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What are surety bonds?
You can read our full guide here: https://www.jwsuretybonds.com/edu/what-are-surety-bonds
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What is a surety bond?
This video is a brief introduction to surety bonds. A basic surety bond definition is presented, however the video is not meant to be a complete answer to, "what are surety bonds?" BuySurety.com (http://www.BuySurety.com).
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What Is A Surety Bond?
If you’re wondering what a surety bond is, you’ve come to the right place. SuretyBonds.com has developed this guide to give you a quick and easy to understand explanation of surety bonds. I’m Danielle, and I’ll be explaining what surety bonds are, how they work and who needs them. A basic definition explains that a surety bond brings three parties together in a legally binding agreement. These three parties are known as the principal, obligee, and surety. First, we have the principal, which is the professional or business that much purchase the bond. When a principal purchases the bond they provide a financial guarantee and prove their ability to follow certain laws and regulations. Second, we have the obligee which is the party that requires the principal to purchase the bond. The obligee is usually a government agency that uses surety bonds to regulate an industry and protect consumers from financial loss. Finally we have the surety, which is the insurance company that guarantees the bond. The surety provides a financial guarantee that the principal will fulfill the bonds obligations. If the bonded principal doesn’t fulfill the bond’s terms, the the obligee can make a claim against the bond to collect reparation for damages. If the claim is found to be valid, the surety will reimburse the obligee. Now that you know how bonds work, you’re probably wondering, who needs a surety bond and why? Surety bonds are typically required of businesses or professionals who provide services to consumers. Often times, bonds are used to regulate traditionally risky markets, such as the mortgage industry. Most surety bonds fall in one of two major bonding categories: commercial bonds or contract bonds. Commercial bonds are for business owners, entrepreneurs, and other working professionals. Commercial bonds ensure people will do their job according to licensing laws and other industry regulations. A few examples include auto dealers, notaries and travel agents. Contract bonds are used to guarantee that construction professional will fulfill their contractual obligations when working on a construction project. Contract bonds ensure projects are completed on time and keep project owners from losing their investments. So what do you do if you need a surety bond? If you need more information on a specific bond type visit suretybonds.com. If you’re looking to purchase a surety bond, SuretyBonds.com offers free, no obligation quotes within one business day. Visit http://www.suretybonds.com/what-is-a-surety-bond.html to learn more about surety bonds
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Gregory E. Marco - Surety Bonds:  An Obscure but Important Cog in the World of Finance
Gregory E. Marco, MBA, Surety Bond Account Executive, McConkey Insurance & Benefits, leads a discussion titled "Surety Bonds: An Obscure but Important Cog in the World of Finance", during the April 12, 2013 M&M Mars Executive Lecture Series for The Business Department at Elizabethtown College.
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What Are Contract Surety Bonds?
In the world of contract surety there are two basic categories – Construction Surety Bonds and Commercial Contract Surety Bonds. Video Transcript: We previously discussed that while Contract Surety Bonds are issued by insurance companies, surety is NOT like the insurance you get for your home, car or business… In the world of contract surety there are two basic categories – Construction and Commercial. In construction contract surety there are a number of bond types that may be needed. Bid bonds, performance bonds and payment bonds are the most prevalent; but, you may sometimes see: warranty bonds, maintenance bonds and subdivision bonds. When an owner, usually a public entity… but not always, decides to put a construction project out to bid, they will provide the outline, plans and specifications for that job to either a specific list of contractors or the general public. The owner (the Obligee) will set a date and time for the bids to be turned in. And here is a tricky fact…. Often a General Contractor (GC) who has been awarded a large contract will put parts of that same contract out to bid to subcontractors who specialize in certain trades. Since the GC is responsible for the entire job, even the parts they don’t perform themselves, the GC will want assurance that their subcontractors will perform the work to the contract specification so the GC will require their subs to get bonded as well. In this instance the GC becomes the Obligee to its subs and the sub-contractors are the principals. Most Obligees require the posting of a “Bid Security” in the form of a cashier’s check or a bid bond. The amount of the bid security is usually 10%, but can range from 5% to 25% or more. The bid bond guarantees that the lowest qualified bidder will sign the contract and provide the required surety bonds. For a Contractor to qualify for these bonds, they must demonstrate to the Surety their experience, expertise, staffing, cash flow, reserves and character to manage, properly perform and accomplish the work. The surety provides the bonds that allow you to get the job; but they do so with the understanding, as discussed in our “What is Surety” video, that their guarantee will never have to be acted upon. The number one rule in surety is that if the surety thinks that a requested contract bond (visual: Bid, Performance, Payment, etc.) might have a claim, then the surety will decline the request…. Period. The Extension of Surety Credit is Based Upon Zero Loss Potential. Sometimes problems occur and jobs run into trouble and claims happen. Sureties understand this and expect the contractor to step up and take care of the problem, as necessary. How a contractor manages the problems says a lot about their character and once a problem is managed and resolved, the experience can even help the contractor going forward since they have shown the ability to do what is necessary to solve the problem. Often a positive result to a job problem provides the surety underwriter with a better comfort level in regards to the character of the contractor, which can help when trying to grow their surety support. Speaking of Surety Underwriters, these are the individuals who analyze the contractors’ information and the contract to determine if the surety can support the contractor and their request. In the past, all contractors were required to provide significant financial information in order to qualify for contract surety support. Over the last decade this has changed… A bit. Today, there are many surety programs that have adjusted their entry level requirements to allow an easier path for contractors to get started in the world of surety bonded contracts. There are a number of “Application Only” programs that only need a completed application and possibly some limited financial information to provide surety bonds for single jobs up to around $500,000 and also support a total multi-job surety bonded program (aggregate) up to around $1 million or more. This is the industry’s effort to reach out and help contractors get some experience in public sector jobs or jobs that require surety bonds. Once a contractor wishes to graduate to bigger works, they will need to bring substantially more financial information to support the larger surety bond program. What is needed????? That we will save for another time. I hope our little video has given you a good insight into contract surety bonding and we look forward to sharing more surety specific information in the future….
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How Much Does A Surety Bond Cost?
This is the Suretybonds.com Education Center. Today we are looking at a question we get a lot and that is this: how much does a surety bond cost? Well how much does a surety bond cost? It depends on what type of bond you’re going to get. It really just depends. Why? There are thousands of types of surety bonds out there. There are janitorial bonds, mortgage broker bonds, bonds for construction and building apartment complexes, etc. They go from Washington state to Florida and back up to Maine. It depend on the type of bond you’re going to get. It also depends on a couple of other things about your own personal history. The big one is credit score. In a lot of ways getting a surety bond is a lot like getting a home loan or car loan or anything like that, that is more traditional for you to understand how a credit score comes into play. They’re evaluating the risk that they’re gonna take on by giving you a surety bond. It can also depend on your experience in your industry. If you have 30 years experience as a mortgage broker bond, that’s going to count in your favor when you’re going to get a surety bond and you’re going to find out the premium cost and all that stuff. If you’ve got a good credit score depending on the type of bond you’re going to get and depending on little things like how long you’ve been in business and prior claims on you for previous surety bonds. That will help determine your cost. Now some of you may have Googled this because you want to know how much your bond will cost because you need a bail bond. This is not the place for you. SuretyBonds.com does commercial surety bonds. We do not do bail bonds. I know a lot of times in news reports online or maybe even when you’re getting arrested and you need to get a bond. I would suggest going to Google and looking up your area bail bonds company. For everybody else looking for commercial surety bonds this is the place to be. There are two different markets for surety bonds: standard and non-standard. This can also come into play when you’re talking about how much a surety bond is going to cost. Standard is the traditional market. These are premiums that the average person pays is you have a credit score over 650 and been in business for a few years. The other list of criteria is something we can go over with you if you contact us at Suretybonds.com. In the standard market, you’re going to pay between 1 to 3% for a premium on the cost of your bond. For example a $50,000 bond paying 1% is going to be a $500 cost to you. Now, if you fail to meet some of the standard market criteria, you’ll end up in the non-standard market. You’ll start paying premiums from 6 to 15 percent. For example, a $50,000 bond at 10% will cost $5,000 in premium up front. It can really change the cost that you’ll have to pay depending if you fall in the standard or non-standard market. These things come into play: credit score, how long you’ve been in business and prior claims against you. For more information in figuring out the price our your bond visit http://www.suretybonds.com/edu/faqs.
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What is a Surety Bond?
Hi I’m Allison with SuretyBonds.com and I’m here to answer one of the most popular questions about surety: What is a surety bond? A surety bond is a contract between three parties—the principal (you), the surety (us) and the obligee(the entity requiring the bond). The surety financially guarantees to an obligee that the principal will act in accordance with the terms established by the bond. The principal is the individual or business that purchases the bond to guarantee future work performance. The obligee is the entity that requires the bond. Obligees are typically government agencies working to regulate industries and reduce the likelihood of financial loss. The surety is the insurance company that backs the bond. The surety provides a line of credit in case the principal fails to fulfill the task. Now that we have answered the question, “what is a surety bond?” it is important to know that there are thousands of different types of bonds, each with its own unique set of requirements. To find the exact bond that you need, visit https://www.suretybonds.com/states.html Connect With Us! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/suretybond Twitter: https://twitter.com/suretybonds Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/b/114036244208980898672/+SuretyBonds LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/suretybonds-com SuretyBonds: https://www.suretybonds.com/
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Construction Surety Bonds
Your information source for Surety in Canada
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What Is A Surety Bond? & How Does It Work?
UPDATE: At 0:58 we say that if you are a car dealer, you are required to deal vehicles ethically and honestly. While it is great to be ethical and honest, the surety bond is actually only concerned with your ability to follow the rules and regulations of your license. What is a surety bond? A surety bond is a contract, a guarantee. You can learn more here: http://blog.suretysolutions.com/suretynews/what-is-a-surety-bond There are many different types of surety bonds. All surety bonds are essentially a contract that promises you will complete or fulfill a duty. When you get a surety bond, one of two things will happen: 1. You complete your duties and nothing further happens with the bond (because the bond is fulfilled) 2. You fail to complete your duties and someone can make a claim against your bond. You can learn about the surety bond claim process in our other video. If you have questions about what surety bond you need, or what your obligations are, leave us a comment in the comment section. You can also call us (Surety Solutions) at 866-722-9239. You'll know you've reached the right number if we are super happy and ready to help you determine what kind of bond you need.
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SBA Surety Bonds
Are you a government contractor? Are you in the construction industry? If so, then do you have bonding for your company? Did you know that you will need Bid Bonds, Payment Bonds, and Performance Bonds when working on government contracts. Did you know that you get your bonds through a surety agent? Can't get a bond? Check out SBA's Surety Bonds. Learn more by watching this video! #Bonding #SuretyBonds * Subscribe for more: http://bit.ly/FCMEYouTube * Share this video with a friend: [ VIDEO LINK ] *[ AFFILIATE LINKS ] *Watch next – [ PLAYLIST TITLE AND LINK ] *Recommended Playlist – [ PLAYLIST TITLE AND LINK ] *Let’s connect: **Podcast - https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/federal-contracting-made-easys-podcast/id1378086795?mt=2 **Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Federal-Contracting-Made-Easy-2221185818117022 **Instagram – NancyByerly801 **Twitter – @byerly_nancy **LinkedIn – Nancy Byerly **Business Inquiries – [email protected] *[ AFFILIATE DISCLAIMER IF YOU HAVE AFFILIATE LINKS (Amazon is very specific about the language you use here so check the terms of service for the exact wording ] *[ IF YOU ADD AN ADDRESS THIS IS A GOOD PLACE FOR IT ] [ANY PERSONAL MESSAGE YOU WANT]
What is a Surety Bond?
You can read our full guide here: https://www.jwsuretybonds.com/edu/what-are-surety-bonds
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Benefits of Surety Bonds for Commercial Lenders
Merchants Bonding Company held a presentation in support of the ongoing efforts by the Surety & Fidelity Association of America (SFAA) and National Association of Surety Bond Producers (NASBP) to promote the benefits of surety as it pertains to commercial lenders. Learn more about how we spread the word to Central Iowa lenders about the value and protection surety bonds can provide at: https://www.merchantsbonding.com/article.aspx?id=157&Surety%20Bonding%20for%20Commercial%20Construction%20Lenders
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Importance of Surety Bonds
http://www.suretyandprobatebonds.com Surety Bonding is very important. Simon from Simon Insurance explains the "Importance of Bonding." What is a surety bond? If you live in Florida, you can get surety, probate and court bonds from Simon Insurance. http://www.suretyandprobatebonds.com surety bonds, surety bond, surety bonding, fidelity bonds, construction bonds, contract bonds, fiduciary bonds, probate bonds, license and permit bonds.
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How To Get A Surety Bond: A 6 Step Guide
If you're wondering how to get a surety bond, look no further! SuretyBonds.com developed this six-step guide to getting a surety bond. Check out http://www.SuretyBonds.com for more information on bonding.
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Surety Bonds 101
This video reviews the basics of Surety Bonds that include parties to the contract and the different types of contract bonds, fiduciary and court bonds, license and permit bonds.
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What Is a Surety Bond?
Source: https://www.suretybonds.org/what-is-a-surety-bond Description: You know you need to post a surety bond but have no clue what a surety bond is, neither which one is right for you? Here’s how it goes. Unlike insurance, surety bonds are NOT meant to protect your business. Instead, surety bonds serve to protect the public from dishonest business practices. Every surety bond agreement has three sides to it - the principal, the obligee (usually a governmental department), and the surety bond company. The surety bond company has the responsibility to ensure that the bonded principal will comply with all rules and regulations. Surety bonds are usually divided into four main types: - license and permit bonds, - contract bonds, - court bonds, and - fidelity bonds. These are different from one another and are relevant in different situations. 1. Contract bonds guarantee the performance of obligations under a contract. They are sometimes also referred to as construction bonds. Contract bonds protect the project owner (the obligee) by guaranteeing that a contractor will perform in accordance with the terms of the contract. Contract bonds are further divided into “Bid Bonds”, “Performance Bonds”, and among others “Subdivision Bonds”. 2. License and permit bonds, on the other hand, are a prerequisite to be able to engage in certain business activities. Such bonds can be required by the federal government, the state (such as a state’s Department of Motor Vehicles), or the municipality. Auto dealer bonds, contractor license bonds, freight broker bonds, mortgage broker bonds and many more are all examples of license and permit bonds. 3. Court bonds are used to guarantee that a fiduciary will fulfill his or her responsibilities as ordered by the law or the court. In particular, appeal bonds, guardian bonds, and probate bonds are all different types of court bonds. 4. Fidelity bonds are the type of bonds that can protect a business. These protect a business and its clients from any possible employee dishonesty. This includes theft, embezzlement or forgery. Among surety bonds, fidelity bonds are more like a traditional insurance policy, rather than a surety bond. Additional resources: 1. Surety Bond Glossary: https://www.suretybonds.org/surety-bond-glossary 2. If you want to learn more about how to get bonded, go to https://www.suretybonds.org/how-to-get-bonded 3. If you want to know how much a surety bond costs, go to https://www.suretybonds.org/surety-bond-cost 4. If you want to know if you can be bonded after a bankruptcy, visit https://www.suretybonds.org/blog/can-you-be-bonded-after-bankruptcy/ 5. To learn what is a bond claim, go to https://www.suretybonds.org/surety-bond-claims 6. If you have more questions, check out these frequently asked questions: https://www.suretybonds.org/faqs 7. If you want to get a free surety bond quote, apply now at https://www.suretybonds.org/online-application
Contract surety bonds from Atradius
With Atradius Bonding you can successfully navigate the various stages of a construction contract and their associated risks. Partnership with Atradius Bonding can give you the protection and confidence you need to achieve your business goals. Discover how Atradius Bonding can help you grow your business safely https://group.atradius.com/
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What You Need To Know About The Freight Broker Bond...
www.brandonthefreightbroker.com Please share surety bond provides and cost here in the comments!! The freight broker surety bond is required by the FMCSA in order for a freight broker to operate legally in the U.S. Brandon will cover in this video... 1. What is a surety bond... 2. How the surety bond works... 3. What is the costs of the bond... Alliance Logistics first surety bond provider was Liberty National Financial (Marc Page 405-321-5310) Let him know Brandon, Alliance Logistics sent you! Surety Bond Providers http://www.tianet.org/TIAnetOrg/Member/Membership_with_TIA.aspx https://www.jwsuretybonds.com/ See you at the top because the bottom is much too crowded!
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Government Contracting - Surety Bonds - All You Need To Know - Win Federal Contracts
US Federal Government Contracting Please visit us at http://www.JenniferSchaus.com for a full list of our complimentary webinars and #govcon services including GSA Schedule; SBA 8(a) Cert; Proposal Writing; Sales & Marketing; Contract Administration and more. WE ARE A DOWNTOWN WASHINGTON DC BASED FEDERAL CONSULTING FIRM. Main Office Phone: 202-365-0598 Jennifer Schaus [email protected] THANK YOU for viewing our federal government contracting webinars. Federal Acquisition, FAR, Federal Acquisition Regulation, Procurement, Federal Procurement, Contracting, Federal Contracting, Federal Contract Government, Contracting, Federal Contracts, DFARS, Defense Acquisition Regulation, Federal Regulations, SAM, System For Award Management, CCR, FBO, Federal Business Opportunities, Fed Biz Opps, Federal business, Business of Government, Set-Aside, set asides, SBA, small business, small business administration, 8a, 8(a), 8-a, 8-A, wosb, woman owned small business, vosb, veteran owned small business, minority owned, small business certification, federal certification, gsa, gsa schedule, gsa proposal, gsa audit, gsa cav, gsa modification, general services administration, gsa advantage, gsaadvantage, veteran, capability statement, cap statement, proposal writers, proposal writing, teaming, partnering, jv, joint venture, teaming agreement, teaming agreements, naics, small business standards, cage, cage code, psc, product service code, wawf, wide area work flow, contract administration, contract compliance, fss, federal supply schedule, idiq, indefinite delivery indefinite quantity, mas, multiple award schedule, federal acquisition, disadvantaged, disadvantaged small business, minority owned business, ccr, orca, central contractor registration, irapt, capabilities statement, federal training, small business instructions to offeror 52.212-1, small business instructions, reps and certs, dhs, fema, dod, defense contracting, defense acquisition, contract training, government sales, government contracts, federal sales, public sector sales, public sector acquisition, 8a program, gsa listing, gsa listings, gsa e-library, gsa e-buy, foia request, foia, freedom of information act, debrief, bid protest, how to win federal contracts, federal market, federal marketing, army, navy, air force, pentagon, procurement office, contract officer, contracting with the government, contracting with the federal government, how to win contracts, set-aside contracts, set aside contracts, sba 8a, nist, cyber security, federal regulations, contract negotiations, nist cyber security framework, bid assistance, federal bid assistance, bid training, government bidding, rfp, rfq, sources sought, government bid proposal, basics of government contracting, federal contracts, contracts, federal contractor registration, gsa list, gsa listing, gsa contractor, fpds, federal procurement data system, win federal contracts, win government contracts, simplified acquisition, govcon, #govcon, federal fiscal year, use it or lose it, usa spending, fed biz, federal business, winning government contracts, far flow down clauses, flow down clauses, sub contractor, prime, prime contractor, prime and sub contracting, sub-contractor, sub-contracting, sub contracting, subcontracting, dcaa, defense contract audit agency, federal accounting, cost accounting, CLIN, cpsr, contract purchasing system review, contract purchasing system, basics of government contracting, basics of federal contracting, basics of government contracts, basics of federal contracts, basics of federal government contracts, government contracting 101, gov con 101, federal contracting 101, how to win government contracts, how to get started in government contracting, bpa, blanket purchase agreement, what does the federal government buy, what does the federal government purchase, federal contract bid training federal contract training, federal procurement training, how to sell to the government, how to sell to the federal government, inside guide to government contracting, guide to government contracting, gov con guide, federal contracting guide, a to z of government contracts, a to z of government contracting, simplified acquisition threshold, sat, become a government contractor, become 8a certified, how to become a government contractor, how to become a federal contractor, essentials of government contracting, what are federal set asides, federal set asides, federal set-asides, set aside contracts, set-aside contracts, register for federal contracts, contractor registration, veteran contracts, federal contracts for veterans, bid assistance training, federal contracting bootcamp, government contracts bootcamp, bootcamp for government contracting, government contracting weekly, government contracting for small business, government contracting for veterans, government contracting for minorities, set-aside contracting, cyber security and government contracting,
Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Surety Bonds
For more info and 1-step ballpark estimate go to http://www.jwsuretybonds.com/info/videos/general/surety-bonds-top-five.htm "Running your own business is complicated, and there’s a lot to know about surety bonds. Here are the top 5 things you should know: Tip #1: Price can vary drastically. The cost of a bond changes depending on what the bond guarantees, the applicant's credit standing, the bond size, and the agency with which it’s placed. All of these factors come into consideration, when the surety company calculates the risk posed by issuing an individual surety bond. Tip #2: Surety bonds aren’t insurance for your business; they are insurance for whoever requires the bond and/or your clients. To you, they’re a form of credit. If there’s a claim, the bonding company will pay it, but they’ll look to your business for reimbursement. This is why you need to avoid claims at all costs. A lot of the confusion comes from mixing up surety bonds with a very similar kind of bond, called a fidelity bond. The latter actually does act as insurance to protect a company and its customers, but a surety bond doesn't. Tip #3: Provide accurate information. The accuracy of information that you provide to a bonding agency is of the utmost importance. If any of the information the bonding company receives is wrong, your business could receive an inaccurate quote. Even worse, the obligee could reject the bond, which will cost you additional time and money. Tip #4: Your credit and financial standing can play a big role in the bonding process. Personal credit is always analyzed, since it’s an indicator of whether a company is likely to trigger a claim. For larger bonds, business financials may also be evaluated to determine a business’s financial strength. Poor credit or weak business financials can raise bond rates or even prevent you from being bonded. Since JW Surety Bonds is the top US bond producer, we can approve bonds even when others can’t. Tip #5: Who your professional business partners are will have an effect on your bond cost. This will count towards whether you can have access to the best sureties, low bond rates, and fast turnaround times. For contract bonds, it’s best to work with CPAs and lawyers with experience in the construction industry. For more information, watch our video on "How to Choose the Right Bond Agency." http://youtu.be/0EWAYljHlzM
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How Much Does a Surety Bond Cost?
Source: https://www.suretybonds.org/surety-bond-cost Description: When you are told you need to post a surety bond you may wonder how much it will cost. Luckily, the surety bond cost is not the full amount of a surety bond. Surety bonds are paid in annual premiums, which is only a percentage of their total amount. So how to find out how much the surety bond will cost you? To find that out, you need to apply for a quote. If you go to Lance Surety Bonds’ website (https://www.suretybonds.org/online-application), you can receive a quote in just a few minutes by entering basic information about your business and the type of bond required. Quotes are based primarily on the business owner’s personal credit score, which is the most important factor when determining the surety bond cost. Credit score matters, because bond companies are risk-averse when underwriting surety bonds, since they will be financially responsible if there is a surety bond claim. So, they estimate how likely you are to trigger a claim based on your credit history, just like banks do when you apply for a loan. If your credit score is poor, sureties make up for the risk by raising your annual premium. - Applicants with good credit standing typically pay between 1 and 3 percent of the total bond amount. - Applicants with damaged credit can pay up to 15 percent. In the case of a $50,000 bond, you may pay between $500 and $1,500 per year with good credit, and between $2,000 and $7,500 with bad credit. But there are ways to reduce bond costs! If you can provide strong personal or business financial statements, these can have a positive effect. Also, the more industry experience you have, the better. These factors will be taken into account each year anew when your bond is up for renewal. Choosing the right surety bond agency can have a tremendous impact on the price of a bond, as well as on your chances of obtaining one. Since surety bonds companies don’t work directly with the public, your bond will be underwritten with the help of a bonding agency such as Lance Surety Bonds. We have a large network of partnering sureties, so even if one of our bond providers declines your application, or offers too high of a price, we will shop around to find you the best deal. Additional resources: 1. Need more info on the bonding process? See: https://www.suretybonds.org/how-to-get-bonded 2. Want to know more about picking the right surety bond company? Visit: https://www.suretybonds.org/bonding-companies 3. To get a free surety bond quote, go to: https://www.suretybonds.org/online-application 4. Wondering how to lower your bond cost? Check out these tips: https://www.suretybonds.org/surety-bond-rates 5. Have more questions? Check out these Surety Bonds Frequently Asked Questions: https://www.suretybonds.org/faqs
Bond Market : How Does a Surety Bond Work?
A surety bond is used in order to satisfy the requirements for funding for a future project. Discover how surety bonds are used to help fund the construction of a house with help from a personal asset manager in this free video on the bond market and money management. Expert: Roger Groh Bio: Roger Groh is the founder of Groh Asset Management. Filmmaker: Bing Hu
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How to get a Surety Bond in 5 Minutes!
You too can save time and money on your next bond! Learn how with Surety Solutions' online bond system - OneClick - where bonds are made easy!
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What is a Surety Bond? Surety Bonds from Bond 911
The Bond 911 team shares with you what a surety bond is, the types of surety bonds available on the market and why you and your business needs them. Do you need to get bonded? A surety bond is exactly what you need. If you need a surety bond visit https://www.Bond911.com/ We supply bonds in all 50 states. Be sure to check out our immigration bonds, DMV bonds, Commercial bonds, Car Dealer bonds, fidelity bonds, ERISA Bonds, vehicle title bonds, and many more. Purchase bonds online and in many cases have them approved on the spot!
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Become a Surety Bonds Sub Agent and Make Money with EZ Surety Bonds!
Welcome to the EZ Surety Bonds sub agent program, we are glad to have you on our team! The sub agent application process is very easy with EZ Surety Bonds, and once you apply, you can start selling surety bonds through EZ Surety Bonds and make commission and a brokerage fee. You will also receive a custom EZ Surety Bonds URL link that allows you to get paid for anyone who purchases a surety bond through your link. Make use of the instant surety bonding process of EZ Surety Bonds and make money easily as a sub agent! Please apply as a sub agent here: https://www.ezsuretybonds.com/SubAgents/Apply-as-a-Sub-Agent.php
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Surety Bonds 101: What does a surety company look at when underwriting?
Rosenberg & Parker - http://www.suretybond.com/ Sureties are underwriting not only the specific bond that's requested but the financial wherewithal of the company overall, so they look at financial statements, debt ratings and more. Rosenberg & Parker wrote the book on surety—two, in fact: "Surety for Dummies," now in its second edition, and "Contract Surety for Dummies." (Both are available free at our website) R&P has focused solely on surety for more than a quarter century. We write bonds all over the world for companies of every size.
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How Much Does a Surety Bond Cost?
See what you'd pay for a bond: https://suretysolutions.com/bonds-by-state/ If you've been told you need a $10,000, $50,000 or $100,000 surety bond, don't worry. You do not need to pay the full bond amount. Actually, with any bond you do not need to pay the entire bond amount. Generally, you will pay 1-15% of the total bond amount. If you have good credit, you will pay closer to 1%. If you have not so great credit, you will have to pay a higher rate. You can learn more here: http://blog.suretysolutions.com/suretynews/how-much-does-a-surety-bond-cost Or leave a comment in the comment section and we'll help you with a rough quote!
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Surety Bonds vs Insurance Policies
A surety bond works much more like a line of credit than an insurance policy. With a car insurance policy, for example, if you have an accident, you pay your deductible and the insurance company pays the rest. If there's a claim on your surety bond, the surety company will pay the claim (just like in insurance). BUT the difference is that you are responsible for repaying every single penny of the claim. More information about differences between surety and insurance: http://blog.suretysolutions.com/suretynews/whats-the-difference-between-a-surety-bond-insurance
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Surety Bonds 101: What is a surety bond?
Rosenberg & Parker - http://www.suretybond.com/ For starters, it's not insurance. It's a kind of guarantee that a company will fulfill an obligation. Rosenberg & Parker wrote the book on surety—two, in fact: "Surety for Dummies," now in its second edition, and "Contract Surety for Dummies." (Both are available free at our website) R&P has focused solely on surety for more than a quarter century. We write bonds all over the world for companies of every size.
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Bond Market : What Is a Surety Bond?
A surety bond is a guarantee that a job or a payment will be completed and that the payment will be received. Learn how surety bonds can be used to provide comfort to a future homeowner with help from a personal asset manager in this free video on the bond market and money management. Expert: Roger Groh Bio: Roger Groh is the founder of Groh Asset Management. Filmmaker: Bing Hu
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What is a Surety Bond? Jurisco Surety Bonds Series
Jurisco specializes in lawyer’s surety bond services to clients across the nation. Founded in 1987, Jurisco was created by lawyers who were frustrated over the void of fast, professional delivery and service. Insurance agents can lack the urgency to detail required when dealing with surety court bonds. Our team of experts specializes only in civil court surety bonds and our lawyer-trained staff is ready to assist you now. While our offices are located in Florida, civil court surety bonds from Jurisco are available in every state. In most cases, we can deliver next day services. In addition to serving our clients, we are a member of many Bar organizations and actively support local Bar activities along with pro bono programs. More Detail Contact Us: [email protected], www.jurisco.com or Call Now : 800-274-2663
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Services for Surety Bonds | Best Surety Bond Service
Services for Surety Bonds Visit us at https://Swiftbonds.com for all your surety bond Requirements. Our specialists will help you find the surety bond that best fits your situation. Learn all the ins and outs of bond negotiations at our website. ---------------------------------------- CLICK HERE: https://swiftbonds.com/ ---------------------------------------- More Information about what is a surety bond service: See video #2 in playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOr1J6ZDX2IbyXw6JLngu3XQVHlso-uub video 2: https://youtu.be/mKevMZd1byk A surety bond service is one that is able to find your business a surety bond that fits into your business. The best surety bond service companies utilize a variety of surety companies that they will use to write your bond. As you can believe, surety bonds companies can have different criteria. For example, we utilize some surety bond companies that like to write bonds based upon working capital. Others like to have plenty of assets Cash flow is always important to these sureties. There are also companies that will write surety bonds for companies with less than desirable credit. We work with our companies to provide the bonds that best meet their needs. We approach our sureties that we believe will best write the bonds. We also work with our clients to re-cast financials so that they can get their bond. Surety bond - Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surety_bond Jump to Business service bonds - A surety bond or surety is a promise by a surety or guarantor to pay one party (the obligee) a certain amount if a second party (the principal) fails to meet some obligation, such as fulfilling the terms of a contract. Performance bond - Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Performance_bond Performance bond. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. A performance bond, also known as a contract bond, is a surety bond issued by an insurance company or a bank to guarantee satisfactory completion of a project by a contractor. Surety - Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surety In finance, a surety, surety bond or guaranty involves a promise by one party to assume responsibility for the debt obligation of a borrower if that borrower ... Missing: service Bid bond - Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bid_bond A bid bond is issued as part of a supply bidding process by the contractor to the project owner, ... bond assures and guarantees that should the bidder be successful, the bidder will execute the contract and provide the required surety bonds. Bond insurance - Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bond_insurance Bond insurance is a type of insurance whereby an insurance company guarantees scheduled .... By order of the New York State Insurance Department, FGIC ceased p ---------------------------------------- CLICK HERE: https://swiftbonds.com/ ---------------------------------------- Index of video content: https://youtu.be/9Im1Cja6-3U ---------------------------------------- FOR MORE DETAILS: https://swiftbonds.com/contract-bond ------------------------------------------- CONNECT WITH US: https://www.facebook.com/swiftbonds https://twitter.com/swiftbonds https://plus.google.com/+SwiftbondsOverlandPark/about http://swiftbonds1.blogspot.com https://www.diigo.com/profile/Swiftbonds http://suretybond1.weebly.com/ ------------------------------------------ Don't forget to check out our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcBRQemaJLahElJQueyLP_Q and click the link below to subscribe to our channel and get informed when we add new content: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcBRQemaJLahElJQueyLP_Q?sub_confirmation=1 -------------------------------------------- VISIT OUR SITE: https://www.swiftbonds.com
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What is a Surety Bond?
Learn what a surety bond is and why you need one
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Buy A Surety Bond Instantly! - EZ Surety Bonds
EZ Surety Bonds is the only website with thousands of surety bonds that you can purchase instantly. No need to wait for a call from a surety agency, buy your Surety Bond Instantly Today!
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Surety Bonds 101: What is a court bond?
Rosenberg & Parker - http://www.suretybond.com/ Court bonds are required by a judge as a result of an action or judgment that may result in financial damages to one of the parties in a court case. Rosenberg & Parker wrote the book on surety—two, in fact: "Surety for Dummies," now in its second edition, and "Contract Surety for Dummies." (Both are available free at our website) R&P has focused solely on surety for more than a quarter century. We write bonds all over the world for companies of every size.
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Surety Bond vs. Security Deposit | Rental Property
Surety bonds have gained popularity among tenants and landlords when entering into residential lease agreements for homes and apartments. Learn the pros and cons of each option as we compare the features of a low cost nonrefundable surety bond against a refundable cash security deposit. Property Management Resources Tenant Screening: https://www.amerusa.com Landlord-Tenant Laws and Articles: http://www.americanlandlord.com
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Why do I need a surety bond to be a personal representative?
Established in 1903, Triest is who experts use for court bonds. So, you've been told you need to be bonded for appointment as a personal representative or guardian by the probate court? What? The first thing to cross your mind may have been .... bonded? I thought a bond was to get someone out of jail. You hadn't ever heard of a probate court bond and why would you need one to handle money left to your children? The Probate Court requires the bond because you're asking to be legally responsible for your children's money that was left to them from a life insurance policy, money from an accident claim or maybe proceeds from their share of an estate. The court will make sure that the person they appoint will manage and protect the kid's money. And you will need to be bonded before the court gives their approval of your appointment. Nothing personal. Just a court thing. The personal representative cannot use the kid's money for themselves. That would be inappropriate unless of course the probate judge approves the transaction. In the unfortunate event that the personal representative uses the money inappropriately then the insurance company that issued the bond will he summoned by the probate court to replace the money. The bond is there to protect the money left to the kids. The people at Triest are the foremost experts doing this type of bond. They've been in business since 1903 and make the entire process simple. Triest has a handful of top insurance companies like The Hartford, Liberty Mutual, CNA and Main Street Surety and offers the most competitive premiums. Need a probate bond? Call the nice people at Triest today and ask for a free consultation. Toll free 800-474-5062 or 843-556-6232
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Surety Bonds – Contractor Business Tip #182
http://www.homebuildingandrepairs.com/contractor_tips/index.html Click on this link if you're interested in more information about the book written by Greg Vanden Berge. I don't know if every contractors licensing board or agency requires contractors to have a surety bond, but in the state of California it's required. In California you can't get your license without one and it's another thing that should be checked regularly to make sure you're receiving the lowest prices and the best service. I really don't know where to start, if your a contractor who is interested in learning more about the construction business, from someone with over 30 years of experience, then this book's for you. Realistically, that's all I have to say, the book will speak for itself.
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Recent Developments in Construction Surety Bonding
Speaker(s): Kelly Parker Category(s): Architecture, Construction, Engineering, Property, Renovation Credits: BOMI: 1 OAA: 1 The presentation will provide an overview on the present state of the surety industry generally, and will then delve more specifically into new bond documents as well as the technology developments impacting procurement and delivery of surety bonds.
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Bad Credit? Save Money on Your Surety Bond
You can read our full guide here: https://www.jwsuretybonds.com/license-bonds/bad-credit-surety-bond
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Can I Get a Surety Bond with Bad Credit?
In the surety bond industry, ‘bad credit’ or ‘non-standard’ is considered to be a FICO score of below 650. FICO scores range from 300 to 850 and are classified as follows: 750 or above: excellent 700-749: above average 675-699: good 650-674: fair 550-649: subprime 549 or lower: poor If you have good credit, you can expect to pay 1-3% of your total bond amount (sometimes even less, as low as 0.5%). If you have bad credit, you will have to pay more, anywhere from 4-15%. You can still get bonded with bad credit. Get a free quote through Surety Solutions here: https://suretysolutions.com/bonds-by-state/
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What Are Surety Bonds?
Source: https://www.bryantsuretybonds.com/what-is-a-surety-bond Transcript: Surety bonds are a necessity for many businesses—but what is a surety bond? A surety bond is mandated by different government agencies, and they exist to protect customers from dishonest business practices. It’s not a form of insurance, but a kind of credit that’s extended to businesses. Different government agencies will run licensing regimens for different industries. Generally, industries that require surety bonds are ones involving large sums of money and interaction between the private and public sectors. For instance, auto dealers selling new and used cars and private contractors bidding on public contracts need to get bonded in order to work, along with mortgage brokers, freight brokers, and many more. A surety bond involves 3 parties: the obligee, the principal, and the surety. The obligee is the government agency obliging the bond. In the case of an auto dealer, the obligee is a state department of motor vehicles. The auto dealer is the principal, and the surety is the line of credit extended to the obligee on behalf of the principal. That way, rather than needing the full value of the bond, the principal need only pay a portion. No matter what industry, though, bonds function the same way. There are always three parties: the obligee, the bonding company, and the principal. And regardless of your line of work, you’ll want to avoid claims at all costs. Since a surety is credit, claims have an adverse affect on your business. For more information or to get an instant free quote, visit us at bryantsuretybonds.com and apply online, today: https://www.bryantsuretybonds.com/online-application. Additional resources: 1. Surety Bond vs Insurance: https://www.bryantsuretybonds.com/insurance-versus-surety-bonds 2. How Much Does a Surety Bond Cost?: https://www.bryantsuretybonds.com/surety-bond-cost 3. How To Get Bonded: https://www.bryantsuretybonds.com/how-to-get-bonded
Surety Bonds Made Easy
Viking Bond Service handles all types of bonds, nationwide. We offer same day quotes, regardless of credit in most cases. For more information please visit http://www.performancesuretybonds.com/surety-bond/obtaining-a-surety-bond/
Alternatives to Construction Surety Bonds
Your information source for Surety in Canada
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Surety Bond Costs: Answers to 5 FAQs
Predicting what you’ll pay for your surety bond can be confusing. To help you understand what goes into calculating surety bond premiums, SuretyBonds.com has developed this guide. I’m Kristen and I’ll be answering 5 common questions you might have about surety bond cost. How is my surety bond premium calculated? A number of different variables might affect your surety bond cost. Your surety bond provider will calculate your premium by using a percentage that’s based on a specific bond type, it’s needed amount, the risk involved with the bond and your financial credentials. When applicants have strong financial credentials, surety bond premiums are typically calculated using rates that are 1- 5% for the bond amount. For example, a $10,000 surety bond will cost about $100-500 for those who qualify for the standard bonding market. Will my credit affect my surety bond cost? During the underwriting process your surety provider might consider your work history, credit score or other financial records to determine the risk they take when issuing the bond. The lower the risk, the lower the surety bond cost, as such applicants with good credit usually pay lower rates for their bond. How do I find how a surety bond for the best value? Buying a surety bond is like making any other important financial decision. Get what you need for a great price. Contact a reliable surety broker that can offer you great service for a competitive price. Because surety brokers like SuretyBonds.com, work with numerous underwriter, they have access to some of the lowest rates available nationwide. When do I have to pay for my surety bond? Surety providers almost always require bond premiums to be paid in full before they will issue the bond. Sometimes surety providers might offer financial to high risk principals with poor credit scores, however you should always be prepared to pay your full surety bond premium upfront. How will I pay for my surety bond? Most surety providers request credit or debit card payment so underwriting and bond processing can begin much more quickly. If you prefer to write a check you will have to wait longer to get the bond as your payment will have to be cleared before the provider issues the bond. Check out http://www.suretybonds.com/edu/faqs for more information on bonding costs.
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Claiming Under A Surety Contract Performance Bond
Your Information Source for Surety in Canada
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What is a Performance Surety Bond?
Performance bonds are a form of insurance commonly used in the construction business. The bond protects customers from fraud, illegal or unethical activity, or failure to complete a construction project.Need a surety bond? Visit http://bit.ly/14PFYfE
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Sheriffs Sell Surety Bonds to Attorneys and You Are the Surety
Constitutional Sheriffs? Wake up people. From https://www.tcsheriff.org/departments/admin-support/finance/attorney-surety-bonds
Don Casey- Challenging Official's Surety Bonds
10/10/12 - Don Casey speaks in Staunton, VA about Liberty and the Law, hosted by the Constitution Party. In this segment he describes using negative averments to challenge official's surety bonds.