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Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork - Should You Buy In Now?

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Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork is coming up on Nov 15th. Should you chase after it?
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Brian Phobos (3 months ago)
Bitcoin ABC or BitcoinSV? Who will win? Or will both lose and just confuse all the newbs?
Giak Q (3 months ago)
ABC wins
Stinger (3 months ago)
According to what I've researched... Bitcoin cash SV will only exist if SV is the longest chain
bob ami (3 months ago)
there won't be a split, it is just an upgrade to the version that works best. they're not dumb.
Jesus (3 months ago)
You really think so?
Ant C (3 months ago)
You are wrong all this needs to happen for the future on bitcoin cash dont be fooled by twitter messages. And there will be no split.
Doc Wicked (3 months ago)
What should we do sell our bch and buy back in after the fork ? I’m wondering cause after the fork we might not get two different bch coins ? Let me know what your planning to do here I’m debating it there’s no guruntees there’s even going to be a new coin created out of it either
Doc Wicked (3 months ago)
I'm also holding nano monero litecoin to ha go figure, I believe when the smart money moves in the space, these coins have great growth potential. I know satis group predicted monero to touch 18k, well see, but regardless, alot of people think privacy coins are going away, I believe the opposite. I believe privacy coins like monero zcash dash to name a few are going to thrive. Also, be aware I know coinbase is scheduling to freeze our bch accounts before the fork so we have to sell before hand, I'd say like you said and others have said around the 10th, I'd say 11th at max but past that is pushing it.
Brian Phobos (3 months ago)
I'm planning on selling it and then if things look clear on who the victorious chain is I might buy back in but I'm honestly not to concerned with owning Bitcoin Cash in general because I feel that coins like Litecoin, Monero, and stuff like Nano will provide me with good returns. If I miss out on a Bitcoin Cash pump I'm not super worried about it.
Rules For Rebels (3 months ago)
Have you heard about this Voyager exchange? Looks interesting but havn't dug into it much
Brian Phobos (3 months ago)
Yeah I think Stackin was doing the affiliate program with that but the weird thing is the platform isn't even live right now so nothing happens until they roll it out I guess.
trapped cat (3 months ago)
HODL -> No cap. gains tax
Brian Phobos (3 months ago)
Hahah, Nice! lol
trapped cat (3 months ago)
+Brian Phobos True. But, it's an easy choice for me. I only have $10 invested in BCH. LOL
Brian Phobos (3 months ago)
But will you have earnings for the new coins you are granted? Hmmmm. LOL Anyone’s best guess
always new (3 months ago)
what your opinion with Procedures regulation /agree or discreet !! and your question about BCH the damp wil happen after fork 15 november ....
Brian Phobos (3 months ago)
I wouldn't be so sure that the dump will happen after it. Some will hang in there to get both but all it takes is for some big money to decide to take profits before hand. I have seen it with other forks. When Ethereum Classic holders were supposed to get Callisto it dumped before and when NXT holders were supposed to get the Ignis airdrop it dumped before it.
I predict Coinbase will stay the course of bad decisions 🧙🏽‍♂️
+Brian Phobos I've been loading up USD on Circle, waiting for an EOS dip to pull the trigger.
Brian Phobos (3 months ago)
Hahahha, I think you are right. Right now they think they can dictate the crypto market but the competition is starting to make headway. A lot of people wouldn't be looking for the alternatives if Coinbase wouldn't be playing so many favorites. Circle is actually looking pretty good with offering EOS, Monero, ZCash and other assets.

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