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WBR TradeTech - Aquis Exchange CEO talks trade pricing
While CEO at Chi-X Europe, Alasdair Haynes pondered why exchanges charge based on the share price. Eventually he realised the answer is they shouldn't. So with that in mind, he has set up Aquis Exchange, which takes its cues from the telecoms industry and is working on a subscription model instead. Could this be the future of trade pricing? We caught up with him at a previous WBR TradeTech to find out more.
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WBR TradeTech - Bob Gasser discusses the equities trading model
Bob Gasser, CEO of ITG, discusses the equities trading model and cross-asset trading at a previous WBR TradeTech. TradeTech 2013 will be taking place from the 16-18 April in London. For more information, visit here - http://www.wbresearch.com/tradetecheurope/
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Haim Bodek - HFT is an Artificial Industry @ TradeTech 2013 Reg NMS
Get the full transcript here: http://bit.ly/13Isxdi | Haim Bodek speaks to the audience at TradeTech USA 2013 in New York City about High Frequency Trading and his controversial findings about the practice.
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WBR TradeTech - Asif Razaq talks Algo Trading in the FX Space
Algo trading has never been bigger or more contentious, particularly as it grows in the FX space. But with extreme growth comes many questions. WBR spoke to Asif Razaq - Global Head of FX Algo Execution for BNP Paribas - at TradeTech, where he discussed the topic at length. TradeTech 2013 will be taking place at London's Excel Centre between the 16-18 April. For more information, visit here - http://www.wbresearch.com/tradetecheurope/
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WBR TradeTech - Single Dealer vs Multi Dealer Trading Platforms
In this video from a previous WBR TradeTech, James Rockall (Director Head of Trading Record Currency Management), talks about multi-dealer and single dealer trading platforms, and discusses whether there is a winner between the two of them. Is it better to go down the route of a single dealer platform or multi dealer platform? Watch the video and decide for yourself. This year's TradeTech will take place between the 16-18 April in London. For more information about who will be appearing, visit here - http://www.wbresearch.com/tradetecheurope/
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WBR - The Impact of High Frequency Trading on the Execution Landscape
Huw Gronow, the Head of Trading at Principal Global Investors, talks about the impact of High Frequency Trading at a previous WBR TradeTech event. TradeTech 2013 will be taking place in London between the 16-18 April. For more information, visit here - http://www.wbresearch.com/tradetecheurope/
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Haim Bodek on Transparency of Order Types
See more here: http://wbresear.ch/30 Haim Bodek talks to TradeTech about the implications of various order types used by HFT firms and how the future of the market may be effected by those order types no longer being used.
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Mexico will be the new global financial centre - Carlos Hernandez, Interacciones
Carlos Julio Hernandez Cardona, Head of Trading Technology at Interacciones Casa de Bolsa, shares his thoughts - and a great tequila - with TradeTech TV about the exciting future of the Mexican stock exchange, and the emerging markets in general.
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Interview with Roy Saadon, Co-Founder, Traiana
Traiana are a cross-asset post-trade processing solution for financial institutions designed to reduce transaction costs and increase flow through an automatic engine. Editor of The TradeTech Blog, Dan Mellins-Cohen met Co-Founder and EMEA General Manager Roy Saadon to find out more about how the system works and explore some innovative approaches to Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA)
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CEO of Rebellion Research on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Spencer Greenberg, CEO, Rebellion Research, sits down with Kelly Hushin, Editor, the TradeTech Blog, to talk about his firm's Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning theories and practices. A mathematician by trade, Spencer recognized the potential for applications of his math experience onto the world of finance.
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Greg Morris, Stadion Money Management, on technical analysis
See more here: http://wbresear.ch/30
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CME Clearing Europe Interview: Clearing House and OTC Clearing Solutions - TradeTech Derivatives
Tina Hasenpusch, Executive Director, Head of Clearing & Business Development at CME Clearing Europe tells us all about their latest offering for the OTC Derivatives space and its particular significance right now with the onset of Dodd Frank and EMIR.
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The COBA Project: The Solution to MiFID II's Pan-European Consolidated Tape?
If you're in trading (particularly European equities) and you've not heard about The COBA Project or don't know what it is, you should do - and of course we at TradeTech are here to help! The group is set up with the sole purpose of solving the problem of a pan-European consolidated tape and much of what they recommend will end up in the final product being brought in by MiFID II. To explain more about it, how they envisage it working, how they're getting the exchanges on board and where the project is up to, Dan Mellins-Cohen spoke to Co-Founder of The COBA Project, Graham Dick.
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WBR - Marcus Hooper discusses the rising importance of Collateral Management
Marcus Hooper, MD of Market Acumen, talks about the rising importance of Collateral Management at last year's Worldwide Business Research TradeTech. Marcus discusses the biggest changes in the trading market just now, and also gives his opinion on whether he thinks businesses are going the right way. TradeTech 2013 will be taking place in London between the 16-18 April. For more information, visit here - http://www.wbresearch.com/tradetecheurope/
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Thijs Aaten, APG Asset Management Interview - Fixed Income 2014
Filmed at Fixed Income 2014
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Nick Nielsen, Head of Quantitative Trading, Marshall Wace
Nick Nielsen talks to TradeTech about the impact of MiFID and Fragmentation on the equity trading industry at the TradeTech Liquidity event in London.
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Consolidated Tape and its Effect on the 'New Execution Landscape' - Richard Balarkas (Ex-Instinet)
A consolidated tape for Europe is coming as part of MiFID II and effectively forcing united standards across the whole financial market data industry. But is it going the right way? Will it bring down the rising costs of data from data suppliers like Thompson Reuters and Bloomberg, or will it end up just adding fuel to the fire? We spoke to Richard Balarkas, former European CEO of world-renowned institutional brokers, Instinet, and now Independent Advisor, to explore this topic further...
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The Cloud is the new Dark Pool - Alex Foster, Global Head of Technology Solutions, BT Radianz
***CLICK ON A TIME BOOKMARK BELOW TO JUMP STRAIGHT TO THAT QUESTION*** The key to successful trading in the modern era is the technology supporting it. Alex Foster, Global Head of Sales, Technical Solutions & Business Development, BT Radianz joins TradeTech's Online Editor, Dan Mellins-Cohen, to discuss the cloud, the changing nature of multi-asset trading, regulation impact, consolidated tape and data management. 00:10 How have you seen trading technology develop over the last 12 years? 01:40 Are we getting to a point where by default traders will have to be multi-asset? 03:16 Will the slowest part of the machine eventually be the traders themselves? 04:13 What have you brought to the Radianz service that is so different to the past? 06:07 Are connectivity and other cycle elements being overlooked due to a latency focus? 07:27 What impact are cloud services having on electronic trading? 09:50 Will there ever be a saturation point where storage limits are reached? 11:23 Is it possible to regulate based on our predictions rather than reacting to changes? 13:03 Alex discusses the upcoming panel debates on regulation and trading she will be chairing at TradeTech (tradetecheurope.com) 14:14 Where is BT Radianz heading in the future?
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Tim Dodd from Front Arena | Sungard | Cross-Asset Trading - TradetechFX
Tim Dodd, Head of Product Management for Front Arena (a cross-asset, front-to-back trading system) from Sungard talks to TradeTech TV about lowering operational costs; identifying where efficiency gaps lie and what you can do to bring the required changes in. One of the key areas covered is how improving technologies are taking more complex tasks and delivering greater simplicity - even in the face of all the oncoming regulations globally.
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The OTC Space Interview: Clearing Techniques and New Clearing Landscape
Bill Hodgson, Owner of The OTC Space joins The TradeTech Blog at TradeTech Swaps & Derivatives to discuss his panel on the New Clearing Landscape and what it means for traders in the Swaps business. Are the new regulations really all about 'stamping out' derivatives?
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MYTH BUSTER DEBATE - A discussion around High Frequency Trading at TradeTech Liquidity 25/11/10
Are High-Frequency Trading & Automated Markets the Achilles Heel of the Markets or Simply a Political Myth? Debate Moderator: Jeremy Grant, Editor, FT Trading Room Panellists: Jim Faraci, Director, GETCO Stuart Grant, Financial Services Business Development Manager, Sybase Kristian West, Managing Director, Equity Trading, JP Morgan Asset Management Alex Gracian, Head of Equity Portfolio Trading, Gulf International Bank Filmed live at the TradeTech Liquidity conference in London on 25th November 2010, this panel session delves deep into the world of High-Frequency Trading, covering many aspects of the discussion, including the change in market trading technology, the take-up (or lack of take-up) of many of these systems with particular focus on the buy-side trading desks., the accessibility of available data and its impact on the industry. It also covers the potential dangers of high-frequency trading, market abuse, new asset classes, derivatives, consolidated tape (and consolidation of tape consolidators!) the need for cross-market regulation and transparency.
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LNG Capital Interview: Global Regulation and Financial Transactions - TradeTech Derivatives
Dodd Frank, Regulation, Finance, Banks, investment, retail, business, risk, prop trading, swaps, derivatives, OTC, markets, global
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Flash Crash: What Happened, Why & How Can We Prevent It In the Future?
Larry Tabb, Founder & CEO, Tabb Group presents at TradeTech Europe, 2011 Everyone recalls clearly the scene of confusion on the afternoon of Thursday 6 May 2010, when the US stock markets, suddenly and without warning, nosedived. Half of the traders were looking at the TV screens to see if there had been some worldwide catastrophe that had not been broadcast yet. The other half were looking behind the computers to see if the cables were plugged in. Shares in consumer products giant Procter & Gamble alone fell almost 40 per cent. Some shares traded for a single cent - a fraction of their value only minutes before the crash occurred. The cause of the Flash Crash was a mystery -- and it remains so. A 'fat finger' trade that might have caused a huge number of shares to be dumped on the market at a low price - has now been all but ruled out. So what did happened? Are you ready for the next "flash crash"? TradeTech is the largest and most senior meeting place for the equity and derivatives trading community: 2000+ buy side traders, brokers, trading venues, regulators, industry experts, economists and fund managers. Created by the industry advisory board, TradeTech 2011 gives you true value and helps you grow in your job, ensuring top results and great performance of every member of your team.
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Jack-of-all-Trades | Multi-Asset Class Trading -- TradetechFX
In the new world of derivatives trading, are we seeing all traders becoming a Jack-of-all-trades and inherently a master of none? What impact does an economic recession have on the modern trading desk? John Greenan is a leading Global Multi-Asset Trading Consultant and shares his views with TradeTech TV on multi-asset class trading and developing cost synergies between them.
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TradeTech 2012 - Promotion Video
TradeTech is the world's largest trading technology conference that runs in London every April. It brings to gather the leading buy side and sell side as well as leading tech solution providers and global exchanges.
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The next drive for Electronic Trading innovation is not Low Latency - It's Liquidity
In this in-depth interview special, exclusive to TradeTech, our UK Editor, Dan Mellins-Cohen went to meet Brian Gallagher, MD of European Electronic Trading for Morgan Stanley to chew the fat over the upcoming regulations to expect from the MiFID review and the impact of ever-increasing usage of High Frequency Trading and dark pools on the wider trading space.
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Is Single Dealer Vs Multi Dealer trading platforms the battle it used to be?
One of the biggest debates at TradeTech FX was one dubbed 'Battle of The Platforms' - pitting spokespeople from Multi Dealer and Single Dealer platforms against each other to duke it out and argue which is better for the end investor. Hotspot is the Multi Dealer Platform from Knight which, while clearly choosing its side of the fence appropriately, also believes the answer is finding the hybrid that works - a way to get the best possible pricing with the most possible options. Unsurprisingly, Bill Goodbody, Managing Director at Knight HotSpot believes they offer that answer, but more importantly that the battle is perhaps more to do with tribal allegiance and old technology than it does to do with actual price differentials.
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Tony Mackay | Alternative Trading systems | Swaps and FX - TradetechFX
Tony Mackay is an Alternative Trading Systems Pioneer. We sent TradeTech Blog Editor Dan Mellins-Cohen to find out what that is and what the man behind Chi-X is working on now that could revolutionise the entire trading industry from Equities to Swaps to FX Find out what you need to know right here, on TradeTech TV
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Transaction cost analysis (TCA) for FX markets -- Andreas Anschperger
In an exclusive interview with Andreas Anschperger, Head of FX Trading at Allianz Global Investors, find out how TCAs (Transaction cost analysis) are driving new investment and how they can improve the performance of your clientele. Andreas mentions how the financial transaction tax should set off alarm bells in the financial industry across various asset classes. He also mentions how past universal derivative benchmarks should be reviewed to cater for more dynamic pools of liquidity. He highlights tools to get a more granular analysis of the Forex value chain, tracking error performance and cost analysis, that impact business. Transaction cost analysis (TCA) is the study of trade prices to determine whether the trades were arranged at favourable prices - low prices for purchases and high prices for sales. Watch the full video to discover if the creation of a universal benchmark within the FX world is necessary or are individual benchmarks more crucial? Brought to you by TradeTech FX www.tradetechfx.co.uk
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InvestOps Europe 2017 Highlights
Invest Ops Europe 2017 brought together 150+ COO’s and Heads of Investment Operations from leading buy side companies to define how to revolutionize cross-asset front to back operations.
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"Interoperability is coming at exactly the right moment" - Diana Chan, CEO, EuroCCP
***Click on a time index below to jump straight to that section*** Diana Chan, CEO of leading clearing house, EuroCCP joins The TradeTech Blog's Editor Dan Mellins-Cohen to discuss the effect new regulations will have on the future of clearing. 0:45 - How will businesses have to adapt their business models in the modern world? 1:09 - How will decreasing volumes affect clearing houses? 2:15 - How will the MiFID II proposals affect EuroCCP 3:27 - What effect with the Eurozone crisis have on capital markets? 4:28 - Will OTFs create an unmanageable mess? 5:30 - Can a commercialised consolidated tape succeed? 6:47 - Are their any propositions in the draft that need to be re-examined?
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The US Designated Market Maker Model and its applicability to European Capital Markets
Panel Discussion held at TradeTech Europe 2011 (www.tradetecheurope.com) Moderated by Damian Bunce, MD, Head of Electronic Trading Distribution, EMEA, Barclays Capital Panellists: Bill White, MD, Global Head of Electronic Trading, Barclays Capital Daniel Coleman, Head of Client Services Business, GETCO Joseph Mecane, EVP & Co-Head of US Markets, NYSE Mark Hemsley, CEO, BATS Europe TradeTech is the largest and most senior meeting place for the equity and derivatives trading community: 2000+ buy side traders, brokers, trading venues, regulators, industry experts, economists and fund managers. Created by the industry advisory board, TradeTech 2011 gives you true value and helps you grow in your job, ensuring top results and great performance of every member of your team.
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Settling for CSD's First Draft - An Interview with Virginie O'Shea, Aite Group
Fresh from the stage at TradeTech Post Trade, Virginie O'Shea, Analyst at Aite Group discusses the current state of the settlement market and the trends towards harmonisation. .. What were the key topics that came out of your session and what were maybe the big points of debate? Initially I guess the discussion topic was the fact that Giovannini Report came out 2001, and we still haven't really progressed that far with regards to settlement and shortening the settlement cycle. A lot of the discussion was around some of the infrastructure changes that are going on. So TARGET2-Securities and how that's happening. How the ECB is driving that process, and how new regulations such as the CSD regulation is coming in to try and force change. Well market practices didn't work so we've got to do something else. So what were the big arguments, what were people disagreeing on? There wasn't too much disagreement. I think everybody knows that there is a problem there. It will change the dynamics within competitive environments so CDS and custodians may be competing on areas that they probably didn't compete on as much before. By divorcing, because T2S divorces settlement from the asset servicing chain of processing there, it means that CSDs have to look to other revenue streams to be able to claw back some of the revenue they'd lose by going to Pan-European settlement. So it's a bit of a tense time for the CSDs and CSD are, or the regulation as it is, restricting them in a certain way. So it's a tough rock and a hard place for them to some extent. You were talking about the regulations, is it the fact that they've not fully arrived or is it the fact that they are simply making things more difficult? Well if you look at the regulation it doesn't come into force until 2015, so at the moment it's a fairly long way off and it's not top of mind for anybody that's not a big global custodian or a CSD. So for example I'm doing a research project on T plus 2 settlement. I've been talking to some buy-side firms and they don't really understand what T plus 2 means for them at the moment, because they haven't thought about it. So trying to raise the issue is quite difficult. I think there's an education process that needs to happen ahead of time. That's part of where we are at the moment, there's so many other things to distract people. There's EMIR, MiFIR, Basal III, Dodd Frank and there's other moving parts that are happening. Even those are delayed enough which could then have a knock-on effect of delaying things further? Sure, and T2S was initially supposed to happen next year which has also been delayed to 2015 also, so God knows if that will happen in the scope of the timeframe that we have at the moment. Do you think the feeling from industry is that they're going in the right direction with the regulations? Or that they're actually becoming too complicated, they're not really going the way they expected or want them to? In the settlement area I think it's fairly simple actually the regulation, it doesn't go into too much detail at the moment. The regulation is on its first draft, so given that there's going to be a process of feedback, consultation periods and various situations, we're so early in the timeframe for production of the actual regulation itself, it's hard to tell at the moment. But there's references to settlement fines being harmonised across Europe for example and no one knows what they're going to be set at yet so it's early days. But it's certainly interesting from my perspective. You mentioned education, what should people be doing at this point, right now, to make sure that they are ready for that 2015 deadline? I think just awareness and feeding back to the regulator. If your business is being materially affected or impacted by the regulation you need to take notice of it. CSDs are trying to prepare for it, they're actively engaging with the regulatory community. Other players maybe not so much. So those guys do need to go and speak to Esma for example and maybe go to Brussels and understand what the process is and how they can better engage with the regulatory community.
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360° Perspective FX as an asset class of its own  How to generate alpha
Tradetech fx: 360° Perspective FX as an asset class of its own- How to generate alpha James Sharpe , Managing Partner, Sharpe & Sigsworth Associates Jonathan Davies , Head of Currency, UBS Asset Management Yoav Barnes , Managing Director, Victory FX Gordon Ibrahim , Senior Portfolio Manager, BlackRock Ashwind Soonarane , Global FX Liquidity and Distribution, 7Hedge
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WBR - Dr Kay Swinburne MEP talks MiFID review at TradeTech
In this exclusive video from a previous WBR TradeTech, Dr Kay Swinburne (Conservative Member of the European Parliament for Wales and ECR Coordinator for the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee) explains her position on MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive). She also talks about issues such as lit vs dark pools, a consolidated tape for Europe, high-frequency trading and transparency across markets. This year's TradeTech will be taking place in London between the 16th and 18th of April, at London's Excel Centre.
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The Future Of The Buy/Sell Side Relationship In SOR Technology
Panel Session discussing Smart Order Routing, filmed at TradeTech 2011 in London. Panellist info below. --- Subscribe to the channel for more sessions and interviews as soon as we upload them! Also, check out www.tradetecheurope.com for more downloads... --- PANELLISTS: --- Huw Gronow, Head Trader, Principal Global Investors Joe Wald, Managing Director, Knight Equity Markets Mark Goodman, Head of Quantitative Electronic Services, Europe, Société Générale Simo Puhakka, Head of Trading, Pohjola Asset Management
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Trade Informatics
"How should asset managers begin to address compliance?"
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WBR TradeTech - The Impact of HFT and Algorithmic Trading
The University of Bristol's Dave Cliff speaks about the impact of HFT and algorithmic trading, after a presentation at a previous WBR TradeTech. In particular, he discusses the normalisation of deviance, and how critical it is to understanding risk in trading. This year's TradeTech will be taking place in London between the 16th and 18th of April. For more information click here - http://www.wbresearch.com/tradetecheurope/Home.aspx
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Politicisation of Market Regulations -- Remco Lenterman
In an exclusive interview with Remco Lenterman, Managing Director of IMC Financial Markets and Chairman of the FIA European Principal Traders Association, find out his opinion on the politicisation of markets in Europe and heavy regulations form regulators like the FCC, CFTC; He also highlights how financial 'Headline grabbing' notions that please the public adversely effect your company. He mentions the importance of price transparency in the FX Markets. Remco Lenterman, is responsible for global corporate development and market structure. IMC Financial Markets is a leading proprietary trading and market-making firm employing close to 600 people with offices in Chicago, Amsterdam, Zug, Hong Kong and Sydney. IMC financial markets is a top liquidity provider on all the major European Exchanges. They specialize in listed cash and derivative products both on and off exchange. Brought to you by TradeTech FX www.tradetechfx.co.uk
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Andrew Sharpe - Partner, Sales Trading, Redburn Partners
Europe is at a truly unique point in its history with the financial crisis causing not only volatility, but also spurring on regulatory changes and fragmentation as everyone looks to find that ever elusive liquidity. Last month saw the end of TradeTech Architecture for another year, but our editor was on hand to get exclusive interviews with some of the most important people in the trading industry. Andrew Sharpe of Redburn Partners talks to us exclusively, and gives us his views on the current situation. Andrew Sharpe will be taking part in a panel discussion at TradeTech France on 13th February 2012: 'Market structure: Revealing strategies to successfully exploit the different types of fragmentation and assessing the future of the European execution landscape' If you would like more information about TradeTech France go - http://bit.ly/rHRAMA or email [email protected]
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WBR - Over the Counter and the Evolution of Clearing Market Structure
Taking some time out from the debates at WBR TradeTech, Hugh Brown, Director of UK Markets at EMCF spoke to us about the evolution of clearing market structure, as well as the OTC market. So how is clearing market structure evolving? Watch the video and learn... This year's TradeTech will take place at London's Excel Centre on the 16-18 April. More information can be found here - http://www.wbresearch.com/tradetecheurope/
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"The Euro is nowhere near collapse" Rupert Nathan, Fat Prophets
Head of Portfolio Management at international stock market research house, Fat Prophets discusses the truth behind the tabloid spin on the financial crisis and HFTs role in it, the potential impact of the oncoming regulations - particularly MiFID II, the 'madness' of the Financial Transaction (Tobin) Tax, the Retail Distribuion Review (RDR) and IFAs and the dissolution of the FSA into the Bank of England.
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Marc Boettinger Interview - Fixed Income 2014
Filmed at Fixed Income 2014 Marc Boettinger Director of Fixed Income Fund Management Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management
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