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Skyscrapers of the Future Will Be Engineered to Copy Nature

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By 2050, two-thirds of us wil be living in cities, so architects are taking inspiration from nature to build more sustainable skylines. How Eyes Evolved to See the World Differently https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsuSfkr3I10 Subscribe! https://www.youtube.com/user/DNewsChannel Read More: WOHA http://www.woha.net/ The Wood Innovation and Design Centre https://www.unbc.ca/engineering-graduate-program/wood-innovation-and-design-centre Tokyo to build world's tallest timber tower https://www.cnn.com/style/article/wooden-skyscrapers-timber-trend-catching-fire-duplicate-2/index.html “The 70-story tower will be a hybrid structure made from 90% wooden materials. A steel vibration-control framework will underpin the design -- an important feature in a city where earthquakes are frequent.” A Lusher and Greener Singapore (URA and NParks Introduce Schemes to Promote Skyrise Greenery) https://www.nparks.gov.sg/news/2009/4/a-lusher-and-greener-singapore-ura-and-nparks-introduce-schemes-to-promote-skyrise-greenery "The greening of Singapore will literally move to greater heights with the launch of URA's programme, LUSH. NParks is also introducing a pilot incentive scheme to encourage existing building owners to green up their rooftops." ____________________ Seeker inspires us to see the world through the lens of science and evokes a sense of curiosity, optimism and adventure. Visit the Seeker website https://www.seeker.com/ Subscribe now! https://www.youtube.com/user/DNewsChannel Seeker on Twitter http://twitter.com/seeker Seeker on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SeekerMedia/ Seeker http://www.seeker.com/ Written & Produced by Lauren Ellis Edited by Lee Cofer Mould
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Text Comments (1195)
Jonathan Lee (2 hours ago)
totoplopp (13 hours ago)
"represent modern ambition" STFU they represent boasting immaterial wealth and starving the earths population
Eric Meyer (1 day ago)
This episode brought to you by the Lumber Industry. Why would you cut down one of our most important carbon sequestrators to build things? With abundant clean electricity, we can instead pull more carbon out of the environment and make much stronger and lighter building materials than wood.. Carbon fiber stone for example. Hell, concrete!
Daksh Badal (3 days ago)
If I ever become a billionaire the first thing I'll do would to get an avengers HQ building out of wood!!
epSos Premium (3 days ago)
Modern, *cross-laminated bamboo beams* and panels are stronger than steel. They can last longer than concrete too, because concrete cracks with age. Only concrete with glass-fiber could be comparable, but not better, because bamboo panels have stronger fiber, if fabricated well. The fabricated wooden and bamboo panels and beams will be a huge market, because they are easier to process during construction, which makes construction more flexible.
Lukas Bendiksen (3 days ago)
Better for nature? *cuts down thousands of tree's*
Robert G (5 days ago)
I would very much like to live in a city to get away from woods and animals.
Ibrahim mohammed (9 days ago)
ppl in the comment section are so ignorant, as if the experienced engineers who came up with these idea didn’t think about simple thing such as insects, fires, and rottenness.
Bns Stha (14 days ago)
By using wood,Do our forest won't be gone
Raymond27 (17 days ago)
Wooden skyscraper? That's real bullshit if you think about it. The reason we plant trees is deforestation and global warming! We dont plant them to build wooden scyscraper. There is a plenty of wood in Europe and Canada so let's transport them to the other side of world. Sounds very sustainable... My country is going trough massive deforestation for economic reasons in last decade,.. these are the reasons.
ash (18 days ago)
If we build something like this we need also people that can control the insects and other animals there. People that knows how to work in a garden. If we don't have those people the buildongs will collapse.
jay failing (1 month ago)
structures will be grown & according to algorithms of nature, and man, but man is nature. as the structure nears completion in growth, preservative will be taken up. perhaps, metallic salts thus, best of both worlds
Ahmed Elsherbiny (1 month ago)
Not durable enough
God Zeref (2 months ago)
Humans : Wood sound good to make my skyscraper house Termites : your skyscraper house sounds good for my dinner
Fortune Streets (2 months ago)
The Belvedere Tower’s Innovative Form is just amazing. read here https://www.fortunestreets.com/the-belvedere-towers-innovative-form/
Juvine Grills (2 months ago)
Sourav Basak (3 months ago)
If you think that some of the tallest towers in the world are impressive now, then you’ve seen nothing yet. Not only will the next generation of skyscrapers be in amongst the tallest in the world, with one becoming THE tallest and by a long way, they are also far greener too. Anyways, read the below. This might help. https://www.namasteui.com/skyscrapers-of-the-future/ -- Regards, Sourav Basak Namaste UI
YouTube lover 1 (3 months ago)
Rent cost $10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Austin Moon (3 months ago)
One problem: wood rots.
patrick jet (3 months ago)
Yeah architechs
Their God not mine (3 months ago)
Mass timber = deforestation 😔
A Hexagonian (3 months ago)
What if there's a fire
svenm sandity (3 months ago)
o functional and practical in even larger buildings
QuietKid (3 months ago)
What about mold?
Ultimate (3 months ago)
4:17 I 've been to that place for outdoor school in our school.
Earla Weese (3 months ago)
*Can we **_PLEASE_** hurry up and create the future together already?! Let’s destroy these oppressive concepts of “class” while we’re at it. This is taking **_too long._*
Jonathan van den Berg (3 months ago)
Nice video, but you can't compare US and Canada to Europe. By that you try to degrade European countries which are completely different from one another which you cannot classify together. You can compare North America to Europe. Continent - Continent, Country - Country.
IanGothis1 (3 months ago)
This is a gonna be the start of the Maze Runner 🏃‍♀️
Mohammed Alassaf (4 months ago)
white ants?
Carl Mannhard (4 months ago)
Imagine how beautiful future cities will be. Perhaps all the jobs dissapearing will be replaced with gardening jobs in a skyscraper. If only you could structure society that way. I'd like that ;)
Olympian Yousif (4 months ago)
I just love stuff like this. I hope one day I can live in a modern beautiful city, filled with beautiful skyscrapers with waterfalls and plants and designs
Blue Jay88 (4 months ago)
Does anyone know the song that plays at 4:40? Surprised they didn’t add it in the description
Bns Stha (4 months ago)
But using wood can cause deforestation
Rosie Donut (4 months ago)
Im just happy that they acually acted on what they said. Cause I know a LOT of improvements that people said they were going to do by now but DIDNT ACT UPON WHAT THEY SAID.
Eli Mendo (4 months ago)
This new trailer for skyscraper 2 is strange.
drsest (4 months ago)
This video brought to you by the logging industry.
T baz (4 months ago)
Wooden? Shouldn't we be using plastic instead?
Nima Khaleghy (4 months ago)
Paradise for termite 😁
Speedyplane (4 months ago)
What about the forest on the earth? Do you have an idea to solve the diminution of trees on earth?
ChillociRaptor (4 months ago)
I'd love more buildings like that. Always reminds me of the beauty 'the last of us' aesthetics' brought.
L Dion (4 months ago)
I like the idea of green buildings in Singapore. But the one in Canada which it is built by massive amount of timbers would kill the first purpose of green environment preservation by killing so many natural trees!! What's a dumber and dumber architect!
John Wang (4 months ago)
A few decades ago, it was popular to have central atriums. Unfortunately, it turned out that having that central green area created a chimney effect in fires. These "green" ideas look great but seems to do little in terms of fire breaks. Sheath a skyscraper with a greenhouse shroud creates another fire chimney. These green areas need to be broken up and not connected.
Yob (4 months ago)
You guys copied the Economist...
The Terra (4 months ago)
But it could catch fire!
SK Simon (4 months ago)
Imagine all the bugs
Exolette (4 months ago)
Singapore is a small country, yet they are advancing faster than the world can. Let that sink in.
Mac Angus (4 months ago)
A bet a whole forest was chopped town to make that building...
DragonCat126 (4 months ago)
what are we primitives, using wood
nadia lucia (4 months ago)
deforestation in ledcs????????
One of the green plant skyscraper is from Malaysia. That skyscraper is just the opposite of KLCC
Portfolio _cs (5 months ago)
What if I jenga ?
Daniel Powell (5 months ago)
Says wood is covered by drywall. Shows 42000 exposed wooden beams 🤔
Robin Gilliver (5 months ago)
We need to exterminate the Authoritarians.
bluesky (5 months ago)
BUILDING FROM WOOD! CONSTIPATION OF THE BRAIN AND DIARRHEA OF THE MOUTH!! As a civil engineer myself, I have to say, building from wood is the STUPIDEST idea I've ever even thought I could ever hear. We have been trying to move away from water sensitive, insect sensitive, mold sensitive, fire sensitive material with less strength through human history for good reason. We have even begun building houses out of ICF and steel for those reasons. It's actually more environmentally damaging when you treat wood with all the dangerous chemicals to make them somewhat resistant to termites and mold... and they still burn and get soggy, so you now have to spend even more resources and make buildings even more expensive and complex to protect the entire structure from moisture and water, with even more costs down the line. Truly stupid.
little big life (5 months ago)
Mass timer = Mass deforestation
Jay Tapia (5 months ago)
DR.ANDREI (5 months ago)
Maestrul Gamer (5 months ago)
2010-Too much wood is used by humanity,we need to stop cutting trees to save the enviroment. 2018-We must cut trees to make buildings that will save the enviroment. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
MDL Channel (5 months ago)
Still ugly compared to old European buildings.
Andie Lee (5 months ago)
The wooden building featured is in the university of british coloumbia btw....not northern british columbia.
mysofa isconfortablr (5 months ago)
Dont use wood for god sake
nigtrick (5 months ago)
At this rate we will have too much oxygen and burn to death
The7575thTransitFilmer (5 months ago)
We need more skyscrapers
Finleyrizo (5 months ago)
people think this will be good? How? Do you realise how much work will have to go into stopping overgrowth? It would cost so much more money just for fucking vines lmao
Flolus (5 months ago)
Loving the ASMR. ❤
Google Assistant (5 months ago)
Omega Homes Inc. (Only Sim City Players can get this one)
Fashion Review (5 months ago)
Wood ? Am not sure that’s safe
Rodoula Vazou (5 months ago)
I can’t wait to see this!😱
Ayame San (5 months ago)
so we r using wood for skyscraper nice destroying trees and calling it nature
Ayame San (5 months ago)
+Anarcho-fascist nah it wouldn't work my country village make lot of structure with bamboo. It doesn't last long
Anarcho-fascist (5 months ago)
Shihab Ahmed yes, you should look up how strong bamboo really is and how fast it can grow.
Ayame San (5 months ago)
and u sure bamboo can support the structure
Anarcho-fascist (5 months ago)
Shihab Ahmed I said: *Don’t use wood, use bamboo. Don’t cut up the forests and use bamboo instead.*
Ayame San (5 months ago)
bamboo dont provide wood
Hey_ SkaterXD (5 months ago)
Would like to see the green combat all the gray in cities to make it look more vibrant and alive. Plus it can help with air pollution.
cq33xx (5 months ago)
wooden skyscrapers? good luck
premiercconstruction (6 months ago)
Cool... why not go back to building pyramids and use rocks... and we could always live in caves... but seriously new materials stronger lighter would be amazing.
Mr. Boomguy (6 months ago)
Wooden skyscrapers are starting to grow on me.
L (6 months ago)
There areally no fossil fuels! CO2 is good we need 4 times more of it than we now have!
TheRagingInfernape (6 months ago)
Given the impressively high wood growth and with the potential high demand for wood, what he says is true. We are given more of a reason and a chance to reforest. Let's see when America will actually listen. Maybe our next President will take notice.
Anarcho-fascist (5 months ago)
TheRagingInfernape bamboo is better.
Newnecker1 (6 months ago)
Wood would cause a massive fire if one home has a fire.
glax H - gaming (6 months ago)
we saving trees by killing them ! imagine a human lives in a skeleton house ,..
aryaj singh (7 months ago)
strike a match and swoosh
Ruben Scott (7 months ago)
I was told in 2008 that in 300 years we can grown a car from a tree I know it’s not impossible but What were they thinking
Donald J. Trump (7 months ago)
1:38 is bcs a city can't sweat
NzmAnh Dee (7 months ago)
Smart! Biological!
Female Goblin (7 months ago)
Female Goblin (7 months ago)
Cool, reminds me of nier automata
Female Goblin (7 months ago)
Does that mean i can shit anywhere?
Female Goblin (7 months ago)
Axrty (7 months ago)
The air will be fresher and cities will be more beautiful, instead of it looking like a whole bunch of gassy power plants.
It will be easy for robbers to rob n will it even be bullet proof...?
VES SEV (7 months ago)
Seems really expensive
monyet monyetkl (7 months ago)
Cat Swirl (7 months ago)
Wait.... wood? Aren’t we like trying not to cut down more trees??? Cough cough Edit: oh wait never mind, but a wooden skyscraper would only work in a places that have a lot of trees so....
Nahimi (7 months ago)
Cities could look like Sci-Fi Utopias.
Julia Li (7 months ago)
wait until the termites come...
Hue Lu (7 months ago)
That future seems doomed ...
Permaculturethinking (7 months ago)
Nothing new... permiculture is the only way!!!.. Not taxes.. Not Mars... We are going to be able to employ drones to garden every available space. I am not going to be alive but my grand kids will be inheriting my land and my methods.. Peace ✌️ and love for all!!
Vlad Vorobchievici (7 months ago)
hell yes, let's cut down all the forests and make some skyscrapers out of them but plant some gardens on them so we don't damage the natural environment ;)
Manikanta Bejgam (7 months ago)
But problem with this is that we need land to cultivate more trees and by cutting trees which have already grown results in deforestation and amount of oxygen released into environment decreases. Human mentality is that he finds solution to particular problem but fails to identify it's demerits in future.
Ariella S. (7 months ago)
Wood grows slow though. What about deforestation? It doesn't make sense. I like wooden buildings better too... but will the trees grow fast enough to fullfill the high demand of building with wood?
Anarcho-fascist (5 months ago)
Ariella Star look up bamboo.
cairo (7 months ago)
Was that the beautiful voice of Joss Fong?
epSos.de (7 months ago)
Wooden buildings have a better atmosphere in them.
Snake Artist (7 months ago)
about the bugs.. you could probably just get mosquito netting or screen mesh behind the window, so you know, you let the fresh air in but not the bugs? I love this skyscraper garden idea :D

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