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How to Exchange |Dogecoin|ETH|LTC|XPM|BCH|PPC|BLK|BTX|Dash to BTC in Faucethub
All coin convert to btc in faucethub.. guys this video your help so subscribe this channel and click the notification button .. for more video and more earning tips watching.. thanks everyone..
How To Exchange Lite,Doge,Dash,Ethe TO Bitcoin [Instantly Exchange ]
How To Exchange Lite,Doge,Dash,Ethe TO Bitcoin [Instantly Exchange ] ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Sign up - http://www.changer.com/?refid=101299 ►All Site : http://www.tips-hindi.com/2017/06/how-to-exchange-litedogedashethe-to.html ►Contact Me : [email protected] ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 🔘 Facebook: https://goo.gl/H0R4mF 🔘 Google+: https://goo.gl/Ei4XJf 🔘 Website: http://www.tips-hindi.com ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ►THANK YOU ALL for your support (subscriptions, likes, Comments and shares)
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How to Exchange Any Currency,s Online Within 5 Minutes | Instant Exchange | Urdu-Hindi
Exchange Website | http://www.changer.com/?ref=hitech786 Hello Friends in this video i will show you how you can change your money online within 5 minutes, Example Bitcoin to easypaisa ,bitcoin to perfect money, perfect money to bitcoin, btc to doge coin, perfect money to jazzcash and 35 More Currency,s You can change just 1 click, #hitechurdu ==========--------- Social Media Follows-----------========== ▐►Facebook Page :https://www.facebook.com/Hitechurdu786/ ▐►Twitter : https://twitter.com/RjHitechurdu786 ▐►Website : http://hitechurdu.blogspot.com/ ▐►Google+ :https://plus.google.com/u/0/106231463322002603905 ▐►instagram :Comming Soon ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note- NOTE : ALL THE IMAGES/PICTURES SHOWN IN THE VIDEO BELONGS TO THE RESPECTED OWNERS AND NOT ME.. I AM NOT THE OWNER OF ANY PICTURES SHOWED IN THE VIDEO MUSIC ALMOST 20 SECOND VIDEO CLIP IMAGES CREDIT TO OWNER THANK,S ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DISCLAIMER: This Channel DOES NOT Promote or encourage Any illegal activities , all contents provided by This Channel is meant for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE only . (#hitechurdu) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair us ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About: #hitechurdu is the channel where you can find all the best videos, Earning tutorials, online earning Tips, And Trick Channel, Best Apps reviews, Free internet, And More about Technology. , owner: #hitechurdu
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How to Convert Bitcoin Cash (BCC) into Bitcoin (BTC) on HItBTC
Do you want to exchange your Bitcoin Cash for Bitcoin? Then, watch this simple tutorial. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join HitBTC: https://hitbtc.com/?ref_id=59f0721360391 About HitBTC: A global trading platform with multi-currency support, operating since 2013. The exchange has markets for trading digital assets, tokens and ICOs and provides a wide range of tools as well as stable uptime. The Platform development started with a 6 million euro venture investment agreement, as of the collaboration between software developers, finance professionals, and experienced traders. The core matching engine is among the most advanced technological products in its class and implements innovative features such as real-time clearing, advanced order matching algorithms and has been acclaimed for its fault-tolerance, uptime and high availability. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Visit: http://www.TechCubicle.net Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS3cif4GZvAKRfjMrwo8GDA Add: https://plus.google.com/+TechCubicle Like: https://www.facebook.com/techcubicle Follow: https://www.twitter.com/techcubicle_net
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How to do Automated Bitcoin Algo Trading via BTC-e Trade API
In this tutorial, you are shown how to use Python to communicate with a bitcoin trade API. In this case, we are using BTC-e's Trade API, though the trade APIs are all relatively similar. From here, you can use Python to create further logic to execute trades for you. From here, you can automatically trade Bitcoin, Litecoin, and more algorithmically based on programming logic. All viewers should understand that this is live trading, and any mistakes or poor decisions can result in the loss of some or all of their cryptocurrencies or fiat money. Be careful! Also take note that you are trusting a 3rd party with your bitcoin here. Do not put money on any exchange or with any 3rd party that you cannot afford to lose. There are many videos in my channel concerning backtesting and creating trade strategies. http://seaofbtc.com http://sentdex.com http://hkinsley.com https://twitter.com/sentdex Bitcoin donations: 1GV7srgR4NJx4vrk7avCmmVQQrqmv87ty6
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How to Exchange Coin on Faucethub - earn free Bitcoin
This video how to exchange other coin to BTC or BTC to other coin. make free btc . site link - https://goo.gl/cYfYqQ site link - https://goo.gl/Chg7AN
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Swap Cryptocurrency on Changelly [BTC, ETH, XMR, LTC, DASH]
Swap Cryptocurrency on Changelly [BTC, ETH, XMR, LTC, DASH] ► Check it: http://bit.ly/2N56Amr ✔ 🔵 Coins to exchange: BTC, ETH, ZEC, XRP, ETC, LTC, DOGE, ABYSS, AMP, ANT, ARK, ARN, BAT, BCH, BNB, BNT, BRD, CVC, DCN, DCR, DGB, DNT, EDG, ELF, EXP, LUN, MAID, NAV, QTUM, STRAT, WAVES, XVG, EOS & few more! 🔵 In this tutorial i will show you how to use Changelly - trusted service from minergate to convert between cryptocurrency coins. It will take 5-30 minutes to exchange this cryptocurrency coins. Fee is only 0,5%. It's the simplest way to swap them. Good luck mates! Convert cryptocurrency using Changelly converter - safe, instant exchange!
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Live Bitcoin Trading and Getting Started
This video covers some of the introductory basics to getting involved with Bitcoin if you are interested. In the background is a brief trading session I had as my first round of trading with anything substantial. Everything here is for educational use only, and is not meant to be taken as any sort of financial advice. Where to Buy: #1 Coinbase.com #2 Localbitcoins.com #3 MT Gox after verifying/tied bank Wallets: http://bitcoin.org/en/choose-your-wallet Some example exchanges: mtgox.com, btc-e.com Bitcoin donations: 1GV7srgR4NJx4vrk7avCmmVQQrqmv87ty6
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How to exchange litecoin to bitcoin
How to exchange litecoin to bitcoin,this topic about exchange any type of cryptocarrancy in bitcoin on fauct hub http://faucethub.io/r/10708310
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Part 2 Exchange btc to dogecoin in faucethub...
https://ref.adbtc.top/746910 http://faucethub.io/r/37170677 http://kolxoz.net/?i=355411 http://moneybirds.org/?i=798797 https://golden-tea.me/?ref=575783 https://farm-berry.com/?i=186820 http://golden-mines.org/?i=85753 https://golden-farm.biz/?r=239310 Cloud miner: https://dogecoinup.com/?ref=channa https://www.eobot.com/user/1939890 Coinpot https://coinpot.co http://moonbit.co.in/?ref=3228c646cc94 http://moonbitcoin.cash/?ref=A80DFC95F27A http://moonliteco.in/?ref=514669f9bb14 http://moondash.co.in/?ref=930BE8E473F6 http://moondoge.co.in/?ref=1f4f904f68b5 http://bitfun.co/?ref=D264D855B1B1 http://bonusbitcoin.co/?ref=5D1DB5B4095D Wallet https://www.coinbase.com/join/58fcaf8a13372262d78d6d92 https://payeer.com/?partner=4688977 https://my.dogechain.info
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BTC-e exchange BTC to USD
How to Sell crypto currencies in 1 minute
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Exchange FaucetHub - Cara Menukar Bitcoin Cash ke Bitcoin
Faucethub adalah situs microwallet sebagai tempat penyimpanan sementara criptocurensi atau mata uang digital yang kita kumpulkan dari berbagai situs faucet. Daftar Faucethub Disini: http://faucethub.io/r/2963721 Bagi yang belum memiliki alamat wallet bitcoin, dapat daftar disini: https://goo.gl/Lvft6Z Tonton Video Tentang Cara Mendaftar di Faucethub: https://nusantarabitcoin.blogspot.com/2018/01/cara-mendaftar-di-faucethub.io.html Tonton Cara Memasukan Wallet Bitcoin ke dalam FaucetHub Disini: http://nusantarabitcoin.blogspot.co.id/2018/03/cara-memasukan-wallet-bitcoin-ke-dalam-faucethub.html Tonton Juga Penjelasan Lengkap Tentang FaucetHub - Bitcoin Micropayment Disini: http://nusantarabitcoin.blogspot.co.id/2018/01/penjelasan-lengkap-faucethub-bitcoin-micropayment.html Tonton Juga Video Bukti Pembayaran FaucetHub: https://nusantarabitcoin.blogspot.com/2018/05/bukti-pembayaran-bitcoin-dari-faucethub.html Baca Juga: 1. http://belajaruangonline.blogspot.com/2017/07/review-faucethub-dan-bukti-pembayaran.html 2. http://belajaruangonline.blogspot.com/2018/01/tempat-tempat-mining-bitcoin-dengan-web.html 3. http://belajaruangonline.blogspot.com/2018/01/daftar-microwallet-terbaik.html 4. http://belajaruangonline.blogspot.com/2017/12/cara-browser-mining-dengan-faucethub.html 5. https://nusantarabitcoin.blogspot.com/2018/05/cara-meminta-pembayaran-dari-faucethub.html 6. https://nusantarabitcoin.blogspot.com/2018/05/bukti-pembayaran-dari-faucethub.html Baca Juga Tentang Situs-situs Alternatif Untuk Menghasilkan Bitcoin dan Uang Terbaik Disini: 1. http://belajaruangonline.blogspot.com/2015/02/daftar-situs-situs-alternatif-adsense-terbaik.html 2. http://belajaruangonline.blogspot.com/2015/02/cara-dapat-bitcoin-gratis-dari-situs-terpercaya.html 3. http://belajaruangonline.blogspot.com/2015/02/daftar-situs-penghasil-dollar-dan-bitcoin-terbaik.html Berikut Adalah Berbagai Metode Untuk Mengumpulkan Bitcoin : 1. http://belajaruangonline.blogspot.com/2015/02/bagaimana-cara-mendapatkan-bitcoin.html 2. http://belajaruangonline.blogspot.com/2018/03/cara-cepat-dan-mudah-hasilkan-bitcoin.html Ikuti Kami Juga di: - https://belajaruangonline.blogspot.com/ - https://yes-riview.blogspot.co.id/ - http://nusa-affiliate.blogspot.com/
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PRIMECOIN| PrimeCoin Review: PrimeCoin - XPM Coin
PRIMECOIN| PrimeCoin Review: PrimeCoin - XPM Coin Website ➤ http://primecoin.io Contacts ➤ [email protected] pIntro on the Primecoin Primecoin is a cryptocurrency. The proof-of-work (PoW) formula has actually existed because the production of Bitcoin by Nakamoto in 2008 and also Hashcash in 2002. This procedure is currently frequently made use of for different cryptocurrencies and also offers to preserve an agreement in peer-to-peer networks. The PoW formula of Bitcoin is based upon the SHA-256 formula. In 2011, Scrypt was presented as a PoW formula for hashing blocks. In 2013, the creator of Primecoin understood that constructing a blockchain based only on tops can be a suitable choice to the recognized methods. As component of his job, he produced a formula that just relates to keys, permitting both token mining and also a greater degree of safety and security. This brand-new formula provides comparable protection to Hashcash, based upon the preferred PoW strategy. This task is currently called Primecoin. What is Primecoin? Primecoin is an especially cutting-edge cryptocurrency, which is based upon the concept of cryptography as well as is managed by a decentralized mining market. The keynote for the token was located utilizing the Satoshi Nakamoto Bitcoin white paper. Nonetheless, the Primecoin blockchain is identified by the use a various PoW formula and also thought about to be the initial cryptocurrency that was created on a clinical basis. Primecoin was created to develop a thriving mining market and also to place safety and security initially. The worths of the network ought to approach gold by-products. The last unique function is the quick block time, which was readied to just one min to make sure that the token jobs 10 times faster than Bitcoin. What Scientific Worth Does Primecoin Deal? The job of the Primecoin network is the look for unique prime number chains, which are referred to as Cunningham chains or bi-twin chains. The circulation of these chains has actually still not been completely examined and also the easiest chains can not verify the academic infinity. The circulation of keys was among one of the most crucial searchings for of math. The research studies of prime chains are an extension of the job of Riemann and also various other prime philosophers. The examination needs to lay a clear concentrate on the randomness of the circulation, which appears to be secured deep in the structure. It is additionally crucial that this research is not just appropriate for mathematicians. Riemann's first study exposed that the Riemann zeta feature as well as the circulation of tops associated with each various other. Furthermore, the modification of trouble in Primecoin is various from various other blockchains due to the fact that it depends upon the present chain of tops. At first, this strategy was instead inflexible, causing non-linear problem and also the protection of the network might not be assured. Additionally, this strategy has actually matched the performance of the blockchain. Therefore, programmers have actually described the Fermat primality examination. This makes certain a direct rise in problem along with a high degree of safety within the blockchain. When contrasting Primecoin with today's most extensively spread out cryptocurrency called bitcoin some significant distinctions are: The distinctions in the system of verification: the verification System of the Bitcoin based upon the hash produced by SHA-256. At the very same time, when looking for hashes, all the computer power of the system is intended just at keeping its very own economic climate, while in Primecoin helpful estimations are made when the system is running. Primecoin's verification system is based upon locating lengthy Cunningham chains. Greater generation price: the objective of the Bitcoin Method is to maintain the generation price at the worth of 1 system in 10 mins. In Primecoin, the generation price is kept at 1 block per min. Broadband of deal verification: considering that the price of producing blocks at Primecoin gets on standard more than that of Bitcoin by 10 times, the price of purchase verification is greater by around 10 times. Smooth problem modification: bitcoin mining Trouble adjustments every 2016 blocks (about every 2 weeks), in Primecoin It transforms every block (every min). The ingenious prime proof-of-work in Primecoin not just supplies safety as well as producing to the network, however additionally creates an unique kind of prime number chains of passion to mathematical research study. Therefore primecoin network is energy-multiuse, contrasted to bitcoin network. Primecoin is created to maintain a thriving mining market as well as high degree of safety and security, while preserving great shortage home like gold. Primecoin likewise refines repayment purchases 10x faster than bitcoin network.
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Tutorial - How to Buy Cryptocurrency from the Exchange
Demonstration showing how to buy Ripple (XRP) coin from the Bittrex exchange. Links below. Message me for info about bitqy www.bittrex.com www.coinbase.com/join/55c4edaf172582371c000238
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How much useful exchange btc to doge coin in faucethub
Hi, friends in this video i will tell you how you can take more benefits of using faucethub exchange option. Thanks
How to exchange any coin for Bitcoin on FaucetHub in Hindi and Urdu
How to exchange any coin for Bitcoin on FaucetHub in Hindi and Urdu
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Programming a Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Trading Bot w/ Bittrex and Ruby (Part 1: Fetching Values)
Instead of monitoring prices from time to time, we'll write a simple bot that fetches values from the exchange bittrex.com. This way, we can specify a target percentage gain when we would like to sell a certain coin for btc while constantly polling for its price to compute for the percentage gain. All honest video without cuts thus, lots of mistakes. :) Written using Ruby 2.3.x and HTTParty gem BTC Donation: 36NY7kn159jSj4ttc4piZG4F9pt4651NeC
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Hey guys, I made this video to show you me using Bittrex to sell my Dash coin I been mining on Genesis and selling it for Bitcoin. It's not the most in-depth video but if you watch it you should know the basics pretty quick of Bittrex. Appreciate you all. Thank you for being alive. Let's all make Crypto together! :) Add me on FB and Subscribe. I provide all the links to Bitclub and Genesis to the programs I'm doing to mine bitcoin and make money. Watch video to see how start mining from bitclub: https://mcleodpatrickmarke.wixsite.co... Connect with me on FB: I LOVE MEETING AND TALKING TO YOU ALL :) https://mcleodpatrickmarke.wixsite.com/bitclub Starting Mining Bitcoin Now: Step 1. Become a member $100 Step 2. Invest $500 into the first mining pool Step 3. Start doing referrals and rack up mining profits you will be in the mining pool Step 4) add me on facebook https://www.facebook.com/patrick.mcleod.3194 How I make money through crypto: 3 ways: 1. Buy/hold crypto 2. invest in mining program 3. Do sales and recruitting for mining program like link Bitclub 4. Flip ICOs (next video will show you flipping ICOs) Watch the video and click on the link. I invested $600 and joined the mining pool and you have to become a memeber to join.Made over 3 grand in the last 2 months which I'm pretty psyched on.... Very easy money and profitable in this crypto currency age. Also you can do sales on here and make it your permanent bitcoin business which is really cool!!! :D Lifetime BTC mining and alt coin mining contracts Only $30 gets you started pays daily average up to 1% AUTO PILOT JOIN HERE https://www.genesis-mining.com Get 3% FREE hash power when you use this code: l4L8a7 Bittrex Bittrex tutorial Bittrex trading Bittrex review Bittrex trading tips Bittrex stop loss Bittrex vs poloniex Bittrex Wallet Bittrex withdrawal Bittrex selling Bittrex fees Dash coin dash coin mining tutorial dash coin explained dash coin mining dash coin news dash coin wallet dash coin vs bitcoin dash coin prediction dash coin review dash coin commercial using bittrex using bittrex to trade using bittrex api using bittrex to buy coins using bittrex as a wallet using bittrex on mobile using bittrex in india using bittrex in australia using bittrex to buy dash selling bitcoin selling bitcoin for cash selling bitcoin on bittrex selling bitcoin on coinbase selling bitcoin cash on bittrex selling bitconnect selling bitcoin on gdax selling bitcoin for cash on coinbase selling bitcoins for profit cryptocurrency trading cryptocurrency trading tutorial cryptocurrency trading strategy cryptocurrency trading platform cryptocurrency trading bittrex cryptocurrency exchange tutorial cryptocurrency exchange cryptocurrency exchange bittrex cryptocurrency exchange platform cryptocurrency exchange for beginners Genesis Mining genesis mining review genesis mining ethereum genesis mining scam genesis mining farm genesis mining bitcoin genesis mining payout genesis mining contract genesis mining roi
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Primecoin Exchange - Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform.
Add your #cryptocoin and start your own #exchange with #primecoinexchange Primecoin Exchange is a faster way to trade and one #cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency. To Add your crypto coin with primecoin exchange Click here - https://primecoinexchange.com/Exchange
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BREAKING NEWS: Bitcoin exchange BTC-e under fire from US Department of Justice
This just released: the United States Department of Justice has issued an indictment today against long-standing bitcoin exchange BTC-e on charges of money laundering. The exchange is currently offline, and a company mastermind, Alexander Vinnik, has been arrested in Greece. "The arrest of Alexander Vinnik is the result of a multi-national effort and clearly displays the benefits of global cooperation among US and international law enforcement,” said FBI Special Agent in Charge Hess. This is a huge event: if BTC-e does not recover, it will likely go down in history with the catastrophic MtGox failure of 2014 and the massive Bitfinex hack of 2016. Source: https://www.justice.gov/usao-ndca/pr/russian-national-and-bitcoin-exchange-charged-21-count-indictment-operating-alleged --- About the show: One Minute Crypto is among the fastest-paced bitcoin shows in the universe. We cover everything on blockchain technology: walkthroughs, tutorials, news, and more. Music: http://bensound.com
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Faucethub এর সব Coin Exchange করে যেভাবে BTC তে নিবেন।
Faucet Hub এর সব কয়েন Exchange করে BTC তে Convert করুন। Video ভাল লাগলে Subscribe+notification+like দিতে ভুলবেন না। এই App এ একাউনট করে সব ধরনের Coin জমায় রাখতে পারবেন এক কথায় Multicoin wallet Video টি ভালো লাগলে Like দিতে ভুলবেন না। প্রতি দিন Claim করে ৩০০-৪০০ টাকা ইনকাম করুন ১০০% ইনকাম হবে। ভিডিওটি ভাল লাগলে লাইক দিবেন। ## Online এ Androin Phone এর মাধ্যমে ইনকাম করতে চাইলে আমাদের এই EarnTips Tube চ্যানেলটিতে আপনারা SUBSCRIBED + Notification Ball (🔔) এ ক্লিক করে সাথে থাকুন আমরা আপনাদের সামনে ফ্রি ইনকাম এর পথ নিয়ে আাসবো পেমেন্ট প্রুফ এর সাথে।....ধন্যবাদ Faucethub Singup Link:- faucethub.io Coinomi App link:- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.coinomi.wallet BTXcoin Site থেকে যেভাবে ইকাম করবেন:- https://youtu.be/xVafKjVJs34 """""""""""আমাদের সাথে যে ভাবে যোগা যোগ করবেন:- FB page: @online.income.inform FB ID: [email protected] What's App: 01751126856 ******************* সমাপ্ত *******************
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Exchange any cryptocurrency instantly like BTC,ETHER,LTC,DASH,ZCASH,RIPPLE ,DOGE  etc
http://www.changer.com/?refid=171678 sign up this link: In this video,I will show you how to exchange any type of cryptocurrency within a very short time. join facebook: https://www.facebook.com/itfirmbd/ Follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/itfirmbd join google plus:https://plus.google.com/111183698041805582152 Thank you for watching my video.Dont forget to subscribe our channel to get more videos. Thank you
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Exchange BTC to Eth /LTC/Doge n More
how to convert one cryptocurrency to other cryptocurrency. convert Bitcoin to etherium , Bitcoin to litecoin , and more. ******************************************************* To Join Bitsler - Free BTC base of level https://goo.gl/gBvp1X ****************************************************** To Join Freebitco.in Free BTC Per Hour https://goo.gl/eJoHnA ******************************************************* To Download Scripts. https://goo.gl/CZhrfL ******************************************************* All Coin Mining Contract In 10$ https://goo.gl/We5Czb ******************************************************* To Buy Bitcoin https://goo.gl/icHHfn ******************************************************* Note: Please try this @ your own Risk. *******************************************************
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Former Bitcoin Exchange BTC e Reopens as WEX.nz
BTC-e, the Russian exchange platform closed by the FBI recently, has officially reopened for users on the new domain name WEX.nz, according to a post on the BTC-e Twitter account. Sources: https://cointelegraph.com/news/former-bitcoin-exchange-btc-e-reopens-as-wexnz https://wex.nz/
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Claim 60000 Primecoins every 10 Minutes Currency Exchange BTC 100 satoshi
Joining in link http://za.gl/b6AmC
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How to Exchange Bitcoin to Litcoin to Ethereum to Dogecoin to USD to Perfect | Exchange By Exchanger
How to Exchange Bitcoin to Litcoin to Ethereum to Dogecoin to USD to Perfect | Exchange By Exchanger↡↡↡ ↡↡ ↡ ➤SiteLink:👇👇👇👇 ↪https://bit.ly/2SOegf2 ↪All Popular coin exchange site very trusted Exchanger site . ▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁ ►নতুন মিনিং সাইট অ্যাকাউন্ট না করে থাকলে অ্যাকাউন্ট করে নিন এখনি । লিঙ্ক 👇👇👇👇 ↪https://solarmining.green/site/partner/57904 ↪https://bchonline.io/1678 ↪https://btconly.io/23167 ↪https://btcmain.io/7848 ↪https://minether.co/r/8999601 ↪https://bitminer.site/r/2010549 ↪https://maxminer.net/r/4680274 ▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁ Like*Comment*Share*and SUBSCRIBE NOW ▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁ ◖Subscribe Our Channel For Next Video◗ ◖Please Like Comment and Share◗ ◖Contact Us◗ ∎My Facebook I'D:https://goo.gl/nXJZp3 ∎Facebook Group:https://goo.gl/9LdFKj ∎Facebook Page: ∎imo text ✎ voice:01753412939 🔻Thanks for watching 🔻 ▶KeyWord:【#MakeMoney #Exchanger】
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Faucethub Currency exchange | Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies | Live proof
Highly paying bitcoin faucet 2019 http://bit.ly/2FPLu8Q i will show you faucethub currency exchange buy and sell cryptocurrency in faucethub wallet Buy & Sell crypto-currencies from other users Faucethub link - http://1ink.cc/bRlzm buy crypto currencies Use Bitcoin to purchase altcoins directly from other users. like bitcoin cash, litecoin, dogecoin, eth, blk, primecoin, peercoin, potcoin, bitcore, dash sell crypto currencies Sell your altcoins to other users in exchange for Bitcoin. Free Bitcoin Faucet 2018 | Claim 100 satoshi every 10 minutes https://youtu.be/E9DT__CUO7E
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How to Withdrawal Bitcoin Cash / BTC, ETH, LTC From FaucetHub | Hindi Tutorial
Friends, you should see this video, if you do not have any idea how to Withdrawal Bitcoin Cash From FaucetHub Account | Hindi Full Tutorial
How to Exchange Dash on Changelly
Are you ready for the smoothest crypto journey? Visit us at https://changelly.com and give a shot! This is a brief guide to converting any other crypto to Dash on Changelly. 1) You can use web or a mobile app for an instant crypto exchange. The website will require an email to sign up, while you may skip this procedure in a mobile app. The history of transactions is available only for the registered users. 2) Choose any crypto from the upper bar, for instance, Bitcoin. Enter the amount, and select DASH from the bar below. Press Exchange! 3) Check the information here and press next. 4) Enter the wallet address to which your Dash coins will be sent. Go next. 5) In this stage, you will see the estimated amount and the fee. Confirm to proceed to the next step. 6) Now send your Bitcoin coins to the address in one transaction. Make sure the amount is sufficient. Just copy the address or scan the QR-code with your wallet app. 7) Go to your wallet, enter the amount and paste our wallet address from the previous step. 8) The status of your transactions will be shown in the history. You will be notified when the transaction is finished. The process may take a few minutes. 9) Now, check your wallet for the Dash coins. It's that simple! Go to changelly.com to buy or exchange Dash! Please subscribe and follow us: Twitter - https://twitter.com/Changelly_team Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/changellyteam/ Telegram - https://t.me/join_changelly Medium - https://medium.com/@Changelly Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/user/changelly Google+ - https://plus.google.com/u/0/+Changelly Steemit - https://steemit.com/@changelly LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/company/changelly About Changelly: Changelly is a popular cryptocurrency exchange providing the ability to instantly and seamlessly exchange over 130 altcoins at the best market rate or buy them using a bank card. Operating since 2015, Changelly has attracted over 2M registered users from around the world. Currently, the service has a monthly turnover of around 60K BTC. Changelly offers its API and a customizable payment widget for any crypto service that wishes to increase its turnover. The exchange provides its Affiliate program with a quite appealing revenue share mechanism. Changelly is a partner with BRD, Exodus, Huobi, Mycelium, Coinpayments, Uquid debit card, Coinomi, and other prominent companies.
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Primecoin (XPM) Price Alert, Chart & News on BitScreener.com
More detail: https://bitscreener.com/coins/primecoin Primecoin (Symbol: XPM) is an innovative virtual token adjusted by cryptography and published through a decentralized mining market. With the example of Satoshi Nakamoto's Bitcoin and the foundation of prime numbers, Primecoin employs Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm to become the first computing-designed cryptocurrency in the world. The algorithm does not only presents security and minting to the system but also provides a particular form of prime number chains, which can be considerably useful to mathematical research. Primecoin is developed with a vision to sustain a thriving mining market and high-functioning security while keeping adequate lack resources such as gold. Payment transactions of the Prime coin are 10 times faster than Bitcoin network.
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What has happened to BTC-E?
Follow my cryptocurrency pricing bot https://twitter.com/denario_bot One of the largest and oldest cryptocurrency exchange BTC-E became unavailable on July 25. In this video from Denario Research I will explain what has happened to BTC-E. FBI has arrested Russian citizen Alaxander Vinnik in Greece. He was suspected of the laundering of 4bn dollars through cryptocurrency exchanges including BTC-E. Moreover, Vinnik was very close to the btc-e. Right after arrest exchange became unavailable and traders cannot withdraw their deposits. In the meanwhile, someone wipes out exchange's wallets. Get 3% discount on any purchase at Genesis Mining https://www.genesis-mining.com/a/459125 with Genesis Mining promo code: Y74IiM If you want to support the channel and receive more in-depth analytics please send crypto tokens to following addresses. BTC 1LWLpqLRy9hMiU7EGzNi8bLFyNfegJFU3B ETH 0xa5b4ee7eb7444688aacd98099223ebd08f0cbde7 LTC LcsMgPRoV4KiybZRRfM66cy7S5kbbgqwZX USDT 19ZbKVRTSvAikYXVRHdNicjQga3FiMr5hd
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CRYPTOCLAIMER|Free Xpm Claim 80000 Satoshi Every 0 minutes-Instant Withdraw Faucet hub.io
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Faucethub| How to Exchange Coin on Faucethub|Currency Exchange|exchange bitcoin |
Signup the link : https://goo.gl/56UfRA ??? FOLLOW ME BELOW: ??? Website: http://www.jlbtcptc.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JLBTCPTC/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/jlbtcptc1 Steemit : https://steemit.com/@jlbtcptc DTube: https://d.tube/#!/c/jlbtcptc Google plus: https://plus.google.com/101686689293711049196?hl=en-GB
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how to exchange BTC into other criptocurrency like BCH,LTC,DOGE,BLK | Sell criptocurrency  to BTC |
Hello Friends, wecome to my channel. Aaj me apko batane vala hun is video me ki aap Faucethub website k uper se apne BTC satoshi se kis tarah dusri available criptocurrency me exchange kar payenge. Jaise ki BCH(Bitcoin cash),LTC(Litecoin),DOGEcoin,BLK(Blackcoin),DASHcoin,PEERcoin,PRIMEcoin or unko sell bhi kar payenge BTC k badle mein. faucethub link:/faucethub.io/r/5255840 faucethub video link: https://youtu.be/OC_l0wRheho thanks for watching B.yes Patel (B.yes1432)
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Bitcoin oscila até 710 USD no BTC-e 11/02/14
Uma análise do mercado de Bitcoins, e altcoins com destaque para litecoin. Gráficos para Bitcoin, e demais criptomoedas http://bitcoinity.org/markets/bitstamp/USD http://bitcoinwisdom.com/ http://coinmarketcap.com/ Onde Comprar https://btc-e.com/exchange/ltc_usd http://www.mercadobitcoin.com.br/ - Brasileira, aceitando depósitos em BRL https://crypto-trade.com/ http://www.btc38.com - Chinesa http://bter.com/ https://www.coins-e.com/ http://dgex.com/ - Exclusiva para compra de Nextcoin https://www.cryptsy.com/ https://vip.btcchina.com/ - Chinesa com Inglês disponivel https://coinmkt.com/#/ Me acompanhe nas redes sociais. https://www.facebook.com/danielrodrig... https://twitter.com/danielr_ddrp Doações Bitcoin - 1Go1Sbc2UdStgEGM2Nex11cQbv4SQSCR7r Litecoin - LW941vjHG5gWQwhXtP2xXEjsKnvAv97SqA Namecoin - NHqYuvcQbXLzpdcV4MqKtoNoakpnkuLdfd Novacoin - 4RKx2H5neopu2iFhoogeBvy2Le5gso9mLa Terracoin - 166t2Dt995sVsjaYSewZABS2grcmmCZwkW Peercoin - PRmNWu9WbwgLikWPdrDzQZLBzzTQ8F4BgF Feathercoin - 6jw61RmpWa762botWrgLLVmnLxFBWXBHQ4 XPM Coin - Af3Pg8nKaUYseMbj8oAdDWb2gjn19rN5vq Worldcoin - WZEqCCo3JNzsZjMW6Kwb3paWcHDgeR7eeV
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Introduction to BitCoin and the Automated Trading Robot
Introduction to BitCoin and the Automated Trading Robot Today we talk a bit more about BitCoin, what they are, how to get them and also how to trade with them. We also go through the setup process to actually get BitCoins and how to setup the automated trading robot Links Used https://www.bitstamp.net - for exchanging £, $ etc to BTC https://btc-e.com/ - for trading with the BitCoin Robot http://bitcoinwithjamie.com - to get your license for the automated robot! Connect with me Skype - refjamie http://facebook.com/thejamiewaters http://twitter.com/thejamiewaters
Views: 13423 Jamie Waters
Up and Running with Peercoin - 12 Trading Peercoins and Crypto-Currencies
Tutorial and guide on trading crypto-currencies and altcoins on an exchange, in this case BTC-E, including a quick look at candle charts to interpret price movements. Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBt4zAxcWonnA8-InWGUEw-UZofHdUIeT Links: https://btc-e.com http://dc-charts.com http://www.peercoin.net http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peercoin Donations Gratefully Received: PPC: PV84ZnGbxcX9GRYmQwJMqjLzU8mDLM94fW BTC: 1K4Lwhtc8TT3y9wBZkt1R2VUPp55ZUBvdT
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Amazing Site For AltCoins! - Faucet HUB Bitcoins Cryptocurrency new Exchange!
Amazing Site For AltCoins! - Faucet HUB Bitcoins Cryptocurrency new Exchange! Here is how you can WIN BIG! Free Bitcoin Account: www.faucethub.io/r/14266289 These sites Guarantee REAL PAYOUTS! Use this link to sign up and GET a huge BONUS! Best way to start out in Cryptocurrency. Amazing Free ALTCOINS. FREE MINING: https://www.eobot.com/user/1190756 STEP 1 - MAIN FAUCET HUB: http://faucethub.io/r/14266289 Free Altcoins: www.kickasstraffic.com/affiliate/3M37szYnaYQgDPdtTXNiu7vAjLPKqn9tUQ Free altcoins Daily: www.qoinpro.com/1dc1f478977b0879fb3d410fc8adef9f Free Altcoins: http://luckybits.io/ref/12522 (code: 12522-zuUnDN ) Free Altcoins: https://bitgolden.io/ref/3M37szYnaYQgDPdtTXNiu7vAjLPKqn9tUQ FREE BLK MIN (40second refresh rate)- http://multicoinclaimers.tk?r=B67KmaSQu1nCUzDjBhFjW8h5Tx54BhV2d6&rc=BLK FREE BTC MINE: http://www.coincrunch.win/?r=12Xp7vUTnZYCMBnpaYfQuCko4vyRH4xkxq Bitcoins for free is always good! Only requires a little of your time. I have used all of them and received my payouts every week! SIGN UP NOW! ***Sign up to all sites to get MAXIMUM BONUS!!! What is Bitcoin? and How do you mine it? Well, this video will go over Bitcoin mining and show you how to set up Bitcoin Mining Software on your computer. Bitcoin is a digital currency, which is supported by a P2P network of computers across the internet that act as servers to process the Bitcoin, alt coin, cryptocurrency, ethereum, coin market cap, bitcoin cash, litecoin, dash, peer coin, faucet hub, prime coin blackcoin, dogecoin, quoinpro, BitCoin AltCoin CryptoCurrency CoinMarketCap CoinBase
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Up and Running with Peercoin - 09 Transfer Bitcoins from LocalBitcoins to BTC-E
Tutorial and guide on how to transfer Bitcoins from one exchange to another, in this case, from LocalBitcoins to BTC-E, including confirming your transaction using a blockchain explorer. Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBt4zAxcWonnA8-InWGUEw-UZofHdUIeT Links: https://btc-e.com https://localbitcoins.com https://blockchain.info http://www.peercoin.net http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peercoin Donations Gratefully Received: PPC: PV84ZnGbxcX9GRYmQwJMqjLzU8mDLM94fW BTC: 1K4Lwhtc8TT3y9wBZkt1R2VUPp55ZUBvdT
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How To Convert Bitcoin Litecoin Namecoin Novacoin Terracoin Peercoin Feathercoin Primecoin To USD
Check Out My Website: http://www.pchelp4beginners.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/luistutorialtv In this video tutorial I will show you how to convert your Bitcoins and Litecoins into USD! Website Link: https://btc-e.com Welcome To Luis Tutorial TV! __________Recommended Software_____________ I strongly recommend the following software to keep your computer secure,fast, clean, backed up, and virus free. Also I recommend the following multimedia software. Kaspersky Safe Kids Keep your kids safe online http://bit.ly/2BWM5lo Wondershare Youtube Video Converter http://bit.ly/2Egb7RC AVG internet Security 2018 Advanced full protection for unlimited devices 20% OFF http://bit.ly/2GK9Qkh lolo System Mechanic Boost your computer’s speed, power, and stability with advanced PC tune-up. http://bit.ly/2EGeqiQ CyberLink Power Director Professional Video Editing http://bit.ly/2FKzDaE In this channel you will find many tutorials and reviews on a wide variety of subjects. A big part of this channel has to do with how to fix problemns with your PC, phone and tablet and do things with hardware and software. Also you will learn about many software including antivirus, tune Up utilities, video and audio, document managing, and many other tools. Another big part of this channel has to do with game reviews and tutorials. So you will see a little bit of everything! This channel also has many exciting project videos. Don't forget to subscribe, like and comment! If you subscribe ill subscribe back! Also check out my website! PC help 4 beginners http://pchelp4beginners.com Welcome to PC Help 4 Beginners. These videos are dedicated for beginner and novice people that want to learn how to operate, fix, and upgrade computers, phones and tablets on their own. Through these videos you will become self sufficient with your PC, phone and tablet and not have to rely on techs to help you with your problems. We all know that in today's world technology knowledge is power! There are many things that every PC,phone and tablet owner should know. Maintaining your device is easier than you think. Also repairs and purchases do not have to cost as much. After learning the material in these videos you will know how to fix any problem on your device and also learn how they work.
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OpenSwap BCH ⇄ BTC atomic swap demonstration
Get it here: https://github.com/markblundeberg/openswap/ Addresses involved, for the curious (not donation addresses, please don't send funds here!): BTC: https://blockchair.com/bitcoin/address/38vQPg8yqE2BYsCX78Q5n6m68PeWN5qxY1 BCH: https://blockchair.com/bitcoin-cash/address/3MNGuTxunRzDqFXgLQkTHa1491Go1T4aGD
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Using an Exchange to Buy and Sell Peercoins
We demonstrate the basics of how to use a cryptocurrency exchange, with a focus on how to read an exchange order book in order to get the best price possible for each trade. If you have any questions, feel free to post in the comments.
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Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Trading Bot - Bitcoin Arbitrage
Contact info: [email protected] How to find Cryptocurrency Arbitrage, Bitcoin Arbitrage opportunities? There is always an Arbitrage opportunities in the cryptocurrency space, but the hard thing is to how to find them and execute them fast. The Bot that I show in this video scans most cryptocurrency exchanges to find Arbitrage opportunities and returh to you all the information you need to exploit this Arbitrage opportunity. If you are interested in this kind of bot, contact me at my youtube channel or send me an email at : [email protected] Supported exchanges: Allcoin, Bittfinex, Bittrex, Bleutrade, Btc38, Btc-e, Bter, Bx.in.th, Cex.io, Coin-swap, Cryptsy, Exmo, Hitbtc, Kraken, Poloniex. Note: The Bot displayed above works on a browser, you don't have to install anything, just enter the website URL, configure it and it will search for Cryptocurrency Arbitrage opportunities. Email: [email protected]
- Cadastro Btc Pop http://zipansion.com/403AH - Cadastro na Exchange Crex http://infopade.com/63YZ - Cadastro faucethub http://zipansion.com/3ZgS5 ________________________________________________________________ - Cadastro AllCoins http://zipansion.com/3x2XC -Cadastro Coingraisan http://zipansion.com/3x2aU - -0,1 doge/5min - Eaglezz Autofaucet ETH http://zipansion.com/3ZgGN - ** Ifaucet Autofaucet** TOPfaucet DOGE http://zipansion.com/3Zgf7 - Awesome Autofaucet DOGE http://zipansion.com/3Zgfj - Autofaucet XPM http://zipansion.com/3ZguP
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how to claim #Primecoin Faucet part 7 Lottery Withdraw ETH LTC DASH DOGE PPC ZEC XPM DGB POTBLK Hub
how to claim #Primecoin Faucet part 7 Lottery Withdraw ETH LTC DASH DOGE PPC ZEC XPM DGB POTBLK Hub List of best and highest paying Primecoin (XPM) Faucethub faucets. https://xpm-faucet.com/?r=4645 https://1ink.info/wmBjr https://1ink.info/rKGtZ how to claim #Primecoin Faucet part 7 Lottery Withdraw (ETH LTC DASH DOGE PPC ZEC XPM DGB POT BLK) FaucetHub Withdrawal Primecoin faucet,XPMcoin,XPMcoin faucet,XPM,XPMchain,free XPMcoin,free mining,earn free XPMcoin,XPMcoin gratis,free XPMcoin mining,XPMcoin free earning,free,cloud mining,XPMcoin mining,blockchain,faucethub,bitcoin,usd,btc mining,free XPMcoin faucet,free XPM,free XPMcoin 2018,buy bitcoin,usd to bitcoin,bitcoin exchange,free,TOKENS,Moon Bitcoin,Bitcoin,free,btc mining,btc mining in pakistan,COINPOT,claim,faucet,Satoshi,faucet,exchange,mining,primecoin
KCN: BTC-e suffered DDoS
Our partner: https://www.cloudtokenwallet.com/ Registration code: 5516709372 General partner - E-DINAR COIN https://wallet.edinarcoin.com/?r=anna-profit Information partner CoinIdol - https://coinidol.com/ Information partner - Bitcoin Garden http://bitcoingarden.tk/ Bitcoin exchange BTC-e suffered a DDoS attack, disrupting operations as the website went offline - forklog.com reports. Any attempts to reach the bitcoin exchange’s URL returned a blank error-laden screen. It was a couple of hours before operations resumed after the attacks were mitigated, leading to the website resurfacing before exchange services were enabled again.Apparently, the attack by unknown was ceased by simple electricity switch-off. Do you like our video? Donate: EDR: anna-profit BTC: 1JdRXQuqicwSyn61cd9jyXzAk2QUfu4KEW To add subtitles: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?tab=2&c=UCWN9FtDP3d-jfJu83pGARxw
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How to exchange any cryptocurrency into Bitcoin with faucethub in Hindi and Urdu
How to exchange any cryptocurrency into Bitcoin with faucethub in Hindi and Urdu
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exchange-assets новая биржа. краткий обзор.
регистрация в проекте https://exchange-assets.com?ref=13865 ================================================ другие проекты Заработок на расширениях PAYAD.ME http://qps.ru/fIjZa teaser.bz http://qps.ru/A1WzO p2p.bz http://qps.ru/J1Tdm jobplant http://qps.ru/1Z8WE umatrix http://qps.ru/ePN2q surfearner.com http://qps.ru/dvVux advprofit https://advprofit.ru/user-page/?ref=74734 Заработок в доларах - установить программу mycashbar http://www.mycashbar.com/?id=7768 - пассив просмотр рекламы, начисляются баллы, в начале месяца баллы переводятся в доллары краны и буксы adbtc https://ref.adbtc.top/35953 выводит maus-doge http://maus-doge.top/?i=4623 автокраны часовые Bitcoin https://autoclaim.in/ref/BTC/1J2F9rjNnEMBhrWdbfeYYw5aeywk2VbCxd Ethereum https://autoclaim.in/ref/ETH/0x6aba9366d0728731f1703f05c9f646ab0dbdc87b Monero https://autoclaim.in/ref/XMR/47BWucTFts6TwKQCnqeVvz7HUWHUyRsEFHv9UN95XovpgEmAqSoRdTQjXqrT3anyZ22j7DEE74GkbVcQFyH2nNiC3hrrTRw Litecoin https://autoclaim.in/ref/LTC/LSYpaQyhk8LuiLatLjk5pkHtSEcwuuXtvM Dogecoin https://autoclaim.in/ref/DOGE/D7kJugv1x2jr2cyyroJATsPecJizFRj22w Bitcoin Cash https://autoclaim.in/ref/BCH/17w2LnnQecwwnNZeWLTQgRnzvwefFsurGf ZCash https://autoclaim.in/ref/ZEC/t1L5FgWBdP4YMaDmVmVmnny5unVDqu87FxN BitCore https://autoclaim.in/ref/BTX/2Hk18iinngLPVh2J9YjBZxUwnDMhNkGQSz Blackcoin https://autoclaim.in/ref/BLK/BFT6fXzGC5KhJehoVjzVQadb7Ug4oWg1bp DigiByte https://autoclaim.in/ref/DGB/D689TqUH9omDitFcjaQyCk8UazCQvLfqJZ Dash https://autoclaim.in/ref/DASH/Xb8NJqU1PqHfH26MkkEbbW9fEvGPGXymT7 Peercoin https://autoclaim.in/ref/PPC/PJzEFwdcuJkCqWENk2Yc9indBTrwF7U6ns Primecoin https://autoclaim.in/ref/XPM/AbkpstqwAj8zVG6DLdZazMzsvzFQV2ML4Z Potcoin https://autoclaim.in/ref/POT/PVkSFXm31TrFBqkCkSPzi6W4oCAVExtqaH Майнинг bitrad.io Регистрация - http://bitrad.io/?ref=26607 Видео - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2I7k6GI3So minergate Регистрация - https://minergate.com/a/8058bc7ae4640d3bd193d65f kryptex Регистрация - https://www.kryptex.org/?ref=59418a0d computta https://computta.com/?ref=231618 Пожертвования на развитие канала приветствуются. Принимается любое количество на faucethub BTC 1J2F9rjNnEMBhrWdbfeYYw5aeywk2VbCxd ETH 0x6aba9366d0728731f1703f05c9f646ab0dbdc87b LTC LSYpaQyhk8LuiLatLjk5pkHtSEcwuuXtvM DOGE D7kJugv1x2jr2cyyroJATsPecJizFRj22w BCH 17w2LnnQecwwnNZeWLTQgRnzvwefFsurGf BTX 15jCBPpvf8wm3Pc35HjE7afathasEA1yHY DASH XoxC1CSjNGVJmHjvgPTDLyej63kqqVjouu PPC PJzEFwdcuJkCqWENk2Yc9indBTrwF7U6ns XPM AbkpstqwAj8zVG6DLdZazMzsvzFQV2ML4Z POT PHPFNwvWx2oLWwnjep3oYqFkGj4Qi4YE7X Контакты [email protected] потом добавлю в скайп