-governmental organisations, and citizens to employ more technologies in the monitoring and enforcement of environmental law. This video features three interviews about the innovative ways that drones, satellites and a smartphone app are helping to engage and empower organisations and citizens in the fight against environmental crime. Smart mobile applications to report waste dumping, Ireland – Valerie Doyle, Environmental Protection Agency Ireland (NIECE) Drone monitoring of waste dumping and habitat damage, UK – Andrea Berardi, Community Eco Drones, Cobra Collective, Social Enterprise Satellite images, detection of illegal bird trapping, Italy, France, Malta, Germany, Spain and Cyprus – Andrea Rutigliano, Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS), Environmental NGO For more on challenges and opportunities for achieving compliance with environmental law, watch this interview with Professor of Environmental Law Richard Macrory for Science for Environment Policy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BItk7qJCjbo&t=11s For more information, read the Thematic Issue, Environmental compliance assurance and combatting environmental crime, including an editorial from Professor Macrory: http://europa.eu/!Xu84rD
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Plastic bags – breaking the habit: Ireland’s levy deemed a success.
Ireland was one of the first countries in Europe to set up a levy on plastic bags. This reduced the consumption of plastic bags by 95% and continues to fund environmental projects.
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Green Finance & the EU's LIFE Programme
LIFE is the EU’s financial instrument supporting environmental, nature conservation and climate action projects throughout the EU. Since 1992, LIFE has co-financed some 4306 projects. For the 2014-2020 funding period, LIFE will contribute approximately €3.4 billion to the protection of the environment and climate. Learn more: http://ec.europa.eu/environment/life/
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Konsekwencje długotrwałego hałasu
Hałas jest drugim, po zanieczyszczeniu powietrza, najpoważniejszym zagrożeniem środowiskowym dla zdrowia. Choć społeczeństwo przywiązuje dużą wagę do problematyki zanieczyszczenia środowiska i związanych z tym zagrożeń dla zdrowia, świadomość, że należy do nich również hałas jest stosunkowo niewielka.
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Results-based agri-environment schemes - overview
Across Europe agri-environment schemes provide important sources of funding that enable farmers to protect wildlife habitats on agricultural land. Results-based schemes (which are a type of agri-environment payment) focus on paying farmers for biodiversity-positive outcomes. Website: http://ec.europa.eu/environment/nature/rbaps/index_en.htm Blog: http://blogs.ec.europa.eu/rbaps/
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"Back to school" with Jonathan Parker, DG Environment, European Commission
The "Back to School" project sends EU civil servants back to school - if possible to a school where they were once a student - to talk to young people about what the EU does.
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Plastic bags -- Ending our addiction
Every year 100 billion plastic bags are used in the European Union, around 200 bags for every EU citizen. Only a small percentage of these are recycled, meaning literally billions end in rubbish dumps or, more likely, European seas every year. This plastic pollution has a huge environmental impact, affecting not only marine ecosystems but also animal and even human health. In an engaging video news release, viewers are presented with the environmental effects of the world's plastic bag addiction and shown the imaginative solutions EU Member States are employing to tackle it.
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European Environmental Regulation for SMEs
Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) find it harder to comply with environmental legislation than larger companies. In general, the smaller the company, the more difficult it is. Often SMEs are not aware of their environmental obligations - but they are also unaware of the benefits of being green: new market opportunities and cost savings. The European Commission proposed an Environmental Compliance Assistance Programme (ECAP) to make it easier for SMEs to comply with their obligations and improve their environmental performances. The following links are mentioned throughout the video: - ECAP website section dedicated to EU legislation (4’30): http://ec.europa.eu/environment/sme/l... - ECAP website section dedicated to best practices (12’50): http://ec.europa.eu/environment/sme/c... - Environmental footprinting (14’20): http://ec.europa.eu/environment/eussd... - Environmental Impact Assessment (14’20): http://ec.europa.eu/environment/eia/h... - ECAP website section dedicated to funding opportunities (15’50): http://ec.europa.eu/environment/sme/f... - LIFE programme (16’00): http://ec.europa.eu/environment/life/ - Horizon 2020 programme (16’00): http://ec.europa.eu/programmes/horizo... - COSME programme (16’00): http://ec.europa.eu/enterprise/initia...
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What does eco-innovation mean for you?
To tackle economic and environmental issues together, we need eco-innovation - what does it mean for you? We asked people from both the policy and the business worlds, and from all over Europe. The European Commission's Eco-innovation Action Plan aims at accelerating the market uptake of eco-innovation by addressing its barriers and drivers.
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"What does eco-innovation mean?" EcoAP interviews: Alison Cavey, INNEON
The INNEON Network for Eco-innovation Investment aims to increase the private and public funding available for eco-innovation and social innovation in Europe, providing a forum that brings innovators and investors together in support of sustainable development. In this video, Alison Cavey, Director of Orion Innovations, the INNEON project coordinator, talks about some of the challenges facing entrepreneurs and potential investors in eco-innovation, and what can be done to help.
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Environmental noise: Noise makes its mark in the long-term
Noise is a major health issue. It is the second biggest environmental health threat after air pollution. Pollution and risks to health are at the heart of citizens' concerns, but awareness of noise as a health threat is relatively low.
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It's time to break up!
Every minute 190,000 plastic bags are used across Europe. The EU is acting to reduce their consumption and we need your support. Visit our website for more information on EU environmental policy: http://europa.eu/!nM77nQ
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Environmental noise: Noise makes its mark in the long-term
Noise is a major health issue. It is the second biggest environmental health threat after air pollution. Pollution and risks to health are at the heart of citizens' concerns, but awareness of noise as a health threat is relatively low.
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Environmental Implementation Review
The Environmental Implementation Review (EIR) is a tool to address the causes of implementation gaps in environmental policy and legislation in the EU, and helps find solutions before problems become urgent and reach the stage of infringements. Read the reports on each EU countries' performance:http://europa.eu/!vR36Kc
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Plastic bags – breaking the habit: German retailers’ commitment
Billions of plastic bags pass between retailers and customers each year. In Germany, the retail association has committed to drastically reduce their use by putting a price on bags.
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Plastic bags - let's break the habit (Interview with Commissioner Karmenu Vella)
Over 100 billion plastic bags are used in the EU each year. European Commissioner Karmenu Vella explains how Member States can act now to stop plastic bags polluting our environment.
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Sacs en plastique - en finir avec notre addiction
Chaque année, en Europe, 100 milliards de sacs en plastique sont utilisés et quelques 200 sacs pour chaque citoyen de l'UE. Seul un faible pourcentage des sacs en plastiques sont recyclables. Plus de 8 milliards de sacs en plastique finissent en déchets sauvages, entraînant des dommages considérables pour l'environnement. Les pays de l'Union européenne sont en train de prendre des mesures pour résoudre un problème environnemental très grave et d'une grande visibilité qui affecte non seulement les écosystèmes marins, mais également, et même des animaux, la santé humaine. Certains États membres ont déjà obtenu d'excellents résultats en termes de réduction de leur utilisation de sacs en plastique. Si leur exemple était suivi par d'autres, nous pourrions réduire d'au moins 80 % la consommation globale actuelle dans l'Union européenne. Cette vidéo montre les effets sur l'environnement de notre addiction envers les sacs en plastique.
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Environmental Citizen Science
How could citizen science help to drive environmental policy? Citizen science encompasses many different ways in which citizens are involved in science. This may include mass participation schemes in which citizens use smartphone apps to submit wildlife monitoring data, as well as smaller-scale activities, for example, grassroots groups taking part in local policy debates about fracking. A Science for Environment Policy report explores academic research into citizen science practice and theory, and outlines a number of case study projects. The value of such projects for science, society, education and environmental policymaking are considered. The report can be found here: http://ec.europa.eu/environment/integration/research/newsalert/pdf/IR9_en.pdf Science for Environment Policy is a free news and information service published by the European Commission’s Directorate-General Environment, which provides the latest environmental policy-relevant research findings. More information: http://ec.europa.eu/environment/integration/research/newsalert
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Fall in love with EU Ecolabel - Part 3 - EN
EU Ecolabel helps you buy products and services that have a reduced impact on the environment. The EU Ecolabel is a label you can trust. It is reliable and recognised all over Europe. Find more information about the EU Ecolabel and the 43,000+ references at www.ecolabel.eu
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Green Week 2015 - Day 3 - hot topics
Aletta Bonn, Professor of Ecosystem Services, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research, UFZ
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"Why are there so many environmental labeling schemes?"
EcoAP interviews: Andrew Prag - Policy Analyst, OECD The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has been analysing environmental labels for more than 15 years. In this video, OECD Policy Analyst Andrew Prag discusses some of the issues relevant to eco-labels around the world. In 2013, the OECD published a study documenting the international landscape of environmental labelling and information schemes that found a rapid expansion in the number of eco-labels, especially in the last few years. This raises questions about the multiplicity of schemes: does the great expansion in the number of eco-labels undermine their environmental value or is competition a force for good in the market? Does the growth in schemes have implications for international trade? And should some form of international criteria be introduced to ensure the quality of schemes?
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Ruido medioambiental: a largo plazo, el ruido deja rastro
El ruido es un problema principal para la salud y es la segunda mayor amenaza medioambiental después de la polución del aire. La polución y los riesgos para la salud son una de las principales preocupaciones de los ciudadanos, pero el reconocimiento del ruido como amenaza para la salud es relativamente bajo.
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Generation Awake presents the Awakeners
Join the Awakeners at www.generationawake.eu and www.facebook.com/generationawake and turn rubbish into a resource. European Commission's Generation Awake campaign focuses on the environmental, economic, social and personal consequences of using resources unsustainably. The campaign aims to make consumers aware of the consequences their consumption patterns have on natural resources, illustrating the benefits if they choose to act differently.
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Fall in love with EU Ecolabel - Part 1 - EN
EU Ecolabel helps you buy products and services that have a reduced impact on the environment. The EU Ecolabel is a label you can trust. It is reliable and recognised all over Europe. Find more information about the EU Ecolabel and the 43,000+ references at www.ecolabel.eu
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EU Green Week 2018
#EUGreenWeek 2018 will explore ways in which the EU is helping cities to become better places to live and work. Showcasing policy developments on air quality, noise, nature and biodiversity, waste and water management, it will promote participatory approaches to urban development, networking schemes, and tools for sharing best practices, engaging local authorities and citizens, and encouraging them to share their vision of a sustainable future. https://www.eugreenweek.eu/
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Combatting illegal poisoning of wild animals: LIFE project in Spain
The illegal poisoning of wild animals is a serious and sadly widespread practice in Europe. Wild animals are seen as predators by farmers and gamekeepers, but poisonings also pose a serious threat to biodiversity and conservation efforts by killing rare and protected species such as eagles, vultures, wolves and lynx. This short film interviews SEO Birdlife in Spain, a special poison investigation unit in a regional police force and a forensic scientist in a specialist wildlife centre about the new protocols and collaborations in place in Castilla-La Mancha, which are helping to combat these environmental crimes.
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