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Will Electroneum Be The Next DASH?
https://steemit.com/@brianphobos Earn $10 Of Free Bitcoin - https://www.coinbase.com/join/529e26dcd2421b03c4000252 Imagine Monero with $40 Million to market and make the currency more user friendly. That might be what we are looking at with Electroneum. In this video I explain how DASH did a great job of marketing themselves and despite being a clone coin and questionable ability to anonymize transactions like they were declaring it has went to absurd price levels mainly from effective marketing. Monero doesn't have a marketing budget set aside like that but Electroneum could potentially take the cryptonote technology into a more user friendly use case and they have the money to market it and the cult following for Electroneum is already there and coming out in droves online on YouTube and other social media platforms. I have been blown away with how much people are defending the project and how they are attacking people who say the slightest negative thing about it declaring they don't know anything. That was a clear signal for me to mine the hell out of it and buy into a bigger position. what is the next bitcoin, what is electroneum, best crypto currencies for 2018, is ethereum better than bitcoin, is dash or monero better, how to mine electroneum
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Why I Bought MORE Electroneum (Watch The Market Cap Blow UP!)
From the time I first found out about Electroneum I was blown away by the cult following they have effectively assembled. Some how they were able to strike a cord with a certain demographic of people. Despite technical issues people are coming out in droves to defend anything the Electroneum team does. It is hilarious and convinced me to buy more. Hahahah Ledger Hardware Wallet https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/8d5d Earn $10 Of Free Bitcoin https://www.coinbase.com/join/529e26dcd2421b03c4000252
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EOS - PayPal’s Peter Thiel Investment (What This Means)
More big money is come to the EOS ecosystem. I’m mainly looking at this as Peter Thiel and Jihan Wu are investing in a venture capital firm where they will get a return on the loans issued to development groups who are building on EOS. This is great news and brings a lot of attention to the ecosystem.
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I’m Broke - My Crypto Story
The Crypto bear market has taken it’s toll on me. Month after month of manipulation dumps and the pain and agony of HODLing has destroyed me. I have spent too much time researching crypto and the next surge hasn’t came yet. At the end of the day if you act like you are broke you might make it through a crypto dip like this one so I have to keep telling myself I'm broke.
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Why Crypto WILL Pump Again
The crypto markets and the stock market are largely speculative in nature. The previous stock market crashes haven't scared additional money to come into the space and even the people destroyed in the DOT COM bubble or the real estate bubble often times reentered the market.
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Coinbase vs Kraken vs Uphold vs Bittrex vs Gemini
Getting set up on the crypto exchanges that are a fiat gateway can be frustrating. It always feels like you have to do more through the exchanges than you have to do to get a new bank account. It is digital money so scammers can have a field day with it so I get some of the precautions. It just really gets annoying sometimes though. I think it is only going to get worse out on the exchanges. Hopefully in the next 6 months.
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EOS VC (Who Can Get Funding?)
EOS Venture Capital has started making investments into projects who are building on the EOSIO software. It appears that the project doesn’t necessarily need to run on the EOS mainnet. Going to the hackathons is one of the best ways to potentially secure funding from EOS VC.
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Coinbase’s Hidden Ethereum Agenda - 0x Added - My Thoughts
It is clear Coinbase has some weird hidden agenda to attempt to support the Ethereum ecosystem more than other projects that are more popular or have proven to be able to perform better.
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Three Websites Online Resellers Need To Know About (Mercari, Bonanza, Rakuten)
https://steemit.com/@brianphobos - Resellers need to know about as many websites and apps as they can so they can efficiently source and sell products. The more you know the better you can find those spreads.
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It’s Good That Coinbase Didn’t Add EOS
By not adding EOS and other projects such as TRON, Ripple, Stellar, Steem, and other projects that have faster block times than Ethereum it was likely a good thing for EOS because there wasn’t all this downward pressure on EOS as the tide went out and people were getting pressed out of their positions.
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Why BitShares Is Going Parabolic!!!!
BitShares is one of the top blockchains in terms of transaction volume. It went through a couple month of sell off and was primed for another Moon landing!!! It is currently going Parabolic which makes sense because the whole ecosystem makes a ton of sense and also people don't trust these centralized exchanges. The more things go decentralized the better off we are. BitShares allows you to create your own user name and control your own keys to your wallet in a decentralized manor. If you don't own your keys..... you don't own your coins!!!! Ledger Hardware Wallet https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/8d5d Earn $10 Of Free Bitcoin https://www.coinbase.com/join/529e26dcd2421b03c4000252
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Ethereum Will Continue To Rise - Non-Fanboy Perspective!
I don't feel that Ethereum has fulfilled the promise of a world computer and after 3+ years of development there are only a couple of decentralized applications running on it. Etherdelta and CryptoKitties and just those two applications are pegging the entire network. That is pretty sad to be honest with you. In my opinion by the time it tries to scale it will be too late and EOS will be out with free instant transactions and a lot better platform to develop on. Ledger Hardware Wallet https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/8d5d Earn $10 Of Free Bitcoin https://www.coinbase.com/join/529e26dcd2421b03c4000252
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Just Buy Bitcoin Or Diversify Into Altcoins?
There are several reasons why I diversify into Altcoins and don't just buy Bitcoins. One is the code base. Bitcoin and Litecoins share a large majority of their code. If some sort of exploit is found for Bitcoin then it could potentially take out a large portion of other coins as well. So I like to invest in coins with different code bases. The delegated proof of stake chains like STEEM, BitShares, EOS, and TRON have different code bases and so do the cryptonote coins like Monero and Bytecoin. I also diversify from the aspect of what it is used for. Just currency or if it is a smart contract platform or a transactional network like Ripple / Stellar. Even within currency I will diversify further down into Anonymous cryptos and DAGS like Nano.
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Should You Follow These Guys?
The pattern is always the same. Assertive alpha male characters who talk in general terms but don't actually ever say anything. You could watch Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez, and Gary Vaynerchuk all day everyday but wouldn't have any piece of information that would help you accomplish anything. Maybe a little motivation can go a long way??? It isn't all bad thought because their online content is free and it is clear that when you go to their events that you will be paying to go there. So I really can't label them as scammers for the most part. Sometimes I feel like Tai Lopez toes the line on the deceptive part which could land him as a scammer. Overall I'm pretty neutral on these guys overall to be honest. A lot of people are surprised to hear that I'm not more critical of them. Tai was pretty up front about the fact that all his cars and the house are leased in the h3h3 piece. The fact that he even let Ethan come over was cool. I'm sure he is a pretty cool guy but at the end of the day I don't think anyone is going to learn anything from is courses or seminars that they couldn't learn in more depth by doing some research online about the topic.
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EOS San Francisco Hackathon Challenge Announcement
The challenge has been announced for the EOS Hackathon San Francisco event.
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Destroyed By Crypto
People are asking me how low crypto will go. The pain is very real and at the end of the day as with any market the coins are only worth what someone is willing to pay for them or what you are willing to pay for them. 95% of crypto is speculation. Despite having utility even the coins that would seem to be poised the best haven't done well in this market. Steem for instance has dropped over 96% of its value when back when it had 100% inflation it lost 98%. You would have thought it would have been more insulated than that.
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Super Cheap GPU Rigs!?!?!? Should You Buy?
People are off loading their GPU rigs for cheap on eBay. Every crypto boom the GPU market goes insane and every time there is a crypto crash the miners get destroyed sometimes way worse than if they would have just bought the coins. Even though mining is awesome there are a lot of issues with getting involved in it. For starters your computing equipment is a depreciating asset. It will become worth less as time goes on except in extremely rare situations. Also the Ethereum block reward is being reduced soon so it will squeeze the people mining with GPUs even more. It will likely bring the price even lower because people can only hold on so longer until they throw the towel in and sell their rigs and sell their coins. Friends Don't Let Friends Buy ASICS !!!!
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Crypto Nuclear Winter Or Bitcoin Bottom?
The ICO scams weigh heavy on the market. Massive amounts of scammers came to the crypto markets. So many scammers it was embarrassing. I'm acting as if we are at the bottoms or very close to them. It is risky for me to not take that approach. I'm accumulating more crypto mainly the altcoins. Right now we have EOS doing more transactions than we have ever seen a blockchain do yet the price keeps getting pressed down. That is fine by me. I'm buying more. Enough said brotha!
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Let's Make Andreas Antonopoulos Bitty Rich! (Bitcoin Community Effort)
Andreas is one of the best speakers in the Bitcoin / Crypto Currency space but unfortunately after working for free or little pay he wasn't able to stack very many coins and he unfortunately wasn't a Bitcoin millionaire even in this big surge. I lost all respect for Roger Ver when he put up a douche bag level tweet putting Andreas on blast because he wasn't a Bitcoin millionaire. The community has came together and Andreas' wallet is over a million dollars worth of Bitcoin at this point! It's one of the coolest things I have seen in the Bitcoin community! Ledger Hardware Wallet https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/8d5d Earn $10 Of Free Bitcoin https://www.coinbase.com/join/529e26dcd2421b03c4000252
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How To Be A Crypto Shyster (Complete Guide!)
The ICOs are 95% scams but there are a few other ways to be a crypto shyster. In the end it is easier to be super shady in this industry than it is to actually deliver a product. It is embarrassing to be honest with you.
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The 5 Cryptos I Would Own If I Could Only Own 5!
Luckily I'm not limited on the amount of different cryptos I own but if I was these would be my picks.
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Keep The FUD Coming So I Can Buy More Crypto
The prices are taking a beating and the way EOS sold off today was strange especially on a day where it was cranking up the transaction volumes.
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EOS Hackathons (Why Going Is A No Brainer)
Also the hackathons are a great way to get your project funded by EOS VC not to mention all the prize money including $100,000 for first place. Between the food, the EOSIO swag, and the contacts you are going to make it is worth it on just that alone. Not to mention all the money flying around for prizes and venture capital funding.
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How I’m approaching this crypto acquisition phase. I’m doing weekly buys to keep stacking coins. If crypto goes down another 50% then I will be ready. I will also be ready if it surges 500% in the near term.
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What Coins I Bought Today
I don’t document all my buys but today was a fairly heavy acquisition day for me in my quest to become stupid bitty rich and live a life of absolute freedom! What are you guys buying?
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Response To Jerry Banfield’s Exit From STEEM
I want to take over Jerry Banfield’s Witness Node Position. There have always been a lot of things wrong with STEEM but the concept makes sense. One of the things wrong with STEEM is the witness votes don't decay so someone like Jerry who shut his Witness node down 2 months ago is still in 35th position. I would like to take over that position to support good content creators, 3rd party development, and have a louder voice about the things wrong on the STEEM blockchain.
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Two Crypto Projects To Keep Your Eyes On
A lot of times you can partially evaluate a crypto by the amount of coins in circulation and the ultimate supply. Nano and Verge have an interesting history the last year and there won't be a ton more coins for Verge and no more new coins for Nano. It is worth a look.
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Is The Crypto Bear Market Over?
These are my thoughts on the crypto bear market and the life cycles these crypto projects go through. You don't want to be on sinking ships because if you aren't keeping up with Bitcoin or gaining faster than Bitcoin then you might be slipping down the ranks.
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Thoughts About The EOS Hackathon San Francisco
The San Francisco Hackathon was the second in the series that I served as a mentor at. It was a great experience and in this video I reflect on that.
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SmartCash Review - Passive Income With SmartRewards and SmartNodes
People really like the idea of earning Passive Income and when I started researching into SmartCash there were a lot of positives and negatives. In this video I go over the advantages and disadvantages I see. I purchased enough to be a SmartNode about 5 days ago and the SmartNode wallet just came out so people are starting to set those up as we speak. I rally want to give a great review and not be like a lot of these other YouTube channels that only talk about the positives of a project and never mention anything negative about a project. Ledger Hardware Wallet https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/8d5d Earn $10 Of Free Bitcoin https://www.coinbase.com/join/529e26dcd2421b03c4000252
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Is DigiByte A Good Buy Right Now?
DigiByte has proved itself over the last four years and appears to be making forward progress in getting on the Leger Nano S Hardware wallet. There aren't a ton of coins that have been able to achieve that so it is certainly a positive thing to look at. https://steemit.com/@brianphobos Earn $10 Of Free Bitcoin - https://www.coinbase.com/join/529e26dcd2421b03c4000252 I'm putting a small speculative investment into DigiByte and I'm going to see what happens. It appears that it has bottomed and has went through a 6 month sell off period which will hopefully result in a lot of buy action now that it has tested some highs and is on the first page of CoinMarketCap. To me it is a speculative investment and looks to have some potential. Decide if it is the right coin for you.
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Lock BTC Profits But Stay In Crypto (Tether vs NuBits vs SBD vs bitUSD)
https://steemit.com/@brianphobos Earn $10 Of Free Bitcoin - https://www.coinbase.com/join/529e26dcd2421b03c4000252 When you are trading in the cryto world it can make sense to get back to a $1 peg but a lot of times you don't want to leave the crypto world either for tax reasons or to maintain a quicker reentry back to the crypto of your choice. In this video I reviewed USDT or Tether, NuBits, the Steem Backed Dollar (SBD), and bitUSD from the BitShares platform. These are all very interesting and I wanted to give you my thoughts on what ones make the most sense to use to seek shelter if there are pullbacks or you want to lock in some profits and rest easy.
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Buying More Crypto? Am I Stupid Or Do I Know Something?
Buying these dips. We don't know where the bottom is so when we have these dips I keep buying. I don't know if we will have a long tail situation on some of these cryptos or if they will just surge back to life like we have seen in the past. I can't risk it so I just have to keep going in with my buys.
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Ponzi Scheme Dream Team - Bitconnect Exit SCAM Deep Dive
The Bitconnect Ponzi Scheme imploded yesterday and these scammers are still trying to scam people. Craig Grant, Trevon James, Crypto Nick, and Ryan Hildreth are laughing and tell you to move on and Craig and Trevon are actually telling people to HOLD their BCC coins and even buy more at the "low prices." It is really sad because herds of sheeple are still supporting Craig and Trevon. It is really sad to be honest. A lot of people have asked if Crypto Nick can end up in Juvy for this and the other three dream teamers end up in Club FED. It is possible for that to happen but what is more likely is that one or a few people who got scammed launches a civil lawsuit against these guys. A class action lawyer might take it up but it makes the case a lot harder because suing and actual entity is going to be extremely tough and these guys can hide their crypto and the case wouldn't go to trial for years potentially. I'm not a big fan of all the civil lawsuits and I think it is more likely that these guys get off and will live the life style of the bitty rich and somewhat famous but mostly hated.
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Nogales Mexico Dentist Experience - Part 1
https://steemit.com/@brianphobos - Follow my blog on Steemit. This video is part of a more in depth blog post. I have an issue with a tooth and pretty much determined that I would need a root canal. The two options are to get a root canal and then have a porcelain crown put over the tooth or to have the tooth extracted and then get an implant done where they drill into the jaw bone and put a fake tooth in. It is cheaper to get the root canal and crown done. That is going to be around $580 to get all that done. In Tucson, Arizona it would be around $2,000 to get all that done so it makes sense to get it done in Mexico. A lot of people from Arizona go down to Nogales, Mexico for medication and dental work.
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Buying More Crypto!?!?! 😈 😱 😳 Crypto Crash Party!!!
Most people are freaked out bad at the price collapse. No one knows how low we will go and how long the pain will last. I bought $500 more worth of Litecoin and if prices drop low enough I’m going to do a Coinbase instant buy and regardless of price I’m doing another wire transfer into my Kraken account. #bitcoin #crypto #crash
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SmartCash SmartNode Setup (Getting Past A Few Issues)
I just got my first SmartNode payout which is worth $75 right now! I don't know how profitable this will be in the future but I have a feeling that it has a chance to be fairly lucrative! I made this video in reference to my Steemit post about the subject and some of the issues that some people are running into. SmartCash seems like a pretty interesting concept that focuses on the community voice and HODLing as well. We will see what happens but it feels good to get my first payout. That way I know everything is 100% working! Making money in my sleep..... That's a good night!!!! Link to Steemit Article. https://steemit.com/smartcash/@brianphobos/smartcash-smartnode-setup-help Ledger Hardware Wallet https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/8d5d Earn $10 Of Free Bitcoin https://www.coinbase.com/join/529e26dcd2421b03c4000252
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Most Crypto Investors Should Do This
This would be the best way to be diversified and have a couple transactional currency plays, a couple platform plays, a couple of transaction network plays, and an anonymous crypto play.
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BitTube vs DTube (Can You Earn Any Money On Either Platform In 2019?)
The past couple years have given rise to more crypto related social media platforms and two of the working video platforms at this time are DTube which is built on the STEEM Blockchain and BitTube which mainly stores everything in a centralized database but uses IPFS for decentralized file storage and utilizing a clone of Monero for the underlying currency. BitTube seems to be at a point right now where no one is really earning anything at all and I have my questions about that mechanism. They want to make it so you can earn crypto by just surfing around the web and watching YouTube videos or playing around on Facebook. That to me doesn't make a whole lot of sense and it seems like investors into the currency could get screwed by that system. Over on DTube there is more money being earned even with the price of STEEM in the dumps. You can have higher resolution content hosted over on BitTube in relation to Steemit.com. Overall with all the issues with DTube and STEEM it seems that it would be more worth your time to upload on DTube
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EOS Hackathon San Francisco - First Look At The Venue
A quick tour of the hackathon venue in San Francisco.
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Audi S8 5.2 V10 Lamborghini Engine - My Crypto Life - Part 2
The Audi S8 is a splash of luxury and a splash of 450 hp of performance. The engine is the same one used in the Lamborghini Gallardo. To be clear the engine is an Audi engine that Lamborghini used as well. From everything I have seen the engine put out too much torque in this configuration when they adapted it for the Lamborgini Gallardo. The Lambo is lighter and a solid performer but doesn't produce as much torque as the Audi S8. This car had been on my radar for awhile but I got more serious about buying one of these cars a couple of weeks ago. Growing up my family mainly had vehicles produced by General Motors. This is my first European car. I plan on doing a lot of modifications to this car when I will go over in future videos. A sort list of some of the modifications includes front and rear splitters, side skirts, and a spoiler. Also wheel spacers and a loud plasti dip coat that some people will hate and others will say SICK! I'm still going to be making more videos about crypto currencies but the direction of the channel is changing a little more toward entrepreneurship and lifestyle. Follow me on all social media @brianphobos https://steemit.com/@brianphobos https://youtube.com/brianphobos https://twitter.com/@brianphobos https://instagram.com/@brianphobos Royalty Free Music | No Copyright Sounds | Undefeated - Hip Hop Beat Rap Instrumental
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EOS Development Beginners Guide (Wallets, Usernames, Compiling, Contracts)
https://steemit.com/@brianphobos - There is a lot of FUD surrounding EOS right now. Some of it is out of fear from Ethereum investors and part of it is just people uneasy about the wording of the disclaimers from Block.One. They are just covering their asses so no government entity can point at them as the root of the problem and try to smash them. In the end I think Ethereum will still be a main artery in the crypto space but EOS will become the backbone. I believe there will be one main implementation of the EOS software and Block.one will become like the Linux Kernel Developers working on the base implementation. Then there will be the one main chain that will launch and a couple other competitors who will potentially brand it slightly different and make different decisions overtime. Even HODLing EOS for almost a year now, reading the white paper, doing videos about EOS, consuming as much information about EOS as I can, and running the DAWN 3.x version of the testnet it wasn't until recently that I realized the block time for EOS is 0.5s. To put that into perspective the STEEM blockchain produces a new block every 3 seconds so if things didn't run into latency issues then the EOS blockchain will have 6 times the transaction capacity that the STEEM blockchain has currently and STEEM and BitShares are nowhere near total utilization. That is pretty insane to think about!
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Is Komodo Undervalued?
Komodo turns out to be a very ambitious project that is an anonymous crypto currency using zero-knowledge proofs the same way ZCash has them implemented. It is also a platform you can do smart contracts on, launch Decentralized ICOs, and has a decentralized exchange that utilizes atomic swaps. BarterDEX Download - https://github.com/SuperNETorg/BarterDEX/releases In some ways it is confusing how everything is going to fit together on the Komodo platform but I ultimately see some good signs overall with the project. The fact that they have a mineable coin and an existing platform that is being heavily developed is a very good sign. I think that this project is somewhat under the radar at the current time. Ledger Hardware Wallet https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/8d5d Earn $10 Of Free Bitcoin https://www.coinbase.com/join/529e26dcd2421b03c4000252
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PolySwarm Deep Dive (Can AntiVirus Engines Be Decentralized?)
IT security threats are going to continue to increase so can there be a blockchain solution to help protect companies and individuals from these threats? In this review we are looking into the PolySwarm ICO that is going to start on Feb. 20th. There is a $50 Million cap on the ICO and there are bonuses if you get in earlier. The project is ambitious but they have a very good team capable to getting the job done. One of the things they want to do is create an open source AntiVirus Engine that people and companies can run scans with and the solutions might be in the PolySwarm ecosystem already. Why build this solution on a blockchain? To me it really comes down to the payments mechanism that is controlled mainly by code without a centralized authority having to intervene that much. Just like STEEM / DTube....etc. Ledger Hardware Wallet https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/8d5d Earn $10 Of Free Bitcoin https://www.coinbase.com/join/529e26dcd2421b03c4000252 Steemit Blog - https://steemit.com/@brianphobos Instagram - https://instagram.com/brianphobos Twitter - https://instagram.com/brianphobos
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Crypto And Stock Markets Linked?
Most of the volume that hits the order books in the crypto markets are retail investors. The emotions that a retail investor would feel in the stock market is amplified 10X in crypto. Most people will get in and out at the wrong times and the few will profit on the masses. You have to be one of the few getting out when everyone is buying and getting in when everyone is selling. The contrarian strategy. Emotions are running high right now. People are seriously scared.
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How The HitBTC Futures Market Works (Is NXT Oversold?)
How to get involved in the futures market on HitBTC has been super confusing but most of the futures markets look like you just buy into them to get the asset. You aren't risking ICO coins or AirDrop coins that you were going to have in the future. You are buying the coins that HitBTC was going to come upon in the future when they get them airdropped to you as with the Ignis Airdrop or that they will recover in a fork situation like B2X, or that they will get from an ICO because they have already bought into it. Ledger Hardware Wallet https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/8d5d Earn $10 Of Free Bitcoin https://www.coinbase.com/join/529e26dcd2421b03c4000252
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I Sold My TRON (Full Explanation!!)
If I wrote a white paper describing something that already exists and made the logo a three dimensional geometric shape like Ethereum or EOS, would you guys give me a couple billion dollars? I initially had some TRON air dropped to me in HitBTC. I let it simmer and it went parabolic! I researched into the project some more and was blown away that it had such a big market cap for not having any platform currently running and essentially just describing the STEEM and Golos eco system in a cryptic way in the white paper. Could they put their own twist on this type of system that will take off in a different way over in Asia? Sure it is possible but I would like to see the platform in action before maintaining a position in it. Also it hasn't had a big pull back yet of people taking profits and we typically see that with every project. It will rise up and the early investors will take some skin out of the game. Ledger Hardware Wallet https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/8d5d Earn $10 Of Free Bitcoin https://www.coinbase.com/join/529e26dcd2421b03c4000252
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Maximize Your STEEM Earnings
If you are just posting through Steemit.com you are missing out on upvotes you could receive from Busy.org and through eSteem. I don't ever post through Steemit.com
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Why Crypto And Not Gold / Silver?
We don’t know how much gold and silver there is in the world. With crypto we have more finite numbers of how much is out there. That is a big reason why I am more focused on crypto opposed to Gold and Silver.
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Crypto Accumulation Phase
I have already started my crypto accumulation phase and I'm buying several times per week and earning more crypto everyday. Uphold is letting me buy $500 of crypto each day and I have been injecting more money from my bank account into my Coinbase account. Also Kraken approved me for $25,000 wire transfers as well. "Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful." That is a famous quote from Warren Buffet. He doesn't like Bitcoin or Crypto Currencies but the advice is sound. Unfortunately he doesn't understand the economics and computer science behind crypto currencies enough to foresee the ongoing global take over. There isn't a future without a significant fraction of the world's money supply being injected into crypto currencies. This isn't financial advice it is just what I'm doing. Do your own research. bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, monero, zcoin, steem, steemit, eos, eosio, litecoin, bitcoincash, ethereum, ethereum ethereumclassic, zcash, stellar, ripple, cardano, tron, satoshi, uphold, coinbase, bat, xrp, iota, dash, neo, nem, vechain, dogecoin, decred, lisk
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