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Bitcoin Price Prediction by Experts (Long Term)

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2018 for bitcoin wasn’t something we expected, but there is the reason why it happened what it happened. Bitcoin was in the bubble in 2017, it skyrocketed by 1,800% reaching its all time high, it would make sense if we would reach some major pull back, which we did. In this video I will give you top predictions for Bitcoin for the long term by experts. 💰Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Aimstone 🚀Let’s connect on Steemit: https://steemit.com/@astakhiv92 =================================================== 💰Get a Coinbase Wallet! - https://www.coinbase.com/join/5a4bf25... Sign up! 💰Get a Binance Wallet! - https://www.binance.com/?ref=21867060 Sign up! =================================================== ★ Any donation is highly appreciated. 🔑 BTC Wallet Address: 16EtKHG2rwH2NqA4MniK4JRhzPyv5AeiER 🔑 ETH Wallet Address: 0x1db0fa9a379e46cb205a39a0766e30d3e3d0d11e 🔑 LTC Wallet Address: LRcmBavhskBURqmw1sujV5LS8WUPvfaNj8 =================================================== ➤ Apple Stock Dropped by 40%: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ps9jq2ZBPVA ➤ Bitcoin and Stock Market prediction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApKmIip8VIA ➤ Bitcoin vs Gold: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zADdbNXxzo ==================================================== Thank you so much for watching! ====================================================
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Text Comments (189)
Tanec Tanec (4 days ago)
nobody knows nothing, stop predicting, its ridicolous
Hello Corp (5 days ago)
Because of knts like you so many people hodled bit coin down from 20k. Lol
Alpha Omega (8 days ago)
Due to speculation BTC for the long run is interesting when it is under USD 1000. For day traders the price is not important. Only adoption of BTC and other cryptos in society as an important technology can bring it higher again.
Teddy Sundin (9 days ago)
Plenty of people will be millionares in a couple of years. We should build a skybar on the moon
Aimstone (8 days ago)
O K (9 days ago)
Bitcoin can’t surpass gold... a digital asset can never surpass a physical asset. Water will surpass gold... that’s a more realistic scenario. However bitcoin will gain value.
O K (9 days ago)
Aimstone unless you become digital... you are still tied to the real world. Digital assets serve a purpose but if you’re not paying attention to the world from a physiological perspective and only digital and we all start to address the change in the world in that manner, we are doomed as a species.
Aimstone (9 days ago)
Why is that so? World become more digital.
Jannib Andelo Bayutas (10 days ago)
I don't believe any of them. $1 billion in 100 years! Hold it some more.
SamJigga (6 days ago)
Aimstone (10 days ago)
Wonderboy (10 days ago)
70% in Digibyte 20% Bitcoin 10% spread throughout other alts... ADA, NEO, OMG, ETH, ZRX.
Glinda Quinn (10 days ago)
Talks of hitting the dip already, capitulation and a quick mooning and a whole lot of other technical jargons in first quarter is all we hear lately but that just goes to show how unpredictable, and unstable bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are in general. Bitcoin for instance, was was supposed to be a medium of exchange and a store of value which is what almost everybody practices with hodling. Bitcoin will continue to dip into a bottom it may never recover from as long as people continue to hold its majority. Also, the whales will continue to manipulate it for their own long term purpose but then Mr Sebastain made me understand something which has greatly helped me improve, ant that is, trading is a far more certain means of growing your portfolio because holding with uncertainty is only playing in the murky waters of the whales and must be discouraged if you truly want to make great earnings. With the combination of a good working strategy and daily signals, you can easily do what you may never acquire even in several years of holding. This prompted me to start using his signals and it turned out to be invaluable to me and i don't think i will at any given time hold more than a few of my coins again. If you are not sure of what to do for consistent profit, or need any assistance, i am sure Sebastain ( sebastainfield @ Gmail) will be willing to assist you too. Always try to be open to what works and not what everybody says and you will do well as the fact is that the majority of those that seem great at trading are just speculators hoping like everyone else working now.
Yashiro San (7 days ago)
Waylon Lindsey (10 days ago)
When someone mentions the word “BTC”, I get the smile on my face immediately. I can safely say that for my smile Sebastain trading Signals. 8 months with him already. First I was on gold package, now I am on Platinum.
John Crypto (10 days ago)
Chekov is now into bitcoin
Today Tomorrow (10 days ago)
I agree with the last guy. I also can see BTC reaching 750$ or more realistic 1500
VIMIDIA CORP (9 days ago)
Don't think so..
hellyeah66613 (11 days ago)
Monkey Magic (11 days ago)
Bitcoin could well be "digital gold" , but Cardano is technically superior an many ways and much more likely to make a better return on investment than BTC over the next year or so.
Aimstone (11 days ago)
Time will show.
Michiel Van Kets (11 days ago)
not something you expected, yet I sold at the top ... speak for yourself
Aimstone (11 days ago)
Good for you!
Yup Yipee (11 days ago)
1$ Satoshi In 2030
RUwatching (11 days ago)
Who knows
JuicyVeganDwarf (11 days ago)
What’s poppin 👌🏽
mr fool (11 days ago)
Winlevoss twins prediction is believable
Randy Jones (11 days ago)
Anyone who makes Bitcoin price predictions without doing so through the lens of the asset bubble cycle is doing it wrong. Tim Draper, Bobby Lee, and Max Kaiser seem to have the strongest grasp of this boom/bust bubble cycle pattern. My personal opinion is that, outside a major external stimulus, the Bitcoin price is going to be flat for most of 2019 and into early 2020. As we approach the halving in mid 2020 the price will start to gently rise. This slow rise will continue until we hit $20,000 and new ATH in the first half of 2021. Then the next bubble cycle will begin reaching a peak between $200K to $400K in late 2021 or sometime in 2022. Then it will crash again bottoming out around $30k to $40k. Then we start all over again. Rinse and repeat until people start valuing their assets in terms of Bitcoin as opposed to fiat money. At that point the dollar conversion rate will become less relevant, therefore the purchasing power of Bitcoin will become more stable. This may take several decades to happen. Again this is just my personal opinion based on my own observations.
Tibor Z (11 days ago)
All these people who are "predicting" bitcoin to the moon are very early speculators. So, by that said whatever they say is called: A conflict of interest. Just keep in mind when you will sit on your losses. From good investments(not speculations) you never hear anywhere. It's kept in the biggest secret. The rest called "pump and dump" schemes or at the best case "marketing". Now the point of marketing is you might wonder is to create sales for that particular product. Hmmm...let me think! Where the hell I red that the BTC market is owned my a handful of people?
Tibor Z (11 days ago)
I never saw so many dreamers in one place!
James Samuel (11 days ago)
you said it all , but instead of trying to get my head around the whole trading thing, I just go with a portfolio manager who handles my account while I go about my days job
Christian Ordeanbak (11 days ago)
Hey that's super cool i need some one to manage my account ?
malski826 (11 days ago)
Who the heck is going to purchase it at 100k++++++.
Aimstone (11 days ago)
Should have Asked someone 5 years ago who the hack was going to purchase it at $1,000
Steven Hubbs (11 days ago)
I like the predictions by Steve from Crypto Crew University; he said "$5000 end of Jan 2019; $2000 early March 2019 (bottom); $3600 to $3700 May and Sep 2019 highs; $2500 Nov 2019 low; Golden cross where 50 dma crosses over 200 dma by 12/25/19; $4000 12/31/19; $10000 12/31/20; $20000 3/31/21; then expect a spike to the end of 2021 similar to what happened in 2017; that would put BTC in the $200K to $300K range"
eric burns (10 days ago)
+Wonderboy agreed, but no ETF or regulation has been approved yet. So sure, we can still go down. I mean when ETF and regulation is green lighted
Wonderboy (10 days ago)
eric burns ya for sure, but all the interest still brought it to 3k and I believe we will break it closer to 2k. I don’t think it really matters, it’s all human emotion time and time again.
eric burns (10 days ago)
Steve is going off 2014/2015 bear market. Back then though, there was not the interest of today. ETF's and regulation could change that pattern. That would be my only argument to what he is saying. Time will tell!
ripRAProo To-The-Moon (10 days ago)
Wonderboy the channel is awesome the guy knows his shit , get on board you will not be disappointed 👍
Wonderboy (10 days ago)
Steven Hubbs Ha, same here. Cool, thanks👍🏻
E Johnson (11 days ago)
I love the videos regardless of the greeting. Love informative videos
Aimstone (11 days ago)
Freeursoul Park (11 days ago)
Lolz dude I love your slightly different intro each time. Ima use that to 1st person I meet today, what's popping guys~
Aimstone (11 days ago)
Haha thanks!
all in one (12 days ago)
happy to know that no one is predicting for 2019 👍👍👌👌
Aimstone (12 days ago)
the one (12 days ago)
if we are at 5500$-6000$ around april, may 2020 then expect bitcoin to hit 45-50k end of 2020 if we are at higher levels mid 2020 then expect higher 2020 year end results vice versa if we have lower levels of bitcoin mid 2020.
Hossein Lotfian (12 days ago)
No one has been able to predict any thing any time. The all time high last year was a bubble and market is still correcting itself. The market growth is dependent on mass adoption, technology development and regulations. Once these happens market will grow. I would invest what i can afford to loose in top ten or five currencies and hodle. Chances are good for earning some good cash in the next couple of years.
Alphonse Capone (12 days ago)
What is poppjn? My pills! Oooohhhhhj yyyeeahhhh😎
Aimstone (12 days ago)
John Pogba (12 days ago)
Whats up guys?
Victor Lus (12 days ago)
12k by the end of 2019
Aimstone (12 days ago)
Will see.
DAVID GODWIN (12 days ago)
Joe Pannu (12 days ago)
The John Mcf part had me ... you sounded so serious lol
yo eddy (12 days ago)
9k end 2019 15k end 2020 40k 2021
sirus312 (10 days ago)
it should move faster if adoption is happening but 9k eoy is reasonable
Kevin DiFilippo (11 days ago)
4K end 2019, 10k end 2020, 40k+ end 2021
yo eddy (11 days ago)
+Anonymous Bitcoin Investor why
Aimstone (12 days ago)
Not bad!
Domenico Giordano (12 days ago)
please for one time, say "hey hey (2 times), what is up guys" or "xej xej, kak delà rebiata?" :)
Dan Alexandru (12 days ago)
Ill buy it at $200 😏
Ryan Carr (11 days ago)
Dan Alexandru good luck lmao
fritz baguio (12 days ago)
This guy makes a good illustration..
Aimstone (12 days ago)
Crypto-Salt (12 days ago)
Bitcoin 100k by eoy
island boy (11 days ago)
none of the so called experts got it right in 2018, all the predictions for likes and subs. dyor people.
carlo0000a (12 days ago)
because no one is expert lol
William Edmondson (12 days ago)
I think Max Keiser is the only realist of the lot. McAfee needs therapy.
Aimstone (12 days ago)
Xiang Yu (12 days ago)
Your accent is mesmerizing
Aimstone (12 days ago)
Roger Olivier (12 days ago)
What's the name of this backup music?, I want it right now ! :-)
do not ride this wave with 1 BTC and think you did smart, get volume. sell something you don't need. do a garage sale and put it all on BTC, at least its an appreciating asset
J Mercy (12 days ago)
Do not do a garage sale to buy BTC, if youre a gambler go for it. Id suggest figuring out what a comfortable amount of money youre willing to lose, as in dropped on a sidewalk or lost somewhere and invest it into bitcoin. Always assume its going to zero, because it very well may.
all of them actually said we will make tons of money in a few years, best to get some once in a lifetime volume now and HODL
Kevin DiFilippo (11 days ago)
Look for 2-3k range, then HODL!
Luminary Wins (12 days ago)
Yes Sir! Bottom line is if you don't own some BTC you will miss out the greatest gains of any market when the next bull cycle occurs! History will repeat.
FUD KILLAH (12 days ago)
Luminary Wins one more leg down most likely
Aimstone (12 days ago)
meatandbeer (12 days ago)
all i can say is that aside from bitcoin there is a fundamentals boom going on. crypto tech is moving forward very nicely regardless of price. eventually, adoption and fundamentals will merge with the price then valuations will organically spike. follow the technology and don't be to concerned with price. in 5 years all our current valuations will be eclipsed
Alex P (10 days ago)
Yes, and in the mean time gobble it up!
Jacki33 (10 days ago)
Well put.
meatandbeer (11 days ago)
+Alphonse Capone thank you mr. capone
Alphonse Capone (11 days ago)
Great summary!
Truce (12 days ago)
Well at least he said "by the end" of 2020 lol he has 2 yrs left lol
Truce (12 days ago)
Aimstone hahaha yeah i know, he said like 78k or something, that guys predictions are way off, he is gonna have to eat his eggplant lol
Aimstone (12 days ago)
Truce he made another prediction which was supposed to happen by the end of 2018 and it didn’t happen.
Truce (12 days ago)
What is poppin??? Naw .... “WHAT IZZZ UPPP GUYYZZZZ!!!” Wooooo hahahah
Truce (12 days ago)
+Julio Venchandlers Exactly!
Julio Venchandlers (12 days ago)
Myself I prefer what is up guyz!! alerts me what is commming is good inf.
Aimstone (12 days ago)
Truce Haha got you.
Truce (12 days ago)
Aimstone “what iz up guys” is legendary and is your signature phrase, thats why it caught me off guard when i heard it lol i have seen other comments saying “what is up guys” its catchy and i think other viewers agree. Poppin caught us off guard like that time you tried that different voice lol great vids keep up the good work, ima keep watching either way! “WHAT IZZZZ UPPP GUYYYSSSS!!”
Aimstone (12 days ago)
Which would you prefer? lol
Crypto KO (12 days ago)
10 million by 2025
TheArtilleur (11 days ago)
10million by 2100 ok i think
Dom Greene (12 days ago)
Aimstone (12 days ago)
Crypto777 (12 days ago)
BTC is the future ALO
Aimstone (12 days ago)
Ivan Oliyar (12 days ago)
I like it!
Aimstone (12 days ago)
Boris Bobola (12 days ago)
MTcoiner (12 days ago)
Still loving the content 👍👍👍
Aimstone (12 days ago)
Thank you!
Frank Piterson (12 days ago)
Lets see... I think it will grow.
Julio Venchandlers (12 days ago)
Question...Who Would want to pay for a bitcoin +10k if one can buy altcoins cheaper and multipurpose or uses Example Eos, tron, Ada, Stellar, iota,Bnb, neo, nem, etc? Price Would be diluted so It dos not mátter the 21M any more ???
HeartFilledHatred (10 days ago)
+Fis Tendo Good point. But we must distinguish the wealth centralization from the node/mining relative centralization. Only time will tell...
Fis Tendo (11 days ago)
+HeartFilledHatredlol I see what u did there. Yes but BTC is not truly decentralized as the majority of it is owned by very few people so they can manipulate price a lot. Altcoins with low volume same problem
HeartFilledHatred (11 days ago)
+Fis Tendo You can't double spend it like your "other coins".
Julio Venchandlers (11 days ago)
+Michael Day ...I tell you what...pitch in some more money into Bitcoin BTC so It rises in value a bit more...do not wait
Michael Day (11 days ago)
Julio Venchandlers you might as well go buy some shit penny stocks while you’re at it.
SSVida (12 days ago)
Long time no see!
Dave Robinson (12 days ago)
50K by 2020!!
superman (10 days ago)
+A H what do you mean?
A H (10 days ago)
+superman because you don't any. Lol
Victor Lus (12 days ago)
+superman Too much.
superman (12 days ago)
Only in your dreams yes
Aimstone (12 days ago)
bob ami (12 days ago)
considering BTC is crippled and can't scale doubt it very much that it can reach 20 k again but other coins with big blocks will.
J Mercy (12 days ago)
​+bob ami You are wrong my friend. Bitcoin will reach $20k before any other coin. I'm sure you can create that bet on augurs website, or do you not know what that is?
superman (12 days ago)
Wtf are you smoking? I need that
Astropin (12 days ago)
@ bob ami ... lol
Igoriok190 (12 days ago)
+bob ami time will show.
Frank Piterson (12 days ago)
+bob ami We dont need to scale. how scalable is gold? we just need reliable store of value.
bob ami (12 days ago)
speculators nothing more . they cant even predict when 6k is coming back.
SamJigga (3 days ago)
+J Mercy You probably missed out on the "GAINSSSS" too, because you still have bitcoins and you didn't sell in time. Trust me, sell now, while it's still worth something.
J Mercy (4 days ago)
Congratulations on regurgitating what you heard on the news. Cryptocurrencies are 100% speculative, but everyone knows for a fact if you knew what you knew now you wouldve bought instead being upset, because you missed out on the GAINNSSS.
SamJigga (6 days ago)
+J Mercy I can. 3 years! 3 years from now, after a looong and painful struggle, all cryptocurrencies will be there just for collectors. Under 1$ a bitcoin. 0.36, actually, because most of you stubborn folks didn't sell in time and will still hope "the spike is coming!!!". Sell now, while it's still worth something.
J Mercy (12 days ago)
is that salt? I'm sorry you didn't buy when it was $1, wait, no i'm not, you are. Can you predict when zero is coming?
Mark jackson (12 days ago)
bitcoin not going to move for 2 or 3 years
Tibor Z (11 days ago)
It will move and the direction is south!
Gabriel (12 days ago)
Pffff i hope so man! Because that will give me enough time to buy A LOT ^^
carlo0000a (12 days ago)
you mean 1 year like in 2015, no way it will take longer than last bear market
superman (12 days ago)
Talking out of your ass again. Market always moves.. maybe small but it still moves
Aimstone (12 days ago)
Will see.
Nunya Bizness (12 days ago)
elysiumcore (12 days ago)
I see btc dragging from 3k to 5k all of 2019 then will spike like crazy 2020 * good luck buying Btc 3 years from now
J Easter (9 days ago)
Good job buying the first prototype lol.
Alexandro Piscarious (10 days ago)
In my humble opinion, that it's good to observe the price changes in the longer perspective. The daily changes will tell you something about the coin but not everything. I strongly recommend you to watch the video interview with Dennis O'Neil, who share his predictions and thoughts about the price of the altcoins, like eg Futurocoin - the video is available on the Youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa_3dvO2UL61TE-8JY7Jm4Q
bigman19916 (10 days ago)
John Crypto you know never how high it will go but it’s valuable for sure...All I know is this year will be a good year to enter because no matter how low it goes 2020 and after it won’t be as low as 2019.
John Crypto (10 days ago)
2021 and it will be 352000 per btc
bigman19916 (10 days ago)
Bitcoin Memes I am putting everything on Bitcoin and other top 10 Coins. You know how they say invest what you can afford to lose. Well with me I will invest everything on this. Trust me, I know exactly what I am doing but I’m looking on entering during this year after it drops to its lowest lows (USE TA U FUCKERS!) You either wish for it or just do it.
gg gg (12 days ago)
What is poppin
Your Bitcoin will poppin
Shaikh video (12 days ago)
Downside ... Reverse of pushing
amir awan (12 days ago)
Shut up

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