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January 2018 BTC Forks - BCO, BTA, BPA, BCI, BTCP, BCA, BUM
The upcoming Bitcoin forks in January 2018 include Bitcoin Ore (BCO), Bitcoin All (BTA), Bitcoin Pizza (BPA), Bitcoin Interest (BCI), Bitcoin Private (BTCP), Bitcoin Atom (BCA), and more. BTC Fork Spreadsheet: http://www.cryptomoney.life/upcoming-bitcoin-forks/ 0:05 Bitcoin Forks in January 2018 0:36 Bitcoin Uranium (BUM) Hard Fork 2:01 Bitcoin Ore (BCO) Hard Fork 2:36 Bitcoin Ore (BCO) Roadmap 4:02 Bitcoin All (BTA) Hard Fork 4:27 Bitcoin Pizza (BPA) Hard Fork 5:20 Bitcoin Pizza (BPA) Distribution 6:43 Bitcoin Interest (BCI) Hard Fork 7:14 Bitcoin Interest (BCI) Interest Payments 8:18 Bitcoin Interest (BCI) Interest Rate 10:08 Bitcoin Segwit2x Retry 10:54 Bitcoin Private (BTCP) Hard Fork 11:52 Bitcoin Atom (BCA) Hard Fork ⚒Cloud Mining Services I Use⚒ 1) Genesis Cloud Mining: https://www.genesis-mining.com/a/881210 - Save 3% use code 💰PBf6Jy💰 2) Hashflare Cloud Mining: https://hashflare.io/r/478CC13F - 10% bonus use code 💰478CC13F💰 💵Buy Bitcoin With Cash/Credit💵 Get $10 Free Visit http://bit.ly/buy-bitcoin-10free 💲Best Crypto Exchange for Buying Altcoins & Trading Cryptos💲: http://bit.ly/BestCryptoExchange Follow on Steemit: http://bit.ly/cryptomoneylife http://www.cryptomoney.life/ Like, Subscribe, Comment. Let me know if you have questions.
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News BTC Bitcoin Analysis January 1, 2018
BTC/USD Bitcoin did very little during the trading session on Friday, as traders are focusing on the new year celebration more than anything else. Having said that, there is plenty of support just below at the $13,000 level, and because of this I think it’s only a matter of time before the buyers get involved on a pullback. I also recognize that the 16,000 level above is massively resistive. In the short term, I think we continue to go back and forth. BTC/JPY Bitcoin went slightly lower during the trading session on Friday, as we drift sideways in general. Currently, I see the ¥1.5 million level as massive support, just as I see the ¥2 million level as massive resistance. I believe longer-term we go higher, but also recognize that short-term pullbacks are possible. Thank you for watching, see you next time
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Why Bitcoin will hit $10,000 in January 2018
Here is why Bitcoin (BTC) is likely to hit $10,000 in the beginning of 2018. Because of EMC Bitcoin futures maybe triggering a Bitcoin ETF, institutional investors coming,... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/QuintenFrancois Follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YoungAndInvesting1 Follow me on Steemit: https://steemit.com/@younginvesting Cryptocurrency investing Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/480785485606417 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Register on Binance: https://www.binance.com/?ref=10813220 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you're feeling generous, donate to me here: Bitcoin: 3ENm2XRVACaaEEwRqMZNYt9Zf1K1yWicUX Ethereum (& ERC 20 tokens): 0x8cb2838f3F5e43FCCeEF696D3570D3762968F118 Ripple: rDsbeomae4FXwgQTJp9Rs64Qg9vDiTCdBv Litecoin: MB9Z1bZHf72qNa3439nDoEcdHdUWMAshbq Dash: XrucvJa2F3GLfqn3h8MQPww16i9rHN5Lae NEO: APPViiDBuQn8NcKqgzX31jQ2ySaP2kW47L
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All stock market prediction in Osher's site: https://peopleknowing.net October 2017 was a very good year to bitcoin. Watch out what to consider more.
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Bitcoin Cash’ Prices Fall By 57 Percent, While Some Investors Must Wait Until 2018 | CNBC
Coinbase, which claims to have 9 million users, and GDAX say they will support the new digital currency "bitcoin cash" from January 2018. » Subscribe to CNBC: http://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: http://www.cnbc.com/ Find CNBC News on Facebook: http://cnb.cx/LikeCNBC Follow CNBC News on Twitter: http://cnb.cx/FollowCNBC Follow CNBC News on Google+: http://cnb.cx/PlusCNBC Follow CNBC News on Instagram: http://cnb.cx/InstagramCNBC Bitcoin Cash’ Prices Fall By 57 Percent, While Some Investors Must Wait Until 2018 | CNBC
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Top 5 coins for January
Here they are guys. I'm on the road so apologies for the sound and pic quality and I will get that to improve over the coming weeks. If youre making lots of money from the tips, dont forget to tip, so we can keep making these videos and doing the research necessary for you. BTC 1FGCMQV8ZGehJC3UswKpzvzo99ZHaENxJq ETH 0x6d428fcc3398545f5bf25be8b2fa9205a8b13f92 Don't forget to like and subscribe and to follow us on FB https://www.facebook.com/bitcoinbenny And Twitter https://twitter.com/bennydoda01 Dont also forget our Telegram signals channel where you can get some amazing gains and tips https://t.me/bitcoinbennybuys
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Earn 0.01 Bitcoin in just 2hours 2017 - 2018 Trending
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Hacking Bitcoin 2018
Download Exploit https://goo.gl/8Vb4m5
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bitcoin will hit $15000 in January 2018
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Bitcoin $20,000 Before 2018 Ends & Near $0 In 2019. Dollar, Gold & Silver Worth In 2020s.
You are seeing the future now. People not hoarding but eating gold as food dressing for dinner, American dollar is dead and Bitcoins are everywhere but at what price per unit. Want to know what future holds and get rich using this knowledge. Stick around. So you want to get rich and know exactly the value of your investments like dollars, bitcoins, silver, gold and stocks in the future? You came to the right place. By the end of this video I will make you very rich. In January 2011 or 6 years ago bitcoin was worth 15 cents. Today October 14, 2017 it worth $6,000 dollars. If 6 ago you invested $1,000 dollars in bitcoins today you would have had close to half a billion dollars. Litetcoin also did well. These first edition fine silver microchipped 25 litecoins from 2013 that I hold in my hand now worth $2,000. But hundreds of other Crypto currencies failed miserably and bankrupted thousands and so are bitcoins. You want to know Bitcoin value in 2018 - it's $20,000 dollars. You have to know Bitcoin value in 2020s - it's $0 dollars. In other words, once bitcoin hit $10,000 - sell it immediately - don't wait for it to climb higher. And if you didn't buy them yet, stay away, it's too late. Yes, it will spike up over $20,000 but then it will just go bust to $0 dollars. Not because Bitcoin is financial pyramid and new Holland tulip mania - even though Bitcoin is all these things too. But because of future hackers - in the future they will find the way to make themselves richest people in the world but the entire system will collapse and rich will become poor in seconds. What about old greenback, all mighty American dollar? As you can see President Grant is not very optimistic for the future. The reason President Grant is upset is because this 2019 edition of his $50 buck bill is the last edition ever. Where I get money from 2019? From the future, of course. In 2020s we will see another currency replacing it will be called Amero. It won't have an actual physical form, all digital. This micro chipped edition from 2028 is the only collectible 5 Amero coin that I can physically show you. But don't worry it's only 2017 now and dollar and America won't be gone tomorrow. We still have a couple of years left. Here is what will happen. Very soon, it the next several months America will win very fast success against North Korea. It's won't be even called a war - a joint military operation of United States and South Korea. At least how it will be proclaimed in the news. But as I told you before North Korea will be grossly underestimated not because it's so powerful (they power and capabilities are exaggerated) but because it has very powerful secret allies Russia and China. Especially China. They won't be very happy see American troops with THAAD missiles defenses on their border so they will help what remained of North Korea forces to launch a counter attack against United States using submarines, covert operatives and secret missile launching sites. While America will find its hands full, China will invade Taiwan and Islands in South Sea and Russia will invade Eastern Europe to reclaim more lands. This is how the World War 3 will start. And America will loose it not because of weak military, our military is the strongest of all, but because no one will want to go die in wars foreign wars and it will trigger mass desertion from private and general to entire states deserting the union. In the response President Pence will send United States military to fight seeding California national guards. Now I painted you the full picture how Americaand its currency will collapse. And it all will happen only because North Korean soldier was willing to die for his country but American soldier wanted to go home and watch superball. Not that I am on their side, I am Animal and Human liberator and there is no worse human rights oppressor than Fat Kim but I pained you the real picture of how the future events will unfold.
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Bitcoin Futures in 2018? 2 Theories for January 2018! Go Short or Long?!
🚀 Get the iPhone App! ► http://cryptoyum.com ★ So which way should we go folks, long or short on bitcoin futures? // GET STARTED 🚀 Become a Cryptonaut - Support us on http://patreon.com/pub 💻 Join us at the PUB! - http://thebitcoin.pub 💰Get a Coinbase Wallet! - http://dctv.co/dctv-coinbase - Sign up! // WE DO SOCIAL 🔑 Decentralized Newsletter - https://dctv.co/dctv-news 📔 Twitter - https://dctv.co/dctv-twitter 📔 Facebook - https://dctv.co/dctv-fb 💻 Google+ - https://dctv.co/dctv-googleplus ✏️ LinkedIn - https://dctv.co/dctv-linkedin 💻 Medium - https://dctv.co/dctv-medium Note: This is not financial advice as all investing is speculative. Have fun and good luck!
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bitcoin will hit 26,000 by the end of january 2018
ten good things about bitcoin
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Bitcoin Future in 2018. Will Bitcoin Reach $50k.My #1 Cryptocurrency Pick for 2018
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Will Bitcoin fall in January 2018?
No, Bitcoin will continue to rise. Experts predicted by the end of 2017 bitcoin would be about $20,000 and by 2020 would be about $500,000 and so far they are right on the money. Now is a good time to invest in bitcoin The Bitcoins Wealth Club (http://bitcoinclubinvite.com teaches strategies and 2 of the best programs inside the club are USI-TECH (http://cryptomogul.life) and Bitconnect (https://bitconnect.co/?ref=mobileappmogul
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BITCOIN 2018 : to consider sensitive months best to sell
peopleknowing.net Bitcoin suffered a major price drop on Friday, with arguments over how to upgrade the crypto currency leading to buyers playing off against each other to try and profit. On the Bitstamp exchange, bitcoin dropped to $6,800 at 7 a.m. Eastern time, before settling a few minutes later at a price of $6,870. It’s a sudden drop for a cryptocurrency that only just marked an all-time high, reaching $7,888 on Wednesday. Bitcoin cash, on the other hand, surged up 35 percent to reach $850. This is a cryptocurrency that split off, or “forked”, from the existing bitcoin on August 1, the culmination of two years worth of arguments about the future of the currency. Bitcoin’s block size is only around one megabyte, which means that transactions are relatively slow. Among other changes, bitcoin cash ups the block size to eight megabytes.
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Bitcoin price prediction December 2017 &  January 2018
BITCOIN DONATION: 15fij3zzun52UJw8LDAB4XEBUfewpr75F5 Etherium Donation: 0xbcc4d10788e9388ec12c525e607430d750df530c Where do I think bitcoin will be in December 2017. hopefully a lot lower than it is today so I can buy more for less. Anything heres a historical analysis using fibonacci retracement's to try to estimate the price for the coming days and weeks. I believe a correction is healthy and needed for bitcoin. Theres also a tip towards the end of the video on how to grab a bargain bitcoin on the off chance people are selling at market value. Disclaimer: The information and links I provide are for general information only and should not be taken as constituting professional advice. I am not a financial adviser. You should consider seeking independent legal, financial, taxation or other advice to check how this information relates to your unique situation. I am not liable for any loss incurred due to financial action taken arising from reliance on, the information provided directly or indirectly through this Youtube channel.
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Get ICOs in 2018! + $100 Bitcoin Giveaway
Best Exchange for Altcoins and Trading!! - Binance- https://www.binance.com/?ref=15365508 Completely Free Cryptocurrency Course! https://futuremoney.io/opportunity/?id=joshrules2468 - $100 - New Years Bitcoin Giveaway - Subscribe - Enable Post Notifications Like the Video - Leave a comment with your Bitcoin address on every video from now until January 1st to increase your chances of winning! JOIN BITCONNECT HERE: https://bitconnect.co/?ref=joshrules2468 Mine Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies DAILY with HashFlare! https://hashflare.io/r/38CEF9CD Free LITECOIN Faucet! http://moonliteco.in/?ref=f3a62e623928 Buy Anything With Bitcoin Here! https://purse.io/?_r=zcjFOo Get $10 worth of Bitcoin for when you set up your COINBASE wallet: https://www.coinbase.com/join/5a067f8a894dc3022350a4e3 Use the code Chmw3N and get 3% off every time you purchase hashpower with Genesis Mining!: https://www.genesis-mining.com/signup Donate to fund my Youtube page by sending me Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin: 1746tvJDEnHH9AN4JB856Z5pK3YGqu2YhM Etherium: 0x77D522aB713fCCb08A2f871386d98ee28f68c1FD Litecoin: LMkrhFjPthfX9qpsVkJL91yvLu1UjMcvPC My Twitter! Twitter: https://twitter.com/cryptoruff
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Top 5 Altcoins for January 2018
This video was brought to you by CoinCoverage. Start Trading On Binance: https://www.binance.com/?ref=10165396 Use This Coinbase Link For a Free $10: https://www.coinbase.com/join/591b807... BTC: 1CdGJffgS3gZhj6E9jRAehbzd7agnVQVD8 LTC: LhmLRKBeQ8aNHecLEMiFVUadzpbMDCDGau ETH: 0xc77cadcB006fd207d0f85AF46c80974dd09b9611 In this video, I discuss my Top 5 Altcoins to look out for in January 2018. These 5 coins I believe are the new generation for Cryptocurrency and improve upon the Smart Contract platform. Bitcoin will also do well in January, but I think this is yet another month for altcoins. If you enjoyed the video, don't forget to subscribe, like, & comment! Thank you for watching! Disclaimer: Statements on this YouTube channel aren't given as financial advice for buying or selling. These are just my choices/information that I'm sharing to you. Under no circumstance is this a recommendation on what to buy or sell in the market, or what to do with your money. You're not held obligated to follow me under any situation. Thank you.
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https://peopleknowing.net In 2 weeks some people did a lot of money through trading bitcoin and other crypto currencies; Every know now the bitcoin has a say and something to see with Future, it started the last craziness with Zimbuambwe Revolution finding cryptocurrencies to access global liberation and sucess (well done!) but Bitcoin since crossed the 11K wasn't the best ever investment this December 2017, the other cryptos such as DASH, MONERO, RIPPLE either LITECOIN have rose in crazy amount of precentages their value. Unfortuantely we noted how to Bitcoin and rest cryptos has varified their gap price between different wallets (Coinbase seems to be the most expensive one, and I just discovered that the most rigid one to be able trading well in this world)
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Bitcoin - The Future Of Money?! | Netflix Documentary 2018 🔥💕💸
🔥💕💸 Buy $100 worth of cryptocurrency today and get $10 free on top: https://www.coinbase.com/join/52d17f1db95ad80ad10000b8 Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and worldwide payment system. It is the first decentralized digital currency, as the system works without a central bank or single administrator. The network is peer-to-peer and transactions take place between users directly through the use of cryptography, without an intermediary.:4 These transactions are verified by network nodes and recorded in a public distributed ledger called a blockchain. Bitcoin was invented by an unknown person or group of people under the name Satoshi Nakamoto[ and released as open-source software in 2009. Bitcoins are created as a reward for a process known as mining. They can be exchanged for other currencies, products, and services. As of February 2015, over 100,000 merchants and vendors accepted bitcoin as payment. Research produced by the University of Cambridge estimates that in 2017, there are 2.9 to 5.8 million unique users using a cryptocurrency wallet, most of them using bitcoin. On 18 August 2008, the domain name "bitcoin.org" was registered. In November that year, a link to a paper authored by Satoshi Nakamoto titled Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System was posted to a cryptography mailing list. Nakamoto implemented the bitcoin software as open source code and released it in January 2009. The identity of Nakamoto remains unknown. In January 2009, the bitcoin network came into existence after Satoshi Nakamoto mined the first ever block on the chain, known as the genesis block, for a reward of 50 bitcoins. Embedded in the coinbase of this block was the following text: The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks. This note has been interpreted as both a timestamp of the genesis date and a derisive comment on the instability caused by fractional-reserve banking. One of the first supporters, adopters, and contributors to bitcoin was the receiver of the first bitcoin transaction, programmer Hal Finney. Finney downloaded the bitcoin software the day it was released, and received 10 bitcoins from Nakamoto in the world's first bitcoin transaction. Other early supporters were Wei Dai, creator of bitcoin predecessor b-money, and Nick Szabo, creator of bitcoin predecessor bit gold. In the early days, Nakamoto is estimated to have mined 1 million bitcoins. In 2010, Nakamoto handed the network alert key and control of the Bitcoin Core code repository over to Gavin Andresen, who later became lead developer at the Bitcoin Foundation. Nakamoto subsequently disappeared from any involvement in bitcoin. Andresen stated he then sought to decentralize control, saying: "As soon as Satoshi stepped back and threw the project onto my shoulders, one of the first things I did was try to decentralize that. So, if I get hit by a bus, it would be clear that the project would go on." This left opportunity for controversy to develop over the future development path of bitcoin. The value of the first bitcoin transactions was negotiated by individuals on the bitcointalk forums with one notable transaction of 10,000 BTC used to indirectly purchase two pizzas delivered by Papa John's. On 6 August 2010, a major vulnerability in the bitcoin protocol was spotted. Transactions were not properly verified before they were included in the blockchain, which let users bypass bitcoin's economic restrictions and create an indefinite number of bitcoins. On 15 August, the vulnerability was exploited; over 184 billion bitcoins were generated in a single transaction, and sent to two addresses on the network. Within hours, the transaction was spotted and erased from the transaction log after the bug was fixed and the network forked to an updated version of the bitcoin protocol. On 1 August 2017, a hard fork of bitcoin was created, known as Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash has a larger blocksize limit and had an identical blockchain at the time of fork. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bitcoin Buy $100 worth of cryptocurrency today and get $10 free on top: https://www.coinbase.com/join/52d17f1db95ad80ad10000b8 #earnbitcoin #makemoneywithbitcoin #btc #bitcoin #bitcoindocumentary #cryptocurrencies
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Bitcoin will EXPLODE in 2018 - Here's Why
SOURCES: https://www.coindesk.com/2018-year-central-banks-begin-buying-cryptocurrency/ https://bitzamp.com/g7-central-banks-to-start-buying-bitcoin-and-other-cryptocurrencies/ https://cointelegraph.com/news/g7-pledges-support-for-appropriate-bitcoin-regulation-market-research-analyst-qualtrics-adds-btc-rewards NEW CHANNELS: TechStockHouse: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8IzbdgN-IDXlWH0dNdgGag TechCryptoHouse: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp7Gqpl9Kqiggr_Rs03X5pA Pledge $1 and BECOME A TECHCASHHOUSE DWELLER TODAY! https://www.patreon.com/techcashhouse THE NEW TWITTER: STOCK POLLS, NEWS, ETC. https://twitter.com/TechCrackHouse_ Buy, sell, what should be done? Keep it tuned right here on the TechCashHouse for news, tips, and the best ways to invest. Please subscribe and like, it helps a lot. I upload more regularly than Hillary checks her email. BECOME A CASHHOUSE DWELLER TODAY! Robinhood Download Links: IOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/robinhood-free-stock-trading/id938003185?mt=8 Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.robinhood.android&hl=en Robinhood Main-page: https://www.robinhood.com/ Acorns Download Links: IOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/acorns-invest-spare-change/id883324671?mt=8 Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.acorns.android&hl=en&gl=us Acorns Main-page: https://www.acorns.com/ I AM IN NO WAY A MARKET PROFESSIONAL; USE YOUR OWN JUDGEMENT WHEN PURCHASING STOCKS AND OTHERWISE. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR AND GAINS OR LOSSES THAT YOU MAY EXPERIENCE. THE MARKET IS INHERENTLY RISKY, AND YOU SHOULD ONLY INVEST WHAT YOU ARE COMPLETELY WILLING TO LOSE.
Bitcoin Forecast January 2, 2018
Bitcoin traders have sold over the last couple of sessions, as we are below the $13,000 level at the time of this recording. It is the 38.2% Fibonacci retracement level of the recent move on the daily chart, but I think we are bound to go much lower. The 50% Fibonacci retracement is at the $10,700 region, and the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement level is closer to the $8700 level. I think that we are likely to see at the very least the 50% retracement level tested. The 20 SMA is starting to roll over, and it’s likely that we will continue to see selling pressure, at least in the short term. The stochastic oscillator is very negative, and I would be the first point out that the most recent heavy volume candle on the daily timeframe was decidedly negative. for more analysis: http://www.dailyforex.com
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Bitcoin (BTC/USD) Technical Analysis for the week, January 02, 2018 by FXEmpire.com
Bitcoin has been slightly positive during the week, but the candlestick that has formed is negative... For the full article go to https://www.fxempire.com/forecasts/article/btc-usd-forecast-week-january-2-2017-technical-analysis-462193 - BTC/USD Forecast January 02, 2018, Technical Analysis. Find more information about Forex and Commodities News (https://www.fxempire.com/news), Technical Analysis (https://www.fxempire.com/forecasts/technical), Fundamental Analysis (https://www.fxempire.com/forecasts/fundamental) and Brokers (https://www.fxempire.com/forex-brokers) on FX Empire (https://www.fxempire.com/).
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Coinbase offers Bitcoin Cash Jan 2018, Funds locked till then
Once supported, customers will be able to withdraw bitcoin cash. We'll make a determination at a later date about adding trading support. In the meantime, customer bitcoin cash will remain safely stored on Coinbase. Thank you, Coinbase Team Looks like coinbase is going to offer support for Bitcoin Cash aka BCH. However any coinbase users will not be able to withdrawl their BCH till Jan 2018. EMail https://pastebin.com/9ZnMq0fw https://blog.coinbase.com/what-is-a-bitcoin-fork-cba07fe73ef1
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BITSLER HACK SCRIPT BOT "2018" HERE... " http://git.tc/ze4TfzG " SITE : http://git.tc/RfjC
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News BTC DASH and Litecoin Analysis January 1, 2018
DASH/USD DASH rolled over slightly during the session on Friday, but continues to find plenty of support at the $1000 level. Ultimately, I think that the $1200 level above is resistance. In the meantime, it looks like we are ready to bounce slightly, but I would not expect much in the way of significant moves. Short-term trading opportunities in a back and forth range is what I expect we will see. LTC/USD Litecoin rolled over slightly during the trading session on thin volume for Friday. However, I think that the $200 level is going to be targeted, but the support starts at $225 level. Because of that, I’m looking for a buying opportunity. However, if we were to break down below the $200 level, we will probably drift towards the $150 level after that.
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Upcoming Bitcoin Forks In December 2017 and January 2018
https://www.indicrypto.com - Indian Cryptocurrency Analysis, Tools, Tutorials, Data and News Get Bitcoin worth Rs 50 worth free: https://koinex.in/?ref=f2b486 How to Prepare Yourself for the Bitcoin Hardfork? - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ckEH4FN7MA What is a Fork? Soft Fork Vs Hard Fork - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgyYqERFzDc Super Bitcoin (SBTC): http://www.supersmartbitcoin.com/index.html. Bitcoin Platinum (BTP): https://bitcoinplatinum.github.io/ko.html Bitcoin Platinum is rumored to be fake see: Bitcoin Platinum Created By South Korean Teenager As a Scam, Local Market Erupts - https://cointelegraph.com/news/bitcoin-platinum-created-by-south-korean-teenager-as-a-scam-local-market-erupts Bitcoin Cash Plus (BCP): http://www.bitcoincashplus.org/ Bitcoin Silver (BTCS): https://bitcoinsilver.io – https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2311582.0. Bitcoin Uranium (BUM): https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2316506 Bitcoin God: https://cointelegraph.com/news/forgive-me-father-for-i-have-forked-investor-to-release-bitcoin-god Download free Bitcoin Cheat Sheet at - https://www.indicrypto.com/free-bitcoin-report/ Donations: https://www.indicrypto.com/donate/ Follow Us on Social Media: Website - https://www.indicrypto.com Twitter - https://twitter.com/indi_crypto Facebook - https://facebook.com/indicrypto Instagram - https://instagram.com/indicrypto *Some of these links may be affiliate links, meaning if you click and purchase something, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. I only recommend companies and products I personally use, and any commissions help to pay for content creation. Thanks! * ** These are simply my own opinions and not financial advice as such, this should not be treated as financial, trading or otherwise investment advice. **
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Altcoins To Buy #1  Top 3 #Altcoins For 2018 January Bitcoin Giveaway 2018 #BTC #ETH #Ethereum
Please register and start trading for this link: Binance https://www.binance.com/?ref=10850121 Coinbase https://goo.gl/okfpfZ Bitconnect https://bitconnect.co/?ref=manadger Bit-z https://www.bit-z.com/user/signup?pid=1138302&lang=en #Neo#Xrp #Ripple #Btc #Ltc #Trade #Binance #Exchange #Coinbase #Coin #Crypto #Iota #Ion #Icon
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Bitcoin Cash on the Rise Before Coinbase Allows Withdrawals on 1st January 2018
Coinbase presidents says that they will add new crypto while confirming Bitcoin Cash withdrawals will be allowed on the 1st of January. Buy Bitcoin Cash https://www.bitfinex.com/?refcode=YZlLdiGBrB Learn How to Trade With Bitcoin http://cheapestbitcoinprice.com Donate Bitcoin: 1CDH3FZyDr9zmvgxX5mGPSJ35UYv8XJ56B Free $10 Bitcoin when you buy $100 Bitcoin. https://www.coinbase.com/join/cheapestbitcoin Download the Airbitz wallet and save money using bitcoin. https://t.co/fQNgkNw9Y1 Trade on Bitfinex https://www.bitfinex.com/?refcode=YZlLdiGBrB Technical Analysis for Dummies https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/1118779614/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=irilibfor-21&camp=1634&creative=6738&linkCode=as2&creativeASIN=1118779614&linkId=21aa1ab3ecb20549e9180171e1f6b6fe Yours: https://www.yours.org/user/responsive Steemit: https://steemit.com/@responsive Website: http://cheapestbitcoinprice.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/cheapestbitcoin: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cheapestbitcoinprice Steemit Cryptotraders on FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SteemitCryptotraders/?ref=bookmarks
Coinvest ICO Review Jan 2018 crypto currency
Udemy Crypto Course great for all levels https://www.udemy.com/1-ultimate-crypto-currency-investing-program-extras/?couponCode=SPECIALOFFER15 My new course How to monistise your Bitcoin :-) https://www.udemy.com/montise-your-bitcoin/?couponCode=MYBCSPECIALOFFER10 Bitpanda https://www.bitpanda.com/?ref=2328638570442824446 Coinbase https://www.coinbase.com/join/591adcddfededc5f43d28cad Cryptopia https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Register?referrer=Bullyninja Binance https://www.binance.com/?ref=10201023 Facebook group https://m.facebook.com/groups/333970760362760 ETH connect https://ethconnect.net/ref/Bullyninja Binance https://www.binance.com/?ref=10201023 USI tech https://bullyninja.usitech-int.com/ iNS https://tokensale.ins.world/?ref=c1c18b21d203449abe96a51d HitBTC ref_id=5a270736e497a DISCLAIMER Not Investment Advice The information provided on this video does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of the website’s content as such.  Node Investor does not recommend that any cryptocurrency should be bought, sold or held by you and nothing on this website should be taken as an offer to buy, sell or hold a cryptocurrency.  This information is for educational purposes so please conduct your own due diligence and consult your financial adviser before making any investment decisions. Accuracy of Information I will strive to ensure accuracy of information listed on this website although it will not hold any responsibility for any missing or wrong information. You understand that you are using any and all information available here AT YOUR OWN RISK. Price Risk The price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are very highly volatile. It is common for prices to increase or decrease by over 100% in a single day. Although this could mean potential huge profits, this also could mean potential huge losses. DO NOT INVEST ALL YOUR MONEY IN CRYPTOCURRENCIES. Only invest money which you are willing to lose. Cryptocurrency trading may not be suitable for all users of this website. Anyone looking to invest in cryptocurrencies should consult a fully qualified independent professional financial adviser.
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Bitcoin Prediction 2018 - 5 Coins For 10x Profit In 2018 !
Hello Friends, This video is for all my fellow friends who always want to know the price for bitcoin in 2018 so my bitcoin prediction for 2018 in $25000 till end of 2018 minimum ! So for me if you can hold bitcoin for long then you can buy bitcoins even now and earn big from it . I have even shared 5 coins which can make you earn fortunes over here in this industry of crypto coins . I hope you will make big from it . Wish You Success, Sumit kapoor (Moneybank35i - money bank)
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Bitcoin Goldrush - Profitable mining in 2018? Think again
Here's a deep dive into profitability using an Antminer S9 and expected return over time
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Bitcoin (BTC/USD) Technical Analysis, January 02, 2018 by FXEmpire.com
Bitcoin rallied slightly during the trading session on Friday, in a thin volume... For the full article go to https://www.fxempire.com/forecasts/article/btc-usd-price-forecast-january-2-2017-technical-analysis-462121 - BTC/USD Forecast January 02, 2018, Technical Analysis. Find more information about Forex and Commodities News (https://www.fxempire.com/news), Technical Analysis (https://www.fxempire.com/forecasts/technical), Fundamental Analysis (https://www.fxempire.com/forecasts/fundamental) and Brokers (https://www.fxempire.com/forex-brokers) on FX Empire (https://www.fxempire.com/).
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Bitsler 16 BTC Script NEW UPDATE 31 January 2018 LIVE WITHDRAW
i have this script if you want to buy this for 0.0038 BTC Only ! script are not working i will back your money ! please knock me: [email protected] This is original script showed by videos _____________________________________________ Download Latest Script: https://goo.gl/3sbe3S _____________________________________________ How to use bitsler Script: 1. Create New Account on Bitsler Website. 2. Copy the Code . 3. Go to Change the Dice Chance to 50%. 4. Right click on the mouse and Choose "inspect " (Ctrl+Shift+I). 5. Go in "Console" tab and paste the Script. 6. Press "(Ctrl+Shift+S)" to Stop Rolling. 7. Go to Withdraw your Balance. Please Subcribe, Thanks
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2018 Bitcoin Price Prediction ( 10K, 50K, 100K, 1M ? )
2018 Bitcoin Price Prediction ( 10K, 50K, 100K, 1M ? ) - Hello everyone and welcome back to a new video where we are talking about Bitcoins 2018 Price! The Price of Bitcoin in 2018 is going to be very difficult to predict and I have heard everything from Bitcoin is a bubble - Bitcoin is going to be worth 1 million in 2018. People are throwing out crazy predicting so I thought it would be a good idea to get my 2 cents in as well! Please make sure to let me know what you think Bitcoins Price Will Be in 2018 in the comment section because I would be more than happy to hear your opinion on the matter! This channel focuses on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Cryptocurrencies alike! I enjoy talking about all types of Cryptocurrencies and I will try to help you when investing in Bitcoin or any of these cryptocurrencies that we discuss here! ▶▶▶ JOIN THE DISCORD : https://discord.gg/MZCfUMv ▶▶▶ Contact Me : [email protected] *This channel and this video are NOT professional advice, please do your own research before investing, buying, or selling any type of asset, cryptocurrency, or order of anything mentioned!*
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Bitcoin Price Predicition || What is Bitcoin Price in 2018
Bitcoin Price Predicition || What is Bitcoin Price in 2018 Bitcoin will reach $7000 in January 2018 Profit Upto 30% Daily Free Trading Signal : https://t.me/HighestPump Follow on FaceBook : https://www.facebook.com/harshmonty3/ Earn 1$ Each Click : https://www.bestchange.com/?p=70684 Earn Without Investment : https://freebitco.in/?r=3207601
Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines | January 25, 2018
Find details on the conference website ➡https://goo.gl/pLvvdH Technologies altering the world! A unique event – Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines – will bring together leading experts as well as business and government representatives who will talk about industry advantages. Organizer - Smile-Expo (www.smileexpo.eu) https://www.facebook.com/BlockchainConferenceEurope https://www.linkedin.com/company/11293667/ https://twitter.com/Blockchain_Conf https://t.me/BlockchainWorldEvents
Coinbase Reverses – Plans to Allow Bitcoin Cash Withdrawals in January 2018
https://goo.gl/H8SgwV Article: https://news.bitcoin.com/coinbase-bitcoin-cash-withdrawals-january-2018/ How would you like to literally mine for your own cryptocurrency? It is one thing to buy crypto, it is another to "create" it. With our machines you will be able to create coins every single month. Let your money work for you. Send me a message for more info... Brandon Ivey - (909) 670-3945 [email protected]
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Get FREE Bitcoin s with BTC Adder Gen  Works 2017 2018 Real 100% Pro Version Genuine-S2
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Bitcoin Futures LAUNCHED Boosts Prices / ViaBTC New BCH Based Exchange / Lightning Network Milestone
Story - First Bitcoin Futures Launched http://www.cboe.com/delayedquote/symbol-look-up?company=BITCOIN%20FUTURES So when you search the CBOE for Bitcoin Futures you get these three results back. If I’m not mistaken these are futures contracts that are deliverable January 2018, February 2018 and March 2018. The January 2018 contract is the only one with data right now because they are 30 day futures. http://www.cboe.com/delayedquote/detailed-quotes?ticker=BTC%2fF8 The symbol is BTC/F8 if you want to search for it on the CBOE website. At time of recording the price is $15,300 and the contract expires on the 26th of January 2018. So if you consider that futures were originally designed to aid manufacturers and farmers so they could lock in prices for their goods, you can imagine how futures could help boost cryptocurrency adoption by allowing retailers to basically buy insurance against the price of Bitcoin falling. Say Dell receives $1,000 worth of Bitcoin today as payment for a laptop and then a week goes by and Bitcoin drops 20% to $800, Dell’s in trouble. If they bought a Bitcoin Futures contract for a small fee, they reserve the right to sell that Bitcoin for $1,000 on the 26th of January 2018. If the price of Bitcoin goes up in the meantime and it ends up being worth $1,200 then they can just choose not to exercise the contract, let it expire and then sell the Bitcoin on the open market for $1,200. That’s how it’s supposed to work but because these are cash settled, Dell would just receive the $200 extra in cash. What happened to the Bitcoin and altcoin prices today? https://www.coinigy.com/main/markets/BITF/BTC/USD Story - ViaBTC To Launch BCH Exchange https://news.bitcoin.com/viabtc-announce-new-cryptocurrency-exchange-with-bitcoin-cash-as-base-currency/ It’s no surprise this story comes from Bitcoin.com who are die hard supporters of Bitcoin Cash. It’s also no surprise that it’s ViaBTC who are doing this because they were trading Bitcoin Cash futures I believe and putting some hash power behind other Bitcoin alternatives such as Segwit2x when it was around. The story is that ViaBTC are going to create a new cryptocurrency exchange with Bitcoin Cash as the base currency instead of Bitcoin. That means BCH will be the main currency everything else is traded against in the same way that BTC is on most existing exchanges. http://www.coinex.com/btc.html They are going to call it Coinex and here is the website. Most interesting to me is the fact that they are going to base the exchange in the UK. Kind of brave given the recent news about the government wanting to heat up regulation on cryptocurrency exchanges. According to Bitcoin.com they incorporated on the 4th of December, which I was able to verify as true by going to companies house: https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/11093144 Why are ViaBTC doing this? From a business point of view they’ll want to add value to Bitcoin Cash so the coins they mine are worth more, plain and simple. The CoinEx website says it is coming in December, so launching this month. Bitcoin better get its skates on before Bitcoin Cash starts taking its market share. According to Blocktivity http://blocktivity.info/ Bitcoin Cash is the number 8 blockchain by transactional volume at around 17,000 transactions per day. Story - Bitcoin Fights Back With Lightning https://medium.com/@lightning_network/lightning-protocol-1-0-compatibility-achieved-f9d22b7b19c4 Just to balance out the analysis here, some big news came out about Bitcoin last week which promises to keep it ahead of Bitcoin Cash. The development teams working on the Lightning network has now successfully completed the first ever lightning transactions on the main Bitcoin network. Not only that, because there are several different development teams working on their own implementation of the Lightning network, they have been working together to make sure all the various are compatible. We don’t want 3 independent Lightning networks, we want one big one so it’s as interconnected as possible. The recent tests confirmed that yes, no matter which version of the Lightning software you use, you are able to send an instant Lightning transaction to anyone else for a tiny transaction fee. The three development teams are ACINQ (who have developed the eclair client), Blockstream (who have developed the c-lightning client) and Lightning Labs (who have developed the LND client). If you’d like to see a demo of a transaction buying coffee which goes through all the various software versions there’s a couple of videos embedded into this Medium post. When the Lightning network fully launches it’ll take some time for the network to establish itself. Because it’s essentially a new network on top of Bitcoin, the strength of the network depends on how many people will run Lightning nodes and relay transactions. *5,000 character limit reached.*
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What will happen with Crypto Currency in January 2018
Sign up at Coin Base: https://www.coinbase.com/join/5a318eaba0f7e600f6d10eae 1.615.688.3025 https://www.patreon.com/PastorDowell http://www.straitwaytruth.com/ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/straitway https://www.facebook.com/pastordowell https://twitter.com/Pastor_Dowell http://www.online-church.org/ If they take my YouTube page down, you can still hear the information I give at Patreon. Mailing Address Charles Dowell Jr. P.O. Box 32 Lafayette, Tennessee 37083 Now the Pastor Dowell "brand" can be 100% viewer supported.
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Is It Too Late To Buy Bitcoin? 2018 The Year of Bitcoin?
In my opinion it is not too late to buy Bitcoin even at these prices over $5500 here in middle of October 2017. In this video I go into my reasons why. 2018 will be yet another year for Bitcoin? Best Hardware Wallet - http://bit.ly/AltcoinBuzzWallet
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Bitcoin Price Predictions Jan 2018 with new ICO tokens sale
Join crypterium ICO - The JP Morgan of Cryptobanks , get Bonus tokens Free: http://bit.ly/2yVFlpr Coinbase $10 Bonus -Get Free Bitcoin worth $10 when you Signup and deposit $100 worth of Bitcoins. http://bit.ly/getfreebitcoinsignup Sign up for Bitconnect Coin - Click this link to sign up for bitconnect, there is no Membership fee : http://bit.ly/FreeBitconnect Sign Up for Genesis mining use the code (gnfwyA) to get 3% discount on any mining Contract: https://goo.gl/Ays7P8 if you are thinking - Is it Good time to Buy Bitconnect or Is it too late to buy bitcoin then you are not alone. Analysts predicted bitcoin earlier this year that bitcoin price will reach $10,000 by December 2017, Mike Novogratz on CNBC now predicting bitcoin price will rise to $40,000 in 2018. Disclaimer: I am not a certified financial planner or financial advisor. The information provided should not be used as financial advise, but only as a source of opinion. I do not take any responsibility for any losses that may occur. These videos are opinions and informational purposes only.
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2017 2018 unlimited bitcoin generatorBTC Earn 300 btc in one time use
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What is BitCoin? How it works? What is Mining? [2018] All You Need To Know.[[EXPLAINED IN HINDI]]
Hello Friends, This is Vineet Patiar from Gyani Tech YouTube Channel.In This video i have tried to explain ''What is BitCoin'',How it Works,What is Mining etc...If Our Content is good the like this video and share it with your friends and family,Do hit that SUBSCRIBE button and also hit the Bell Icon to get all our future video updates. 'Thanks For Watching' *Detailed Video On Bitcoin Mining Coming On 2nd of January 2018, Early Morning * Gyani Tech Vineet Patiar ''Happy Teching''
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Bitcoin forecasts price prediction 2018 in HINDI. Why will Bitcoin rise?
Will bitcoin price go up? know the crypto currency bitcoin price forecast and why will it may happen - Rahul Avasthy
Buy Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold? - $10,000 COIN IN 2018?
Currently, we have three versions of bitcoin, including Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Bitcoin Gold (BTG). This price analysis video will predict future prices for Bitcoin Cash & Bitcoin Gold. Ultimately in 2018, we might see Bitcoin Cash hit $10,000 and Bitcoin Gold hit $2,000. Buy Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold? - $10,000 COIN IN 2018? Become part of our exclusive Cryptocurrency director program: (Instructions & Guide) Media property of Video Division (C) 2017 videodivision.com
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Zcash (ZEC) cryptocurrency vs Bitcoin (BTC) along 2018?
Peopleknowing.net zcash (zec) is one of these cryptocurrency that through Astrology I see to give a very good product to your money value. Zcash is a company and not just an open source of hidden algorithm as bitcoin. Zcash is offering to governments around the world a way to use a virtual money to either check finance systems and also to have real value on it like a share or regular currency to follow its value. Right now this is still in mining process and when finished the value may be official and stable for many years. Check out the zcash to make sure its good to your deals either Karma.
Views: 753 Osher Astro Finance
Live BITCOIN Trading 24/7 CHAT ROOM (1 January 2018) #6 | Bitfinex
Live BITCOIN Trading Live CHAT ROOM - Share your ideas and make new friends! Thanks for watching - if you would like to support the growth of this channel, please donate to: BTC - 1Pw4hid71BCriSrvRxvYhQCu398pwv1SPh ETH - 0xaD7280867cE8CBD3b4ad3feb682A4aeCDf319371 List 12 ICOs for launch in January 2018 https://beefcoin.org https://lalaworld.io https://coinstarter.com https://www.gizadevice.com https://gladius.io https://scorumcoins.com/en-us/ https://darico.io https://credits.com/en https://bitnation.co https://galaxy-esolutions.com https://dogezer.com https://www.pundix.com
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