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Safety Videos - 10 Commandments of Workplace Safety

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Safety videos and free safety videos. Why buy this package at https://www.safetyvideoshop.com.au/shop/b-instant-downloads/safety-induction-video/? This safety video is called "The 10 Commandments of Workplace Safety" - it features many current WorkSafe/WorkCover themes (e.g. keep talking the safety talk, it doesn't hurt to speak up, the most important reason for workplace safety isn't at work at all). This is one of the world's most simple, complete and popular safety training and induction training tools (thousands sold and used every day). All packaged with a heap of training PDFs and supplementary videos. Download it at the above payment page immediately and have a thorough and easy to use training plan in 5 minutes' time if you need it. Safety videos don't need to be long and boring! For full length preview & free safety video downloads, visit us at the Safety Video Shop website above. But if you are here looking for free safety videos, check out a new website called www.safetyvideostore.com - there you will discover a plethora of free workplace safety training for free download. Did you read all the way down to here? Looking to buy? After you have purchased this package, send me a direct personal reply email, and I will send you a Manual Handling video package worth $385 Australian Dollars for free.
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Text Comments (14)
Mitre Male (5 years ago)
Rodilso Pedro (5 years ago)
Very Good buddy... My name ir Rodilso from Brazil and I work as work safety technician at AMBEV COMPANY.... Our safety is very import...
Alaina Dos-Anjos (5 years ago)
my bf works as a chef......i always fear that this will happen to him :'(
hazmat46 (6 years ago)
very nice info, I am linking it to my site! Thanks
Ben Ordonez (6 years ago)
Great Vid , safetyroom
MrSuresh1963 (6 years ago)
Is there any safety officer working without salary? Be practical, to prepare this video, the company might have spent lot of resources including man power? why do you need free of cost everything?
Stephen Chase (6 years ago)
Nice safety lessons!!
Lesego Senosi (6 years ago)
Am learning more than I thought I would! nice piece here! keep on offering these lessons.
Dibby59 (6 years ago)
Ye Gods I thought this was Campbell Newman our new Queensland State Premier.
Scapone2001 (7 years ago)
Are you the guy in the video? Are you from Australia or UK?
RW (7 years ago)
@SafetyVideoShop Are you saying that the money is way more important than human life? I understand if a company commissions you to do a safety video.. Anyway the video was good and clear. Though it could save more peoples if it would be free.
Turtle's Trench DRTURL (7 years ago)
You put together a good video for worker safety and only offer a snipit for viewers and want to he rest purchased? I hope those who haven't seen the rest of your "Commandment List" don't get hurt
Christopher Marr (7 years ago)
the finger part was nasty, dude
Greg Levine (9 years ago)
Nice bass playing. A little Jaco-esque, I think, together with some Stanley Clarke.

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