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Submit Online or By Mail. Disability benefits policyholders receive payroll report forms in the mail, or may log on to their NYSIF account to submit a payroll report online. Failure to submit a timely payroll report will result in a 50 percent payroll adjustment added to the estimated premium, subject to revision when payroll is reported. Payroll Reports. Print Payroll Earnings, Tax Deposits, Employee Withholdings, Paycheck history and related Payroll reports. Getting There. Using Payroll Reports. The Payroll reports are divided into categories for company reports, employee reports, the Payroll Journall and Tax reports. Company Summary Reports. Total Earnings Summary The same as the Earnigns Detail report above but without employee names. Payroll Check Summary Grouped by Bank Account this report lists each check issued within the date range, with sorting by employee name, check number, post date or check amount. Reimbursement Summary Lists reimbursed employee expenses summarized by expense description without employee name. Total Withholdings Summary Lists total withholdings for Federal, State and General withholdings and Credits for the date range selected. Voided Payroll Check Summary Lists all voided payroll checks in a date range, with void dates and comments, sortable by post date, void date, employee name, check number or check amount. Employee Summary. Employee Check Summary Lists all checks within the date range issued to each employee, one employee per page. Employee Earnings Summary Summary report, one line per employee, with total taxable earnigs for Gross, Federal, FICA-SS, FICA-MC, FUTA, SUTA and State taxes. Employee Reimbursement Summary Lists detailed reimbursements for the date range, one employee per page. Simple Withholding Summary One line per employee, lists the Gross Pay andwithheld amounts for Federal, FICA-SS, FICA-MC, FUTA, SUTA, State taxesand total General Withholdings.