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IT Trading Skiing
Igor Tyčiak (IT trading, s.r.o.) skiing in Kitzbühel, Tyrol, Austria. Promoting company IT trading, s.r.o.
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INTO THE MOUNTAIN - IT Trading & Hrehor Channel movie
Snowboarding and skiing movie 2014 Kitzbühel, Tirol, Austria Sponsor: IT Trading, s.r.o. Producer: Hrehor Channel INTO THE MOUNTAIN | FIFO
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Only the sun does it better...
Only the sun does it better...
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Fenix Trading s.r.o.
Fenix Trading s.r.o.
Ciryon Online - New PServer - (Open Beta 18.11.2018) - (Grand Opening 23.11.2018) - Edjka1985
If you like it, pls thumbs up for more players and fun :) Ciryon Server Info: Open Beta: 18.11.2018 Grand Opening: 23.11.2018 Homepage: http://www.ciryon-online.com Join on Discord: https://discord.gg/wJsrMS5 Elitepvpers Thread: https://www.elitepvpers.com/forum/sro-pserver-advertising/4550810-ciryon-online-cap-100-eu-ch-silk-per-hour-automatic-events.html Level Cap: 100 Mastery: CH 330 Mastery: EU 200 Experience rate: 25x Party Experience rate: 30x Gold drop: 3x Item drop: 3x SOX drop: 2x Magic POP: 2x Guild Limit: 30 Union Limit: 3 Plus Limit: 13 (with ADV +15) Alchemy Rate: 1x Fortress: Jangan Town Alexandria: Open Forgotten World: Open Job / Trading: Old School (100x) IP Limit: 5 HWID Limit: 2 Wing Bless: Yes Silk per Hour: 1 Silk Start Inventory Slots: 55 Silk Reward by killing Uniques: Yes (5 Silks - 100 Silks) Model Switcher: (1D - 15D) Only SOX Weapons 10D Events: H&S , S&D , LPN , LMS , Unique , Alchemy More Infos at the Homepage !!!!! Have Fun :)
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☆Silkroad Roc lv 107 Alexander First Spawn Ever [Max Detail]
Server alexander, Finely we meet the monster bird Roc lv 107^^(in 2009 it was lv 107). I waited very long for this and i was very excited to see it in game. nobody killed it at the first spawn. it fly away with 99% hp because he is impossible to be killed with not enough people. music is an audioswap by TrackOneRecordings special thanks to www.rev6.com for featuring my video!
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European Technical  Trading LLC - gsmExchange tradeZone @ CEBIT 2018
European Technical Trading LLC 24, Booiebos, Drongen, 9031, Belgium +32 9 371 99 99 http://ett.be/ [email protected] ● Worldwide sourcing and providing of IT-Products, PC-Components, Mobile Devices, Consumer Goods and Multimedia products ● An Experienced Team of 14 Multilingual, Highly Skilled International Sales Professionals ● 30 years of experience ● Leading IT Distributor with a worldwide reach spanning over 60 countries ● Dealing in Intel, AMD, Sony, Apple, Western Digital, Toshiba, Seagate, Kingston, Samsung, Huawei, LG, Xiaomi and more
Sro Scamhelp
if servers are crowed and u are trading a char and it got no prem, so you cant check if the guy gave you the correct account, you can check it out this way =)
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Bulls Tokyo Trip 2018 | Kunal Desai
Finally we have compiled all of the cool and new experiences we got to taste in Tokyo Japan. From the Teamz Business Summit, to hiking Mount Fuji, everything was very eye opening for our team and company. We were blessed to be able to speak at both the Teamz Business Summit, and the Tokyo Blockchain Forum, as we also were able to meet the CEO's and founders of some truly game changing blockchain companies that are evolving into becoming world leaders in this industry for this year and the future to come. We hope you enjoy this compilation we made, and look forward to bringing you more of our traveling trips "behind the scenes" footage for you to experience with us along the way! BIG THANKS to our video cinematographer and editor, Simon Kallin, you can find his YouTube channel and travel vlog here at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfdwukkW2A-buj5ZJNwXsow Take care guys! Check out our FREE trading education library: http://bullsonwallstreet.com/blogs/education/ Subscribe to our channel and get access to the newest trading videos every week. ## About Bulls on Wall Street We teach day trading strategies and swing trading strategies to both new and experienced traders. Our stock trading courses are an essential how-to trading guide for anyone who wants to become a winning day trader or swing trader. Twitter: @Kunal00, @bullsonwallst Bootcamp Stock Trading Course: http://bullsonwallstreet.com/trading-courses/ Day Trading Chat Room: http://bullsonwallstreet.com/bulls-vision/ Swing Trading Service: http://bullsonwallstreet.com/swing-trade-alerts/ ## Stock Trading Courses The Bulls on Wall Street trading courses teach the day trading strategies and swing trading strategies we use every day. Our courses will show you how to use technical analysis and chart patterns to find low risk, high reward stock trading opportunities. The Bulls Bootcamp stock trading course also includes a stock trading simulator, so you can practice what you've learned by paper trading, before trading live. Acquiring a high quality stock trading education is a must for anyone who aspires to day or swing trade stocks profitably. ## Day Trading Stocks A day trader is someone who buys and sells one or more stocks within the market hours of a single day. As day traders, we use stock scanning software to find new intraday stock trading opportunities every day. This allows us to trade the most active momentum stocks, taking advantage of low risk, high reward opportunities and then moving on. Our day trading service will not only alert you when we make trades, but also teach you the trading strategies we used to find and execute those trades. ## Swing Trading Stocks A swing trader buys a stock with a plan to hold it for several days or weeks. Our swing trading service teaches you the swing trading strategies we use to find and trade stocks. As a swing trading service subscriber, you will also receive trade alerts, market analysis, and swing trading how to videos. Swing trading is a great choice for anyone with a full time job, as it doesn't require you to sit at your computer during market hours.
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SRO Lv94-96 Thief Vs Hunter Job war シルクロードオンライン 楼蘭 夜光虫
I did not have enough time to making this video, so it is very simple. Even if it is simple I hope you like this video. Thanks.
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The laying of ECOFILM foils can also be carried out as a do-it-yourself installation, namely with the use of ECOFILM Sets. A set consists of a strip of heating foil (of various lengths), equipped with 5m long connecting leads. The whole surface area or only a part of it can be covered with the sets – e.g. just in front of a sofa or a kitchen unit. Installation is simple and it doesn’t require any intervention into the construction of the floor. You obtain the needed number of sets according to the required size of the heated area, lay them next to one another and place the connecting leads along the wall and into the wiring box. When ECOFILM Sets are used, there is no need to connect the foils on the construction, requiring the use of connecting materials (connectors, conductors, insulation) and special tools, which is necessary in the case of foils sold by the metre.
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Pioneer Sro .. A story of struggle and pain
I made this video to show the stages that I've passed from level zero weak character to level 100 strong one. hours of hand attack and trading to build the char.. Loving Sro makes one do more than that .. it's an addiction ;) songs : 1-Grand Stage Hybrid-Sunrise 2- Linkin Park - Castle of glass I hope u liked the video :D
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Lyžovačka Krimml Zillertal
Skiing at Krimml Zillertal, Austria. Shots on the GoPro Hero3. IT trading, s.r.o. Hrehor Channel
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What's Autonomous Trading and How it's Melting U.S Steel Share Price $X
https://stockmarketLIVE.TV stock market Live News. Live streaming trading. Live stock forecasts. Trading Courses. Live Earnings Calls. Markets Live Analysis. Algorithmic trading. Social Live Copy Trading. Clients include small investors, prominent celebrities and investment banks. Learn how to invest in the markets with the best in the world LIVE for free.
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Frontier Pilot Simulator (RAZAR s.r.o.)
Steam: https://goo.gl/wWu217 Web: https://goo.gl/aDV1L5 A damage system work in progress teaser for Forntier Pilot Simulator.
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EcoFloor heating mat
A heating mat is basically a heating circuit which is fixed into loops with regular spacing (onto fabric or using strips) in the factory. As far as the functionality is concerned, there is no difference between a circuit and a mat -- it is still a heating cable. The difference is in the way it is laid -- the heating circuit is more flexible but its installation is more demanding -- it is suitable particularly for irregular, atypically dimensioned areas. As for heating mats, their laying is considerably easier and also an even distribution of the wattage across the surface is ensured; however, they is more suitable for regularly shaped heating surfaces.
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ecSRO Trading Adventure
We made a big trade from hotan to dw,evrything was perfect till we meet a bunch of thiefs ho tryid to rob us all the way to dw Its my first movie made with sony vegas,i know its a bit lame but i like it :) Plss rate and comment I DON'T CLAIM ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR THESE SONGS, THEY ARE COPYRIGHTED TO THE OWNERS AND I AM NOT PROFITING FROM PUTTING THEM ON YOUTUBE.
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Common Stock Offerings Explained – Lesson On How It Relates To PENNY STOCKS – Tesla $250M Offering
Apply for mentorship: http://www.TheTradingFraternity.com Common stock offerings are a key reasons why stocks go up an down, an if you are familiar with how they work you can predict how stocks an penny stocks a like will move. I explain how stock offerings work for publically traded companies an even explain the effect it has on penny stocks. Given Tesla announced a $250 million common stock yesterday, some viewers asked me how this related, especially pertaining to penny stocks as this is commonly used in penny stock pump and dumps. Common stock offerings are completely normal in the stock market, as utilizing equity to raise capital is very common an necessary. However, as I explain, it is often used toxically an negatively in penny stocks as it is a method for penny stock CEOs to extract money from the public an take advantage of the huge percentage gains their otc stock has gained. This is just a rough explanation as I tried to shorten the videos and make them more consumable for you guys. At the very least it explains why Tesla went up yesterday after their common stock offering, as Elon musk purchased $25 million of the offering himself. Investors took this as a huge sign of confidence, as he already owns a lot an they said they wanted the cash as reserves to facilitate the launch of the Tesla Model 3! Please SUBSCRIBE to the channel LIKE, SHARE, and COMMENT so I have questions to answers and things to talk about. If you think you can hang with the brothers and are qualified to be one of the 25 people we accept every quarter to join my 3-month mentoring program, where you are able to watch me trade stocks LIVE every second of the day, every day of the week and be able to ask me questions live while I trade, go to http://www.thetradingfraternity.com to request and application. The lazy an un-dedicated need not apply. NEXT PLEDGE CLASS STARTS APRIL 2017 Application Deadline is March 21st Group Interviews April 7th Next pledge class April 14th! If you have any questions about me or what we do, I have a 9,000 word FAQ here: http://www.thetradingfraternity.com/FAQ If you haven't done so follow me on social media! Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/JoshAnswers instagram: http://www.instagram.com/TheTradingFraternity Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TradingFraternity Twitch: http://www.Twitch.tv/TradingFraternity Sign up to be a TTF Citizen and get access to our private LIVE webinars 2x a week, private newsletter, and REAL ESTATE chatroom!: http://www.TTFCitizen.com Apply for mentorship: http://www.TheTradingFraternity.com
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Nargoth Travel Agency - SRO Trading
Those are some pics we`ve taken when trading around the continent, hope u like it and like our guild =D
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Price of CHP is at all time low. Is it good to invest in CHP now?
My main goal is to share my investing techniques to all investors/traders investing stocks in Philippines. I also share information and helpful knowledge related to stocks. If you would like to book a session with me for stock mentoring via online, drop me a PM in this channel or at my FB account. Also available is my weekly stock update. PM me also if interested to subscribe. https://www.facebook.com/neil.pacula?ref=bookmarks Don't forget to hit Subscribe button in order for you to be get notification if I am uploading new videos. THANKS!!!
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Spot Forex Trading
http://shorti.me/eToro ◄ Free Demo Account eToro brings the exciting word of online trading of foreign currencies, securities (including stocks), indices and commodities to everyone. Our unique approach to the trading makes it easy to learn and simple to master. eToro's innovative, web-based trading platform delivers instant access to the global FX, securities (including stocks), indices and commodities markets wherever you are in the world. eToro's community of users work together to get the best out of trading, by sharing trading tips and interacting over our investment network and forums. Our outstanding support team offers personal service to help all our traders understand the market, review their investment goals and determine how to make the most out of their portfolio. eToro believes in making foreign exchange, securities, indices and commodities trading available and enjoyable for all. With 24 hours a day global forex trading -- five and a half days a week -- in the majors, crosses and exotic pairs, as well as gold and silver, we have our customers online needs covered. Professional currency traders love trading over our user-friendly online forex platform. First time traders love our demo tool, which offers forex trading practice, and our currency trading tutorial features: including videos and guides. eToro is the forex trading website of choice for millions of people worldwide, try it now and find out why for yourself!
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Top Lane Trading Guide ( Very Detailed )
Thank You For Watching Don't Forget To Like & Subscribe.... Build And Stuff Like That Click On Show More ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Who's Talking ? Player : Skill-Capped From Team : Skill-Capped ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What You Will Learn In This Guide ? 1) A quick look at the structure of this course and how we plan to help you master trading in top lane. 2) In this guide, we'll be looking at how 80% of trades are started, during last hits. Whether you're last hitting or your enemy's last hitting, you can use the information in this video to predict trades before they even happen. 3) In this guide, we'll take a look at drawing damage radii. Damage radii will help you determine who has priority when trading, ultimately allowing you to predict when you should and shouldn't trade. 4) Most people talk about trading during ability cooldowns, but that's not the whole story. In this video, we'll be going over a concept called Ability Priority and how you can use it during trades to take advantage of your enemy, no matter what champion they're playing. 5) A less nuanced topic about trading in big minion waves, whether it be yours or the enemy's. 6) In this video, we'll be taking a look at the characteristics of short trade champions and extended trade champions. This will help you define your champion trade type, which should help you determine whether or not you should trade. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If You Like To Get Account Go Subscribe : https://www.skill-capped.com/lol/ **************************************************************** Want to Support Or Donate Me : Paypal : [email protected] Paypal.me : https://www.paypal.me/FreeGuides ****************************************************************
Why I'm Leaving YouTube...  And Why It Will Make My Channel Better
🦁Go Decentralized with the Brave Browser: https://goo.gl/ErxMBG We have started our $500 BTC Giveaway! To enter, become a subscriber to our channel and then like & comment on each video between July 1st & August 31st. For each video you comment on, you will get one entry. We will be giving away $500 total to 8 winners! We will be having 1 $200 winner, 2 $75 winners, 3 $50 winners, & 2 $25 winners. The more comments/likes you make, the better your chances are to win. ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● In today's video I look at why the Bitcoin market is crashing, but it really isn't that big of a deal. The SEC has delayed the ETF announcement, Coinbase is allowing instant trading, & why Bitcoin will become the one world currency. I will also discuss that I will be disabling the YouTube ads program on my channel. ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● Links Tom Lee: https://news.bitzamp.com/wall-street-bull-tom-lee-bullish-on-bitcoin-dont-panic-bitcoin-is-bouncing-back/ SEC Notice: https://www.sec.gov/rules/sro/cboebzx/2018/34-83792.pdf Coinbase: https://twitter.com/coinbase/status/1026888401587294208?s=21 Bitcoin One World Currency: https://bitcoinist.com/rich-dad-poor-dad-bitcoin-peoples-money/ ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● 💸Donations/Tips Appreciated! ☕️Bitcoin Tip Jar: 34qp3QqFA3ZqvXg1u4VKdivTvtW9Dog52v 🕶Ethereum/ERC20 Tip Jar: 0xBA7E4248B1d497616f40a71f782052F8AfA1AEAc 🌞Litecoin Tip Jar: LczquaegJvRrboGHyK39w1YRZCS4hfQmrq 💨DASH Tip Jar: XwCGUR316oJsYUBPiT4y94xQwHcjamYD2Q ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● All of our videos are strictly personal opinions. Please make sure to do your own research. Never take one person's opinion for financial guidance. There are multiple strategies and not all strategies fit all people. Our videos ARE NOT financial advice. ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● 🐢👨🏻‍🚀To find out more about "BitBoy & Hodl", follow us on social media! 🤓Website: https://BitBoyAndHodl.com 🌫Steemit/DTube: https://goo.gl/tWcsZo 📸Instagram: https://goo.gl/Gh3rTS 🐦Twitter: https://goo.gl/cFuEzn ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● 🦁Go Decentralized with the Brave Browser: https://goo.gl/ErxMBG 🐻Start mining with the Honeyminer: https://goo.gl/nHVMkj 😎Get the CoolWallet S Hardware Wallet: https://bit.ly/2vhM6if ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● Ready to try trading? 📈📉📊 🎬Start with Coinbase: https://goo.gl/HZM6KF 🌝Trade Alts with Binance: https://goo.gl/41vBa2. 🧐Go even further with BiBox: https://goo.gl/UpQ6DN. ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● BitBoy & Hodl is your one-stop shop for cryptocurrency news & entertainment. You can think of BitBoy & Hodl as the MadTV of the crypto world. So whether you like Bitcoin, altcoins, memes, news, videos, or basically anything, you should subscribe to our channel. ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● Created by Ben Armstrong & Justin Williams.
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Radiant heating panels ECOSUN U, VT
Versatile radiant panels intended for residential as well as non-residential spaces, for installation on ceilings and suspended ceilings. They are suitable mainly for the heating of offices, shops, flats and family homes. From the point of view of installation, heating panels should ideally be installed in a horizontal position just under the ceiling structure or directly within it (suspended ceilings). This position allows the highest solar radiation efficiency and intensity to be achieved. When heating panels are installed in the vertical position, the transferred energy isn´t lost; the proportion of heating via convection is merely higher. Ecosun U+are fitted with thermo-fuse, which enable installation both on the wall (vertically) and on the ceiling (horizontály). Ecosun VT radiant panels are intended exclusively for use in suspended ceilings as semi-flush ceiling tiles. The standard panel colour is white. Other colours are possible; they can be chosen from the sampler published on the FENIX web pages. Assortment of radiant panels is complemented with ALU frame to frame the peripheral edges of the panels and Flush mount frame for installation of panels into plasterboard and gypsum ceilings.
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SOME CLOUDS - Ischgl 2015
Ischgl provides many superlatives One of the biggest interconnected ski areas in Tyrol, a lot of excellent winter offers. Allure and unforgettable surprises are the result – this skiing Mecca in the Alps is in top form for its guests every winter. From skiing in the Silvretta-Arena to concerts with global stars in the middle of the ski area, through to entertainment, shopping and top culinary performances – the famed Ischgl winter exhilarates with its exuberant holiday style – it is not for nothing that the saying here goes: Relax if you can... Shots on the GoPro Hero3, HERO3+ and Nikon D7100 IT trading, s.r.o. & Hrehor Channel
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SRO Aege RevolutioN Trading
First part is a trade run we did before servers went down the other day. Second part is the 105 Trader/Hunter/Thief dungeon went in to do a few quests and ended up fighting Neith and Anubis. This is only my 2nd video so im open to tips/comments about my videos on how to improve or make them better so please msg me. Will start on my pvp video soon possibly a FW vid too. Here is the RevolutioN guild Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/RevolutionSRO Rate, Comment, Subscribe!
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[Tutorial] Auto Trading bot | phBot | Silkroad Online
phBot isn't a free bot, you can buy it and download it from here: phBot.org Download trading script: http://adf.ly/1iKUqr (Thanks to RandomNoob for making the script) The server I'm playing on: http://www.titansro.uk/ If you have any question ask below in the comment section.
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Bitcoin Holding It Together! Is The ETF We All Been Waiting For Here? And More!
Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/cryptonews https://www.sec.gov/rules/sro/cboebzx/2018/34-83520.pdf https://www.ccn.com/sec-mulls-unconventional-bitcoin-etf-application/ https://www.coindesk.com/the-sec-is-seeking-comment-on-yet-another-bitcoin-etf/
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Complete! Online Tattoo Survival Guide
How to get tattooed, respect boundaries, and feel confident! Woo! Click to Subscribe! https://goo.gl/45Pnvg Complete tattoo talk tuesday playlist: https://goo.gl/sxmkRc All of the videos mentioned! In order! --How to make an appointment! Do's and Don'ts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePhClwyQgjw&t=2s --How to make an appointment with a traveling Tattoo artist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlLaPIs5Rbk --Tips for tattoos you won't Regret: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAXGsbLyaZA&t=11s --Brainstorming Tattoo Concepts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHEGPcU1lEU&t=1s --How To find the perfect Tattoo Artist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yoht7UgaS4 --Tips to avoid stealing a tattoo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imcdrky-6B4&t=2s Hey everyone! This video is a big boy, and one of the longest videos I've ever made, but this is my COMPLETE guide to approaching tattoo artists online, making appointments, respecting boundaries, understanding deposits, accuracy--BASICALLY everything you need to know to approach a tattoo artist for tattoos with respect and courtesy. Today's episode was inspired by posts from the instagram How_to_not_get_tattooed, thank you again for the inso, and check them out if you need to see what i'm exactly referencing. It's quite a trip! Artists mentioned: @bunnymachine @jessiprestontattoos @ohashleylove Music: I Miss Summer by Sro http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Sro/~/I_Miss_Summer https://sromuchsound.bandcamp.com/ Virtual Tip Jar: https://www.paypal.me/qcknd Can Tattoos Be Vegan? https://goo.gl/aP1eki How I heal my tattoos video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkhJQbfC-7w Want to add subtitles or translations to my videos? Check out my CC page, and help the channel grow! http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?c=UCeurIGmc9Ig2MEZPDbkcZEA&tab=2 Camera Used: Panasonic LUMIX DMC-G7KK http://amzn.to/2hoyiur Vlogging Camera: Samsung NX Mini kit from amazon: https://goo.gl/c42gJk My Ring Light And Stand kit from amazon: https://goo.gl/50tKwg Prismatic Ring Light: http://amzn.to/2hKFJjP Follow me on Instagram/twitter: Quietcoolkid https://instagram.com/quietcoolkid/ #Qcknd Serious Business Enquiry: [email protected]
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Silkroad - Rio Sro ( InfinityWar ) Fortress WAR .. Cris
it's my full own VIDEO But .. not my own SONGS Song by Black Veil Brides BVB Army In The End: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0EQlIzPowM ~~ Song by Beyond The Black In The Shadows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRRl2WhFWHk ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ►SUBSCRIBE HERE !! ► http://adf.ly/1nspIq ►My FaceBook Page !! ► http://adf.ly/1nspLP ►Connect With Me !! ► http://adf.ly/1nspOt ►Video Edited By This Program !! ► http://adf.ly/1nspQQ ►Video Recorded By This Program !! ► http://adf.ly/1nspSv ►Silkroad Hackers !! ► http://adf.ly/1nspUA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Welcome to Rio Sro Server! Cap110|DG11|AUTOEVENTS|1SILK/HOUR| Steps to play: - Register on our website -Website :http://www.rio-sro.com/ - Play -Details -Cap : 110 -Degree11 Race : Chinese - Europe Server Type : Pvp - Pve Battle Arena : ON Capture The Flag : ON Fortress War : ON Forgotten World : ON Coin System : ON IP Limit : OFF Mbot : Allowed Equipments : D11 Nova, EgyA, EgyB, EgyC Available Regions : All Regions Activated Max Plus : 13 No Advanced Max Stack : 10000 unit Main Town : Downhang Website: http://www.rio-sro.com/ Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Riosro0/
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Electus - Cinematic Trailer
Electus is preparing to release it's first European server in November 2018. Stay tuned for the details. Connect with Electus: -Discord: http://bit.ly/ElectusDiscord -FB: https://facebook.com/ElectusOnline/ Video Editor: Server Videos Contact: - YT: https://www.youtube.com/user/sk8Server - FB: https://www.facebook.com/ServerVideos/ - Discord: Server#9629 - Skype: seweryn512 - Epvp: https://www.elitepvpers.com/forum/silkroad-online-trading/3745531-video-editing-trailers-teasers-pserver.html
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Sro Trade
1st vid ever i hoped u liked it
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trading KA to VRs bug
I trade my 4vrs to 1 KA ps then suddenly it happen like this. when i cancel it. i get dc then i lost my vrs but i didn't get the KA. :(
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Trading in Silkroad Online 2
This is a very short video, from the very first day of the beta of Silkroad Online 2, so please just take it for what it is! Be sure to check out our blog and forum for all the latest Silkroad 2 news, gameplays, screenshots etc.! http://www.sro2forums.com
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Electus Online - Europe Teaser
Electus is preparing to release it's first European server in November 2018. Stay tuned for the details. Connect with Electus: -Discord: http://bit.ly/ElectusDiscord -FB: https://facebook.com/ElectusOnline/ Video Editor: Server Videos Contact: - YT: https://www.youtube.com/user/sk8Server - FB: https://www.facebook.com/ServerVideos/ - Discord: Server#9629 - Skype: seweryn512 - Epvp: https://www.elitepvpers.com/forum/silkroad-online-trading/3745531-video-editing-trailers-teasers-pserver.html
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Re: Under Water Glitch
This is my try at the SRO underwater glitch. No, I did NOT use any mods / hacks to achieve this - it's just a glitch in the game. If you want to know how it's done - just watch. The video itself should be a clue of how to do it. Oh and just in case you get stuck below, always carry a return scroll when attempting this or your char might be stuck down there forever - or until you manage to get out. Just saying. Having said all of that... enjoy my video! ***UPDATE 11/25/07*** I do realize that the maximum possible trade in SRO is 5 star. However at the time this film was made, there was a huge glitch on the trading system that lasted for about 12 hours. This glitch allowed a trader to buy enough goods to fill up the transport to a trading difficulty equal to a "10-star" trade. Also, as of July 24, 2007, the 'glitch' has been corrected by Joymax, meaning that the old ways to get "underwater" have been edited out, and thus it's impossible (for now, and until someone figures out another way to go underwater and makes a Youtube video about it!)
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Lennaert Akkermans,90 seconds to impress
https://www.zempire.solutions/ Our future, our legacy, our PARTNERS IN EXCELLENCE Z Empire's Partners in Excellence. Electronics Networking Convention ( Electronics Manufacturers, Distributors of apple, Samsung.. Retailers, Online retailers & Traders) April: 26th -29th , Athens Greece Bringing together the biggest companies of the electronics industry. By partnering up with all key media representatives from all over the world, we ensure the promotion of your brand or company on a world wide scale in the most prestigious and classy way, since journalists from high calibre media will be covering before, during and after the event By inviting the world’s biggest electronics related companies and covering all aspects from manufacturers, distributors, re-sellers, retailers and traders we ensure that such a convention has never taken place before. Brands: Apple , Samsung , Lenovo, HP, toshiba, Kingston, Motorola..... SPONSORS: Platinum: YUKATEL Sponsors: GERSIM IMPEX, JUPITER GSM, AMIR GROUP, FAST TRACK, ELECTROHOLIC.GR, XTG, NEOPOLIS GENERAL TRADING, INFOWORX GREECE, TIS MONTARA Special thanks to CAPE SOUNIO , GRECOTEL EXCLUSIVE RESORT Apple , Samsung , Lenovo, HP, toshiba, Kingston, Motorola, Electronics Manufacturers, Distributors, apple suppliers, Retailers, Online retailers , Traders, Yukatel GmbH ,SC Gersim Impex ,Selte Spa, SG Spa, MTX Trade Ltd, SM Distribution, Nova Star, PCS WIRELESS, Eurostar Global, Rixos Mobile Phones, Jupiter GSM, EinsaMobile, TECHNOMARKET, JazzComm, Neva Systems, SGM Socher , Infortisa, infortisa.com, Yonida Intel, RCS , Rampal cellular Stockmarket LTD, GERAR TRADING, InfoQuest, TelePart Distribution GmbH, INTERCOMM Trading AG, Vadimpex, TIS Montara , Exertis, Handelot, Infoworx Greece, Electroholic , Neopolis General Trading , Fast Track, Parktel, Thames Distribution, Stephanis, Fajr Al Mustaqbal, Rainbow International Distribution, Promtel GSM, XTG , AB GSMshop.at GmbH, Network One Distribution, G&S Vision Ltd , Viber Comunicationes, Prepaid Card, Omnitech, BM Electronics, Ruggear, 220 Volt, Stern Telecom, Central Point Europe, Procell Cellular, Ourea , Velerans, MoonCom, CPU Global, G.I.C Trade, S PINES CYP PTE LTD, Librix Group s.r.o., Bluefin, PC Centar, Lemeth Trading GmbH, MAGNUM OPUS LTD, ACEONE, SRX Ltd , Pro Comunicaciones CB, Wittis Innovation Ltd, LetMeRepair, Clasper Associates, 2 Be Connected Inc, LCT trading , Turbado.de GmbH, Smart4all Technologies PC, PEEKMILAN & CO LTD, Cellutech, J&D Golden Union ent. Ltd, Red Box Ltd, Γ.ΚΑΡΒΕΛΑΣ ΑΕ, UniStar, Amir Group FZCO, Mega Group SA,Naet Kft., MAJAR - MATZARIDIS BROS SA, Q CONN, Alfa Trade OE, TechBay, Miva Distribution GMBH , Khalid Lemar, Smart Trade, iTech, Wholesalers M.E.P.E, ΥΑΛΟ-ΗΛΕΚΤΡΙΚΗ Ν.ΦΑΜΠΑΣ ( SHOP), Avitech, Guru Electrics, E-expert, FoxBox.gr, DTC Mobiles, M. & T. YIANNAKOY LTD, Digital life, Hellas Phone, Connecting the DOTS SG PTE Ltd, TECH3000 LTD, Tendeus, Infoworx Prague, mysconto.gr, Ruggear Americas, SMART TALK TELECOM FZCO, Proks, Baradi Distribuciones Mayoristas
Sro Promotion | Srostar.com |
Srostar.com Presentation Server . Gumiornh(on Forum) Server rate ************ :) If u like it please comment and like it :P
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Cryto Capital is it a solid investment?
Recorded with http://screencast-o-matic.com WANT TO BE A CRYPTONAIRE? JOIN ME IN MY EXCLUSIVE CRYPTOCURRENCY LAUNCH! I'll show you how to be a CRYPTONAIRE. We're leveraging a fully managed and DONE FOR YOU solution by a company at the forefront of Cryptocurrency trading, namely; Cryp Trade Capital It's no secret that cryptocurrency is a booming digital economy that is set to explode over the next decade. Simple shopping trips with cash and change rattling around in your pocket are about to be replaced by digital solutions with a simple flick of your smartphone, completing your transaction in seconds - even when buying from someone overseas. Peer-to-peer payment solutions are set to change the way we pay for goods and services, forever. With the hikes in values of cryptocurrency, MILLIONS and MILLIONS of $ worth are being traded every single day. Where do you think all this profit is going and most importantly, are you positioned to PROFIT from this NEW digital economy? With Cryp Trade Capital - MONSTER returns from the GLOBAL Cryptocurrency exchanges are being secured every 24 hrs - these profits are then shared with Private investors - every day. Many of the world's wealthiest billionaires also recognise the importance of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. They are poised, ready and positioned to earn an abundance of wealth with the SHARP and FAST rise in value of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and many others. With Cryp Trade Capital, all the major and most profitable Alt-coins are being traded every day and official trading reports are released to us to view the overall performance and ROI. If you want to capitalise with currencies that are set to revolutionise the world, then I want you to partner with me. I'm on a CRYPTO-WEALTH MISSION. ONE WHERE I'LL SHOW YOU EXACTLY HOW TO BE A CRYPTONAIRE. Follow my blueprint and i'll show you my footprints to financial freedom that you can start to earn PASSIVELY from, in less than 24hrs flat! All members who have taken action in my team will get a FREE Viral marketing system and training area valued at $10's of 1000's at......ZERO cost! I want to help you achieve success fast with my support. No other system like mine exists. Period. Get ready to be a CRYPTONAIRE http://www.cryptonaire.co/ddelph CRYPTONAIRE: https://www.facebook.com/groups/23263... Cryp Trade Capital: A GROUNDBREAKING, young, dynamic and vibrant investment company at the CUTTING-EDGE of Crypto-wealth creation. Join here: http://www.cryptonaire.co/ddelph Category People & Blogs License Standard YouTube License
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#PSEi Update: February 2, 2018 Markets closed up at 8,810 Up 0.82% After the indecision candle, the market closed higher thus triggering an upward reversal. This would go up and try to challenge the resistance at 8,900. Should it go close to 8,900 and fail to break it, it would trigger another take profit signal for quick traders. Momentum and price oscillators are still denoting a change in direction downward. The support is still pegged at 8,500. Failure to break 8,900 will just push for a drop to 8,500. Breakout from 8,900 would trigger another shot for the market to go to our next target at 9,300. #StockSmarts #StockInvestingMadeEasy #Iceland2018 This is an uploaded FB Live session, its raw and directly downloaded from my FB page and was not edited at all. I hope this inspires you to invest and encourages more people to invest further. If you want to invest in stocks: www.marvingermo.com To attend our seminars: www.marvingermo.com/stock-smarts-seminar-schedules/ To grab a copy of the books: www.marvingermo.com/book-orders
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Ecofilm Set
Pokládku fólií ECOFILM lze provést i svépomocí a to s použitím sad ECOFILM Set. Sada je pás topné fólie (v různých délkách) opatřený připojovacími vodiči dlouhými 5 m. Sadami lze pokrýt celou podlahovou plochu, nebo jen její část -- např. před sedací soupravou nebo kuchyňskou linkou. Instalace je snadná a nevyžaduje žádný zásah do stavební konstrukce podlahy. The laying of ECOFILM foils can also be carried out as a do-it-yourself installation, namely with the use of ECOFILM Sets. A set consists of a strip of heating foil (of various lengths), equipped with 5m long connecting leads. The whole surface area or only a part of it can be covered with the sets -- e.g. just in front of a sofa or a kitchen unit. Installation is simple and it doesn't require any intervention into the construction of the floor.
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Hi guys! Sharing this video to give you a primer about dividends. What is it, how you can earn from it, what are the risks and rewards when you invest in dividends. Where do dividends come from? That and so much more! If want to join us for our next batch of Stock Smarts sessions we will have runs in Cebu this April 6 - 7 and South Korea this April 22. Looking forward to see you all! #StockSmarts #StockInvestingMadeEasy #Dividends For those who were asking about our next events, here are our Stock Smarts Schedules: Cebu - April 7 & 8 Seoul, South Korea - April 22 Davao - April 28 - 29 Singapore - May 2 - 6 Melbourne, Australia - June 9 - 11 Manila - June 16, 17, 23, 24 & 30 Dubai, UAE - November 16 - 19 Stay tuned for schedules in Doha, Qatar, HongKong, Germany, Canada and Oman #StockSmartsManila #StockInvestingMadeEasy This is a raw and directly uploaded video from my FB page and was not edited at all. I hope this inspires you to invest and encourages more people to invest further. If you want to invest in stocks: www.marvingermo.com To attend our seminars: www.marvingermo.com/stock-smarts-seminar-schedules/ For Stock Smarts Manila: www.bit.ly/stocksmartsmanila Join us for the largest investment conference in the Philippines: www.bit.ly/ICON_2018 To grab a copy of the books: www.marvingermo.com/book-orders
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Riven best tips for carrying in season 8 Season 8 riven best plays and tips season 8 riven tips and tricks best guide for riven season 8 Background song: (http://www.youtube.com/user/CHUKImusic) Instrumental produced by Chuki Thumbnail image: http://www.gramunion.com/takanei.tumblr.com/120602696593 ■ Like comment Subscribe Please! ■ ■■ ALL MY LINKS ■■ Join the Discord! https://discord.gg/0wqD47JIpaCqipZZ Follow me on Twitter! https://twitter.com/ExilLOL Follow my Twitch for streams! https://www.twitch.tv/exilkellen Keywords Riven build Riven top guide Riven pro builds Riven pro build Riven top lane build Riven jungle build Riven mid Riven guide Challenger Riven Riven challenger Diamond Riven Getting better at League of Legends How to improve League of Legends League of legends coaching Coaching League of Legends How to improve at league of legends s7 Tips for getting better at league of legends Getting better at league of legends How to get better at league of legends League of legends top 5 tips League of legends top 10 tips League best tips
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ECOFILM - foils for floor heating
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Ecofloor Mat with Watts_RF
The regulation system reads the air temperature in the room as well as the floor temperature using probes. Floor probes have a so called limitation function -- they prevent the increase of the floor temperature to an undesirable (unpleasant) value. The size of the heating surface is dependent on the required performance; however, the heating is usually installed throughout the whole open area of the room. Wireless room thermostat Watts V22, wireless receiver Watts V23 and wireless plug socket receiver Watts V25.
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LASKI, s.r.o. – CZECH 100 BEST 2017 GB
http://eng.laski.cz/ The capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, is a city with unique historical monuments and places with a special atmosphere. The hall of Prague Castle has been the venue for presenting the most valued medals and awards for centuries from the hands of kings and top representatives. And it was in the grand Spanish Hall that the pan-European organisation Comenius announced the results of the prestigious “Czech 100 Best”, “Lady Pro” and “Gentleman Pro” competitions, with the awards being made here on 24th November 2017 http://www.comenius.cz A star at this year’s Czech 100 Best was the company Laski, who featured in the category “A Company’s Success is the Region’s Success”. The next company to receive an award is Laski, so I’d like to ask the CEO, Zdeňek Zapletal, to come and collect the award. The diploma confirming that Laski is one of the best companies in the Czech Republic was collected by the CEO Zdeněk Zapetal from the Czech Health Minister Miloslav Ludvík. The company Laski was established as a family company involving in selling spare parts for agricultural machines. Since then, the company has built a modern engineering factory, becoming one of the world’s top producers of machines for environmental use such as stump cutters, chippers, trenchers and leaf vacuum mulchers. The company exports 90% of its products to over 50 countries around the world. Zdeněk Zapletal, CEO LASKI company is a 100% Czech, or rather Moravian family business. The company was founded in 1992. Initially, our business was focused on sales business activities, we traded with agricultural tractors and spare parts for these machines. Progressively, business activity expanded into egines, the company started to represent American company KOHLER. The first assets that the company gained from its sales business activities were invested in the new products design and development. In the future, we plan to further shift the boundaries of our products. We started with a simple manual cutting machine,and today we have the machine that can cut the stump virtually without any operator. We continuously innovative all our products, as wel as we work on research and development of other prototypes. Interview: Ing. Karel Muzikář, CSc. - President of Comenius CZECH 100 BEST / ČESKÝCH 100 NEJLEPŠÍCH: COMENIUS - panevropská společnost pro kulturu, vzdělávání a vědecko - technickou spolupráci http://www.comenius.cz The video was produced by the television and advertising company TVF http://www.tvf.cz Oldřich Brýža - managing director
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United-Defiance Alliance Trade Oasis Silkroad
Trading from Hotan to Donwhang and back on the Oasis Server in Silkroad. Many Ox'es. Big server trade. PS: THERE IS A MISTAKE IN THIS VIDEO - FIND IT ;)
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SRO-Extreme screen shots
Thnx Danny1337 for the stopmotion idea i hope u dont sue me for barrowing it and this is my 2nd video and first silk vid plz share it with ur freinds thnx. go xian and silkroad pwn WoW =P and super pie ownss and if u want to know anything else message me on xian thejapaneses or sumthing err right okay cya =)
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