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How to Prepare For Your Trading Day in 5 Simple Steps

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Learn 5 simple steps to prepare for your trading day The two articles referenced in the video: How to Increase Your Focus & Emotional IQ: https://2ndskiesforex.com/trading-strategies/meditation-the-secret-weapon-to-becoming-a-better-trader/ Establish the Price Action Context: https://2ndskiesforex.com/trade-signals/forex-strategies/impulsive-and-corrective-price-action/
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Text Comments (17)
7777strikker (1 year ago)
Thanks alot! it was super beneficial
2ndSkies Forex (1 year ago)
Hello 7777, Nice, am glad to hear you're finding it beneficial.
hi pls tell me è book to learn about price action
2ndSkies Forex (1 year ago)
I did a video on price action context which you can watch here (https://2ndskiesforex.com/price-action-webinar/)
Piyush Yadav (2 years ago)
Great Advice Chris, but do you some video for the people who has work as primary task plus they are giving time to trading as well?
2ndSkies Forex (2 years ago)
If you have a traditional job, then do it after work but before trading. RE: Rules/Specific Guidelines We cover this further in the Advanced Price Action Course (https://2ndskiesforex.com/advanced-price-action-course/) which you're welcome to join and get access to immediately. Kind Regards, Chris
Piyush Yadav (2 years ago)
Hello Chris, Sorry for being too generic with my question. You mentioned about 5 points to keep in check while going for trading. Point 3,4 & 5 are clear but point 1 & 2 for people like me who cannot give 100% time to trading (for the moment), have to do 8 to 6 job then after work start looking into charts. So when should point 1 & 2 become applicable to me after my job or should be early morning practice? Moreover if you have some videos (with some rules/guideline) for the people who do 8 to 6 job then look into charts in evening. I am learning trading for the moment therefore cannot take it as my primary job, but would love to take it as my primary in future :) Thank You
2ndSkies Forex (2 years ago)
Hello Piyush, My apologies for asking this, but can you clarify your question a bit as I'm not fully understanding? Let me know and thanks in advance. Kind Regards, Chris
Satya Hegde (2 years ago)
2ndSkies Forex (2 years ago)
thx you .
2ndSkies Forex (2 years ago)
Glad you liked it. Kind Regards, Chris
Harry Gui (2 years ago)
spot on!
Harry Gui (2 years ago)
that's me sitting up while trading lol... just joking, i wish i had a cat like that haha...
2ndSkies Forex (2 years ago)
Glad you liked it Harry. btw, is that your cat? do they always sit like that?
daddykab (2 years ago)
These steps work...water and a healthy diet also beneficial...Great advice.
2ndSkies Forex (2 years ago)
Hello Daddykab - yes, proper hydration and a good diet benefit us in trading and pretty much everything we do. Glad you liked the video.

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