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2nd Jan 2018 Bitcoin Price Reversal 📉 Aborted? When Moon? Steem Up 88% But Why? (The Cryptoverse)

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Follow me on Steemit and earn crypto for your best comments: https://steemit.com/@marketingmonk Story - Bitcoin Reversal Aborted? Draw head and shoulders and narrate the components Draw horizontal line where the neck needs to break Draw horizontal line where the shoulder set a higher low (good!) Story - When Moon? Load saved chart templates Double click the clean chart up Show trend line bounce is also right shoulder Show 50 EMA support Show 50% fib level support Highlight 16.5k as key resistance Mention downtrend line on lower highers forming wedge Bulls looking stronger than bears Story - Steem To The Moon? $5.95 All time high 43,457 sats Steem Power explains how selling delayed allowing big moon. Steem is the number 1 blockchain by real world usage. http://blocktivity.info/ Steem value more closely related to fundamental utility than anything else IMO.
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The Cryptoverse (1 year ago)
Stop searching and start learning by taking my structured step by step online courses at: https://goo.gl/zXwKrV
Cant Decide (1 year ago)
Hey, thanks for this informative analysis of the next Bitcoin moves. I am honest, I don't think why people are going still just so much for Bitcoin, but yes, your analysis is pretty nice to see and I think we will see it going nuts soon again. It's really nothing more then a value vessel like gold but has no real use beside that. Sure you can maybe buy something with it, but in fact, nearly no one is doing this :( Currently I am a bit more into altcoins. I made nice profit with PRL for example or even Mana was really nice. But yes, Steem is really nice :) I think it will be one of the things which will stay in long term. Currently I am going for privacy coins, as Dash and Monero already made their moves last year and I think this year we will see a major raise in some other projects like DeepOnion and PIVX maybe.
Mark Eric (1 year ago)
Romain Mornfall (1 year ago)
Awesome vid, loved the charting. I guess you teach people that in your cryptoversity. Can't wait to get my profits on some positions ( currently in Library Credit ) and get the patreon's thingy.
Rand Whitney (1 year ago)
I would encourage you to put together a course on using coinigy and/or analytics such as this episode. This was VERY helpful on several levels. Thanks!
The Cryptoverse (1 year ago)
That's what this is https://www.cryptoversity.com/courses/the-master-cryptocurrency-trader/
Dwayne Cunningham (1 year ago)
hunkyvampire (1 year ago)
I use Head and Shoulders shampoo, am I safe? - 3CAk3TztL3r6HeJV4YtZ8dUrFycshrKpie
Aliman00 (1 year ago)
Damn... Steem went up that much :O I've been looking at Deep Onion on KuCoin these last few days and it also went up over 120% ... felt really lucky for having a bag of that coin :) :) I think I'm gonna try and acquire some Steem but I'm not selling my Deep Onion as I think privacy coins will play a major part in 2018 :)
Baher Binesh (1 year ago)
Hi Chris, Would you please talk about Bitcoin Private (ZClassic) Fork in the future days?
Soldier957 (1 year ago)
HODL = Hold On for Dear Life?
Paula Green (1 year ago)
BTC Dominance: 36.2% ?
mel b (1 year ago)
i don't get it charts and stuff you said a lot of evidence, but any averger whale with 20000 btc can breal all this evidence
pharaoh_Marviyoso (1 year ago)
Agreed . iv been short BTC but price fails to break down...1hr cloud thinning out should c up movement soon.
Joe Bobby (1 year ago)
Hi Chris I am steem user. I would like to know your view on how steem is going. There has been a dispute on steem regarding how much awards should one person receive. So specifically Heijin Lee's following has grown to the point that he is receiving 1pecent of the pool awards. So in response some whales who have bots flag his posting to negate his rewards. Do you think this is fair?
Jay Dee (1 year ago)
Bitcoin’s next level is $25,250.
Jay Dee (1 year ago)
hunkyvampire - Bitcoin will hit $100,000 this year. $1,000,000 by 2019
hunkyvampire (1 year ago)
Jay Dee should be 1,000,000
ashleyldavid (1 year ago)
Awesome. As always.
Jhon Deltour (1 year ago)
Bitcoin seems to recover to the overated hype of end 2017. Everybody entered to the crypto game, now they are willing to buy several cryptocurrencies to securize their protfolio. People may want to look at anonymous technology, I do think it's the future. There are a lot of underated crypto in the anonymous game, and DeepOnion is the one I'm looking at currently. A huge community, and a lot of updates for the 2018 roadmap.
1greenMitsi (1 year ago)
monero is king
Sean Harvey (1 year ago)
This episode was great, I loved it, full of information, reminded me those old days that you used to to ETH,LTC, BTC chart analyse. Keep it up, some more similar video everyday please, Thank you
Brugllione (1 year ago)
You have balls for showing your account and balance :)
The Cryptoverse (1 year ago)
Accounts stats are public. Here is the CEO of Steemit Inc. https://steemit.com/@ned/transfers
Clint (1 year ago)
Great charting. :) Thanks.
UN1T X BOMBER (1 year ago)
Chris another awesome day in crypto I use steem here is my steem name tomfair54 I love the technology behind steem
UN1T X BOMBER (1 year ago)
NES 83’ steem wallet by free wallet One of the best and I like it a lot. If it is locked and you cannot access it you may want to contact support
NES 83’ (1 year ago)
Bitcoin Long. Altcoins short. Do you know a good way to store Steem? Or transfer Steem to a good wallet? I have a ton locked in freewallet.
markyp2002 (1 year ago)
Great Video again. Thanks Chris
Ryan. (1 year ago)
Can whales censor certain articles on steemit by downvoting them ?..since their accounts are way more funded and powerup-ed ?
grrr 。 (1 year ago)
That's been abused multiple times actually. The downside of staking. Votes there are not equal, unlike the traditional forums. Plus, there are big whales there, that pretty much have the right to veto.
Paula Green (1 year ago)
Steem is ok but i miss the adverts
Ryan. (1 year ago)
Andrew Morgan Thanks Andrew.
Andrew Morgan (1 year ago)
Ryan Crypt. I believe so, I'm only very new to Steemit, I joined to watch an independent war correspondent who moved there after youtube censorship. One of his videos was rendered hidden, he thinks it's because someone with a lot of steem power down voted it. I think it is rare though. Also, there are some initiatives like minnow support, who seek to help new and low power accounts on Steemit
g s (1 year ago)
Thanks for this very interesting bitcoin chart analysis. I can learn a lot from it. So you think we have bullish signals for going up to at least $16500 again. What is your estimation on when we will reach this point ? I was a real bitcoin bull a while ago, but I turned rather bearish due to the scaling issues. About a month ago I sold half of my bitcoin holdings to invest in alt coins. I bought DeepOnion, Cardano and Tron. All of these have made me a lot more profit than my remaining bitcoin holdings. Now I'm thinking of selling my remaining bitcoin holdings to invest in alt coins. What is your opinion on this ? I also would love to hear your opinion on the alt coins i'm investing in. keep up the good work !
grrr 。 (1 year ago)
Bitcoin have no future of gaining mass adoption with the current development decisions.
David Bannister (1 year ago)
Whilst the TA was very good, for simpletons like me I prefer "Christmas/New Year is over, big money back in wanting to make profits. Big money cannot buy alts so big money is buying large cap coins again and so price increases "
Ryan. (1 year ago)
Good analysis Chris. Hope we can play it right :-)
Le LEVYATHAN (1 year ago)
VERGE is already one of the best cryptos ever created, I hold and I will buy a big bunch in the deep VERGE will give a kick on the top ten coin market cap door just like CARDANO did I have huge faith in the project and the team. The strong hands who hold will be greatly rewarded and the panic sellers will be left crying and getting fomo and I have an intuition: when COINBASE gave the reasons they listed BITCOIN CASH, I had the impression that they were talking about DIGIBYTE Things will completely change in 2018
1greenMitsi (1 year ago)
verge is garbage :(
TheEryk (1 year ago)
Don't compare Cardano to shitty verge XD Verge was just pumped by McAfee now will going down.
Effortless.IT (1 year ago)

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