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Credit rating / credit rating agencies
The big short 2015
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Gold Rally to $1310, 24 Aug 2018
Gold is likely to rally over the next couple of months, and possibly reach $1310.
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Gold Cycles & Triangles, 31 March 2018
GDX and silver a forming interesting triangles on their charts. Unfortunately, the triangles will probably be broken to the down-side. Fortunately, that will be a buying opportunity.
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Has gold bottomed? 4 July 2018
How likely is a move up vs a move down in gold price?
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Gold price analysis, 12 Nov 2018
Gold price chart analysis, 12 November 2018 Gold has used up nearly three months of current intermediate cycle without producing significant gains. There is a chance now that it might enter the declining phase relatively soon. That might possibly give us a low in December (January)
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Gold long-term view, 30 July 2018
This is only the 4th time 10-week RSI is this oversold. This implies that a gold price rally should come soon. If gold is to break above $1370, the rally has to be strong from the get go. Otherwise, RSI will trend out of oversold levels, diminishing the chance of a strong move.
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Gold is near cycle low, 16 June 2018
FED rate hike was followed by a drop in gold price. But it is not time to panic. Gold is close to its cycle low.
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Bitcoin price analysis, 31 December 2017
Bitcoin is in a consolidation triangle. The question is: will it break to the upside or to the downside? My account on steemit is @myfinanceteacher
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Credit default swaps and collaterized debt obligations
A nice clip from "The Big Short" on CDS and CDO.
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Gold price analysis, 15 Oct 2018
15 October 2018 Gold is in the advancing phase of its intermediate cycle. There is resistance around $1240. After a pull back from resistance, gold is likely to continue rising towards $1310.
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Gold price analysis, 24 February 2018
USD is likely to strengthen for a few weeks, and gold is likely to decline into the FOMC meeting in March.
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Gold / Crude oil / S&P500, 12 Jan 2019
Technical price analysis for gold, crude oil, S&P500, and US dollar
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What is moral hazard?
What is moral hazard? From "Wall Street" (2010)
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Economics: scarcity
Why does economics exist as a study? Economics and the world of scarcity.
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Gold Price vs Stock Market, 5 Aug 2018
Comparison of gold price and S&P 500 over the last several decades hints that gold might outperform the stock market over the next several years.
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Gold price: long-term potential, 20 February 2018
Discussion of the long-term potential in gold price, and its comparison to the general stock market.
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Gold vs GDX divergence, 20 May 2018
GDX is diverging from gold price over the last several weeks. Historically, since this often indicates that a nice rally in gold and miners is coming.
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Bond valuation / invoice vs clean price
How to find the invoice or clean price of a bond.
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Crude oil price analysis, 25 Nov 2018
Crude oil price forecast, 25 November 2018, 11/25/18 Crude is likely to rise over the next 2 - 3 months.
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Gold price analysis, 28 Aug 2018
Gold price forecast into 2019 and over the next two years.
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Gold price analysis, 13 Sep 2018
Gold chart & GDX chart, 13 September 2018. Gold and GDX are likely to move up over the next several weeks: DXY is has been under 20 DMA for 3 weeks; Gold was oversold in mid-Aug; GDX chart shows a positive divergence; GDX gave us a large-volume green day.
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Gold price long-term analysis, April 2017
Gold price long-term analysis and forecast, April 2017, 13/04/2017
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Gold price analysis, 6 October 2017
Gold price analysis and forecast, 06/10/2017 MyFinanceTeacher on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/32884... MyFinanceTeacher on steemit: steemit.com/@myfinanceteacher
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Gold price and USD index, 22 January 2018
Forecast / analysis of US dollar index (DXY) and gold price, as well as mining companies (GDX), including discussion of inflation and GDP.
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Stock market chart analysis, 8 Sep 2018
Stock market might decline over the next several weeks. SPX, S&P 500, US Stock Market
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Gold and FED rate hike, 4 June 2018
Are you ready for the FED rate hike? Let's look at the history of rate hikes vs gold price.
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Gold price analysis, 12 March 2018
Gold is declining: good job numbers last Friday and a more likely rate hike in March are putting pressure on gold.
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Bitcoin price analysis, 31 Aug 2018
Bitcoin price forecast into October 2018 BTC/USD might continue rising towards $8400. However, in the next several weeks a break below $6000 is very likely.
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Gold price $2021 by year 2021 ?!
In this video I discuss the reasons why gold price might hit $2021 by the year 2021. I mainly compare gold price with cost of mining.
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Gold price analysis, 9 Sep 2018
Gold and GDX rally coming up. CoT report shows that commercial smart money traders are net long on gold.
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Gold price analysis, 08 November 2017
Gold price analysis and forecast, 23/10/2017 MyFinanceTeacher on facebook: facebook.com/groups/328846917550793/ MyFinanceTeacher on steemit: steemit.com/@myfinanceteacher
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Stock market analysis, 25 Oct 2018
Stock market, S&P500, SPX forecast. Stock market decline is coming to an end soon.
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Gold price analysis, 22 Oct 2018
Gold is still likely to rise a little over the next couple of weeks. However, after that it might drop down towards $1200 into December rate hike. The next daily cycle might bring gold close to $1310 by the time of the Chinese New Year.
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Bitcoin forecast for summer, 10 July 2018
Bitcoin is likely to move up towards 100-day moving average before turning back down.
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Stocks market analysis, 29 Nov 2018
S&P500 is likely to move higher over the next few months. Possible factors pushing S&P500 up: G20 summit talks, fewer rate hikes in 2019.
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Stocks market analysis. 8 Nov 2018
Stock market forecast, 08/11/2018 S&P 500 is ready to break to higher high over the next few months.
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Byteball Airdrop: receive $10 - $160
Byteball airdrop this time is for those who have a Steemit account. This video explains how to receive the airdrop. Post your new Byteball address here in the comments, and I will send you some Byteball for the transaction fee.
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Why you should study finance
Motivation to study finance What is a perfect job for me? How much Wall street big cats are making?
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Stocks market analysis, 10 Oct 2018
S&P 500 and NASDAQ are still moving down into their intermediate cycle lows. However, further decline is unlikely to be significant. RSI is close to oversold on S&P 500, and a further 2 - 4% drop might conclude this declining phase.
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Gold price analysis, 3 Jan 2019
A balanced view of the indicators for higher and for lower gold price in the coming weeks. Gold is more likely to decline soon.
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Gold price analysis, 5 March 2018
Gold is going to decline into the FOMC meeting on 21st of March. Rate hike is expected. Rate hikes are often good for gold.
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Bitcoin price analysis, 30 Sep 2018
Bitcoin is still in the descending triangle. In the medium-term it is more likely to break down to the next support level at $5000. In the short-term, the pennant/coil is likely to bring a violent move either down to $6000 or up to $7400.
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Stock market chart analysis, 18 Sep 2018
S&P500 forecast is somewhat bearish into November (18 September 2018). Foreign stock markets (ETFs) don't confirm rise in SPX.
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Gold price analysis, 13 December 2017
Gold is close to its intermediate cycle low, and it might turn back up over the next week or two. Dollar averaging your purchase of gold or gold miners during these weeks might be a good idea. Follow me @myfinanceteacher on steemit
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Gold price analysis, 09 January 2018
Gold is moving down to complete the daily cycle. This move down should only take several days. The general trend in the intermediate cycle is still up.
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Economics: Gains from trade
Gains from trade, trade benefits Production possibilities frontier
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How to buy bitcoins in Taiwan, March 2018
How to buy bitcoin
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Economics: Flow of income and expenditure
GDP = aggregate expenditure = aggregate income GDP = C+I+G+(X-M) = Y
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Gold, GDX, USD price analysis, 29 April 2018
USD is at resistance level. It might start moving down soon. Gold and GDX might continue down for a short while. However, gold and GDX are close to intermediate cycle low. A strong rally should follow after the low.
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