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Code of Ethics: Articles 2 & 3
REALTORS® must avoid exaggeration, misrepresentation, and concealment of pertinent facts.
Code of Ethics: Articles 4, 5 & 6
These articles are among those categorized as establishing duties to clients and customers.
Code of Ethics: Articles 7, 8 & 9
These are the final three articles categorized as establishing duties to clients and customers.
Code of Ethics: Articles 14 & 15
Article 14 focuses on vigorous enforcement of the Code of Ethics. Article 15 is first of the three final articles that establish duties to REALTORS®.
Business Ethics Articles
http://www.smallbusinessdevelopmentcenter.tv/free-video-tutorials/ Business Ethics articles - not really :)
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Finding Nursing Ethics and Legal Articles
This tutorial will show you how to use the CINAHL database to find articles about ethical and legal issues.
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What are the universal human rights? - Benedetta Berti
View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/what-are-the-universal-human-rights-benedetta-berti The basic idea of human rights is that each one of us, no matter who we are or where we are born, is entitled to the same basic rights and freedoms. That may sound straightforward enough, but it gets incredibly complicated as soon as anyone tries to put the idea into practice. What exactly are the basic human rights? Who gets to pick them? Who enforces them—and how? Benedetta Berti explores the subtleties of human rights. Lesson by Benedetta Berti, animation by Sarah Saidan.
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The ethics of scientific writing - How to write and how not to write a paper
Gary D. Christian Emeritus Professor - Department of Chemistry, University of Washington, Seattle, USA Scientific writing for peer-reviewed journals is how scientists communicate their work to the world. It is important to tell a clear and compelling story, beginning with justification for the work, placing it in the context of prior work, and its significance in advancing the field, i.e., what problem is being addressed? Manuscripts are submitted to peer-review by experts, selected by the editor. Only a select number will be published, depending on novelty, significance to the field, demonstrated applicability, appropriateness for the journal, and so forth. Peer-review is for the benefit of the author as well as for the editor, and helps improve the quality and impact of the paper. Ethics in publication is of paramount importance, and has become more of an issue for editors in recent years, particularly with the advent of the electronic age. I will relay my experiences as an Editor-in-Chief for Talanta over some twenty five years, providing guidance on how to structure and present a paper so editors, reviewers and readers will have a good understanding of your accomplishments, and pitfalls to avoid. Real-world examples of manuscripts that do not follow established and ethical guidelines will be given, along with cases of outright scientific fraud in the chemical literature. And hints will be given of how authors can use peer review to their advantage.
How to write a literature review
How to write a literature review. It’s easier than you might think! In this video, I demonstrate how to search the literature and identify relevant papers for your literature review. I do a pubmed search using Boolean operators and MeSH terms (these are extremely powerful tools that will help you sift through the large number of academic papers out there). So if you’re doing a master’s thesis or a PhD, or you’re doing research and writing a paper, at some point, you’ll need to do a lit review. A big part of that review is the search and this video is going to help you get that right. You might be doing a systematic literature review or meta-analysis – again, you’ll need to do a good PubMed search that identifies the right studies. Thanks to BMC !!! ----------------------------- This video was sponsored by BMC – (click here to go to BMC: https://goo.gl/RFaUA2 ). As a pioneer of open access publishing, BMC has an evolving portfolio of high-quality peer-reviewed journals including broad interest titles such as BMC Biology and BMC Medicine, specialist journals such as Malaria Journal and Microbiome, and the BMC series. BMC is committed to continual innovation to better support the needs of research communities, ensuring the integrity of the research we publish, and championing the benefits of open research. BMC is part of Springer Nature, giving us greater opportunities to help authors connect and advance discoveries across the world. I’m particularly excited about having BMC’s support because I’ve been working with them for nearly 15 years as the Editor-in-Chief of the journal Globalization and Health. I’ve been extremely impressed by them as a company that has integrity and that is truly making the world a better place. LEARN MORE about literature reviews ------------------------------------------------------------ Of course, there is more to a literature review than just the search. You need to have a structured approach to selecting paper, extracting data, writing the review itself and creating a bibliography. For more detail on these aspects of a literature review, go to www.learnmore365.com where I have a full course on literature review (it takes about 30 minutes to complete). About this channel ------------------------------ This channel posts global health and public health teaching videos and videos about how to find the right job in global health. If you haven't already, please consider subscribing to this channel and becoming part of this community. SUBSCRIBE: -------------------- Click here: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=YourChannelNameHere LETS CONNECT: --------------------------- Twitter: @drgregmartin Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/drgregmartin/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thisweekinglobalhealth/ SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL ----------------------------------------- Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/drgregmartin
Finding Imperfections in Research Ethics within Journal Articles (IRB & Consent) - 3 of 3
Dr. Seth E. Jenny https://sites.google.com/site/drsethjenny/
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BBC Journalism Skills: Principles of good writing for news
Make sure you have something to say, choose your language carefully, and write clearly and simply. Allan Little is a BBC special correspondent and presenter. Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/thebbcacademy Explore more on journalism on our website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/academy/journalism Twitter: https://twitter.com/BBCJournalism Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bbcacademy
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PHILOSOPHY - Nietzsche
Nietzsche believed that the central task of philosophy was to teach us to 'become who we are'. You can find out more about him and other great thinkers in our 'Great Thinkers' book. For gifts and more from The School of Life, visit our online shop: https://goo.gl/Yvznee Download our App: https://goo.gl/vZDLqp If you like our films, take a look at our shop (we ship worldwide): https://goo.gl/UPzm2h FURTHER READING “The challenge begins with how to pronounce his name. The first bit should sound like ‘Knee’, the second like ‘cher’: Knee – cher. Friedrich Nietzsche was born in 1844 in a quiet village in the eastern part of Germany, where – for generations – his forefathers had been pastors. He did exceptionally well at school and university; and so excelled at ancient Greek (a very prestigious subject, at the time) that he was made a professor at the University of Basel when still only in his mid-twenties…” You can read more on this and many other topics on our blog TheBookofLife.org at this link: https://goo.gl/OzSFva MORE SCHOOL OF LIFE Our website has classes, articles and products to help you think and grow: https://goo.gl/nIrvB0 Watch more films on PHILOSOPHY in our playlist: http://bit.ly/1gfQCEu Do you speak a different language to English? Did you know you can submit Subtitles on all of our videos on YouTube? For instructions how to do this click here: https://goo.gl/0MqJpo SOCIAL MEDIA Feel free to follow us at the links below: Download our App: https://goo.gl/vZDLqp Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theschooloflifelondon/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheSchoolOfLife Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theschooloflifelondon/ CREDITS Produced in collaboration with: Mad Adam http://www.madadamfilms.co.uk #TheSchoolOfLife
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Web Scraping Ethics | Bye Bye 403 | Part 4
The blog posts that precede this video: Part 1 | What is Web Scraping | https://dev.to/kaelscion/bye-bye-403-building-a-web-bot-that-cannot-be-blocked---part-1-what-is-web-scraping-5c5k Part 2 | Building a Proxy List | https://dev.to/kaelscion/bye-bye-403-building-a-filter-resistant-web-crawler-part-ii-building-a-proxy-list-4fi9 Part 3 | Getting User-Agents | https://dev.to/kaelscion/bye-bye-403---building-a-filter-resistant-web-crawler-part-iii-user-agents-3453 Slither Proxy Library | https://github.com/kaelscion/slither Other Articles and Tutorials | https://dev.to/kaelscion Follow me on Twitter | https://twitter.com/CodeDuckME
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Index of ethics articles | Wikipedia audio article
This is an audio version of the Wikipedia Article: Index of ethics articles Listening is a more natural way of learning, when compared to reading. Written language only began at around 3200 BC, but spoken language has existed long ago. Learning by listening is a great way to: - increases imagination and understanding - improves your listening skills - improves your own spoken accent - learn while on the move - reduce eye strain Now learn the vast amount of general knowledge available on Wikipedia through audio (audio article). You could even learn subconsciously by playing the audio while you are sleeping! If you are planning to listen a lot, you could try using a bone conduction headphone, or a standard speaker instead of an earphone. You can find other Wikipedia audio articles too at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuKfABj2eGyjH3ntPxp4YeQ You can upload your own Wikipedia articles through: https://github.com/nodef/wikipedia-tts "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." - Socrates SUMMARY ======= This Index of ethics articles puts articles relevant to well-known ethical (right and wrong, good and bad) debates and decisions in one place - including practical problems long known in philosophy, and the more abstract subjects in law, politics, and some professions and sciences. It lists also those core concepts essential to understanding ethics as applied in various religions, some movements derived from religions, and religions discussed as if they were a theory of ethics making no special claim to divine status.
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PHILOSOPHY: Immanuel Kant
Immanuel Kant was acutely aware of living in an age when philosophy would need to supplant the role once played by religion. This helped him to arrive at his most famous concept: the ‘categorical imperative.’ If you like our films, take a look at our shop (we ship worldwide): https://goo.gl/o15jWG FURTHER READING “Immanuel Kant is a philosopher who tried to work out how human beings could be good and kind – outside of the exhortations and blandishments of traditional religion. He was born in 1724 in the Baltic city of Königsberg, which at that time was part of Prussia, and now belongs to Russia (renamed Kaliningrad)...” You can read more on this and many other topics on our blog TheBookofLife.org: https://goo.gl/HnPgjd MORE SCHOOL OF LIFE Our website has classes, articles and products to help you think and grow: https://goo.gl/8yBXZv More films on PHILOSOPHY in our playlist below: http://bit.ly/TSOLphilosophy Do you speak a different language to English? Did you know you can submit Subtitles on all of our videos on YouTube? For instructions how to do this click here: https://goo.gl/K1pFl0 SOCIAL MEDIA Feel free to follow us at the links below: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theschooloflifelondon/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheSchoolOfLife Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theschooloflifelondon/ CREDITS Produced in collaboration with: Mad Adam http://madadamfilms.co.uk #TheSchoolOfLife
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David Hume is one of Scotland’s greatest philosophers (Adam Smith is another, about whom we also have a film https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejJRhn53X2M). His claim to greatness lies in his appreciation of ordinary experience, his descriptions of consciousness and his humane, tolerant approach to religious disputes. If you like our films, take a look at our shop (we ship worldwide): https://goo.gl/qjLLWt FURTHER READING “The 18th-century writer David Hume is one of the world’s great philosophical voices because he hit upon a key fact about human nature: that we are more influenced by our feelings than by reason. This is, at one level, possibly a great insult to our self-image, but Hume thought that if we could learn to deal well with this surprising fact, we could be (both individually and collectively) a great deal calmer and happier than if we denied it...” You can read more on this and other topics on our blog TheBookofLife.org at this link: https://goo.gl/SuwPBi MORE SCHOOL OF LIFE Our website has classes, articles and products to help you think and grow: https://goo.gl/QcBQYY Watch more films on PHILOSOPHY + CURRICULUM in our playlist: http://bit.ly/TSOLphilosophy Do you speak a different language to English? Did you know you can submit Subtitles on all of our videos on YouTube? For instructions how to do this click here: https://goo.gl/M1Ca4J SOCIAL MEDIA Feel free to follow us at the links below: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theschooloflifelondon/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheSchoolOfLife Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theschooloflifelondon/ CREDITS Produced in collaboration with: Mad Adam https://madadamfilms.co.uk/ #TheSchoolOfLife
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Ethics Video Series: Reviewing Manuscripts
This seventh in a series on Ethics of Research and Publishing discusses questions of: Should I review a paper for which I am well qualified but also fairly certain of the author's identity? Should I decline to review a paper if I feel I lack the expertise to do a high quality review? If the paper I am reviewing relates closely to my current work, is it possible to cite or use the work in my paper? Do I have an ethical responsibility to meet the deadlines of review assignments I am given? Do I have an ethical responsibility to review articles for journals and conferences? Interviews include: Amy J. Hillman, Arizona State University; Jim Walsh, University of Michigan; Angelo Denisi, Tulane University; Linda K. Trevino, Penn State University; Amy J. Hillman, Arizona State University This series was developed by the Ethics Education Committee of the Academy of Management as an initiative resulting from the Strategic Plan of the Academy. To learn more about the Academy of Management, visit http://aom.org.
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Natural Law Theory: Crash Course Philosophy #34
Our exploration of ethical theories continues with another theistic answer to the grounding problem: natural law theory. Thomas Aquinas’s version of this theory says that we all seek out what’s known as the basic goods and argued that instinct and reason come together to point us to the natural law. There are, of course, objections to this theory – in particular, the is-ought problem advanced by David Hume. Get your own Crash Course Philosophy mug or Chom Chom shirt from DFTBA: https://store.dftba.com/collections/crashcourse The Latest from PBS Digital Studios: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1mtdjDVOoOqJzeaJAV15Tq0tZ1vKj7ZV -- Produced in collaboration with PBS Digital Studios: http://youtube.com/pbsdigitalstudios -- Want to find Crash Course elsewhere on the internet? Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/YouTubeCrashC... Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/TheCrashCourse Tumblr - http://thecrashcourse.tumblr.com Support CrashCourse on Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/crashcourse CC Kids: http://www.youtube.com/crashcoursekids
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The 2018 Ethics Lecture
Kate Ward is Assistant Professor of Theology at Marquette University, conducting research on economic ethics, virtue ethics, and ethical method. She has published articles on wealth, virtue, and economic inequality in journals including Theological Studies, Journal of Religious Ethics, Heythrop Journal, and Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics, and presented a plenary talk for an international audience of ethicists at Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church in Sarajevo in 2018. She is completing a monograph exploring the impact of wealth, poverty and inequality on the pursuit of virtue.
Longwood University: Ethics 474-Finding journal articles
How to search for peer-reviewed journal articles
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Ethics Video Series: Publishing in Journals
This fourth in a series on Ethics of Research and Publishing discusses questions of: Can I take a paper that I published in a lower tier journal and submit it for a publication in an Academy journal? Can I submit the same paper at the same time to more than one journal for publication? Can I resubmit a paper that has previously been rejected at an Academy journal when a new editor takes over the journal? Should I correct inadvertent errors found in my data if discovered after the paper is published? Interviews include: Angelo Denisi, Tulane University; Jim Walsh, University of Michigan; Linda K. Trevino, Associate Editor, Academy of Management Review (1996-2008); Amy J. Hillman, Arizona State University This series was developed by the Ethics Education Committee of the Academy of Management as an initiative resulting from the Strategic Plan of the Academy. To learn more about the Academy of Management, visit http://aom.org.
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Saving the news: ethics and the fight for the future of journalism
Launch of the Ethical Journalism Network’s annual magazine on international media ethics. Join the Ethical Journalism Network’s CEO Hannah Storm and journalism colleagues for the launch of the EJN’s latest magazine on international media ethics. Our panel will feature a discussion between Storm and fellow contributors, Lina Ejeilat, James Ball and Alan Rusbridger, who opens this year’s publication, Saving the news: Ethics and the fight for the future of journalism, with a heartfelt plea for higher ethical standards. “We’ve moved from an age of information scarcity to one of almost infinite plurality. Only those with the highest professional and ethical standards will rise above the oceans of mediocrity and malignity and survive.” “Set aside the politics and ask, what message do we want a skeptical public to believe about journalism? Is it primarily a craft of verification or opinion? Is it there to give a factual basis for debates society needs to have or is it there to push the beliefs of an individual proprietor or editor?” As an organisation with the word “ethical” in our title, the EJN expects to face questions such as these, and about how our aspirations fit with the real-world threats of political pressure, corruption, and even the physical dangers facing journalists and news media. Our panelists will consider some of the answers to these questions, as well as discussing other chapters in the report such as how Ejeilat and her team at 7iber are placing ethics on the agenda in her newsroom and across her organization in Jordan. Ball will expand on his considerations about what the backlash against big tech means for media and Storm will talk about how putting gender on the agenda is essential for the future of ethical journalism. Saving the news: Ethics and the fight for the future of journalism features 20 articles from journalists from countries including Kenya, Honduras, Spain, the Philippines, South Sudan and Mexico. We look forward to welcoming you to the launch, hearing your thoughts and sharing a copy of our publication with you. Organised in association with the the Ethical Journalism Network. Con: James Ball (journalist and author ), Lina Ejeilat (co-founder & executive editor 7iber.com), Alan Rusbridger (principal Lady Margaret Hall Univ. of Oxford), Hannah Storm (director and CEO Ethical Journalism Network), Hannah Storm
Ethics: Definition and Concepts (Objectivity)
Drishti IAS is pleased to bring you a programme specially targeting GS Paper- IV which deals with Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude. In this episode of the programme, ‘Ethics: Definitions and Concepts’ we will discuss the concept of OBJECTIVITY. Structure • Objectivity: the Concept • Objectivity in Governance • Real-life Examples • Previous Year Questions on or related to Objectivity #Ethics #UPSCMains #GSPaper4 #Objectivity
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Ethics Update, Most Commonly Cited Articles
West Virginia Association of REALTORS 304-342-7600 www.WVRealtors.com
Research Ethics: What Is Plagiarism?
Three Bakersfield College faculty members give an overview of what constitutes plagiarism.
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Ethics Video Series: Conference Papers and Presentations
This fifth in a series on Ethics of Research and Publishing discusses questions of: Can I submit the same paper to two different conferences? Can I submit a paper to the Academy of Management annual meeting that has previously been submitted for publication? Can I submit the same paper in multiple categories or divisions at the same Academy meeting? If my paper is accepted for presentation at the annual meeting, is it okay not to present if attending the meeting would be inconvenient? Interviews include: Marshall Schminke, University of Central Florida; Jason A. Colquitt, University of Georgia; Michael A. Hitt, Texas A&M University; Denise M. Rousseau, Carnegie Mellon University This series was developed by the Ethics Education Committee of the Academy of Management as an initiative resulting from the Strategic Plan of the Academy. To learn more about the Academy of Management, visit http://aom.org.
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A Human Rights Response to Commercial Surrogacy | Dr Paula Gerber | TEDxStHildasSchool
Paula speaks about the debate that runs regarding the rights to surrogacy in a commercial sense. This is a subject that has been making headlines in the news recently and Paula is able to put all sides of this debate into prospective. Paula is the author and editor of numerous books and articles covering Surrogacy and Human Rights. Paula is currently the lead investigator on an Australian Research Council funded empirical project entitled 'Closing the Gap on indigenous Birth Registration'. Paula is an internationally recognised expert in human rights law and speaks about this passionately. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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Spinoza's 'Ethics': What do you mean by 'God'?
Philosopher Jonathan Rée unravels the story within Spinoza's knotty work of 17th century rationalism, the Ethics Read more by Jonathan Rée in the LRB: https://lrb.me/reeyt Sign up to the LRB newsletter: https://lrb.me/yousignup Richard Popkin: Spinoza v the Synagogue https://lrb.me/kx8 Jonathan Rée: Spinoza's Big Idea https://lrb.me/8x8 George Steiner on 'Spinoza and Other Heretics' https://lrb.me/cx8 Jonathan Rée: Exit Cogito https://lrb.me/5x8 Stuart Hampshire: Small Creatures https://lrb.me/hx8 Frank Kermode: Theory and Truth https://lrb.me/3x8 Margaret Jacob: Radical Enlightenment https://lrb.me/ux8 Find more philosophy essays in the LRB: https://lrb.me/nx8 ABOUT THE LRB The LRB is Europe’s leading magazine of books and ideas. Published twice a month, it provides a space for some of the world’s best writers to explore a wide variety of subjects in exhilarating detail – from culture and politics to science and technology via history and philosophy. In the age of the long read, the LRB remains the pre-eminent exponent of the intellectual essay, admired around the world for its fearlessness, its range and its elegance. As well as essays and book reviews each issue also contains poems, an exhibition review, ‘short cuts’, letters and a diary, and is available in print, online, and offline via our app. Subscribers enjoy unlimited access to almost 15,000 articles in our digital archive. Our website features a regular blog and a channel of audio and video content, including podcasts, author interviews and highlights from the events programme at the London Review Bookshop.
The Top 3 Arguments in Favor of Eating Meat
In the past 3 years, the number of Vegans in America has increased from 3 million people to over 20 million! And this phenomenon is not just a trend. Across the world, the number of people identifying as vegan has increased by 300%. The demand for plant based products is skyrocketing. But despite the global movement, there is still much controversy and debate surrounding the topic of veganism. There are many arguments in favor of eating meat, from cultural tradition to natural nutrition, so we’ve decided to take a deeper look at the top 3 most common arguments in favor of eating meat. Argument 1: Meat is a crucial part of the human diet. Without meat, we miss out on many essential elements of our nutrition. Argument 2: Eating meat is a natural part of the human diet. We have been doing it for thousands of years. Argument 3: Eating meat is part of my culture Despite the rise in plant based diets, about 96% of the world still eats meat. For most, the biggest attachment to meat is that it’s part of their cultural identity. What would thanksgiving be without a Turkey? What would a burger be without beef? Every single country has a menu centered around traditional meat dishes. Recipes that have been passed down through generations might be lost if meat was excluded. For many, giving up meat means sacrificing a piece of their culture. But it’s important to make the distinction between culture and Ethics. Many cultures have had traditions that were not ethical. Slavery was once a cultural norm, but it wasn’t ethical. Human sacrifice, cannibalism, incest and torture were all rituals of the past. Most barbaric traditions have faded away and we are now at a point where people are asking, Is eating meat ethical? Is the taste worth the suffering of an animal? Is it worth the environmental impact? In order to sustain a meat eater for one year, 3 acres of land are required, about half a million gallons of water are needed and 2.8 tons of carbon are emitted into the atmosphere. On the other hand, a plant based diet only requires ⅙ of an acre per year, ¼ as many gallons of water and the plants actually extract carbon and other pollution from the air! It takes 1,800 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of beef. That’s the equivalent of 6 months of showers! In the United States, 56 million acres of land are used to grow and feed livestock. Only 4 million acres are used for growing plants for us to eat. We are running out of space and resources to supply the demand for meat. if we care about the environment and want to contribute to the wellbeing and sustainability of our precious planet then reducing the amount of meat we consume is critical. Clarification: Humans were fully evolved before they started eating meat. The oldest modern human fossils date back about 300,000 years. Back then, we ate a diet that consisted of nuts, fruit, roots and other plants. Hunting meat was dangerous, difficult and took a lot of energy. An examination of our anatomy reveals that we are quite different from other animals that eat meat. Our teeth are designed for chewing (not ripping and tearing like a crocodile or shark). So even though we have been eating meat for thousands of years, it did not play a part in human evolution. For more interesting videos, please subscribe. Visit our website to get your own whiteboard animation https://www.afterskool.net/ Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/AfterSkool Special thanks to Mercy For Animals for the factory farm footage Thank you to Torre Washington, pro vegan body builder, for the support. Follow him on IG @Torre.Washington or visit his site: https://www.torrewashington.com Sources: https://diabetesed.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/PlantBasedDiets-Guide.pdf https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/321474.php https://www.fcrn.org.uk/sites/default/files/Environmental_impact_assessment_of_milk_production.pdf https://vegetarian.procon.org/sourcefiles/health_effects_of_vegetarian_and_vegan_diets.pdf https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/meat-and-environment/ https://myvega.com/blogs/content/get-started-plant-based-diet "What the Health" and "Cowspiracy" Documentaries by AUM Films & Media
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National Real Estate Ethics Day® 2019
Participate in our second annual NATIONAL CODE OF ETHICS DAY on Thursday, June 27, 2019. I'll be instructing for 3 hours so that REALTORS® can complete their biennial requirement for the National Association to get refreshed on ethics. 🏡 Full details @ https://nationalethicsday.com Between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2020, every REALTOR® is required to complete at least 2 1/2 hours of Code of Ethics training. By attending National Real Estate Ethics Day® 2019, your members can get their biannual COE requirement taken care of AND give back to our local communities at the same time as a portion of the proceeds go to the NAR REALTOR® Relief Foundation! This nation-wide event will bring associations from all around the US together for one purpose and you will not want to miss out. Stand out in your industry by adhering to the "Code!" Join us on June 27, 2019. 💪 𝙏𝙀𝘼𝘾𝙃𝙄𝙉𝙂 𝙔𝙊𝙐 𝙃𝙊𝙒 𝙏𝙊 𝘽𝙀 𝙑𝙄𝘾𝙏𝙊𝙍𝙄𝙊𝙐𝙎 in the world of sales, leadership, personal development and real estate. https://leighbrown.com 🎙️ 𝘾𝙃𝙀𝘾𝙆 𝙊𝙐𝙏 𝙈𝙔 𝙍𝙄𝘿𝙄𝘾𝙐𝙇𝙊𝙐𝙎 𝙋𝙊𝘿𝘾𝘼𝙎𝙏 Check out my ridiculous podcast where I interview realtors from all over the country about the crazy shit they’ve seen in real estate. https://crazyshitinrealestate.com 📚 𝙍𝙀𝘼𝘿 𝙈𝙔 𝘽𝙊𝙊𝙆𝙎 ► https://7deadlybook.com ► https://outrageousauthenticity.com 😊 𝘾𝙊𝙉𝙉𝙀𝘾𝙏 𝙒𝙄𝙏𝙃 𝙈𝙀 ► Office # — (704) 507-5500 ► Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/LeighBrownSp... ► Twitter — https://twitter.com/leighbrown 🏡 𝙇𝙀𝘼𝙍𝙉 𝙈𝙊𝙍𝙀 𝘼𝘽𝙊𝙐𝙏 𝙇𝙀𝙄𝙂𝙃 𝘽𝙍𝙊𝙒𝙉 & 𝘼𝙎𝙎𝙊𝘾𝙄𝘼𝙏𝙀𝙎 𝙍𝙀/𝙈𝘼𝙓 𝙀𝙓𝙀𝘾𝙐𝙏𝙄𝙑𝙀 https://leighsells.com/about-us 📫 𝙎𝙀𝘼𝙍𝘾𝙃 𝙃𝙊𝙈𝙀𝙎 𝙁𝙊𝙍 𝙎𝘼𝙇𝙀 𝙄𝙉 𝘾𝙃𝘼𝙍𝙇𝙊𝙏𝙏𝙀, 𝙉𝘾 http://leighsells.com #nationalethicsday #realestate #realtor
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Data ethics and the impact on customer service
The link between data ethics and excellent customer experience is growing. Discover key strategies for building consumer trust with data transparency. Learn more: https://www.telusinternational.com/articles/data-ethics-customer-service
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CA IPCC/Inter Law - Memorandum of Association & Articles of Association - by Prof. Khushboo Sanghavi
To purchase video lectures: Contact +91-8459256756 / 8788725024 VIsit https://www.cacselectures.com/
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Remove Negative News Articles From Google FOREVER!
Want to learn how to remove negative news stories from Google search? This video talks about how you can use combined knowledge in journalism ethics and Google search rankings to remove negative news articles from the internet. E-mail me for urgent help: [email protected] Nadernejad Media is a Toronto marketing agency. We're a unique Canadian full-service digital marketing agency working with brands and individuals across the globe. We specialize in SEO (search engine optimization), SMM (social media marketing), and ORM (online reputation management). WEBSITE: http://www.nadernejadmedia.com TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/NadernejadMedia FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/NadernejadMedia SEND US A MESSAGE: [email protected]
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Jeffrey Epstein and Mad Scientists
In the 1st half I go over Epstein's Foundation and its investments into genomics and mapping the brain for AI. Next I look at Robert Maxwell - father of Ghislaine Maxwell - who allegedly partnered with Epstein in business. What are the other Maxwell children up to now? All of this is viewed through the lens of medical ethics and the cultural subversion that happened in the US starting right before the breakout of the second world war. My Paypal: https://Paypal.me/PollyStGeorge THANK you!! Bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/99FreeMind/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/99freemind References: EDIFY article July 2019 support for Harvard: https://www.wbur.org/edify/2019/07/10/jeffrey-epstein-harvard-mit-donations Santa Fe Institute, Ecog's Dream: https://www.santafe.edu/events/seminar-makoto-miyakoshi-alpha-theta-center-univer Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation website: http://www.jeffreyepstein.org/Jeffrey_Epstein.html Charting the Course - Church / Genome: https://www.the-scientist.com/lab-tools/charting-the-course-41826 VIDEO Church on Colbert: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kuYQwfmUTc HISTORY mini doc on "Midnight Climax" brainwashing: https://www.history.com/mkultra-operation-midnight-climax-cia-lsd-experiments Test Subject Children NYT: https://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/18/science/18kids.html Human Subject Research: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6293356/ The Scientist, Challenges Human Subject Research: https://www.the-scientist.com/opinion-old/future-challenges-to-human-subject-protection-55908 Maxwell Family: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3357827/Maxwell-curse-strikes-daughter-goes-bankrupt-New-financial-blow-troubled-family-disgraced-publishing-tycoon.html Independent article re Maxwell Family, 2011: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/media/press/robert-maxwell-20-years-on-where-are-they-now-6258034.html Maxwell Family fighting inquiry into businesses: https://www.gettyimages.ca/detail/news-photo/british-media-mogul-robert-maxwell-with-his-wife-elisabeth-news-photo/673325073 Book: Scandal! https://books.google.ca/books?id=GM2_O5dJ6GUC&pg=PT99&lpg=PT99&dq=Mechel+Hoch&source=bl&ots=CS4iNwLA_5&sig=ACfU3U0EvOIhgRQgPVzWugK6JK565B2Q_w&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjogK-txKrjAhUlB50JHfIiBEkQ6AEwBXoECAcQAQ#v=onepage&q=Mechel%20Hoch&f=false Maxwell Red the Feds failed to nail: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2000/oct/14/freedomofinformation.uk Forbes: Radical Emotional Software: https://www.forbes.com/sites/drewhendricks/2013/10/02/science-funder-jeffrey-epstein-launches-radical-emotional-software-for-the-gaming-industry/#56a1c87577a7 Open Cog AI gaming, Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/drewhendricks/2013/10/02/science-funder-jeffrey-epstein-launches-radical-emotional-software-for-the-gaming-industry/#11ced30b77a7 Creative Disturbance, Frank Malina: https://creativedisturbance.org/podcast/frank-malina-ideas-about-art-and-science-and-art-and-technology/ Cision: Epstein NeuroTV: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/a-harvard-financier-jeffrey-epstein-helps-bring-brain-science-to-the-public-282283691.html Frank Malina NASA: https://www.jpl.nasa.gov/about/bio_malina.php Vice JPL Parsons Occult: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/vvbxgm/the-last-of-the-magicians NASA story of Rocket Boys: https://www.jpl.nasa.gov/jplhistory/early/index.php Mad Scientist #8: http://www.madscientistblog.ca/mad-scientist-8-jack-parsons/#sthash.FK5hR0bQ.dpbs #Qanon #wwg1wga #greatawakeningworldwide #Epstein
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Future of Ethically Effective Leadership
Future of Human Civilization is connected with Ethics Everyone is leader & accountable for all interactions with others Every one of us is a leader and is responsible as well as accountable for all interactions with others (Sarwar, 2013). Endorsements of my article “Future of Ethically Effective Leadership” http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10551-012-1283-9 https://www.springerprofessional.de/future-of-ethically-effective-leadership/5403968?redirect=1 Sarwar, C.I. J Bus Ethics (2013) 113: 81. doi:10.1007/s10551-012-1283-9 Sarwar, C. (2013). Future of Ethically Effective Leadership. Journal of Business Ethics, 113(1), 81-89. Retrieved from http://www.jstor.org/stable/23433876 Sarwar, Chaudhary Imran. “Future of Ethically Effective Leadership.” Journal of Business Ethics, vol. 113, no. 1, 2013, pp. 81–89. www.jstor.org/stable/23433876. S# Endorsements 1 My article has been published by Journal of Business Ethics published by 2nd largest global publisher Springer of Netherlands. Please ask your librarian to download softcopy; From Springer link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10551-012-1283-9 https://www.springerprofessional.de/future-of-ethically-effective-leadership/5403968?redirect=1 My article is at 70th percentile within Journal of Business Ethics that is it is viewed, downloaded and cited more than 70% articles within Journal of Business Ethics. http://citations.springer.com/item?doi=10.1007/s10551-012-1283-9 2 My article at WorldCat http://www.worldcat.org/title/future-of-ethically-effective-leadership/oclc/5659511777&referer=brief_results 3 My article at EconPapers hosted by Orebro University, School of Business, Sweden http://econpapers.repec.org/article/kapjbuset/v_3a113_3ay_3a2013_3ai_3a1_3ap_3a81-89.htm 4 My article shortlisted at Refdoc.fr of National Centre for Scientific Research CNRS, Institute for Scientific and Technical Information INIST, France http://cat.inist.fr/?aModele=afficheN&cpsidt=27056294 5 My article has been used as Recommended Reading Material at La Trobe University, Australia for the last three years and even for forthcoming 2017. Please see Subject Particulars at; http://www.latrobe.edu.au/students/subjects/current/agr3iss-contemporary-issues 6 Journal of Business Ethics is one of 50 journals (FT50) short listed by Financial Times for global university ranking for Business Schools. https://www.ft.com/content/3405a512-5cbb-11e1-8f1f-00144feabdc0 7 My article at American Psychological Association PsycNET http://psycnet.apa.org/index.cfm?fa=search.displayRecord&uid=2013-10442-006 8 My article has achieved i10-index from Google Scholar that is my article has been cited by more than 11 authentic researchers globally. https://scholar.google.com.pk/scholar?bav=on.2,or.r_cp.&bvm=bv.129422649,d.d24&biw=1366&bih=667&dpr=1&sns=1&um=1&ie=UTF-8&lr&cites=6479397599754098188 There are 13 versions of my article at Google Scholar https://scholar.google.com.pk/scholar?cluster=6479397599754098188&hl=en&as_sdt=0,5&sciodt=0,5 9 Citation of my article at Public Integrity (journal published by Routledge - Taylor & Francis Group) http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/10999922.2015.1034512 10 Citation of my article at Journal of Human Resource and Sustainability Studies http://file.scirp.org/Html/3-2830014_37272.htm
Ethics of authorship from a journal editor’s perspective
Dr. Donald Samulack, President US Operations, Editage, Cactus Communications, in conversation with Dr. Anne Woods, Chief Nursing Officer at WKH, and Shawn Kennedy, Editor in Chief, American Journal of Nursing Here, the discussion centers around how the academic community is closely connected and authors do not have a lot of scope for fraudulent activities such as selling their research or plagiarizing. The upside is that fraud is more easily discoverable now and that puts fraudulent authors at higher risk of being detected. Publishing is entering into a new era of heightened sensitivity to identify misdemeanor or fraudulent parties. Thus, authors who are guilty of malpractice stand to lose everything including their career and reputation. Dr. Samulack, however, feels that what we know about unethical publishing is probably only the tip of the iceberg.
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"Qui Tam 2019" Panel Preview: Ethics
Traci Buschner, who will act as a moderator at the Federal Bar Association's "Qui Tam 2019" conference, previews her panel's topic—ethical issues in False Claims Act practice—with R. Scott Oswald, chair of the FBA's Qui Tam Section. Ms. Buschner is a founding partner at Guttman, Buschner & Brooks PLLC. Mr. Oswald is managing principal of The Employment Law Group, P.C. For more on Qui Tam 2019, including registration links, click here: http://www.fedbar.org/quitam19 A full, human-produced transcript of this video is available here: https://www.employmentlawgroup.com/in-the-news/articles/qui-tam-2019-panel-preview-ethics/
Introduction to Research Ethics Digest
PRIM&R's Research Ethics Digest is an electronic publication that delivers timely and relevant abstracts and full-text articles from a wide array of scholarly journals to the inboxes of PRIM&R members every two months. Please view our tutorial for more information about this valuable member benefit.
Articles :Best English grammar & Communication skills tips - by Mrs. Vennila Sathyamoorthi
This video lecture "Articles" will help students and corporate people to understand following topics for IBPS, GRE, GMAT ,BANK PO, 1.article grammar examples 2.articles in english for students 3.articles grammar exercises 4.articles in english grammar 5.articles on life 6.article example 7.articles on environment 8.articles in english grammar exercises with answers 9.rules of articles in english grammar articles on environment articles meaning interesting articles Personalized Coaching Course Details: https://goo.gl/f8KRQO More Courses: www.btechguru.com/courses Mail your queries to [email protected]​ (or) What's app to +91-9600002211. Name of the Expert: Mrs. Vennila Sathyamoorthi Topic: Articles About Expert: Growing over the years, Conquering our fears, Lets climb to the top, We got nowhere to stop !! These are the inspiring words of VENNILA who believes that there is a treasure trove of wisdom, power and greatness slumbering within every human being waiting to be awakened by some unseen force!! The evolution of man through the ages has been of growth, progress, achievement and fulfilment. In this endless quest for excellence, lies the greatness of man, forever pursuing untrodden paths, discovering newer oceans and climbing greater Vennila believes that this long and tough journey to the top can be made easy and enjoyable if one is empowered with the right vehicle. It is here she steps in and designs the vehicle which will help the learners reach their destination faster. Her passion is to kindle the fire in the hearts of people through her unique training programs which enable them to step out of complacency and aim for excellence. In her workshops, Vennila imparts life-altering knowledge and experience that unfolds success in personal and professional lives of the learners. She specialises in programmes that revolve around leadership development, team building, memory training, time management, power of endurance, ethics in business and positive With a Masters in English Literature and into a career of college teaching , Vennila was looked upon by the students as a perennial source of inspiration, not only as a teacher but also as a great human being. Vennila has an Advanced Diploma in Training from the reputed Indian Academy of Training and Development (IATD).Having been exposed to training programs and workshops conducted by international trainers like Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Wilson Luna and Sidra Jafri, Vennila creates leaders who leave an indelible mark on their organisations!!
Nancy Pelosi Stands By Charlie Rangel
WNYC - News - Panel Rangel Broke Ethics Rules http://www.wnyc.org/news/articles/150890 Rangels Ethics Troubles Worsen http://news.firedoglake.com/2010/02/26/rangels-ethics-troubles-worsen-speaker-remains-steadfast-in-support/ Rangel Unrepentant After Ethics Violation - Gothamist http://gothamist.com/2010/02/27/rangel_unrepentent_after_ethics_vio.php Pelosi says Rangel didn't break rules - First Read - msnbc.com http://firstread.msnbc.msn.com/archive/2010/02/26/2213489.aspx Editorial - Relieve the Chairman of His Gavel - NYTimes.com http://www.nytimes.com/2010/02/28/opinion/28sun3.html Pelosi Rangel won't be forced aside - John Bresnahan and Patrick O'Connor - POLITICO.com http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0908/13319.html WNYC - News - Panel Rangel Broke Ethics Rules http://www.wnyc.org/news/articles/150890
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Genetic Engineering Will Change Everything Forever – CRISPR
Designer babies, the end of diseases, genetically modified humans that never age. Outrageous things that used to be science fiction are suddenly becoming reality. The only thing we know for sure is that things will change irreversibly. Support us on Patreon so we can make more videos (and get cool stuff in return): https://www.patreon.com/Kurzgesagt?ty=h Kurzgesagt merch here: http://bit.ly/1P1hQIH Get the music of the video here: soundcloud: http://bit.ly/2aRxNZd bandcamp: http://bit.ly/2berrSW http://www.epic-mountain.com Thanks to Volker Henn, James Gurney and (prefers anonymity) for help with this video! THANKS A LOT TO OUR LOVELY PATRONS FOR SUPPORTING US: Jeffrey Schneider, Konstantin Kaganovich, Tom Leiser, Archie Castillo, Russell Eishard, Ben Kershaw, Marius Stollen, Henry Bowman, Ben Johns, Bogdan Radu, Sam Toland, Pierre Thalamy, Christopher Morgan, Rocks Arent People, Ross Devereux, Pascal Michaud, Derek DuBreuil, Sofia Quintero, Robert Swiniarski, Merkt Kızılırmak, Michelle Rowley, Andy Dong, Saphir Patel, Harris Rotto, Thomas Huzij, Ryan James Burke, NTRX, Chaz Lewis, Amir Resali, The War on Stupid, John Pestana, Lucien Delbert, iaDRM, Jacob Edwards, Lauritz Klaus, Jason Hunt, Marcus : ), Taylor Lau, Rhett H Eisenberg, Mr.Z, Jeremy Dumet, Fatman13, Kasturi Raghavan, Kousora, Rich Sekmistrz, Mozart Peter, Gaby Germanos, Andreas Hertle, Alena Vlachova, Zdravko Šašek SOURCES AND FURTHER READING: The best book we read about the topic: GMO Sapiens https://goo.gl/NxFmk8 (affiliate link, we get a cut if buy the book!) – Good Overview by Wired: http://bit.ly/1DuM4zq –timeline of computer development: http://bit.ly/1VtiJ0N – Selective breeding: http://bit.ly/29GaPVS – DNA: http://bit.ly/1rQs8Yk – Radiation research: http://bit.ly/2ad6wT1 – inserting DNA snippets into organisms: http://bit.ly/2apyqbj – First genetically modified animal: http://bit.ly/2abkfYO – First GM patent: http://bit.ly/2a5cCox – chemicals produced by GMOs: http://bit.ly/29UvTbh http://bit.ly/2abeHwU http://bit.ly/2a86sBy – Flavr Savr Tomato: http://bit.ly/29YPVwN – First Human Engineering: http://bit.ly/29ZTfsf – glowing fish: http://bit.ly/29UwuJU – CRISPR: http://go.nature.com/24Nhykm – HIV cut from cells and rats with CRISPR: http://go.nature.com/1RwR1xI http://ti.me/1TlADSi – first human CRISPR trials fighting cancer: http://go.nature.com/28PW40r first human CRISPR trial approved by Chinese for August 2016: http://go.nature.com/29RYNnK – genetic diseases: http://go.nature.com/2a8f7ny – pregnancies with Down Syndrome terminated: http://bit.ly/2acVyvg ( 1999 European study) – CRISPR and aging: http://bit.ly/2a3NYAV http://bit.ly/SuomTy http://go.nature.com/29WpDj1 http://ti.me/1R7Vus9 Help us caption & translate this video! http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?c=UCsXVk37bltHxD1rDPwtNM8Q&tab=2
Disembodied Bioethics: The Incarnation, Embodiment, and Late Modern Medicine - Brent Waters
Dr. Waters is the Jerre and Mary Joy Professor of Christian Social Ethics, and Director of the Jerre L. and Mary Joy Stead Center for Ethics and Values at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, Evanston, Illinois. He is the author of numerous books and articles. He was the recipient of the Paul Ramsey Award for Excellence in Bioethics in 2016. Waters has served previously as the Director of the Center for Business, Religion and Public Life, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.
Peer Review Video #5: Using Social Media, Altmetrics to Promote Your Article
Watch Executive Editor Phaedra Cress and Editorial Manager Hunter Alexander as they describe tips and tricks for navigating the peer review process and educate about publication ethics, social media to promote your article and help improve its altmetric score. Please share forward and email any questions to: [email protected] Twitter/Instagram: @ASJrnl; Facebook/LinkedIn: Aesthetic Surgery Journal. This is video #5 of 5 so be sure to watch all the segments so be sure to watch all the segments by visiting the playlist here: https://goo.gl/WLrj4q.
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Interview, Chair of the World Committee on Tourism Ethics
Interview with Pascal Lamy, Chair of the World Committee on Tourism Ethics
Panel and Town Hall: Big Thoughts and Big Questions about Ethics in Artificial Intelligence
Title: Panel and Town Hall: Big Thoughts and Big Questions about Ethics in Artificial Intelligence Time: 12:00 PM ET Duration: 1 hour, 11 minutes SUMMARY There has been a torrent of news, announcements, and discussions in the last year about the ethics of artificial intelligence (AI) and the impact AI can and may have on society. Thinkers and groups from all corners have entered the discussion: from multiple statements by the White House about artificial intelligence and the future of work and the economy; to new academic and research centers for ethics in artificial intelligence at Oxford and the Allen Institute; to large corporations forming the Partnership for AI. We sit down with four panelists to discuss what's hot, what they see on the horizon, and to answer your questions. Interested students should also consider submitting their thoughts to the ACM SIGAI Student Essay Contest on the Responsible Use of AI Technologies where they can win cash and chats with leading AI researchers. More details are available at https://sigai.acm.org/aimatters/blog/tag/contest/. PANELISTS Joanna J. Bryson Associate Professor at University of Bath Joanna is a transdisciplinary researcher on the structure and dynamics of human- and animal-like intelligence. Her research covers topics ranging from artificial intelligence, through autonomy and robot ethics, and on to human cooperation. She will be running Society with AI (http://aisb2017.cs.bath.ac.uk/) (AISB 2017, CFPs due in January and February). She is also currently an affiliate of Princeton's Center for Information Technology Policy. Francesca Rossi Research Scientist at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Centre, Professor at the University of Padova; AAAI & EurAI Fellow Her research interests focus on artificial intelligence, specifically including constraint reasoning, preferences, multi-agent systems, computational social choice, and collective decision making. She is also interested in ethical issues in the development and behaviour of AI systems, in particular the decision support systems for group decision making. She has published over 170 scientific articles in journals, conference proceedings, and as book chapters. She has edited 17 volumes, between conference proceedings, collections of contributions, special issues of journals, as well as the Handbook of Constraint Programming. She has more than 100 co-authors and has co-authored a book. Stuart Russell Professor at UC Berkeley and Adjunct Professor at UC San Francisco; ACM Fellow, AAAI Fellow, and AAAS Fellow His research covers a wide range of topics in artificial intelligence including machine learning, probabilistic reasoning, knowledge representation, planning, real-time decision making, multitarget tracking, computer vision, computational physiology, global seismic monitoring, and philosophical foundations. His books include The Use of Knowledge in Analogy and Induction, Do the Right Thing: Studies in Limited Rationality (with Eric Wefald), and Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach (with Peter Norvig). Michael Wooldridge Professor at University of Oxford and Research Fellow at Hertford College; ACM Fellow, AAAI Fellow, EURAI Fellow Michael’s main research interests are in the use of formal techniques of one kind or another for reasoning about multiagent systems. He is particularly interested in the computational aspects of rational action in systems composed of multiple self-interested computational systems. His current research is at the intersection of logic, computational complexity, and game theory. He has published more than 300 articles in the theory and practice of autonomous agents and multiagent systems. MODERATORS Nicholas Mattei Research Staff Member in the IBM TJ Watson Research Laboratory; ACM SIGAI Ethics Officer His research is in artificial intelligence (AI) and its applications; largely motivated by problems that require a blend of techniques to develop systems and algorithms that support decision making for autonomous agents and/or humans. Most of his projects leverage theory, data, and experiment to create novel algorithms, mechanisms, and systems that enable and support individual and group decision making. He is the founder and maintainer of www.PrefLib.org: A Library for Preferences. Rosemary Paradis Principal Research Engineer for Leidos Health and Life Sciences; ACM SIGAI Secretary/Treaurer Her current work as a data scientist for Big Data analytics includes building models in computational linguistics and natural language processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Dr. Paradis has a number of patents and publications in the area of recognition algorithms, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Previous work at Lockheed Martin included the design and development of machine learning algorithms and managing the Core Recognition and Identification technology development for the USPS, the Royal Mail, and the Sweden Post Office.
Thesis and Article writing: Format and styles of referencing Lesson-8 Research Aptitude
Dear Learners, in this video, we will be talking about Thesis and Article writing: Format and styles of referencing for UGC NTA NET exam and this is Lesson- 8. For downloading notes in PDF format please visit my Digital Store https://www.instamojo.com/Dynamic_Study/?ref=profile_bar ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos of OB in English visit this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6lEV... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos of OB in Hindi visit this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krD6f... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please go through the video and don't forget to share your views and subscribe to the channel to keep the content open and reachable to students. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Keep on watching, keep on learning! #DynamicStudy
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Rupee Depreciation - Audio Article
There has been a significant decline in the value of Rupee in the last few months. Since January 2018, the value of rupee has declined by about 8.6%. With this, the rupee has become the worst performing currency across Asia. On August 14, one day before Independence Day, the rupee was at 70 rupees per dollar. In this case, this topic is very important from the UPSC's perspective. Drishti IAS continuously strives to provide content on important issues. पिछले कुछ महीनों में रूपये के मूल्य में उल्लेखनीय गिरावट देखी गयी है| जनवरी,2018 से अब तक रूपए के मूल्य में 8.6% के आसपास की गिरावट आ चुकी है| इसके साथ ही रुपया पूरे एशिया में सबसे खराब प्रदर्शन करने वाली मुद्रा बन गया है| स्वतंत्रता दिवस से एक दिन पहले 14 अगस्त को रूपया 70 रूपए प्रति डॉलर तक पहुँच गया था| ऐसे में यह विषय UPSC के दृष्टिकोण से बेहद महत्त्वपूर्ण है| दृष्टि IAS का निरंतर यह प्रयास रहता है कि आपको महत्त्वपूर्ण विषयों पर सामग्री उपलब्ध हो सके| ===================================================== परीक्षा की तैयारी में सहायक सामग्री, free online videos, current affairs for Hindi medium••• ► तैयारी के सभी पहलुओं पर वीडियो देखें https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzLqOSZPtUKrmSEnlH4LAvw/playlists ► डॉ. विकास दिव्यकीर्ति के वीडियो देखें (कॉन्सेप्ट टॉक) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFsHo9aWaFk&list=PLNdRsMqHda5_Lek2Mh51McZMo4sBIdD6N ► IAS परीक्षा में सफल विद्यार्थी दे रहे हैं रणनीति https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xs_0-AIg0vE&list=PLNdRsMqHda59ppb4HBitp6eDGdGinueH2 ► WhatsApp करें: अपडेट लें, नंबर है ♫► 920588 5192 ► सारे ऑडियो आर्टिकल्स GS करेंट अफेयर्स के लिए https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0cN2c9lVr4&list=PLNdRsMqHda5_HIIi7LP07h1wiAjomSCRy ► रोजाना न्यूज़ एनालिसिस देखें https://goo.gl/G38eAZ ►हिन्दू अखबार के डिबेट्स https://goo.gl/Ew1WTd ►राज्य सभा TV डिस्कसन https://goo.gl/vuGMcg ►PIB/PRS हिंदी में https://goo.gl/8koHxz ► मुख्य परीक्षा उत्तर लेखन अभ्यास प्रतिदिन वेबसाइट पर उपलब्ध http://www.drishtiias.com/hindi/mains-practice.php ►PCS परीक्षा (BPSC, UPPSC, UK PSC, MP PSC, Jharkhand PSC) की रणनीति क्या हो https://goo.gl/unLbpw ► सिविल सेवा परीक्षा, NCERT किताबें, परीक्षा तैयारी की रणनीति, पी सी एस परीक्षा, माइंड मैप्स और परीक्षा की पूर्ण तैयारी के लिए रोज देखें http://www.drishtiias.com/hindi ►फेसबुक अपडेट: Follow Drishti IAS at https://www.facebook.com/drishtithevisionfoundation/ ============================= Study material that is precise and totally targeted at the UPSC, PSC syllabus is provided in these crisp video notes. To the point videos are ‘short notes’ about a topic related to the syllabus. The Drishti Publications books and magazine(s) (’Drishti current affairs today’ magazine) have already successfully featured ‘to the point’ section. Here is what you can expect to gain from the ‘to the point’ videos: quick grasp of the subject matter; easy-to-understand format; knowledge of pros and cons of a topic; what, why, how, where dimensions of a topic answered. This should be very helpful for civil services syllabus (General Studies)where you need to study a vast syllabus in a short amount of time and write about 200 words in Mains answers (or do MCQs in Prelims exam).
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PTAP 100: Searching for Articles
In this video, you’ll learn how to find peer-reviewed journal articles about professional ethics for Physical Therapy by using the Nursing & Allied Health Database.
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Surf Etiquette | Top 9 Surf Rules you need to know
Surf Coaching | https://barefootsurftravel.com Learn the important unwritten rules of surfing: A code of conduct to stay safe and be respectful of other surfers. For a Full Article with Custom Illustrations, Video & Images on Surf Etiquette: https://barefootsurftravel.com/livemore-magazine/surf-ethics-10-rules-beginner-needs-know Want to Surf Better, Faster? Learn more important Beginner / Intermediate Techniques such as How to Turn, How to Accelerate and Slow Down, How to Fix your Stance, How to Duck Dive & more here: https://barefootsurftravel.com/livemore-magazine Join us on the Surf Trip of a Lifetime! See our Surf Trips designed especially for Beginners & Intermediate Surfers, in some of the Best locations on Earth to Learn How to Surf: Barefootsurftravel.com Follow us: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/barefootsurftravel/ Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/barefoot_surf_travel/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvOh9i-BOFzu51rpj33fGag Please leave your Questions or Comments below!
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