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ERM - Environmental Resources Management Argentina
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Sustainability Profiling, Emily King, Senior Consultant, Environmental Resources Management
In 2012/13 UCL ISR launched our BHPB Sustainable Communities/UCL Grand Challenges Symposium Series, as a forum to bring together a variety of stakeholders integral to the debate around issues of global concern. A two day 'Sustainable Resources for Sustainable Cities' symposium was hosted in November 2013 in collaboration with the UCL Grand Challenge of Sustainable Cities (GCSC). Emily King, Senior Consultant, Environmental Resources Management (ERM) Read more about the event and view the outputs from the symposium on our website http://www.bartlett.ucl.ac.uk/sustainable/latest/activities/symposium_series/activities
Environmental and Resource Management at BTU Cottbus - Senftenberg
Does the balance of environmental, economic and social interests concern you? Graduates of the ERM programme have obtained competences that enable them to plan sustainable policies and effective strategies for the private and public sector. More Information: https://www.b-tu.de/environment-ms/
Environmental Resource Management
Patrick Moore talks about the Environmental Resources Management during his segment on Good Day Cenla
#NoKXL Lockdown and Sit In at the Environmental Resources Management HQs (ERM)
State Department KXL Report Secrecy Hides Conflict, Criticism March 27, 2013 The State Department's report on the Keystone XL pipeline's environmental impact is apparently so deeply flawed that the agency is keeping information about those flaws hidden from the public. The department is trying to shroud in secrecy at least two different kinds of information about its Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (DSEIS) for the pipeline, which requires State Department approval because it would cross an international boundary to bring Canadian tar sands bitumen south to US refineries and export terminals. First secret: the industry ties of the "experts" who prepared the report. Some of the contractors and experts who prepared the report for the State Department had done work for TransCanada, the company hoping to build the pipeline, and other companies (including ones in the Koch brothers empire) with large stakes in the tar sands oil it would carry. The State Department blacked out information showing such conflicts of interest. Second secret: criticism of the report's flaws by groups who say it ignores or misrepresents the climate impacts of the KXL pipeline to a degree that is unscientific, unprofessional, and indefensible. A State Department blackout of public comments on its DSEIS suggests a lack of confidence that the document can withstand public scrutiny. Also left murky is a third kind of information bearing on the integrity of the report: contacts between industry lobbyists and State officials up to and including former Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton. Public Comments Criticism from environmental groups so far has focused on the DSEIS's alleged failure to fulfill the key requirement of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) — to assess the environmental (especially climate) impacts of building the project. But another key mandate of NEPA requires "public participation" in federal decisions with environmental impacts. An open public comment process on a draft environmental impact statement is often an expected ingredient of public participation. Even if NEPA didn't require public feedback, the law governing federal rulemaking (the Administrative Procedure Act) requires the dialogue between regulators and public commenters to be on the record. Approving the pipeline is a regulatory decision, since it involves granting of a permit. Regulatory proposals and comments on them are normally published online in a "docket." It is standard procedure for public comments to be included in such dockets — even when it means publishing tens of thousands of them. The dockets are published on regulations.gov, the portal for federal rulemaking, which includes mechanisms for comments to be submitted online by the public. Only rarely are such public comments not published, and when that happens agencies may be subject to withering criticism. No law prohibits the government from publishing online dockets for environmental impact statements (EISs). The story of State's choice not to publish public comments was broken by John H. Cushman Jr., writing for InsideClimate News. (Cushman worked for 27 years at the New York Times.) Cushman notes that many dockets for EISs do not include full public comments. But he also notes that the consulting firm ERM will manage the comment process, which is likely to include strong criticism of the EIS document ERM itself had a major role in preparing. Conflicts of Interest When the State Department published its DSEIS for the Keystone project March 1, 2013, it also published some supplementary documents, including a statement from the consulting firm ERM, which had prepared a significant part of the DSEIS under contract for State, that it had no conflict of interest. That document (available here) included work histories of people who had played major roles in the work for ERM. The problem was that key information in those histories had been "redacted" — simply grayed out, leaving glaring gaps. The general issue of contractor conflict-of-interest had been raised previously in the Keystone case. But, poring through the thousands of pages that State had published March 1, reporter Andy Kroll of Mother Jones discovered the redactions of consultants' specific ties to TransCanada. Working from unredacted documents, Kroll determined that it had been the State Department that performed the redactions.
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Managing Environmental Resources
Join us as we tell the story of water in Southern Nevada and take a closer look at our water resources.
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Environmental Resource Management
Tarrah Geszvain presents an overview of the Environmental Resource Management major in the College of Agricultural Sciences at Penn State.
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ENVIRONMENTAL RESOURCES MANAGEMENT - Webinar Hijau Vol. 1 | Lebihijau.id
A Global Perspective of Environmental Resources Management - Options and Challenges Webinar starts at the 18th minute. This webinar's objectives are to learn about different types property regimes associated to natural resources, to identify different regulation options of natural resources from the property perspective, and to learn about global trends for the sustainable management of natural resources. Speaker: Kareen Urrutia Estevez (MSc Candidate in Environment and Development, School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds, UK; A Chevening Scholar 2018 from Guatemala; Sustainability Specialist and Greenpeace Volunteer) Moderator: Bintang Ekananda (@lebihijau.id) Contact: [email protected] Lebihijau is an environmental platform which was recently founded on 2019 by a small group of environmental enthusiasts in Jakarta. They are originally graduated from Environmental Engineering Department, Diponegoro University. This platform aims to a more green and sustainable Earth in the future. We will achieve this goal by conducting and supporting environmental movement, hosting environmental talks (on-line or off-line), and providing affordable zero waste products.
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Enterprise Risk Management | Thomas H. Stanton | TEDxJHUDC
Tom Stanton talks about the importance of enterprise risk management in organizations and how it is crucial for avoiding a disconnect between top management and lower management. Thomas H. Stanton is a Past President of the Association for Federal Enterprise Risk Management (AFERM) and a former member of the federal Senior Executive Service. He teaches as an adjunct faculty member at Johns Hopkins University, is a Fellow and former board member of the National Academy of Public Administration, and formerly chaired the Academy’s Standing Panel on Executive Organization and Management. With a career that spans the practical and the academic, Mr. Stanton’s work has led to the creation of new federal offices and approaches to delivering public services more effectively. Mr. Stanton has written several books including A State of Risk: Will Government Sponsored Enterprises Be the Next Financial Crisis? and Why Some Firms Thrive While Others Fail: Governance and Management Lessons from the Crisis This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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MSc Environmental Resource Management
In this series of Graduate Programme testimonials by the UCD School of Agriculture & Food Science, Dr John Fry and student Alan Dunne give an overview of the MSc Environmental Resource Management. For more information on graduate taught programmes offered by UCD School of Agriculture & Food Science, visit www.ucd.ie/agfood/study/graduatetaughtprogrammes
Environmental and Resource Management
Our undergraduate environmental and resource management program offers hands-on projects and coursework for students seeking to understand the scientific and technological aspects of byproducts, environmental health, sustainability and natural resource conservation. Graduates go on to be expert leaders and problem solvers who work with consulting firms, government agencies and non-profit organizations to solve the global environmental challenges of the future. Find out more at explore.engineering.asu.edu
This session will present findings of WRAP's Product Research Forum survey of existing guidance for grocery and home improvement (HI) products. A review was conducted on programmes producing quantification-related product guidance, including: Type III EPD schemes, PCF schemes, water and multi-criteria footprinting schemes, Type I eco-labelling schemes, and various sector initiatives. Areas of proliferation, duplication and key gaps in guidance were identified and will be discussed. The Forum's focus is on grocery and HI products, with priority product groups determined based on sales and impact potential. However, a library of product guidance documents for all HI / grocery products has been developed. Presentation held at the 7th PCF World Summit "From Environmental Footprinting to Implementation: Renewable Energy in the Value Chain" on 17-18 April 2012 in Berlin. For more information on the PCF World Summit including the full programme and the above presentation please visit the PCF World Forum website at http://www.pcf-world-forum.org Visit us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PCFworldforum
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Hotel like PG near Environmental Resources management ( ERM ) in DLF phase 3, Gurgaon
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Meet the Study Coordinator for MSc in Environmental and Resource Management
MSc in Environmental and Resource Management (ERM) combines natural science, engineering and social science which enable the students to create sustainable and green solutions by addressing the environmental problems of tomorrow. ERM is focused on climate and resource issues that affect everyone: from individuals to companies and the society in general. Music: www.bensound.com
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Dorothy Nalumu, student of Environmental and Resource Management at BTU
Dorothy Nalumu from Uganda is studying Environmental and Resource Management at BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg (Master of Science). The chair of waste management which deals mainly with anaerobic digestion processes in its re-search projects offers lectures to understand better what we are doing with our residues and how the management of waste streams may be organized to be efficient and effective. Many international students like Dorothy come to Cottbus to learn about waste management. More Information: https://www.b-tu.de/
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Why the mining sector is critical to a low carbon economy – Keryn James ERM
We caught up with Keryn James, Chief Executive Officer of Environmental Resources Management (ERM) at the 2018 International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC). Where she shared her main achievements at ERM in the past 18 months since being appointed CEO. Keryn also shared insights into the main changes she has observed over the past two decades, and the differences between projects in developed and developing nations before discussing why the mining sector is critical to a low carbon economy. IMARC returns to the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre from 28 – 31 October 2019. For more information please visit http://imarcmelbourne.com/ About IMARC The International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) is where global mining leaders connect with technology, finance and the future. Now in its 6th year, it is Australia’s largest mining event bringing together over 6000 decision makers, mining leaders, policy makers, investors, commodity buyers, technical experts, innovators and educators from over 90 countries to hear from 350 thought leaders and meet 250 exhibitors over four days of learning, deal-making and unparalleled networking.
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AFERM Podcast #13 ERM Book
AFERM Podcast with Cynthia Vitters, Sean Vineyard and Ken Fletcher about the new book, Public Sector Enterprise Risk Management: Advancing Beyond the Basics
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Ms. Sylvia Jagerroos, Environmental Resource Management, Malaysia
Ms. Sylvia Jagerroos is a Malaysian Scientist working for Environmental Resource Management, Malaysia. She gave her plenary talk on Day-1 i.e. March 10th 2016 on title “Conservation of biodiversity during decommissioning of oil and gas facilities”
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