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Enter Di Pum Pum
Just thought this video was funny, n love West Indian accent, so threw in a dancehall beat n voila! And very valid point... All this tap n run business gotta stop!!!
Views: 1686 Alasdair Knox
Giraffe walking across restaurant
A giraffe walks through a resturant n gets caught on film...
Views: 63 Alasdair Knox
Jailhouse Jol
read about this in the news, Two of the so-called Waterkloof Four convicted murderers have been re-arrested for allegedly smuggling alcohol and having a party inside prison. and here's the video...
Views: 14607 Alasdair Knox
Rand vs Dollar
A brief thought on the rand vs the dollar, and what I think is a problem with ranking currencies against the dollar...
Views: 476 Alasdair Knox
Freestyle attempt
just trying a bit of freestyle, n thinking, i need to figure out a way to record the audio stream or well my voice separately so i can get the levels right, n add instrumental properly... oh well, i can only get better at this...
Views: 58 Alasdair Knox
Lions vs Big Buffalo
Lions try attack a bit too big a buffalo...
Views: 114 Alasdair Knox
2 girls 1 cup Mabura
A friends reaction to the famous video
Views: 35 Alasdair Knox
Fresh Outta Bed News
Just outta bed, n decided to drop my thoughts on the news...
Views: 24 Alasdair Knox
Yo People
Views: 7 Alasdair Knox
Stay With Him RMX
This video was going viralish at some point, anyways to cut a long story short, I found it n after I stopped laughing, figured why not, n added instrumental n autotune to make a remix!
Views: 26 Alasdair Knox
Juju comment
Just messing about with a mate
Views: 3 Alasdair Knox
First Politics Talk
A few thoughts on the up coming elections... More to come...
Views: 6 Alasdair Knox
Cooking 101 Prep
Views: 3 Alasdair Knox
Just a video in response to the thoughts expressed on Chemical weapon in Syria... I think that the attack with took place in Syria was orchestrated and most likely executed by US agents
Views: 35 Alasdair Knox
MK Ultra
Just did a little instrumental n mixed in the soundtrack of In-Game Sounds from Mortal Kombat 2011 by János Henézi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNkIVRBTdYk Used some video footage from the recent Fees Must Fall Protests to test Windows Movie Maker Quick... #NotBadFor30Minutes
Views: 17 Alasdair Knox
Just produced my first video... Or well tried something out n actually exported, lol... Used Cyberlink Power Director cause it came on my laptop, pretty cool features, so expect more from me... Need better webcam...
Views: 15 Alasdair Knox
Dab 2 The Dubstep v2
Views: 31 Alasdair Knox
My first youtube video, gonna see how terrible my cellphone camera comes out... So hello youtube, n expect to see more soon...
Views: 7 Alasdair Knox
Webcam video from May 5, 2014 1:46 AM
Just testing webcam quality, lol...built in cam on lappy...
Views: 9 Alasdair Knox
Most Epic Compilation 2014
Compilation of Most Epic Clips Background Music: 60 Pop Tunes - Mega Mashup 2012 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOjZEuQKRJ8) We Love Mashup for 2013 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxBK64phjf4)
Views: 11 Alasdair Knox
30 cows 28 chickens
30 cows 28 chickens, how many didn't?
Views: 11 Alasdair Knox
How To Cook Boerewors With One Hand
One Hand Cooking Lessons
Views: 249 Alasdair Knox
Good Morning Sam
Good morning to Sam Da Prist
Views: 52 Alasdair Knox
Dab 2 The Dubstep
Just Having Fun With The Zuma Dab Music by me too...
Views: 522 Alasdair Knox

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