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EN - SKEMA Business School - MSc in Financial Markets & Investments

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Find the REPLAY & THE ANALYSIS by Campus-Channel for this program here: http://www.campus-channel.com/en/skema-business-school-msc-in-financial-markets-investments.html GUESTS: Amaury GOGUEL - Directeur Scientifiques QUESTIONS: 00:16 The Pitch 01:30 What’s the difference in curriculum between the campuses? 04:42 Do we apply to a campus? Do we split the program between different campuses? 07:46 Hi. Are letters of recommendation obligatory? If we don’t have any, is our application automatically rejected? 09:32 Can you tell me more about how the Bloomberg terminals are integrated into the curriculum and what kind of access students have to them? 13:07 Why study financial markets and investments at SKEMA? What makes your program unique? 16:16 Three Words Max 19:24 Does this program address entrepreneurship in any way? 21:26 What analyst programs does Skema have access to at investment banks, credit rating agencies? 23:51 What business partners have you developed the program with and what is their contribution to enriching students? 26:49 What’s the typical profile of student you are looking for? 28:45 The Expert Question 28:56 The Expert Question: Technology and digitization are changing almost every aspect of everyday life – even money! Do you think bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will become viable financial tools and how does this program address this subject? 33:14 Hi! I'm actually thinking about joining SKEMA but I can't figure out which Master can be the best for a career in asset management between the Msc in Financial Markets & Investments and The MS in Asset management. 34:37 How much time should I plan to spend in class versus outside of school on studying and homework? 36:31 What’s the advantage of studying this program in Raleigh? It’s not exactly a world or even national financial center. 38:06 Conclusion
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