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A Prayer for the Rev'd Dr Peter Sanlon Free Church of England Reception
Bishop Paul Hunt & the wardens of Emmanuel Anglican Church invite you to a Service of Reception into the Free Church of England. Followed by drinks reception and light refreshments for Rev'd Dr Peter Sanlon. Thursday 25 th April, 7:30pm Number One Centre 1 Rowan Tree Road Turnbridge Wells TN2 5PX RSVP [email protected]
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George Verwer reflects on current challenges for the church and mission
George Verwer, founder of Operation Mobilisation has told his remarkable story on many platforms. This interview is unique and special, as I will ask him probing questions others have not. We will cover issues including the following: 1) The impact of "liberal" and "progressive" theology on the church and theological colleges and how to deal with doubt 2) John Stott's friendship with Verwer and probing questions about LGBTQI and gay marriage developments in the Church of England 3) Billy Graham and Charles Templeton (the latter who abandoned the faith after studying at Princeton Theological Seminary) 4) John Lennox from Oxford who was an OM intern and whose books are distributed by OM 5) Tim Keller's post-Christian approach and OM's pamphlet ministry 6) Liberals abandoning the gospel but championing social justice? 7) OM in South Africa under apartheid 8) Charles Swindoll and the core doctrines of faith 9) The "toxic perfectionism injection" and A.W. Tozer 10) Constantine, the Roman Catholic Church, the "Holy British Empire" 11) "Holy kingdom people" in the USA who wants to take over the government 12) Members of the Body of Christ and a "Different World"
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Angola grensoorlog gesprek met Genl  Maj  Shai Mulder
'n Informele gesprek met Genl. Maj. Shai Mulder oor: Angola grensoorlog Nelson Mandela Val van die Berlynse muur in 1989 Nuwe Suid Afrika Die "Boetman" gesprekke Sendingwerk in die Nuwe Suid-Afrika Opgeneem Julie 2018 in Winchester, Engeland
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Dr John Shepherd Resurrection Controversy Historical Background
EVANGELICAL PLATFORM YOUTUBE CHANNEL Archbishop Justin Welby has appointed as his "ambassador" to the Vatican a priest who denies the bodily resurrection and empty tomb of Christ. The Rev Dr John Shepherd, interim director of the Anglican Centre in Rome, said in an Easter message that the resurrection of Jesus "ought not to be seen in physical terms but as a new spiritual reality". This YouTube offers an historical background to this controvercy by reflecting on previous debates surrounding the resurrection of Jesus in the Church of England. Discussion includes: 1. Bishop Hensley Henson (1912) 2. Archbishop William Temple (1910) 3. Bishop Ernest Barnes (1947) 4. Canon Geoffrey Lampe (1966) 5. Bishop Hugh Montefiore (1954) 6. The Myth of God Incarnate Debate (1977) 7. Bishop David Jenkins (1984) 8. Dr. John Shepherd (2019). Presentation delivered by Dr. Frederik Mulder For some of my academic publications, see my academia page under "Frederik Mulder"
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Evangelical Michael Green Anglican Debate 39 Articles
Have you ever thought how it is possible that in one church, you can have a vicar who believes Jesus rose from the dead literally, and another who don't? Yet, they preach from the same Bible, and both signed the same declaration of faith. In this video I explore this controversy by looking at the contributions of Michael Green (who passed away recently) and Hugh Montefiore. For more on Green's legacy see: https://www.anglicannews.org/news/2019/02/tributes-paid-following-the-death-of-former-church-of-england-evangelist-michael-green.aspx For more on Montefiore's legacy see: https://www.theguardian.com/news/2005/may/14/guardianobituaries.religion For more on my own academic work, see: http://winchester.academia.edu/FrederikMulder For my blog (started in 2010) see: https://resurrectionhope.blogspot.com/ This is a slightly revised version of a YouTube I did three days ago. I attempted to improve the sound.
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Transgender Liturgy Shock for Evangelicals?
Were you shocked and disappointed when the Church of England approved a transgender liturgy in December 2018? This video provides a theological background on how it is possible that a Protestant church can move away from what the Bible describe as marriage between a man and a women. The focus is on the accommodation of theological liberalism over the past fifty years, by looking at three theologians: 1) John Austen Baker; 2) Hugh Montefiore; and 3) David Jenkins.
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Bekering en geestelik groei - in gesprek met Elreza Mulder
'n Informele gesprek met my mamma, Elreza Mulder oor haar bekering en ook wyse raad aan jong gelowiges oor hoe om die uitdagings van die lewe in die geloof te oorkom. Julie 2018 opgeneem in Winchester, Engeland
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Resurrection Myth? Canon Geoffrey Lampe and the BBC 1 Controversy
Resurrection Myth? Ely Cathedral's Canon Geoffrey Lampe and the 1966 BBC 1 controversy. This is a master-class biographical and historical background, exploring the controversy and its significance for today. Discussion includes: 1. BIOGRAPHICAL BACKGROUND Bournemouth Blundells School, Devon Exeter College, Oxford 2. THEOLOGICAL TRAINING Queens College, Birmingham Ordination Archbishop's Commission on Doctrine Report (1938) Modern Churchmen's Union Conference (1921) 3. ACADEMIC AND CHURCH CAREER Chaplain, St John's College, Oxford Professor of Theology, Birmingham Canon of Ely Cathedral Professor of Theology, Cambridge University Regius Professor of Divinity, Cambridge 4. THE RESURRECTION CONTROVERSY (1966) 5. MYTH OF GOD INCARNATE CONTROVERSY (1977) 6. CONCLUSION BIBLIOGRAPHY G.W.H. Lampe and D.M. Mackinnon, The Resurrection. An honest search for truth in a matter of deep Christian concern (Mowbray: London, 1966) Michael Goulder, Five Stones and a Sling. Memoirs of a Biblical Scholar (Sheffield Phoenix Press: Sheffield, 2009) Watson, Leslie (1985) The Christology of G.W.H. Lampe in its contemporary setting, Durham theses, Durham University. Available at Durham E-Theses Online: http://etheses.dur.ac.uk/6837/ https://www.divinity.cam.ac.uk/about-us/historyoffaculty/regius For more on my publications: http://winchester.academia.edu/FrederikMulder Blog: https://resurrectionhope.blogspot.com/
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Introducing an EVANGELICAL PLATFORM channel Dr. Frederik Mulder
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Rev Sally Hitchiner Dr Michael Volland Ridley Hall Transgender liturgy House of Bishops Apology?
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Service to receive Revd. Dr. Peter Sanlon into the Free Church of England
Service to receive Revd. Dr. Peter Sanlon into the Free Church of England 25th April 2019 Showfields Library Tunbridge Wells Emmanuel Anglican Church
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The Archbishop of Canterbury has told Anglicans to be peacemakers as he warned that the world was facing "dangerous times". Archbishop Justin Welby voiced concern about rising populism and the threat posed by climate change as he addressed the Anglican Consultative Council on the first day of its meeting in Hong Kong this week. In his presidential address, the Archbishop likened climate change to one of the horsemen of the Apocalypse as he called on the Anglican Communion to offer people a place of refuge. "We live in dangerous times, for some countries it is always dangerous times but the dangers are spreading in which the possibility of a breakdown of the rule-based order that has governed the world since 1945 looms large, and populism is rising across the global North, with isolation in its wake, while climate change grows more and more dangerous to the whole planet, a true horseman of the Apocalypse, but it is in these times that the Anglican Communion has the potential not only to be a place of refuge and stability in the world, but a place of transformation, a place where self- interest is converted into service, where fear is transformed into faith and where enmity and injustice becomes the love and mercy of the Lord," he said. He said that part of the calling to be peacemakers in the world was to care for those suffering as a result of war, persecution and other ills. "We cannot condemn whole nations to absence of help, neglect of support, solitary suffering through indulging in the luxury of disunity," he said. "We cannot abandon the victims of such wars, neglect the persecuted, forget the poor, ignore climate change, fail to preach the gospel with the intention of making disciples, because we think our issues more important. "We exist for others, in the service of the Prince of Peace." ACC-17 started on Monday with the Eucharist at St John's Cathedral, Hong Kong, which is this year celebrating its 170th anniversary. In his sermon, the Archbishop reminded the faithful that Jesus' promise of peace still stood regardless of the violence or suffering in life. He said: "Today, we know again, more and more about the persecution of Christians. In the last two weeks we have seen it's fresh reality. "Terrorists attacked those they thought to be Christians, Christians and those who worked with and for Christians. They attacked the innocent, the helpless, those merely passing by in Colombo and other towns. They did so on Easter Day – the day of resurrection. "That paradox of death all around, of the hands of violence seemingly triumphing, is as old as the promise of Jesus when he says to his disciples "Peace be with you" and when the glorified Lord says, in Revelation, "Peace be with you". He also commended the Anglican leaders experiencing persecution first hand in their provinces. Archbishop of Canterbury calls on Anglicans to be peacemakers in time of global uncertainty "Many here, like Peter, have had your faith tested under difficult circumstances. Some of you under circumstances nearly impossible," she said. "Thank you for standing firm in your faith. Not only are you standing firm in your faith, you are also sharing your faith like Peter who took advantage of the situation of being challenged to share the good news about Jesus Christ." https://www.christiantoday.com/article/archbishop-of-canterbury-calls-on-anglicans-to-be-peacemakers-in-time-of-global-uncertainty/132321.htm?utm_source=Daily+Media+Digest&utm_campaign=7842b257d0-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_01_08_04_54_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_296e14724b-7842b257d0-248851741&fbclid=IwAR1vxYkFOS0UgimGlhpQ1g5u4wK6KCOYa687HR87D4rwXlkTFlQ-cKoAcGA
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In the Monday 25 March 2019 edition of The Daily Telegraph, Boris Johnson invokes "the spirit of Moses in Exodus", calling on the PM to say to "Pharaoh in Brussels - Let My People Go". In this youtube I protest this misuse and abuse of Scripture for political ideologies. I reflect on the way in which Genesis was misused under apartheid in South Africa, and how the fulfillment of Old Testament Scripture in the New Testament was ignored. I challenge all Christians to reject Boris Johnson's dangerous misuse of Scripture and read Scripture wisely and praying for reconciliation. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2019/03/24/theresa-may-chicken-bottled-brexit-way-forward-come-eu-now/
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I had the privilege of attending a talk in Portsmouth, England, last Thursday, where Nelson Mandela's vicar on Robben Island (for 8 years) gave a fascinating talk on reconciliation and the history of South Africa. Rev Colin Chambers gave permission for the video recording.
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