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#BrusselsCalling: The Economist’s Charlemagne Columnist Tom Nuttall  on covering the EU
Reporting from Brussels: How do EU correspondents report from the heart of Europe? Which audiences are they targeting? What is special about covering Brussels compared to reporting from other European cities and Washington DC? How do Brussels-based journalists use Twitter and other social media? How can communications specialists work effectively with EU journalists? Our interview with Tom Nuttall, Charlemagne Columnist at The Economist, provides privileged insights on these questions and more. This video is the first in our #BrusselsCalling series of media interviews, offering tips and insights straight from the source on forging fruitful relationships with EU correspondent and shedding light on their challenges, audiences and use of social media. Cambre Associates is a multidisciplinary team focused on European advocacy and communications based in Brussels. Our media relations team draws on exceptional journalist relationships and first-hand experience to help clients across all sectors, including governments, to reach and influence their target audiences in Brussels, across Europe and beyond. At Cambre, we believe that media training should not stop at rehearsing interviews and crafting messages. It is also about truly understanding how journalists work in Brussels (and beyond) and equipping clients to create trusted and successful relationships. www.cambre-associates.com
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#BrusselsCalling: Interview with Jean Quatremer
We are delighted to share with you the third video of our #BrusselsCalling series of interviews with leading journalists covering the EU. Our exclusive interviews provide you with the inside story on who these top Brussels journalists are targeting, the challenges they face in covering the EU, their use of social media, and whether they consider PR a help or a hindrance. This one is with Jean Quatremer, Liberation’s Brussels correspondent, Coulisses de Bruxelles blogger and defender of the French language. The video is in his mother tongue.
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The EU in 2025 – Updating the widening vs deepening debate
Event organised by Cambre Associates in partnership with EU 40 & Lansons “What kind of European Union do we want to see, and what kind of European Union do we want to be?” – this key question asked by former EU Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy Stefan Füle framed the debate on ‘The EU in 2025 – updating the widening vs deepening debate’, which took place at the European Parliament on Tuesday 26 May 2015. Joined by representatives from the EU Member States, diplomatic Missions and ambassadors from candidate and neighbouring countries, the panel of MEPs (MEP Brando Benifei, MEP Victor Negrescu, MEP Urmas Paet), academic experts (Leiden Law Professor Christophe Hillion) and policy professionals (Emran Mian from UK think tank the Social Market Foundation) discussed the future makeup of the EU against a backdrop of increased differentiation, potential exits, questioned enlargements and wavering promises. The debate was moderated by Fraser Cameron, director of the EU-Russia Centre and senior adviser at Cambre Associates.
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Advocacy 3.0 -  Are we there yet?
As part of European Public Affairs Action Day 2013, Cambre Associates hosts a panel discussion on "Advocacy 3.0 - Are we there yet?" The debate focuses on how advocacy has evolved with online and social networking means, giving stakeholders new tools to reach out to policymakers and the public.
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Lost in the Eurobubble? Download iPhone & Android EUssentials App from Cambre Associates
http://www.EUssentials.eu http://www.cambre-associates.com Do you find yourself trawling through countless websites and outdated directories to find the contact details of a Commissioner or the date of the next EP plenary? EUssentials has been designed with you in mind, whether you are a PR or PA executive, a journalist or an MEP. It features a practical layout and fast navigation. A large amount of data is stored offline, making it available even when you are not connected to the internet. On the move you'll find: • The European Parliament calendar, the list of Committees and the contact details of their Chairs, Vice-Chairs and Political Coordinators • The list of Council Presidencies until 2020 and their websites • An easy-to-use directory of EU Commissioners and their Cabinets • A map and the exact address of all the EU Institutions and Permanent Representations located in Brussels https://itunes.apple.com/be/app/eussentials/id405502318?mt=8 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=be.cambre.eussentials&feature=search_result&hl=en
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#BrusselsCalling: The Reuters Brussels bureau chief Alastair Macdonald on covering the EU
Alastair Macdonald is the fourth of our #BrusselsCalling video interviews with leading journalists covering the EU. We discussed the audience of Reuters, the challenges of covering the EU, the use of social media and whether he considers PR a help or a hindrance.
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Introducing Advocacy 3.0
Tom Parker, Managing Director at Cambre Associates, explains what Advocacy 3.0 is, and how it leverages the distinct but interlinked disciplines of government relations, public affairs and public relations, into a single coherent strategy.
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Vaccines, "fake news" and the EU elections: will public health be the loser?
The WHO’s listing of “vaccine hesitancy” as one of the top ten threats to global health in 2019 reflects the concerns of many experts at European and global level.  Cambre invited Reuters, DG SANTE, MSD, Mozilla and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine to discuss the anti-vaccination movement and the role of social media in spreading disinformation ahead of the EU elections.  Here is what they said...
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20K Brussels - Cambre runs for Nos Enfants Cardiaques
Cambre Associates showed its support to the Belgium NGO Nos Enfants Cardiques by running to raise funds at the 2012 edition of the Brussels 20K run. The Cambre team was early on location to help the NEC team, entertaining children and adults and painting symbolic red hearts on the faces of the most daring participants. Fuelled by the beautiful weather and the enthusiasm of the runners, supporters and NEC team, spirits ran high all day. Nos Enfants Cardiaques is an association that brings together parents and professionals from the Saint-Luc's University Clinics to supports children with heart conditions and their families. They organise regular recreational activities, provide information and operate as a forum to share and exchange experiences and advice. Despite the high temperature, thousands of runners from all over the world took the streets of Brussels on this year's race, which was the 32nd edition of an event held annually since 1980. The winner finished the course in a staggeringly quick time of just seconds over one hour.
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Cambre Seasons Greetings 2013
It is that time of the Year! See our short message of thanks and good cheer from the Cambre team. Happy holidays!
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#MEPTalks: CETA yes or no? Heated Twitter debate at last EP Plenary
For the EP plenary session of October, we had a look at the the most discussed topic on Twitter ; which MEPs were the most active and the most popular tweets. 1) The EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement was the most discussed topic 2) Jan Philipp Albrecht (@janalbrecht), Michel Reimon (@michelreimon) and Marie Christine Vergiat (@mcvergiat) were the most active on CETA. 3) Marine Le Pen (@MLP_officiel); Jean-Luc Mélenchon (@JLMelenchon) and Guy Verhofstadt (@GuyVerhofstadt) posted the most popular tweets on CETA 4) Julia Reid (@julia_reid) and Michal Boni (@michalBoni) were together with Marie Christine Vergiat (@mcvergiat) three of the most active MEPs of the entire plenary. 5) Nigel Farage (@Nigel_Farage) Guy Verhofstadt (@GuyVerhofstadt) and Marine Le Pen (@MLP_officiel) posted the most popular tweets of the plenary 6) MEPs from the EPP and the S&D group were by far the most active but MEPs from GUE/NGL reached the widest audience For the full analysis go to https://goo.gl/qCvlHC
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(Happy) birthday Services Directive: a morning debate on the future of retail
The Services Directive – adopted 10 years ago - promised to make it easier for retailers to open shops anywhere in the EU, but barriers remain. Cambre Associates asked the European Commission, Eurocommerce, ICSC and the city of Sindelfingen to define how the Services Directive influenced the single market for retail, which challenges lie ahead and how they plan to turn them into opportunities.
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#BrusselsCalling: Media debate on EU Energy
It’s a hot year for energy in Brussels. As the EU pushes forward with a package set to revolutionise the structure of the energy market, gossip, speculation and tensions are running high. The leaked drafts of the package are adding fuel to the fire. Cambre’s Energy team hosted a panel of journalists to find out how the stories are playing out and why. With the participation of Alissa de Carbonnel (@AdeCar), Reuters, Energy and Environment Correspondent, Emre Peker (@wsjemre), Wall Street Journal EU Correspondent, Frédéric Simon (@FredSimonEU), EurActiv Publisher & Editor, Laurel Henning (@L_K_Henning), MLex Senior Energy Correspondent, and Rochelle Toplensky (@RToplensky), Financial Times EU Correspondent, our media panel concluded that with so much this year on the EU energy agenda, Brussels will definitely be in the driving seat – and the industry will be eager to power the media machine on with expert insights.
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#BrusselsCalling: Covering EU tech heading into 2018
Our latest #BrusselsCalling media discussion focused on the challenges of covering EU tech policy, a beat that stretches across banking, health, retail, telecoms, transport and many other sectors. The event brought together an all-female panel of journalists. We had Frances Robinson on hand to quiz Natalia Drozdiak (Wall Street Journal), Julia Fioretti (Reuters), Laura Kayali (Contexte), Joanna Plucinska (POLITICO Europe), and Catherine Stupp (EurActiv) about the ins and outs of following EU decision-making on all things tech.
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Solar vidclip: Promotional video for photovoltaics industry
Solar vidclip: Promotional video for photovoltaics industry, with experts and vox pops.
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#BrusselsCalling: Media debate on EU competition
In the latest of its award-winning media events, Cambre Associates held a panel discussion on 6 February 2019 focused on EU competition policy. Claire Harris moderated the discussion with Lewis Crofts (MLex), Thibault Larger (POLITICO), Rochelle Toplensky (Financial Times) and Khushita Vasant (PaRR). You missed the event and you’re dying to know more about the discussion? Keep calm and check out our video and 10 takeaways on competition - https://bit.ly/2SP32dV
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#BrusselsCalling: The Economist's Tom Nuttall on what it takes to report from Brussels
As he packed his bags for Berlin, the Economist's Tom Nuttall talked to us about sorting the wheat from the chaff in Brussels as Charlemagne correspondent.
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#BrusselsCalling: The Economist's Tom Nuttall on Brexit coverage by EU correspondents
Before leaving Brussels for Berlin, the Economist's Tom Nuttall shared his views on the challenges EU correspondents face in covering Brexit.
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#BrusselsCalling: Covering EU tech policy
Our latest #BrusselsCalling media discussion focused on the challenges of covering EU tech policy, a beat that stretches across banking, health, retail, telecoms, transport and many other sectors. Who is their audience? What are the ingredients of a good story? How do they work with PR people? What’s their take on social media? The journalists shared their insights on these and many other questions.
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mHealth: the personal care revolution promising to put 100bn in Europe's pocket
www.cambre-associates.com With 97.000 health and wellbeing apps available, your smartphone can become your personal health advisor, providing health information 24/7 and allowing you to access basic diagnostic tools from the comfort of your own home. This level of personalised and immediate access to health services and information could potentially save €100bn for health systems in Europe, as well as generating jobs in this innovative and fast-growing sector. This is now a reality, but the technology and the policy framework are moving at different paces. The question of how to regulate and use health apps remains open. This was at the heart of the discussion organized by Cambre Associates and the network of young MEPs EU40, which brought together a range of stakeholders in the European Parliament on Wednesday 6 May. The discussion was hosted by MEP Philippe De Backer and moderated by EU journalist Dave Keating. Trust is essential – but 100% data security is not possible Apps cannot replace doctors but they are an increasingly omnipresent tool for empowering people to manage their own healthcare on a day-to-day basis. However, health data is highly sensitive and concerns about online data privacy and security are high. In order to build trust, representatives of consumers and regulators both agreed on the need for transparency and redress. Dee O’Sullivan from myhealthapps.net said, “consumers must be informed about who has developed the app and with what funding.” The input from healthcare professionals should be clearly communicated, as well as the existing evidence of the app’s performance. Developers should also be open about how the app will access, use a nd share the data. Pēteris Zilgalvis, Head of Unit for eHealth and Wellbeing at the European Commission, emphasised the need for a mechanism allowing apps to be removed from the market. Host MEP Philippe De Backer pointed out that applying the precautionary principle and waiting to achieve 100% security is not the solution – such an approach would put the patient empowerment enabled by these tools out of reach for European citizens. Regulation is essential, but it is not enough The European Commission is working to develop a code of conduct on data protection in mHealth tools to serve precisely this purpose. Jim Higgins, Director General of DigitalEurope, shared the perspective of app developers, often small startups, who want to provide a quality product but are not always aware of the data security requirements. Mr Higgins encouraged the Commission to ensure guidelines are methodology-based so as to be valid for future as well as current technologies. mHealth without the framework of self-care is like a fish out of water “mHealth is a no-brainer”, said Sophie Crousse, Vice President of GSK Consumer Healthcare. “mHealth is a fantastic enabler of self-care. It has the potential to make savings for healthcare systems”. Participants agreed that mHealth should be supported in the context of a broader self-care agenda which includes investment in patient literacy. Dee O’Sullivan pointed out that patients need to understand how to use mHealth tools – how to input data accurately, how to interpret and use the information it provides them. However, uptake of mHealth tools will not wait for the policy framework it needs. As Max Müller, Chief Strategy Officer at online pharmacy Doc Morris, explained: “you cannot stop the self-care movement, it will happen on its own.” Europe’s choice is whether or not to be the innovators and facilitators of a self-care paradigm that could change the face of healthcare not just in Europe but globally. Commenting on the conclusions of the discussions, Cambre Associates’s Tom Parker said, “mHealth has the potential to revolutionise healthcare but technology alone cannot achieve this – the broader self-care policy context is necessary.” This event showed that there is rare consensus across the various stakeholders on the level of regulation and guidance needed to support safe consumer access and much-needed innovation – all that remains is for the policymakers to step up to the mark and act on this.
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Cambre wins European Public Affairs Awards 2010
Cambre Associates are extremely pleased to announce that they have won both 'Consultancy of the Year' and 'Campaign of the Year' at 2010's European Public Affairs Awards. Held on 4 November at the Théâtre du Vaudeville in the heart of Brussels, the European Public Affairs Awards are an annual celebration to commend impressive work in the profession. They aim to highlight success and encourage best practice throughout the European public affairs community, whilst bringing recognition to individuals, organisations, issues and campaigns. Competing against submissions from across Europe, Cambre clinched the coveted and highly respected title of Consultancy of the Year. This award honours outstanding achievements between January 2009 and July 2010, signifying excellence in the sector and illustrates Cambre's exceptional development to become one of Brussels' leading consultancies. Creativity, client value and a fully integrated approach to public affairs and public relations lie at the heart of Cambre's success and helps to ensure that the Cambre working environment thrives by attracting and retaining the best talent. Managing Partner of Cambre, Tom Parker, was thrilled by the win, praising the whole team for their hard work and dedication, "This is something we can all be very proud of -- each and every one of the team has played an important role in helping to secure these awards." In addition to Consultancy of the Year, Cambre also secured the title of Campaign of the Year for its work with client European Obesity Day (EOD). Criteria for winning this award included innovation and professionalism, in addition to demonstrating success or forward movement against objectives. EOD is an independent, not-for-profit organisation which brings together medical, patient and political communities to tackle obesity. With the support of 37 MEPs and over 50 patient and health organisations, EOD coordinates high-visibility activities from political debates to PR events such as half-marathon runs. Activities are centred on an annual pan-European disease-awareness day in May each year. These nominations echo the innovation and creativity Cambre offers its clients, driven by an expert team with an in-depth knowledge of the European international public affairs and public relations landscape. For further information on the European Public Affairs Award, please visit www.epaawards.com
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What can data-driven healthcare do for Europe?
There’s no doubt that technology and data are key players in improving the way physicians and patients interact. But the benefits of #datacare do pose some challenges. What about data ownership, compatibility of systems and data security, to name just a few? The debate was kicked off by the host and moderator, MEP Claudiu Ciprian Tănăsescu, who emphasised that innovation, can improve access to healthcare for socially disadvantaged groups in remote and under-served areas. He cautioned that trainings aimed at improving eHealth literacy are needed to tap into all the possibilities of #datacare. #Datacare benefits span several fields Bernard Maillet, physician and vice-chair of the eHealth working group at The Standing Committee of European Doctors (CPME), pointed to the many benefits for patients and physicians, but cautioned that special attention has to be given to “digital doctor-patient relationships” – it is much harder to build trust with a patient when you do not meet them in person. Beth Thompson, Policy Adviser at the Wellcome Trust, a global charitable foundation dedicated to health-improving research, highlighted the vital role of data in research. She noted that regulatory frameworks permit the use of health data, without which we would not have discovered a link between tobacco and lung cancer. The opportunity has to be managed carefully While big data can certainly help many fields, it needs to be managed carefully. Cornelia Kutterer, Director for Digital Policy EMEA at Microsoft, raised another example of how big data has improved healthcare in unexpected ways. She explained that using data, a hospital discovered a common link between what appeared to be a random group of patients returning to the hospital; the room in which these patients had been treated. The hospital was able to establish the presence of a certain bacteria in this particular room. But big data concerns go beyond just data privacy, she added. Data ownership, infrastructure, interoperability and interconnectivity are also key issues. Chair of the Big Data Committee of the European Health Parliament, Arthur Stril pointed at three main roadblocks; standardisation, access control (linked to privacy) and communication (literacy and training). His organisation promotes the design and adoption of a single European Health Record system in Europe to bring forward relevant issues, coordinate Member State initiatives and disseminate best practices. What next in big data and healthcare? Irish MEP Sean Kelly urged participants to take action immediately to ensure that the data protection regulation is adapted to the demands and requirements of healthcare. Cambre Associate’s Victoria Main asked “to what extent do the concerns surrounding data privacy amount to scaremongering and how much of it is valid?” The panel gave several examples going both ways but agreed that it doesn’t matter whether the concerns are real or imagined – in the end it is a trust issue that needs to be answered, regardless of the cause. The panellists also pointed to the need for stakeholder involvement in the development of new policies, be it from health practitioners, researchers or innovators. “We can achieve something great by 2020” concluded MEP Tănăsescu.
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#BrusselsCalling: Covering EU Competition
Our latest #BrusselsCalling media discussion focused on the challenges of covering EU competition, one of the most taxing beats for Brussels-based journalists. Who are they writing for? How do they make sense of the complexities of competition law? What do they need from the various players in any given case? The panel starred Lewis Crofts, Global Chief Correspondent at MLex, Natalia Drozdiak, EU reporter at the Wall Street Journal, Christian Oliver, departing EU competition correspondent at the Financial Times and incoming POLITICO editor, and Alex Pigman, Brussels correspondent at Agence France-Presse. Cambre’s director of media, Victoria Main, moderated the discussion.
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Role of the Media in Brussels: Perception and Reality
An interactive discussion bringing together young EU Affairs professionals and selected journalists to examine the role of media in Brussels, organised by Brussels New Generation (BNG) with the British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and kindly sponsored by Cambre Associates. Experienced journalists Joshua Chaffin (Financial Times) and Leigh Phillips (EU Observer) discussed their experiences of working in Brussels with corporations, lobbyists and other stakeholders. Chris Burns, former TV reporter at Bloomberg and CNN and currently Media Consultant at Cambre Associates, moderated the event. Introduction by Richard Corliss, Chair of the Brussels New Generation group and Senior Consultant at Cambre Associates.
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#BrusselsCalling: Irish Examiner’s Ann Cahill on covering the EU
Retiring Brussels press corps doyenne Ann Cahill features in the latest of our #BrusselsCalling video interviews with leading journalists covering the EU. We discussed the changes Ann has seen on the Brussels media scene in the past 15 years, her challenges in making the EU relevant and comprehensible to her Irish audience, her insights on the role of social media and her views on the place of PR.
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Think Visual - Cambre Showreel 2015
Videos, images, illustrations and any other kind of visuals are essential tools in the Advocacy 3.0 arsenal. They can help communicating simple yet effective messages to a broad range of audiences. Get inspired by Cambre’s very own work and make yourself heard. Are you ready?
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Cambre Away Day 2011
The Cambre team travelled to the Dutch Ijsselmeer, where they sailed from beautiful Enkhuizen all the way to Medemblik. With the wind in their hair and sun on their skin, they discussed the year's progress and their plans for the future.
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#BrusselsCalling: The WSJ's Brussels Bureau Chief Stephen Fidler on covering the EU
Stephen Fidler, Brussels Bureau Chief of The Wall Street Journal is the second of our #BrusselsCalling video interviews with leading journalists covering the EU. We discussed the audience of the WSJ, the challenges of covering the EU, the use of social media and whether he considers PR a help or a hindrance.
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Revised Data Protection Rules: Impact for Businesses? Event at European Parliament
New EU rules on data protection were presented by Commission Vice-President Viviane Reding in January 2012. In this context, the British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Cambre Associates organised a breakfast briefing event on 24th April in the European Parliament. The event was the occasion for Members of European Parliament (MEP) and industry to exchange views on what impact revised rules on data protection could have on competitiveness in Europe and various business models, as well as possible options for consideration by policy-makers. Axel Voss, MEP and author of the report "A comprehensive approach on personal data protection in the European Union", Sophie in't Veld, MEP, and industry speakers from Intel and Symantec were on the panel. The speakers emphasized the importance of businesses and legislators working together to create effective and sustainable system for data protection in the digital age. Building trust in digital services, finding a long-term and technology neutral solution to data protection and the importance of international harmonization, starting with EU harmonization and global "interoperability" of laws, were also issues highlighted during the debate.
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Beat Bullying: From the Schoolyard to Cyber Space -- European Parliament, 25 June 2013, Brussels
http://www.beatbullying.org/ http://www.facebook.com/BeatBullyingFromTheSchoolyardToCyberspace Leading international charity BeatBullying joined together with Facebook, the European Commission and members of the European Parliament at a roundtable debate in Brussels to launch the 'beat bullying' movement in Europe, calling for improved action and support on bullying across all EU Member States. Panelists concluded that an annual EU anti-bullying day could help bring stakeholders together to address the problem on a broad front. The event received the support from Commissioners Kroes and Reding, who both sent written statements.
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Cambre wins European Public Affairs Awards 2011
We are extremely pleased to announce that the 9th of November Cambre Associates has won, for the second consecutive year, the coveted 'Consultancy of the Year' award at the 2011 European Public Affairs Awards. Cambre was one of three consultancies shortlisted for the 'Consultancy of the Year' award, which honours outstanding achievements between July 2010 and July 2011. Another winner was the online campaign 'Your Sun Your Energy', which secured the title of 'Digital Campaign of the Year' with an impressive 62% of the votes. Developed by Cambre, the campaign targets everyone from EU policy makers to businesses, NGOs to consumers, and demonstrates how photovoltaics can brighten daily life. The campaign was launched by EPIA and the European Photovoltaic Technology Platform, in cooperation with the NGO Solar Solidarity. Congratulations also to Aleksandra Kozik (Edelman The Centre) for winning the 'Rising Star' category which was proudly sponsored by Cambre. As a young company, we believe in nourishing budding talent. For further information on the EPA Awards, please visit http://www.epaawards.com/
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Revised Data Protection Rules: Impact for Businesses?
Strengthening Europe's internet economy and responding to challenges arising from the digital revolution are top priorities for EU policy-makers. With EU Data Protection rules dating back to the 1990s, the European Commission is working to revise and design a modernized framework to address the challenges created by rapidly developing ICT technology. New EU rules on data protection were presented by Commission Vice-President Viviane Reding in January 2012. In this context, the British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Cambre Associates are organising a breakfast briefing event on 24th April in the European Parliament. The event will be the occasion for Members of European Parliament (MEP) and industry to exchange views on what impact revised rules on data protection could have on competitiveness in Europe and various business models, as well as possible options for consideration by policy-makers. Axel Voss, MEP and author of the report "A comprehensive approach on personal data protection in the European Union", Sophie in't Veld, MEP, and industry panelists will debate key issues including: • How should the definition of personal data, the notion of consent, "codification" of the right to be forgotten, definition of profiling best be dealt with? • What role is the European Parliament going to play to secure a competitive online business environment while protecting European citizens and enhancing trust in online services? • What main issues will the European Parliament fight for during the adoption of the revised rules? Date: Tuesday 24 April, 08.00 - 09.30; Registration starts at 7:30 Venue: European Parliament, Rue Wiertz 60, 1047 Registration Fee: Free for EU Committee members and non-members. RSVP mandatory. Registration information will follow.
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Cambre Report: Political Communication
Cambre Associates senior consultant Severine Trouillet describes the growing demand for political communication.
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Cambre - US Election Debate 2012
US and EU officials join analysts in a discussion on the impact of the US presidential election on the European Union. The event, sponsored by the EU-Asia Centre and Cambre Associates, took place on Nov. 7, 2012, at Press Club Brussels.
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EUssentials - The EU in the palm of your hand
Apple users https://goo.gl/Vqz8bs Android users https://goo.gl/Jb8NhC Whether you are a public affairs or public relations professional, a journalist or an MEP, EUssentials will be your digital compass to navigate the Brussels jungle. Download to believe ;)
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The EU after the Brexit referendum: Breakfast with Jonathan Faull
What are the prospects for the EU after the Brexit referendum? Why did David Cameron not make greater use of the February deal? Should the EU have intervened in the campaign? What are the options now for both sides? To discuss these and other issues related to Brexit, the Cambre-Newington Brexit taskforce held a policy breakfast with Jonathan Faull, outgoing head of the European Commission “Taskforce on Strategic Issues related to the UK referendum”.
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The Reputation Business: Time for a Rethink?
Cambre workshop at European Public Affairs Action Day In Brussels, reputation matters, increasingly so; in the fast paced landscape of Advocacy 3.0, reputation takes time, creativity and energy to build, moments to lose, and, once lost, it is not easily regained. Investing in reputation management and crisis preparedness is therefore a wise choice for EU Public Affairs professionals. Thus concluded the panel debate organised by Cambre Associates at this year's European Public Affairs Action Day on 30 January 2014. Read more - http://www.cambre-associates.com/about-us/news/61-the-reputation-business-time-for-a-rethink.html
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Cambre Report: A Changing Media Landscape
Cambre Consultant Chris Burns describes the changing media landscape. January 2011
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Digital Campaigns in Uncertain Times
Digital communication is changing the world we live in – going well beyond the social sphere to have major impact on policy-making and politics. Knowing who your target audience is and on which platform to engage with them was a resounding theme among Fernando Anton (Cambre), Adam Drummond (Opinium), Henri Makembe (Beekeeper Group, Washington D.C.), Simon McDermott (SoPrism, Airmilo & Emolytics) and Katie Owens (Committee of the Regions).
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#EUinorout ? Britain's Future in Europe
The UK's fractious relationship with the European Union has been dominating recent headlines, and British Prime Minister David Cameron has promised an in/out referendum should the Conservative party regain power at the next general election. Here, some of the UK's most influential MEPs share their thoughts on Britain's future in Europe. This issue will be discussed in-depth on 3 December 2013 in the Guildhall, London at an event organised by Cambre Associates and Lansons Communications. We will present the results of in-depth research into the opinions and attitudes of citizens and businesses in the UK and a selection of key EU Member States. This will be followed by a panel debate on Britain's future role in the EU. Follow the debate on Twitter using the hashtag #EUinorout. For more information please see www.euinorout.eu
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#BrusselsCalling: Covering EU Financial Regulation
In our last #BrusselsCalling media discussion we invited influential journalists to learn all about the thrills and spills of covering EU financial regulation. What makes a financial story? What’s the best way to engage with them? What are their challenges and needs? Who is their target audiences? The panel featured Jim Brunsden, EU financial services correspondent at the Financial Times, Huw Jones, Europe Regulation Correspondent at Reuters, John Rega, Chief correspondent, financial services at MLex and Julia Verlaine, EU financial services correspondent at Bloomberg.
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#MEPTalks: CETA game over?
For the EP plenary session of November, we had a look at the the most discussed topic on Twitter ; which MEPs were the most active and the most popular tweets. 1) The most discussed topic was the decision of the European Parliament to reject a request by 89 MEPs to refer the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) to the European Court of Justice (ECJ). 2) The most active MEPs on CETA were Michèle Rivasi (@MicheleRivasi), Lola Sanchez Caldentey (@lolapodemos) and Yannik Jadot (@yjadot). 3) The most popular tweets on CETA were posted by Jean-Luc Mélenchon (@JLMelenchon), Lola Sanchez Caldentey (@lolapodemos) and Ernest Urtasun (@ernesturtasun). 4) The most active MEPs of the entire EP plenary were Julia Reid (@julia_reid), Michal Boni (@michalBoni) and Marie Christine Vergiat (@mcvergiat). 5) The most popular tweets of the entire plenary were posted by Nigel Farage (@Nigel_Farage) Guy Verhofstadt (@GuyVerhofstadt) and Marine Le Pen (@MLP_officiel). For the full analysis go to
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Clipreel Cambre 2012
Selection of Cambre videos, including corporate presentation clips, event clips, Cambre reports and Cambre awards. November 2012
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#BrusselsCalling: 10 tips Working with media
Media are often the most relevant means to go public with a story. Journalists are often the right way to go exercise ones influence and differentiate oneself from the competitors. Because the Brussels EU landscape (and not only) is brimming with multiple voices begging to be heard, journalists tend to be very selective when it comes to choose a valid and trusted news source. To catch a reporter’s attention, there are some dos and don’ts. Therefore Cambre created an animation giving a useful first aid kit for building a valuable relationship with media. Take the time to have a look at it before contacting journalists, it may prevent the door from slamming in your face.
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FAIB Social Media Seminar: Not If, But How
28 February 2013 - Over 70 association representatives from a very large number of sectors gathered in Brussels to benefit from the strategic and practical insights of Fernando Anton, Communications Practice Director at Cambre Associates, into effectively harnessing social media for the internal and advocacy goals of their organisations.
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#EUinorout? Britain's Future in Europe - Highlights
On 4 December 2013, nearly 150 people gathered in the prestigious Guildhall in London for the release of the results of the Cambre Associates, Lansons and Opinium four country poll on the UK's EU membership. The results were staggering -- 50% of UK citizens would vote to leave the EU if there was a referendum tomorrow, and it appears that the UK is losing the support of its allies on the continent. However, businesses remain more favourable to EU membership. The results are a wake-up call, says Cambre MD Tom Parker. Those who believe that being part of the EU enhances the UK's interest need sharper and simpler arguments to get the message across.
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#BrusselsCalling - Meeting national correspondents
What are the challenges of national correspondents of leading European media in Brussels? Can PR pros help them "translate" Brussels to national audiences and how? Our recent #BrusselsCalling debate with dpa’s Emoke Bebiak, Les Echos’ Gabriel Grésillon, EFE’s Laura Perez Cejuela, Il Sole 24 Ore’s Beda Romao and The Times’ Bruno Waterfield gave some insightful answers.
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International Dairy Federation "100 Years IDF: Looking to the Future"
International Dairy Federation videoclip made by Cambre Associates.
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#BrusselsCalling: The Economist's Tom Nuttall on the use of Twitter in the EU bubble
The Economist's Tom Nuttall told us in an exit interview that whileTwitter is still relevant for Brussels journalists, 'it can pollute your thinking'.
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#MEPTALKS: Islamic State survivors and war crimes in Aleppo
MEPs kept their fingers Twitter-active in Strasbourg’s December Plenary .Here the top three hashtags: #SakharovPrize 205 times #Aleppo 138 times #Brexit 87 times On Tuesday 12 December MEPs tweeted massively about Nadia Murad and Lamiya Aji Bashar, the two survivors of Islamic State sexual slavery who were awarded the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought. Aleppo monopolised the online debate the day after the Sakharov Prize. MEPs called on the international community for an immediate ceasefire to save the city's remaining civilian population. Last but not least, on Wednesday President Schulz warned Council president Donald Tusk in a letter that there would be "grave consequences" if Parliament was not fully involved in the Brexit negotiations. The letter heated up the debate on Twitter. Full report
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