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The Anarchist Commune in the Rainforest: Poole’s Land

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Manisha Krishnan travels to Poole's Land, an anarchist commune on the western edge of Canada to figure out what exactly is drawing young people to live on the periphery of society. She ventures into the rainforest and confronts a variety of her deepest fears, but ultimately finds enlightenment in the spirit of the people who inhabit this mysterious place. WATCH NEXT: Guns for God: The Church of the AR-15 -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ArfGyo6HQ_E Click here to subscribe to VICE: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideo Click here to get the best of VICE daily: http://bit.ly/1SquZ6v Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/vice Download VICE on iOS: http://apple.co/28Vgmqz Download VICE on Android: http://bit.ly/28S8Et0
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Text Comments (6888)
josh chain (6 hours ago)
Who else wants to go there
YOWHAZGOOD (10 hours ago)
...and then a disease came and killed them all.
Millennial Opinions (16 hours ago)
Why are reporters such idiots? Also awesome place.
Jan Kerwin Cabanes (21 hours ago)
This is just insane and amazing I guess.
Elsie Vera (1 day ago)
hepatitis a
jennifer pogue (1 day ago)
For the record: shit carries disease (cholera for example) and is the bodies way to get rid of harmful cells but urine is for the most part sterile. So, little in this basket and a little in the other. Sewage treatment prevents long issues.
Big Bentley (1 day ago)
I'm retiring here. This is where it's at.
Faze Thicc (1 day ago)
smartpig555119 (1 day ago)
A large part of me yearns for this but at the same time theres an inate and inexplicable fear that if i ever did go there id never leave.
killersushi99 (1 day ago)
*So Mr. Poole believes that putting weed fertilized by his urine into a smoothie gives him strength, ability and balance...and cures cancer. MMkay. Chive On.*
whatsup (1 day ago)
All white people. Of course.
Toenail Man (2 days ago)
20:42 “everyone suffers a little and not one person has to suffer a lot” that is beautiful
Gerry Covarrubias (2 days ago)
Coca is plant and opioid
Bobby Riley (2 days ago)
You're making bracelets in necklaces out of tabs from beer cans you learn that in jail people do that all the time you're not a sir font or some kind of Genius LMFAO
Carlos (3 days ago)
5:49 thicc af
ShadowMare Z (3 days ago)
"You're gonna have to put your tent up after they're done jamming"....HAHA, I love how VICE just sends this LA Hipster chick to go camp in the woods, and her words "A prissy bitch from the City who can't even handle a BUG"...Smart one Vice, like usual.
Carson L (3 days ago)
Why did they send the cyber radlib lesbian to go camp with stoners in the woods
miss racist vancity hall emery shill job cant stand these new found warriors of groups individualism gone
this shill job does vice only employ binary lesbo this chick all I ask stay away from gambier or Robert's creeks
Kenneth Dokus (3 days ago)
As much as I wouldn't want to drink that smoothie,We need to be trully free on this Earth again.And these guys have the right idea. I'd like a world where drugs are legal. No one should tell you what to put in your body. So have different camps with different montras. Live and let live
Hill Side (3 days ago)
Letting that bar hit dirt just broke my heart. Had to go give my chainsaw a hug.
Heathen Wolf (4 days ago)
ah yes, Much Anarchist, fucking up the woods, throwing trash and Litter everywhere, typical ill-disciplined leftists.
Not feeling it.
Lukulius (5 days ago)
The guy takes a magic mushroom, starts up a chainsaw, and cuts away bushes, promising start!
David Eaton (6 days ago)
I would live here tomorrow! I'm just curious what do they do or where do they go if someone needs medicine or gets hurt? Also what do they do when it's winter in Canada? So cold! Very curious about living here. Looks like paradise to me. Next time Vice send me!
dalmatiangirl61 (6 days ago)
This looks like it could be a great place, if a bunch of decent people went in there and kicked the losers out!
Totally not the FBI (6 days ago)
22:15 what 😂
Phillip McCarter (6 days ago)
How would one contact Mr. Poole?
The King Khan & BBQ Show - I'll Never Belong. is the song the end if anyone was wondering.
Richard Nance (7 days ago)
These disgusting degenerates should be conquered and put to work, their land taken and made productive or left to nature, depending on convenience.
Tov Aanonsen (5 days ago)
So how exactly did they hurt you or anyone else? By acting strange?
Ducky Parker (7 days ago)
Hmm. Butthole flashing and poo poo pot. Not for me.
Mike Hoont (7 days ago)
Soooooo Manisha and? Where Cali's homeless wander off to. Could someone make the old man into a smoothie and feed him to the crustaceans?
anon ymous (7 days ago)
really nice to be white!!!!! if people of color did this we would be shot! labeled militant, but blacks and latinos are criminals? we pick your veggies! and u have meat bc of us!!!! i have no sympathy! get a fucking job!!!!
Jim Kavanagh (8 days ago)
Looks like mostly mentally ill people that could use a hand.
robert plaza (8 days ago)
whom did she blow to get this job on vice
cat terrell (8 days ago)
The Smoothie................still laughin..................lol
thakid760 (9 days ago)
Fukk face is RAD
Kelly Bowen (10 days ago)
You know why these people have been around so long? Because the Sherrif haven’t rolled in yet and busted them for having LSD and mushrooms. Then here comes vice to put them on tv screens and fuck up their whole commune. And I’m ok with that.
bahilleli (10 days ago)
*Why would they call Cocaine and heroin SYNTHETIC ?!* They are every bit as "natural" as LSD or Mushrooms! Cocaine is a Coca lead extract, morphine is an alkaloid found in the seed pod of the Opium Poppy (Papaver Somniferum) - and heroin (diacetyl morphine) is just morphine that's been acetylized to make it cross the blood-barrier faster... Cyanide and formaldehyde are "natural" too -- that's not a good measuring stick.
Vincent Sleeves (11 days ago)
Yo manisha seems chill
willthefish55 (12 days ago)
This is why Canada is the best
Morgan McSweeney (12 days ago)
Me and my family don't have our own home and I'm going through a lot of mental things I wish we could live there but my family would never let us
Jael Pyykönen (12 days ago)
They seem pretty happy and chill
John The King Robinson (12 days ago)
Was nice of vice to let this 12 year old Indian boy to make a video on drugs.
El Pachuco Loco (12 days ago)
The indians will kill them all
Jonathan Scott (14 days ago)
Eduardo Galvão (14 days ago)
Does anyone know the name of the song 5:12? I'd be very thankful!
Eduardo Galvão (8 days ago)
+Olijuana thank you!
Olijuana (8 days ago)
People people by the comfortably sauvage :) watch?v=tD1Tz6GfMfQ
Yes, they are drugs. Drugs can be used for good, or abused. People need to quit shying away from that. A drug is a mind-altering substance... they're clearly drugs. Not all drugs are created equal and none should be overused or abused.
P Davis (14 days ago)
That shenis kinda looks dual purpose.
Jen (14 days ago)
Brought to you by Soros! Vice is total Disney dog shit.
Hales Rymel (16 days ago)
That old guy is so cute, but dude. Just because food has been fermented doesn't make it kimchi.
Lex Barlin (17 days ago)
this was amazing
John Schauder (17 days ago)
Never trust a geriatric on mushrooms with a chainsaw.
John Schauder (17 days ago)
The problem with communism is that it never goes well when it is scaled up.
Krystine Adams (17 days ago)
its free to live and camp here but we just ask for 10 dollars a day man
lizzie (17 days ago)
how beautiful and inspiring :^) does anyone know the song at the end ?
Monique Marilyn (17 days ago)
You've got to be a boss to be a straight chick and use a she-nis especially in front of a straight dude. Hot damn that threw me off for a second!
FrostyStones (18 days ago)
6:05. Now that is a thick piece. Bet she can shake that ass.
But fish poo and pee in the ocean too. What do we do about that?
Thad Dunkin (18 days ago)
I love Manisha....
NIck Harris (18 days ago)
4:44 “you got it man” 😂😂
Sam Osho (19 days ago)
Lmao bro said I’m baked as fuck😭😭
Kenneth Torres II (20 days ago)
24:45 great evolution
moloha21 (21 days ago)
Κουφάλες που θέλετε να λέγεστε και άναρχοι .....κβαντικοί είστε ...
Young Kipp (21 days ago)
Bulma @5:11
Dalmacija (21 days ago)
Forest is full of their trash FFS!!!
Um dear people of poole.. expect my arrival shortly.
infinus5 (22 days ago)
most of these people show up for the Arts Wells festival every august. Its funny seeing these people on VICE.
Bradley Richardson (22 days ago)
18:16 what song is that lol
Zucchini Records (22 days ago)
I would love to live there. i don't like violence and division between people so I think i could really love the place
darin martin (23 days ago)
Love the video I live in bamfield just across from tofino I thought it was a beautiful video. But you sent the wrong person, why send someone who’s afraid of bugs?
Kori Woiwod (23 days ago)
This is life goals!!!
D0g3Styl3 (23 days ago)
Do not ever give that women a chainsaw again.
Breanne Lampert (23 days ago)
He's a living, breathing McConaughey character.
Simone Hale (24 days ago)
Best episode of VICE i have seen yet!
Street Level (24 days ago)
Michael Poole aka Ed harris...
Neil Maccannell (24 days ago)
Skids and degenerates lmao
Julian McGann (24 days ago)
To be a place that is so free, so adamant in its promotion of self love and empathy...it isn't very racially diverse. Hmm.
Y’all making the comments section boring. Be original. Enough with quoting what the guy said about “yet you choose to suffer.” You all have also read the comments section and saw it quoted 100 times too. Be creative, go different ❤️
I do not see you as a “prissy city girl”- at all. City girl, maybe. Prissy, no. Even dolled up. No offense.
Amanda Mandigo (24 days ago)
I totally want to go hangout with these guys. They are awesome!!
Grayson Sloane (24 days ago)
I’m going
marjiuana smoker420 (25 days ago)
That old dude is fuckin nasty bro 😂
Jerissa Martinez (25 days ago)
He goes by the name 'Fuckface'
flying cardinal (25 days ago)
i really dont like vice reporters, this one is not cool
Sa m (25 days ago)
*you can't skydive from the couch*
Justin Kelly (26 days ago)
Anybody else see all those good fishing spots? That's where I'd be the whole time fishing.
unsub (26 days ago)
cenobyt3z (26 days ago)
This is Canada's equivalent of Slab City in the States.
Shea Seeber (26 days ago)
Hamilton Morris should of been the one to visit! The guy from Hamiltons Pharmacopeia Vice series.
Jacob Cooper (7 days ago)
"Learn what's important and what's not" Yeah, let us forget about the importance of things like modern day plumbing. They're asking for a new black plague. Good ol' communism.
Heropk5 (27 days ago)
bravo to the bro who moved to get away from bad influences in his life.
Sara Kate (27 days ago)
Alright SO.. All the NATURAL drugs he mentioned ARE all still DRUGS. A drug in MY definition at least being ANY mind or mood altering substance. Plus tons of drugs are natural at SOME point.. Just tweeked by humans here and there lol. But so.. by HIS take on things.. Opium should be legit. Hell as an opiate addict ID FOR SURE be down to go live in the woods, worry free, and smoke opium for the rest of my life! BRING IT ON! I wonder what his take on alcohol is then also.. Alcohol is natural. But obviously the good stuff we drink is all tweeked by humans. So.. Do they make like.. Prison type toilet wine there and drink it? Just because "ITS NATURAL?"
Mr. Knurft (25 days ago)
Just because the government says it's bad doesn't mean it's true
Sara Kate (27 days ago)
This chick was A TERRRIBLE choice to do this one vice! I mean.. She said PORTO POTTIES! Obviously a very sheltered millennial who is ALSO QUITE UNentertaining to top it all off! Wow.. And disrespectful to these people in MANY ways i keep noticing the more i watch. And Ugh.. Her talking about that thing she used to pee.. Saying how it was like her having a penis and so it DISGUSTED her and she was gonna get rid of it like.. Ok Vice. GET RID of her. Her feminism is SO fucking annoying and at a level where NO ONE is gonna like this bitch! FIIIREE HERR PLEASE!
Teejaay (27 days ago)
Incredible ❤️ Beautiful ❤️
GIVE ME MONEY (28 days ago)
they chose the worse person to visit there
Mr. Wells (28 days ago)
28:43 real talk.
Bajoobie Cuzican (28 days ago)
I kinda wish I were able to let go like these folks do. Maybe when I'm old and DGAF!
Flexurias Alex (28 days ago)
Anyone knows the song from 5:01?
jonathan bacon (29 days ago)
The town can get bent

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