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SAPPHIRE PULSE Radeon RX Vega 56 - Overview

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Introducing the new SAPPHIRE PULSE Radeon RX Vega 56 - the new performance king in the SAPPHIRE PULSE Series family. Learn more at: http://pulse.sapphiretech.com/en/Vega56.html Join SAPPHIRE at: http://sapphirenation.net http://sapphirete.ch/FB http://sapphirete.ch/Steam http://sapphirete.ch/Adrian
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Text Comments (75)
TheMan XL (25 days ago)
In what position is Bios 1 or 2?
AL Kappacinno (16 days ago)
i also want to know if you find it =)
samghost13 (1 month ago)
samghost13 (1 month ago)
That Fan quick connect is AWESOME!
eCLiPSeJr (1 month ago)
i just got this card can i maybe i turn off the pulse led ?
Walt Kowalski (3 months ago)
still overpriced
Dargon 212 (4 months ago)
I'm happy to see that prices are starting to drop down radically. I bought my vega 56 pulse last week for 450 euros.
Lizzy Grant (2 months ago)
bought mine today for 350 xd
NakedToast (2 months ago)
£300 now with 3 free games (division 2, DMC 5 and RE 2 Remastered)
Chris De Marde (2 months ago)
+Asks me Q! 400 usd is like 530-550 canadian depending on the day.
Asks me Q! (2 months ago)
Chris De Marde What does 600 Canadian translate to in US currency? Cause I got it for 400 US
Chris De Marde (2 months ago)
Yup just bought this for 600 canadian with the game package. Can't freakin wait to get this in my system eh!
erdinç yılmaz (5 months ago)
sorry amd u have no chance against 1080 :) Cheaper ,cooler, faster
Radiation (5 months ago)
Had returned 2 of these. It has one of the loudest coil whine I've ever seen, especially at high FPS. If you have a 100Hz+ monitor, bad luck then.
Uncle Fabio (7 months ago)
Just ordered this and a 1070 Ti for two PC's I'm building. Can't wait to get them (:
Shaga (8 months ago)
I love this card! Gamer here but I do mine cryptonight when not playing. It was getting a bit on the hot side on stock settings but after doing some serious undervolting it's pretty quiet now. <3
Tom Krueger (8 months ago)
will maybe my ghost will see that card because of fucking miners!
Titan Mechanism (8 months ago)
Somebody has to make a waterblock for this. New Vega X.
N1KO (8 months ago)
First GPU for mining.
Mark (9 months ago)
Fuck miners! you are runinig the market!
Wan BerryHD (9 months ago)
i'm so in love with this card..
cherniqhs (9 months ago)
@SapphiteTechnology pls remake the page here http://pulse.sapphiretech.com/en/Vega56.html in the specs it is missing the dual bios and on the pictures it is not shown or mentioned - it is mentioned only and shown in the video. And at least for me this was the thing that makes me think twice before buying it ! Now I am just waiting for the right price and availability in the shop I am usually buying PC parts.
Walt Kowalski (10 months ago)
overpriced card
slawter1342 (10 months ago)
This advertisement doesn't really do much good when card availability is like running into a leprechaun
toppojaiwant (10 months ago)
Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine, Nine, Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine. You know what i'm saying right?
Salad Fingers (10 months ago)
Bagos Perwiro (10 months ago)
Not for gaming, this for miners 😂
Judge Dredd 3D (10 months ago)
R9 Fury Nitro 2.0
kyle bachman (10 months ago)
I hope crypto currency takes a stumble so we can get our hands on these wonderful cards
Limp Set (11 months ago)
Oh waiitt.. Another overpriced mining card.. Hmmm.. Just great..
Cuerex (11 months ago)
navi is around the corner already :(
Erick Illescas (7 months ago)
2019 is around the corner?
NickOmega (11 months ago)
0:56 - Says "Radeon RX Vega 64" on the sticker.. Pulse Vega 64 confirmed?
Andrew Harvey (9 months ago)
Funny how they put that at 56 in the video. On purpose? I think maybe. :)
Technogeek Geek (10 months ago)
NickOmega dude how did u even see that????
Eric Tan (11 months ago)
Please design the 8P on the middle...it's a nightmare to get the cable there...especially if you want to do a good cable management...like the Fury Nitro...and I love the new design that you can replace the fans, for most the time the GPU may have a fan die on it rather than the GPU itself...
aboalwi (11 months ago)
Miners say hello
anayman7 (11 months ago)
Hey look, imaginary product that no one will ever see in the stock
The Technoclast (11 months ago)
Mining issues aside, I appreciate the 4K resolution video.
Joe Dirt (11 months ago)
Wow looks nice i'm sure crypto miners will appreciate it.
Riek Opo (11 months ago)
Ugly ass backplate...
JS J (11 months ago)
Best value oriented your head.
ghanshyam jangid (11 months ago)
Sir please provide original price all card
SlavjanA (11 months ago)
So when's the Nano coming?
TheCooperman666 (11 months ago)
Too bad it will be a million bucks..
André I. (23 hours ago)
Just bought one new for 280$
Etheric Bladeworks (2 months ago)
mm .. 399 US ... not too bad
cherniqhs (9 months ago)
was available on amazon/de for 632 euro on Monday ( but as I was debating with myself if I want a card without dual bios I decided to go for the Nitro edition - the Pulse has dual bios but it is mentioned only here in the vid. Not even once on the special page http://pulse.sapphiretech.com/en/Vega56.html ). So I hope this is the begging of things returning to normal :)
ITX Gaming (11 months ago)
And be available in 2030 :D
Fonis Kechagias (11 months ago)
Happy days for miners !
Haksdo2 (11 months ago)
5144 in TimeSpy, that can't be right? My OCed Fury X, which is a less powerful card, gets nearly 5700 points.
Orleinny Fela (11 months ago)
why do u make these videos if we can't get those cards?
BruDaValoredge (4 months ago)
Because now all vega card are pretty much stock now this is a useful video. 6 months later.
JS J (6 months ago)
Mister X i dont do any crypto mining.
Mister X (6 months ago)
JS J why should we listen what you say? Maybe you are also a miner🤔
JS J (8 months ago)
Kaiser and you are who again? Why should i listen to what u said? They sell it to miners for profit with marked up price due to mining craze. Whats so hard to understand?
D. G. (8 months ago)
JS J next time don't say stupid shit you don't understand
Jerry Metal (11 months ago)
If you do something, they will all die in a mining farm. Therefore the players will go to console
Zeit (11 months ago)
Its beautiful
RL Agito (11 months ago)
doesnt it cost like $1000 and the fans have cheap crooked stickers and are plain black?
Gabriel Fernandez (11 months ago)
Would be nice if I could actually buy one -_- Sold my Fury Nitro waiting for Vega 56 just to get shafted by the whole mining thing
Parabellum Invicta (7 months ago)
strange in germany we got many of these and we got even a discount
OMega Shifter :D (11 months ago)
too bad it won’t be a budget gpu for long...

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