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Fuente: System Analysis & Design An Object -Oriented Approach with UML Fifth Edition Alan Dennis, Barbara Haley Wixom
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Universidad Técnica Estatal de Quevedo Unidad de aprendizaje: Análisis y Diseño Orientado a Objetos Autor: Yuleidy Basurto Cualquier duda el libro guía es System Analysis & Design An Object Oriented Approach with UML Fifth Edition 2015 de los autores Alan Dennis, Barbara Haley Wixom, David Tegarden
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DEF CON 23 - Daniel Selifonov - Drinking from LETHE: Exploiting Memory Corruption Vulns
Memory corruption vulnerabilities have plagued computer systems since we started programming software. Techniques for transforming memory corruption primitives into arbitrary code execution exploits have evolved significantly over the past two decades, from "smashing the stack for fun and profit" to the current apex of "just in time code reuse" while playing a cat and mouse game with similarly evolving defensive mitigations: from PaX/NX-bit to fine-grained ASLR and beyond. By contextualizing this battle between attack and defense, I will demonstrate new defense strategies based on augmenting fine-grained ASLR with memory disclosure mitigations to render existing exploitation techniques unreliable. Modifications to the Xen hypervisor exploiting hardware accelerated virtualization extensions on the modern Intel platform enable realizing these new defense strategies without imposing significant runtime CPU overhead. Speaker Bio: Daniel Selifonov is currently an engineer focused on information security, and in prior consultancies has built systems for information technology where security was considered throughout design and implementation, rather than as an afterthought. His research interests in security include reverse engineering, applied cryptography, client side security, and user acceptable information system design. Social media names/links: * GitHub: https://github.com/thyth/ * Personal Website: http://thyth.com/
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Engineering Resilience into the Electric Grid
Grid resilience is of paramount importance for ensuring military and civilian continuity of operations. Together with Dr. Fangxing Li, the James McConnell Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, HDIAC Subject Matter Expert Joel Hewett discusses recent innovations—including novel analytical and simulation tools—that can help our nation's electric grid resist interruptions in service. https://twitter.com/DoD_HDIAC https://www.facebook.com/DoDHDIAC/ https://www.linkedin.com/company/hdiac/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/hdiac-outreach-48223186/ https://www.instagram.com/dod_hdiac/ https://www.hdiac.org/ The Homeland Defense and Security Information Analysis Center (HDIAC) is a Department of Defense (DoD) sponsored organization through the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC). HDIAC utilizes expertise and knowledge from government agencies, research institutions, laboratories, industry and academia on topics relevant to the DoD and other government entities to solve the government’s toughest scientific and technical problems. HDIAC offers a broad range of technical services, including working directly with customers on Core Analysis Tasks (CATs). HDIAC is integral to the government’s response to threats of asymmetrical warfare, including terrorism. HDIAC was established to save DoD scientists time and effort by quickly locating key information and providing analytical support for addressing critical emerging needs in a timely manner.
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Systems Analysis & Design - Ch 2 - Development Methodologies
This video explains various types of systems development methodologies, such as Waterfall, RAD, and Agile, as well as how to pick which of the methodologies to use for your project. The slides in this video correspond to Chapter 2 of "Systems Analysis & Design", 6th ed, by Dennis, Wixom, and Roth.
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FOX5 Big Idea: Bioelectronic Medicine
Big Idea franchise featuring a new development in Bio-Electronic Medicine. Written, Produced, Art Directed: Becky Smith; Edited: Dennis Cohen; Design: Frank Celi (animation); Tony Villanueva
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Systems Analysis & Design - Ch14 - UML
This video gives a high level overview of UML and some UML diagrams. The video corresponds to Chapter 14 of "Systems Analysis & Design", 6th Ed. by Dennis, Wixom, & Roth.
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Capitulo 6- Modelado de Comportamiento
Universidad Técnica Estatal de Quevedo Unidad de aprendizaje: Análisis y Diseño Orientado a Objetos Autor: Yuleidy Basurto Cualquier duda el libro guía es System Analysis & Design An Object Oriented Approach with UML Fifth Edition 2015 de los autores Alan Dennis, Barbara Haley Wixom, David Tegarden
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Universidad Técnica Estatal de Quevedo Unidad de aprendizaje: Análisis y Diseño Orientado a Objetos Autor: Yuleidy Basurto Cualquier duda el libro guía es System Analysis & Design An Object Oriented Approach with UML Fifth Edition 2015 de los autores Alan Dennis, Barbara Haley Wixom, David Tegarden
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Universidad Técnica Estatal de Quevedo Unidad de aprendizaje: Análisis y Diseño Orientado a Objetos Autor: Yuleidy Basurto Cualquier duda el libro guía es System Analysis & Design An Object Oriented Approach with UML Fifth Edition 2015 de los autores Alan Dennis, Barbara Haley Wixom, David Tegarden
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Capitulo 10- CAPA DE DISEÑO
Universidad Técnica Estatal de Quevedo Unidad de aprendizaje: Análisis y Diseño Orientado a Objetos Autor: Yuleidy Basurto Cualquier duda el libro guía es System Analysis & Design An Object Oriented Approach with UML Fifth Edition 2015 de los autores Alan Dennis, Barbara Haley Wixom, David Tegarden
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Capitulo4- Proceso de negocio y modelado funcional
Universidad Técnica Estatal de Quevedo Unidad de aprendizaje: Análisis y Diseño Orientado a Objetos Autor: Yuleidy Basurto Cualquier duda el libro guía es System Analysis & Design An Object Oriented Approach with UML Fifth Edition 2015 de los autores Alan Dennis, Barbara Haley Wixom, David Tegarden
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Capitulo 11- Arquitectura Física
Universidad Técnica Estatal de Quevedo Unidad de aprendizaje: Análisis y Diseño Orientado a Objetos Autor: Yuleidy Basurto Cualquier duda el libro guía es System Analysis & Design An Object Oriented Approach with UML Fifth Edition 2015 de los autores Alan Dennis, Barbara Haley Wixom, David Tegarden
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Capitulo 8- Clases y Métodos de Diseño
Universidad Técnica Estatal de Quevedo Unidad de aprendizaje: Análisis y Diseño Orientado a Objetos Autor: Yuleidy Basurto Cualquier duda el libro guía es System Analysis & Design An Object Oriented Approach with UML Fifth Edition 2015 de los autores Alan Dennis, Barbara Haley Wixom, David Tegarden
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Information Systems & Design - Professor Kelly Lyons
Discover the benefits and features of a UofT iSchool education in the field of Information Systems & Design, presented by Professor Kelly Lyons. The Faculty of Information Master's degrees can lead to rewarding careers as information professionals or researchers. Explore your possibilities for a new future at www.ischool.utoronto.ca
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Breaking2 | Documentary Special
After six months of scientifically advanced training, three of the world’s most elite distance runners set out to break the two-hour marathon barrier. #NationalGeographic #Nike #Breaking2. ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/NatGeoSubscribe About Breaking2: Three champion marathoners, Eliud Kipchoge of Kenya, Lelisa Desisa of Ethiopia, and Zersenay Tadese of Eritrea, along with an elite group of physiologist, work together to try and defeat all odds by breaking the 2-hour marathon. About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible. Get More National Geographic: Official Site: http://bit.ly/NatGeoOfficialSite Facebook: http://bit.ly/FBNatGeo Twitter: http://bit.ly/NatGeoTwitter Instagram: http://bit.ly/NatGeoInsta These pioneers go on a global trek to defy the unthinkable and break the two-hour feat, from testing in wind tunnels and running labs in the United States to balancing training with their day-to-day lives in eastern Africa to the final heart-pounding race in Italy. Breaking2 | Documentary Special https://youtu.be/V2ZLG-Fij_4 National Geographic https://www.youtube.com/natgeo
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Education For Whom and For What?
Noam Chomsky, a world-renowned linguist, intellectual and political activist, spoke at the University of Arizona on Feb. 8, 2012. His lecture, "Education: For Whom and For What?" featured a talk on the state of higher education, followed by a question-and-answer session. Chomsky, an Institute Professor and a Professor Emeritus of Linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he worked for more than 50 years, has been concerned with a range of education-related issues in recent years. Among them: How do we characterize the contemporary state of the American education system? What happens to the quality of education when public universities become more privatized? Are public universities in danger of being converted into facilities that produce graduates-as-commodities for the job market? What is the role of activism in education? With unprecedented tuition increases and budget struggles occurring across American campuses, these are questions that are more relevant than ever.
Martin Fowler in Barcelona, by ThoughtWorks
Software Design in the 21st Century =================================== https://www.thoughtworks.com/ In the last decade or so we've seen a number of new ideas added to the mix to help us effectively design our software. Patterns help us capture the solutions and rationale for using them. Refactoring allows us to alter the design of a system after the code is written. Agile methods, in particular Extreme Programming, give us a highly iterative and evolutionary approach which is particularly well suited to changing requirements and environments. Martin Fowler has been a leading voice in these techniques and will give a suite of short talks featuring various aspects of how these and other developments affect our software development.
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Overestimating  Ability, Training Cycles, Warm-Ups & Sport Analytics  | Ask Max El-Hag | Episode 7
Max answers the following 4 questions (time-stamped and listed below) taken from our Instagram and answers them against a 4-minute clock. Then at the end he'll answer as many questions as possible in 4 minutes rapid fire style. 00:59 - What’s your protocols when designing a layout with someone needs to work on a limitation/priority in their training. IE - someone that needs to work on their pulling endurance with c2b pull-ups, where do you start? How do you monitor repetitions in week, month, training cycle? What’s to little, or to much? 06:04 - How do you deal with an athlete who grossly misunderstands and/or overestimates their abilities or projected ceiling? 11:42 - Most of the TTT philosophy is science-driven, so do you recommend warm up/recovery strategies based on scientific literature, too? A lot of prehab and recovery tools out there just make people "feel better" with no proven physiological data (example: foam rolling before a workout) 16:21 - Ex- Soccer Player. Naturally good Aerobic base. Takes to skills/gymnastics/Olympic lifting pretty well but his clear weaknesses are strength/power (no real background in this type of training and is a naturally enduring athlete rather than a powerful one). If you had to come up with a timeline to build him a strong foundation in this sport where he is competing in RX wods confidently (he is willing to play the long term game and do whatever is programmed) how long does that take in this current day? *RAPID FIRE QUESTIONS* 21:36 - Hey @trainingthinktank, it's clear that analytics is becoming a staple in major professional sports today. How do you see advanced analytics/data science being used in crossfit today and where would you like to see more analytics being used in the future? 22:53 - Do you think “Islands in the Stream” is overrated, underrated or properly rated? 23:08 - If you could pick one exercise to do for the rest of your life what would it be and why? 23:36 - What’s your process of taking a good athlete and turning them into a great one? At what level are you willing to work with athletes to mold them into regionals and games athletes? 24:21 - Accessory work, assuming we do a strength piece, metcon, gymnastic piece, aerobic/mono piece most days, when how and why would we incorporate accessory stuff? Should we take out some other pieces to accommodate it? Or add to a current written program for it? Especially if there’s a weakness that needs to be focused on. Assuming the program covers it all for the generalist, but not exactly for those weak in one specific area. 26:17 - What do you consider a “real” good crossfit athlete 26:33 - Do u have experience with athletes who struggle with breathing through the nose during workouts due to a constant runny nose? 27:50 - Is it true that @life_0f_peimade you cry when you got physiological testing done ? Follow up question: is it true that Justin Timberlake wrote the 2002 pop hit 'cry me a river' in commemoration of said event ? 28:27 - Would you use MAF(maximum aerobic function) in order to develop an athlete's aerobic base? If so would you use MAF on both cyclical and mixed modal training? Can you please elaborate on the benefits (or not) of low intensity training for elite athletes? Thanks a lot 29:16 - Have y’all ever thought of doing a general program for the masses? 29:22 - Is a hot dog a sandwich? 29:29 - Would you rather fight 100 duck sized @tmayer18 or 1 horse sized @tmayer18 ?
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Blade Runner 2049: Do Memories Make Us Human? – Wisecrack Quick Take
Check out New Rockstars ►► http://wscrk.com/NwRckstrs Watch Baby Driver Soundtrack Analysis ►► http://wscrk.com/BbyDrvrNR SUBSCRIBE! ►► http://wscrk.com/SbscrbWC Support Wisecrack on Patreon! ►► http://wscrk.com/PatreonWC The landmark original Blade Runner film confronted us with with the question “What Makes us Human?” The much anticipated sequel "Blade Runner 2049" continues to mediate on the importance of this question, but instead of retreading the same ground, it proposes something new that is essential to our humanity — our desire for connection and intimacy. Join us as we break down all the juicy, smart stuff behind Dennis Villeneuve's newest masterpiece! === More Quick Takes! === BLADE RUNNER: Must-Know Philosophy before 2049 ►► http://wscrk.com/BldRnrb49 RICK AND MORTY: Why Beth Chose Jerry ► http://wscrk.com/RMS3E10 SOUTH PARK: How Social Media Ruined Nuance ► http://wscrk.com/SPS21E3 Netflix's DEATH NOTE: What Went Wrong? ► http://wscrk.com/NxDthNt === Join us on Social Media! === FACEBOOK ►► http://facebook.com/WisecrackEDU TWITTER ►► @Wisecrack Support Wisecrack on PATREON! ►► http://wscrk.com/PtrnWC Get Email Alerts ►► http://eepurl.com/bcSRD9 Get Wisecrack Gear! ►► http://www.wisecrackstore.com Directed by: Robert Tiemstra Written by: Thomas Ambrosini Edited by: Ryan Hailey (http://www.ryanhaileydotcom.com/) Produced by: Emily Dunbar & Jacob Salamon © 2017 Wisecrack, Inc.
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070: Risk Management with Robert Carver
Risk Management… It's not as sexy as the latest hot indicator… Or the undiscovered penny stock poised for an explosive move… Or the trading guru who appeared out of nowhere and is now promising to share the “secrets” to making million dollar profits overnight… But there are a whole host of risks that have the potential to destroy trading accounts in just seconds, so it’s an incredibly important topic for serious traders to consider. We have plenty of examples in history that show what happens when Risk Management goes bad, so what can we learn from these and how can we best protect ourselves from catastrophic losses? Our guest for this episode, Robert Carver, is an independent systematic trader, freelance writer and research consultant. He spent years working for one of the world’s largest systematic hedge funds and is the author of “Systematic Trading: A unique new way to make investment and trading decisions.” In this episode, Rob shares with us: - The different types of risk we face as traders – including ‘hidden’ risks that can destroy trading accounts in seconds - What can go wrong when Risk Management goes bad (we have some great examples in history to learn from!) - Common mistakes and assumptions traders make with Risk Management that can lead to heavy losses - Tips and techniques to identifying and “managing” Risk
Daniel Moisset - Finding relations in documents with IEPY
PyData Amsterdam 2016 Description IEPY is an open source tool to identify relations between entities described in natural language documents. This talk will show you what can you use it for, what it can and can not do, and describe some real world examples of its use. You should come if you're dealing with information extraction problems on text, and after the talk you'll know if IEPY is the tool for you and what you need to do. Abstract IEPY is an open source tool to identify entities and relations between them, as described in natural language documents. In other words, it is a tool for extracting structured information from unstructured sources. It was developed as a joint project between Machinalis and the Natural Language Processing research group of the University at Cordoba, Argentina. It recently won the 2015 Sadosky Award for "Industry and Academy Collaboration Project". IEPY is developed in python and can apply and mix rule based approaches, machine learning approaches, and manual tagging. It is actually designed to allow a hybrid approach (starting for rules, machine learning from that, using a human to clarify uncertain cases, and then integrate human answers in the machine learning model, etc). It includes the document store, learning engine, and a user interface to make it practical to provide manually tagged inputs by non-technical people. This talk will give an overview of what IEPY does (and general details on how it does it), but will be strongly focused on what kind of problems it is best applied to, what are the main situations where it can be challenging to implement it. I will support that description showcasing two of our main success cases: one analysis that was done over the techcrunch news articles to detect funding events, and one analysis done over military files from the last dictatorship in Argentina to help track people involved in human rights violations.
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Reaction Engines Ltd   SPLM Movie (Affordable Space Tourism)
One of the strongest incentives to space industry development in the 21st century is likely to be space tourism. At present the greatest handicaps to the exploitation of this opportunity are the prohibitive cost of access to space (few tourists could afford the ticket) and safety (astronautics remains an inherently dangerous occupation). This paper addresses both of these issues. First, the characteristics required of a vehicle suitable for carrying passengers into space are discussed in the context of the SKYLON spaceplane concept. Attention is focused on the design of the cabin module. Then the needs of the passengers are considered both from the perspectives of safety (the unique environmental hazards), health, and comfort. The paper concludes with a review of the key issues. Narrated by Brian Blessed.
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Triangulation 196: Bootstrap World
Host: Leo Laporte Emmanuel Schanzer talks about Bootstrap, which is a curricular module for students ages 12-16 which teaches algebraic and geometric concepts through computer programming. Guest: Emmanuel Schanzer Download or subscribe to this show at http://twit.tv/tri.
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Saybrook - Lynn Harrison on being a Saybrook student
Organizational Systems student Lynn Harrison explains why Saybrook was the right choice for someone with a busy professional and personal life - and how her education is making a difference.
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CTBUH 2015 New York Conference - James Fortune, "Elevator Designs for The Kingdom Tower"
Monday October 26, 2015. New York City, USA. James Fortune, of Fortune Shepler Consulting, presents at the 2015 New York Conference Session 2b: Advances in Vertical Transport on "Elevator Designs for The Kingdom Tower.”
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Hank Paulson: Banking Is Noble, Should Not Be Demonized
April 15 -- Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson talks about the banking industry and Jeb Bush. Paulson talks to Bloomberg's Peter Cook. --Subscribe to Bloomberg on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/Bloomberg Bloomberg Television offers extensive coverage and analysis of international business news and stories of global importance. It is available in more than 310 million households worldwide and reaches the most affluent and influential viewers in terms of household income, asset value and education levels. With production hubs in London, New York and Hong Kong, the network provides 24-hour continuous coverage of the people, companies and ideas that move the markets.
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MERLIN Bird Radar on NBC Today Show
MERLIN Bird Radar on NBC Today Show - DeTect Inc
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The Hidden Genius of RORSCHACH's Mask! (Watchmen) || NerdSync
Rorschach is probably the most recognizable character from the Watchmen graphic novel and movie with his constantly changing black and white mask. His costume contains genius design elements. Not only does the origin of Rorschach's mask echo Walter Kovacs' own history, but it also demonstrates the power of superhero masks. They can hide one identity, yet reveal another. Watchmen also shows the inherent power in a villain unmasking a comic book hero! SUBSCRIBE for weekly comic book videos! ▶▶ http://nerdsyn.cc/_SUBSCRIBE_ ————MORE COSTUMES———— Why SUPERMAN's Costume is Secretly Brilliant! ▶ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAc_3Hf9VnY&index=6&list=PLPEShH2LWsQAGx9cWk5C3jvI56CLo3gad The Hidden Meaning of the X-MEN's Costumes! ▶ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOvcVDBH-V0&index=13&list=PLPEShH2LWsQAGx9cWk5C3jvI56CLo3gad Binge the entire Superhero Costume playlist from the start! ▶ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNFHD8W4jJE&index=1&list=PLPEShH2LWsQAGx9cWk5C3jvI56CLo3gad ————PATRON SPONSORS———— Thank you to: Will/Peyton Schultheis Yosi Berman Cristoffer Lange Sebastian Parks Daisy Robert Wilson Paul Ringkamp Vesko Hristov Dennis Smith Dylan Haley Shipley Andrew Kramer Stefan Anundi Filip Bojanowski Reg Cruickshank Jonas Helmerichs Ricky Anderson II Eric Galperin Paulius Šaltauskas Craig McCormick Lucas Burlock Selin Maden Todd Clark Krister Keaten Lampert Maximilian Greeves Nathaniel Naranjo Ron Harnik Bruce Lee Hayley Kurton Josh Gallagher Jonah Dunch Trent Merry Carol Cotton Marja Camargo Justin Matushak Sophia Emely M. Lori Thames Jason Graoroski Marcus Watson Daniel Gram Clara de Rambures Anneli Elisabet Samuel Rico Get your name here! ▶▶ http://www.patreon.com/NerdSync ———————SOURCES——————— The Superhero Costume: Identity and Disguise in Fact and Fiction http://nerdsyn.cc/SuperheroCostume (The authors of this book have since reached out and had very kind words to say about this costume series! The last three vids have been heavily based off of that book above, so please support them and their great work!) ————ABOUT NERDSYNC———— Comic books are an incredible medium filled with the amazing adventures of fantastic superheroes, but they are also much more than just stories on a page. We here at NerdSync see comics as a tool that can help teach us about the world we live in! Join us each week as we explore fascinating topics that range from science, history, philosophy, culture, and art, making complex ideas a little more accessible through the heroes and villains from Marvel, DC Comics, and more! Hosted by Scott Niswander (@ScottNiswander) LISTEN to the NerdSync Podcast! ▶▶ http://nerdsyn.cc/podcastNS NERDSYNC SIDEKICK: Our second channel! ▶▶ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClYvcNvXVtOjAw4Ykq3lpKA TWITTER: http://nerdsyn.cc/followNS FACEBOOK: http://nerdsyn.cc/likeNS SUBREDDIT: https://www.reddit.com/r/NerdSync/
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Lean Summit 2011 - Dan Jones - Deployment of Lean across the UK
Professor Daniel T Jones, Chairman of the Lean Enterprise Academy presents "Deploying Lean Across the UK" at the Lean Summit 2011 Visit www.leanuk.org for further videos and learning.
Jurassic Park — Using Theme to Craft Character
Start your free 30-day free trial today at http://audible.com/lfts, or by texting “lfts” to 500500! Support this channel at: http://patreon.com/LFTScreenplay Like LFTS on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lessonsfromthescreenplay/ Follow me at: http://twitter.com/michaeltuckerla Jurassic Park is a great example of how theme can be used to design a cohesive and powerful story. Author Michael Crichton and screenwriter David Koepp use the theme as the DNA of the story, creating interesting characters with opposing viewpoints that explore the question at the heart of the film: Is everything we call “progress” actually progress? Michael Crichton Interview: http://jurassicpark.wikia.com/wiki/Beyond_Jurassic_Park_interview Produced by: Michael Tucker (http://twitter.com/michaeltuckerla) Written by: Tricia Aurand (http://www.triciaaurand.com/) Edited by: Alex Calleros (https://twitter.com/Alex\_Calleros) Check out my kit, from screenwriting books to gear: https://kit.com/LFTS/screenwriting-books LFTS Recommended Reading List: https://www.lessonsfromthescreenplay.com/reading-list/ Translate this video: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?ref=share&v=VWz1E3oHd8w Thanks to Diego Rojas for composing original music for this video and this channel! Check out more of his work: https://soundcloud.com/diegorojasguitar TwinSmart's Marxist Arrow is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://www.twinmusicom.org/ With the company Twin musicom licensed under the Creative Commons license Attribution (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://www.twinmusicom.org/
Earthtek Inc. PGA-360 Demo
demo and test of pga-360 you can see all our machines at adobemachine.com, for pricing please email me at [email protected]
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Dr Richard Alan Miller, Leaked NASA Documents - The Bots, Borgs and Humans Welcome you to 2025 AD
Former Navy Seal, Master Occultist and friend of Timothy Leary, Dr Richard Alan Miller discusses a leaked document by NASA named: Bots, Borgs and Humans welcome to 2025 AD. What will happen 20 years from now. Next Generation of Hu-man will be more virtual, literally plugged into a gigantic computer system running cutting edge AI software. Here is the link to the documents - https://www.metabunk.org/attachments/future-strategic-issues-and-warfare-pdf.3295/
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Georgia Tech High Performance Computing: Uzi Landman
Uzi Landman, Regents' Professor and Fuller E. Calloway Chair in Computational Materials Science in the School of Physics, discusses his work at Georgia Tech.
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5 Easy Steps In Building a Profitable Forex Trading System
Free Forex Lesson and Indicator http://dailytradingsystemforex.org 1. A successful Forex trading system is simple. There is no need for a complicated trading system with too many rules. It is a proven truth that simple systems work better than complicated ones, and they have higher chances of success despite of the “brutal” characteristic of Forex trading. 2. A successful Forex trading system cuts losses and runs profits. Keep in mind that you need a trading system that gets the huge possible profits and eliminates losses quickly, if not instantly. 3. A successful Forex trading system follows long-term trends. You will never cover your losses if you are just generating small profits. Keep in mind that the Forex market is worth $2 trillion U.S. dollars, thus there is no point in trading in exchange for just small profits if you have the opportunity to make trades for larger revenues. Focus on long-term trends and you will be able to see better results. Now, here are the 5 easy steps in building a profitable Forex trading system: 1. As previously mentioned, your trading system must be as simple as possible. Integrate few yet essential rules and an extensive investment management system. 2. Always look for long-term trends (preferably on a weekly basis), then shift to daily charts and to time entry. This will help you analyze market trends efficiently. 3. The ideal way of trading foreign currencies is through breakout method. 4. Always watch for any break that you will note on your chart, which is commonly confirmed by stochastic crossed with bearish divergence. This will be your great timing tool whether you will enter a certain deal or not. 5.You must integrate effective time management within your system. Time is gold and is one of your precious resources. Design a trading system that is time efficient—where you can maximize the potential of your time resources to generate huge profits. Get away with complicated systems; it will just ruin your entire Forex trading career. Build a simpler one and see for yourself how profitable it is.
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5 Things Hollywood Gets Wrong About Smart People
There are a lot of things we don't expect Hollywood to understand: technology, relationships, how the common person lives ... but you'd think they'd at least know how represent smart people, right? (Spoiler alert: wrong.) SUBSCRIBE HERE: http://goo.gl/ITTCPW For more movie over-analysis, check out Obsessive Pop Culture Disorder, with Daniel O’Brien: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SupNaQeJrq0&list=PL_saLI-LH-Vo_RETggNpaz532RwINqgPQ CLICK HERE for more HONEST ADS spoofs - https://goo.gl/xHchf2 CLICK HERE for GALACTIC WAR ROOM - https://goo.gl/kStvEN CLICK HERE for WE'RE NOT ALONE - http://goo.gl/cC9L5o CLICK HERE for ROM.COM: The Series - https://goo.gl/5mabAx CLICK HERE for AFTER HOURS: http://goo.gl/Nrg6Jh CLICK HERE for CRACKED ANIMATIONS: https://goo.gl/bSD2Sf CLICK HERE for TODAY'S TOPICS: https://goo.gl/1jxB44 CLICK HERE for ESCORT MISSION: https://goo.gl/19YnL7 CLICK HERE to Subscribe to THE CRACKED PODCAST: https://goo.gl/qmdLnT On iTunes: https://goo.gl/MYjkoi See more http://www.cracked.com LIKE us on: http://www.facebook.com/cracked FOLLOW us on: http://www.twitter.com/cracked FOLLOW us on: http://cracked.tumblr.com
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Willi Paul on Permaculture - Geomancy w/ Sabine Engelhardt,  Zagreb, Croatia
Video Conversations with Willi Paul on Permaculture & Transitions. Topic: Geomancy. Guest: Sabine Engelhardt Zagreb, Croatia. Presented by http://sacredpermaculture.net Sabine Engelhardt Zagreb, Croatia [email protected] http://www.leosgea.hr/0-geomantija-eng.html * * * * * * * "On the plan of your home or business space, we determine the focal points of the following aspects: grounding, creativity, partnership, yin and yang, solar plexus, the heart centre, the point of communication and anything else relevant to your space. We then establish the flow of each aspect and the potential of each source. Where a source is weakened or blocked, we initiate change during the second phase." SHOW TOPICS Geomancy -- Sabine + Feng Shui + Awakening heart qualities is very high on the agenda in human evolution. Within us we have the ability to create a version of heaven on earth. + Dragon dreaming / Places + Inputs and outputs in Lithopuncture? + What are the reasons that we are no longer connected to the earth? + What is Sacred to you? + What is Flow? + Do you use alchemy in transformation exercises? + Authentic energies of the Earth? + Is there sacred patterns, symbols and energy in permaculture? + Geomancy vs. permaculture? + What is grounding? * * * * * * * geomancy So ancient and so contemporary ... Geomancy is an ancient knowledge about nature and the skill to cooperate with the invisible dimensions of space, a holistic approach to Earth, nature and landscape. This is the knowledge that had nearly disappeared from the consciousness of European tradition and culture, and has now re-emerged in the form of holistic art in collaboration with nature... Last traces of geomancy are found in Middle Ages, when it informed decisions where and how to set up a city, a church or other buildings. During the Antiques and Middle Ages, experts in managing this knowledge existed, which is evident by the impressive sacral buildings of that age: pyramids, temples and cathedrals... This is how things stood then: The balance in nature was of primary importance, and the Earth was considered to be a living Being. These ancestors lived connected with her, in harmony with her nature and her essence. They were acquainted with the Earth, they knew how to read her winds, the moon ...... She, Gea,, was perceived and respected. As we are witnessing nature's disturbed equilibrium at this time, the art of Geomancy is emerging as a possible way forward. The knowledge which enables us to restore balance, step by step, in our space, our home, office, building site, the forest, mountains or our park, by connecting with the authentic energies of the Earth. Thus, spaces are nourished by the vital energies of life. Once connected, they can support the life of a person and their grounding. It is good to know that more people respect nature...
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Hobo Day Parade 2018
The 106th Hobo Day at South Dakota State University.
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NASA War plan ,,may they rot in eternal damnation
credit goes to: chevyken
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"Enterprise Risk Management Using the Methods and Tools of Six Sigma" by Dr. Umit Ozen, Ph.D.
Dr. Umit Ozen, Ph.D., Head of Infoman Consultancy and Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Istanbul, Turkey, speaks on "Enterprise Risk Management Using the Methods and Tools of Six Sigma" last August 04-05, 2011, Hotel Intercontinental, Makati City, Philippines.
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Technology and Emotions | Roz Picard | TEDxSF
Professor Rosalind W. Picard, ScD is founder and director of the Affective Computing research group at the MIT Media Lab, co-director of the Things That Think consortium, and leader of the new and growing Autism & Communication Technology Initiative at MIT. In April 2009 she co-founded Affectiva, Inc., where she serves as chairman and chief scientist. Picard holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering with highest honors from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and master's and doctoral degrees, both in electrical engineering and computer science, from MIT. Prior to completing her doctorate at MIT, she was a member of the technical staff at AT&T Bell Laboratories. In 1991 she joined the MIT Media Lab faculty, where she became internationally known for content-based retrieval research, for creating new tools such as the Photobook system, and for pioneering methods of automated search and annotation in digital video. She is the author of the award-winning book Affective Computing, which was instrumental in starting a new field by that name. She has authored 200 scientific articles and chapters and also holds multiple patents. In 2005, she was honored as a Fellow of the IEEE. event video by: http://repertoireproductions.com/
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Top hacker shows us how it's done | Pablos Holman | TEDxMidwest
Never miss a talk! SUBSCRIBE to the TEDx channel: http://bit.ly/1FAg8hB You think your wireless and other technology is safe? From Blue Tooth to automobile remotes, PCs, and "secure" credit cards, Hacker extraordinaire shows how nearly every secure system is vulnerable. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)
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Barry Katz: "Make it New: A History of Silicon Valley Design" | Talks at Google
The 1979 Palo Alto telephone directory listed every design office in Northern California—all 9 of them! Today, there are, arguably, more design professionals working in the San Francisco Bay Area than anywhere else in the world. How, and why, did this transformation happen? How far back do we need to go to find the roots of the Silicon Valley/Bay Area design culture? And how do we account for the incredible diversity of professional practice today, and its unprecedented role in some of the most influential companies in the world? These are some of the questions Barry Katz sets out to answer in Make it New: The History of Silicon Valley Design. Barry M. Katz is a published research scholar, design historian, professor at the California College of the Arts and Stanford University, Fellow at IDEO Inc., and author.
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How I learned to read -- and trade stocks -- in prison | Curtis "Wall Street" Carroll
Financial literacy isn't a skill -- it's a lifestyle. Take it from Curtis "Wall Street" Carroll. As an incarcerated individual, Caroll knows the power of a dollar. While in prison, he taught himself how to read and trade stocks, and now he shares a simple, powerful message: we all need to be more savvy with our money. The TED Talks channel features the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and more. Follow TED on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TEDTalks Like TED on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TED Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/TED
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Susan Sontag, E.O. WIlson & Roger Penrose at MIT - Images & Meaning Conference 2001
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The discoveries awaiting us in the ocean's twilight zone | Heidi M. Sosik
What will we find in the twilight zone: the vast, mysterious, virtually unexplored realm hundreds of meters below the ocean's surface? Heidi M. Sosik of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution wants to find out. In this wonder-filled talk, she shares her plan to investigate these uncharted waters, which may hold a million new species and 90 percent of the world's fish biomass, using submersible technology. What we discover there won't just astound us, Sosik says -- it will help us be better stewards of the world's oceans. (This ambitious plan is one of the first ideas of The Audacious Project, TED's new initiative to inspire global change.) Check out more TED Talks: http://www.ted.com The TED Talks channel features the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and more. Follow TED on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TEDTalks Like TED on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TED Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/TED
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What would happen if we upload our brains to computers? | Robin Hanson
Meet the "ems" -- machines that emulate human brains and can think, feel and work just like the brains they're copied from. Economist and social scientist Robin Hanson describes a possible future when ems take over the global economy, running on superfast computers and copying themselves to multitask, leaving humans with only one choice: to retire, forever. Glimpse a strange future as Hanson describes what could happen if robots ruled the earth. The TED Talks channel features the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and more. Follow TED on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TEDTalks Like TED on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TED Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/TED
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Yelawolf - Till It’s Gone
iTunes: http://smarturl.it/TillItsgone Sign up for updates: http://smarturl.it/Yelawolf.News Music video by Yelawolf performing Till It’s Gone. (C) 2014 Interscope Records Best of Yelawolf: https://goo.gl/vy7NZQ Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/ynkVDL
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Phoenix City Council Policy Session - October 2, 2018
Phoenix City Council Policy Session - October 2, 2018 Connect with the City of Phoenix: http://Phoenix.gov – Official City of Phoenix Homepage http://Facebook.com/CityofPhoenixAZ - Like us on #Facebook https://Twitter.com/CityofPhoenixAZ - Follow us on #Twitter http://Youtube.com/CityofPhoenixAZ - Please Subscribe to this YouTube Channel http://Phoenix.gov/PHXTV - Watch live or on demand programs http://twitter.com/watchPHX11 - Twitter Feed of #PHXTV Programs *Please be aware of our terms of use before commenting https://www.phoenix.gov/social/terms
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