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ii☆IMhome|2 new couches!! Urban Outfitters denim sofa & Article sven leather sofa

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getting in the apartment is just the beginning. then you need furniture. i decided to go room by room. the living room was last, lol. no where near done. but the sofas are a start! like if you like. it's ok. :-) and subscribe to see more. denim sofa - urban outfitters sven tan charme sofa - article Thank for stopping by. ---Ishona
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hugo jordan (2 months ago)
About the Sven sofa from Article. Looks gorgeous, and I know you've already said it's holding up pretty good, and that it's a firm cushion. But for real, how comfortable is it? Do you find yourself lounging for hours on it? Is is so comfortable you can easily fall asleep on it? Would love to get your input, especially, since it's been a few years now. thanks!
J P (5 months ago)
Thanks for the Sven couch review
Shekhar Moona (7 months ago)
Is the back made of the same leather?
IshonasInbox (7 months ago)
Garrett Watts (10 months ago)
This video was so helpful! Ty 💕
Jonathan Ben (1 year ago)
Nice Crib!!! Looks homey! Just got ours today , Article Sofa definitely worth the wait smells just as it looks.... Great!!!
PearlinBloom (1 year ago)
Do you still like the article sofa? Has it held up ? Looks so pretty here.
IshonasInbox (1 year ago)
PearlinBloom yea, it's still cute!
John Goraczyk (1 year ago)
Thinking of the blue one for my office, is it comfy? PS: You're one of the cutest things I've ever seen...marry me? Im rich...no wait, I'm housebroken! Cheers
IshonasInbox (1 year ago)
John Goraczyk hiii😊 lol, thank you Yea it's comfy, and a dark color would be safe for a high traffic area.
Rae B (1 year ago)
Grace lee Taylor (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing the video! I’m wondering if the couch from article is getting easily scratched? You know those couches that you can scratch with your nail and it creates marks on it. Is your couch scratch proof? I have two dogs and I want to know if the leather is protective or not. Your answer will help me so much. Thank you!
IshonasInbox (1 year ago)
Well not my color for the oily hair. Blue or brown or black wud be ok
IshonasInbox (1 year ago)
Joe T it isn't scratch-proof but the scratch kind of goes away if you rub it, like it almost looks better with the faded scratchs if that makes sense, like good leather. BUT if it's a scratch that would cut the leather like an actual hole, I wouldn't even want to think about that. I don't think it's a sofa to get if you have babies or dogs... Or oily hair LOL. You'll just be worried all the time
Mandyshareslife (1 year ago)
How long was the shipping?
IshonasInbox (1 year ago)
like a month think. felt like forever, but I hadn't had a couch for almost a year already so, what was a month, u know. it was worth the wait
sputnic (1 year ago)
Nice video . Do you still like your nice Article sofa ? I want to buy a sofa bed fro them . Thanks
IshonasInbox (1 year ago)
I feel like I like it more now that im not acting all scary cuz it was new. lol
teruterubouzu (1 year ago)
How do you feel about the Sven leather sofa now? It's so hard to find reviews from people that have had it for awhile.
Destiny Moore (1 year ago)
Did you assemble the sofa from Article?
IshonasInbox (1 year ago)
Destiny Moore hi there! noooo, I paid the extra for them to come inside [ayo] and set it up.
sexiimamii808 (1 year ago)
I want this sofa! But it the fabric material How is it holding up? Is it comfortable?
sexiimamii808 (1 year ago)
the one from article, sorry shouldve clarified!
sexiimamii808 (1 year ago)
was thinking of getting it in the velvety material. just wanted to know if it was comfortable and such before commiting
IshonasInbox (1 year ago)
sexiimamii808 which 1, denim or leather. leather still looks brand new. denim 1 too, u can wash the denim tho, like. It comes off. like denim pillow cases
Natalie Wilson (2 years ago)
I just bought the same couch from Article. LOVE it! <3
Andre Melandray (1 year ago)
is it still holding up? been on the fence about this sofa for months on reliability level.
IshonasInbox (1 year ago)
Natalie Wilson Twinzie! 😁
Natalie Wilson (1 year ago)
extremely :)
suvariboy (1 year ago)
Natalie Wilson -- I want it. Is it really comfortable?
Im Ni (2 years ago)
Love your videos! I'm moving to Brooklyn soon, what range is your rent in? My budget is about 1350 and I want to live alone. Do you think that's doable? Thanks!
IshonasInbox (1 year ago)
Yea, for a studio.
sami1236522 (2 years ago)
What do you think of your Urban Outfitters sofa? I was looking at the same one but wasn't sure about the comfort and quality of their furniture
sami1236522 (2 years ago)
Awesome thanks so much! Wish they had this furniture in their stores to try out :/
IshonasInbox (2 years ago)
sami1236522 quality is pretty good. very good i'd say. not that fake cheapy wood that swells. it hasn't even loosened since I put it together. it's really like a bench with cushions tho, so sometimes the cushions slide about. expected. comfort is personal, so I don't know how to answer, it is firm, not bricks, my butt doesn't hurt after a while, but I like firm. it's in my foyer, a chill couch, no scared to mess it up. u can even wash the denim covers. I have slept on it, knoooocked out. and am more likely to sit here than the leather one. I wanted a denim sturdy lounge type sofa, this was perfect for me.
K-1 M-2 (2 years ago)
I recently came across your blog vidoe on the Article Sven sofa, ive had my eyes on the same same sofa for some time but im just wondering how it's holding up ??
K-1 M-2 (2 years ago)
does it stain, fade easly
Maggie Ling (2 years ago)
Hi, I am curious about the Sven sofa, certainly looks amazing. Just wondering how firm it is and how it's holding up? I prefer a firm sofa and am worried this one will sag
Maggie Ling (2 years ago)
IshonasInbox Thanks a lot!
IshonasInbox (2 years ago)
Maggie Ling and yea, its firm. not like a wood board but definitely not a sink into the center type sofa. ur body is supported. that 1 cushion goodness 😊
IshonasInbox (2 years ago)
Maggie Ling holding up well, hasn't started sagging, but i do wanna get a ... i dont know what it's called but its like a sofa-firmness-keeper, lol. I randomly saw it on amazon. u put it under the couch cushions to keep them firm and I was like hmmmm. cuz i wud be so sad if this started sagging. I also put a blanket on the back to avoid hair oil, and when im on it im usually laying on a blanket. lol im very protective of it cuz who wants an ugly couch!
Kristin Steenstra (2 years ago)
Is the Sven sofa the regular length or the smaller 72"? Thanks, looks lovely!
Kristin Steenstra (2 years ago)
Thanks! Same colour. Can't wait.
IshonasInbox (2 years ago)
K Star I bought the $1799 so i think i have the bigger 1. the 88 inch... which makes sense, cuz my rug is 5x7 (84 inch) and it's just shy of being a perfect match up. omg which color are u thinking about getting?
Nia Love (2 years ago)
I admire you so much 😊😊😊
Luca280 (2 years ago)
I think you helped make my decision. Going with the chocolate brown. THANKS!
IshonasInbox (2 years ago)
Luca280 you'll love it!
Tu Nguyen (2 years ago)
thinking about ordering that same sofa. How's it holding up?
IshonasInbox (2 years ago)
Tu Nguyen leather- still gorgeous. like day 1. I have had no regrets with it. denim- still cute, just have to be careful on it , don't wanna mess it up with oil in my hair, [castor oil queen] cuz u cant really get that out but u can wash the denim covers for anything else so that's a plus. still didnt want anything else there
ariiluvsherbadly (2 years ago)
Your place is really cute!!! The leather sofa is nice!! Your place is coming along nicely! I'm found you bc I was looking up acure reviews. I've subbed your channel as well :-)
IshonasInbox (2 years ago)
ariiluvsherbadly awww thanks new friend!

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