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Anton Kreil - How to Begin a Successful Trading Career

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Text Comments (104)
Michael Southern (15 days ago)
Goldman sex
Holy Science (1 month ago)
what is the full name of Tristan mentioned around 3:30 ?
Tajul Islam (1 month ago)
97th comment
mike devaney (1 month ago)
This dude needs to get a tv show he explains everything so well and keeps it interesting
Lawanduuhhh !! (24 days ago)
He did have a show. Its called million dollar traders
Gary O brien (1 month ago)
What is your opinion on the Efficient Mkt Hypothetis ? And the on-going argument that we live is a world where most markets are semi strong and that Active portfolio Mgt cannot gain a return in excess of the market - concluding that you are better off to put your money into a Passive Inv strategy i.e. some ETF and rely on compounding.....
y9700cc (2 months ago)
Cant take my eyes off that ugly tie
investment tudor (2 months ago)
Thanks Anton
Simon Berg (3 months ago)
Great advice, although I'm bothered by the fact that he buttons both the buttons of his suit. I had higher expectations than that. :(
Thomas De Meyer (9 days ago)
I feel you
AC81 (3 months ago)
djwaters22 (3 months ago)
Question: Anton how often do you buy stocks? Every day or do you wait it out for a better play? Do you suggest being patient more or pulling the trigger more?
Cahyo Prabowo (3 months ago)
he's working for big guy, which always planning their trade 3 months or more before.
Ryan S (3 months ago)
Ever heard of a tripod?
j (2 months ago)
Both of you take it easy.. haha gee mahn
William Henley (3 months ago)
Ever heard of shut the fuck up?
A H (3 months ago)
How come he don't sound like a scouser?
It's Pretty Big (2 months ago)
Cause es a fukin londoner banka m9
William Henley (3 months ago)
Farhad Hoseinpour (3 months ago)
Sir Anton is really a LEGEND in trading!
Xavier Dontigny (4 months ago)
Jack Smith (4 months ago)
Great interview!
Lee Christmas (5 months ago)
Anton is such a boss!!
raymondreamer (5 months ago)
Great looking Team, Anton. Great editing too.
Simon Gray (5 months ago)
Very insightful. The problem with regard to myself is that I have an interest in the industry, but no knowledge of it whatsoever. The jargon common in these videos is like another language to me and I really need a complete zero starting point. I've purchased an investment banking book to get started, but any other platform of knowledge would also be great. Thanks.
romanaround707 (5 months ago)
He looks like Anton Chigurh from No Country for Old Men. Still looking for his million $$$ in the suit case.
LakhTek (6 months ago)
He didn’t answer the question or the title of the video is wrong
erick aversa (6 months ago)
he look older than his age
reiwell del (1 month ago)
Time is relative.
Craigs Corner (2 months ago)
He's 38 too
P Bortoli (5 months ago)
erick aversa Thats what a successful investment banking career does to you.
mr trump (6 months ago)
Dreamers.. You will end up in some shitty grad scheme in pwc or citi bank on close to minimum wage.
Dubhe Alphamajoris (6 months ago)
Money is evil
highwic (3 months ago)
its not money thats evil , its the love of money thats the root of all evil
Steven Dobson (6 months ago)
Looks like he still hasn’t managed to get any sleep
Diem Pardon (18 days ago)
GuerrillaFPS what’s the point? You will die, the world will keep spinning, no one when will remember your name. And you aren’t contributing anything to the profession if society at whole. This is why stock brokers have high suicide rates.
Fabian Torres (1 month ago)
Too busy living his dream looks like. While everybody else dreaming in their sleep.
whydotheheathensrage (1 month ago)
Back in the 80s when i was in my 20's, we would say sleep is over rated. Now almost 60, I have learned that proper sleep is critical to a clear mind and good health. Never underestimate the power of good sleep. Actually, that is where the (subconscious) magic happens.
John Schofield (1 month ago)
1.Sleep 2.Money 3.Social life In life, you can only pick 2 from that list
+ewt415 yep, take your pick
Marcin J. (6 months ago)
Could you define broad education?
Alen Saric (6 months ago)
Anton always has well thought out and articulate comments. Trying to learn to speak like he does lol
William Henley (3 months ago)
Take several small pauses while speaking, it goes a long way
Art Maknev (6 months ago)
When talking about 1-3 months sweet spot timeframe, do you refer to bull/bear markets?
AlphaEchoZulu (6 months ago)
The ITPM framework teaches how to trade successfully regardless of market conditions. With that said, it's much easier to make money in bull markets regardless of your time horizon.
Alen Saric (6 months ago)
Art Maknev I think he was saying to take longer term bets on fundamental factors rather than short term bets on technical factors.
Chris Leng (6 months ago)
The broad education and systematic process are things that nobody can achieve
bertany presty (6 months ago)
Love him!
Jonathan Tang (6 months ago)
Great guy
foggy0511 (6 months ago)
True that,good talk.
Patrick Odhiambo (6 months ago)
You are always an inspiration,, you are the real deal Sir Kreil
John Clark (6 months ago)
Thank you for the idea of long-only portfolio managers. I'm really uncomfortable in shorting stocks because I know that billionaire investors are watching falling stocks so that they can buy it at a cheaper price but I'm good at identifying stock buying opportunity. So I can become a long-only trader because that suits my personality. Thanks for the idea. I'm now confident. I'll just short stocks if 2008 scenario happens again.
JmansFragments (6 months ago)
WOOOW what a legend "ONCE you go over a certain time horizon it stops becoming trading and IT BECOMES investing" Trading to Investing is REALLY skillset that will MAKE YOU TIMELESS if u do it properly and consistently SO powerful
JmansFragments (6 months ago)
i feel THE FEELING of profits when i listen to this man
Josh Samuel (6 months ago)
Jesus loves you.
Sam Forshaw (2 months ago)
And was resurrected on the third day. Amen
j (2 months ago)
Leon Smoke (2 months ago)
Religion is an illusion of a simulation
It's Pretty Big (2 months ago)
Religon is not real.
But Jesus got killed
George Ibrahim (6 months ago)
Jimmy Jerk (7 months ago)
What if you have zero trading experience/background? Are your trainings appropriate for complete newbies?
Intellect (3 months ago)
+Doctor Doc You arr wrong. Those with zero trading experience will already have a certain style or mindset when coming into trading.
Skeptis Trader Bear (4 months ago)
dont listen to a fucking word ANYONE says. watch the market every day and grow a brain that is the only way period
Dimotov Malzer (4 months ago)
that's a brilliant question
bluehorseshoe444 (5 months ago)
Agreed... for my case, my experience and background working in the industry actually worked against me because I was completely uncoachable for years before finally stepping back and being willing to learn. I would say though that having a background in pure mathematics is much better than having a 'general education'
AlphaEchoZulu (6 months ago)
You are not wrong Doc!
Love this dude... How did you figure out the world of trading? ---- antons answer: Started out as a teenager retail trader, then went to University and the was hired by Goldman Sachs but didnt really figure it until the Spectrum.... DAMN THIS GUY IS SO RIGHT! REAL
Heryako Mustofa (6 months ago)
AF Capital What's mean spectrum ?
Alex Carino (7 months ago)
This guy is a beast.
Matthew Eyre (7 months ago)
Very well put together.
Napoléon (7 months ago)
step 1 - be an engineer or a computer
Dom J. Lva (3 months ago)
+Teringventje grapping ikzelf ben beide aan het leren computer wetenschappen en finance en ik kan u verzekeren computers kunnen momenteel mensen niet vervangen in financieel opzicht alleen code van algoritmes kunnen allen worden toegepast.
Teringventje (5 months ago)
^ cute. but soon it will be taken over by computers and monitored by computer engineers. However, they wont earn what traders were earning lol.
Alen Saric (6 months ago)
Napoléon Computers as of now can only process technical factors, that combined with the fact that they’re competing with other computers reduces the arbitrage opportunity since thousands of computers and trading the same opportunities. This has lead to subpar returns from computer trading in recent years
banknotesandcoins (7 months ago)
Very inspirational :)
Kashef Khan (7 months ago)
Anton hits the nail on the head, my first role was a short term fixed income derivatives trader and it never sat well with my personality. Now my average trades last 2 - 3 months and involves strategies that suit my personality much better and the results show.
Peter Karaverdian (7 months ago)
Could not have said it any better than that
Sony Kroket (7 months ago)
We love you, dude!
Thabo Joy (7 months ago)
Anton is so real bro
maxirater (7 months ago)
Anton illustrates again why trading is an art, that its not a formula you can read in a book, because if it was, everyone would read that book and everyone would be a millionaire trader. The whole point of successful investing/trading is to spot underpriced buys because once everyone else spots it its not underpriced anymore. No matter how many people invest in the market there will always be volatility and price movements so there will always be opportunity to make money for anyone who wants to. Its also very important to mention that long term investing is no longer just an opportunity to make money, its a survival skill that everyone has to master as we can no longer trust 401k's to handle our money as they will rob and pillage everything with fees leaving us with nothing at retirement https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNo9HLgbax0
David G (7 months ago)
1. Get a broad education 2. Find sweet spot that suits your personality 3. Get your systematic process right Thank you
Panos Sampa (1 month ago)
+Remi Andre' Pedersen dude plumbers are paid insanely in germany.
Peter Wang (2 months ago)
5. don't get a sleep
Katina HOFFMAN (3 months ago)
David G get a broad education like?
Remi Andre' Pedersen (4 months ago)
My education is a plumber, which I did not follow once, so I have no education, but I'm smart, and have a lot of practice in trade, which works brilliant for me. But education is a GOOD thing.
crazypaco (5 months ago)
4. Buy a suit
zinturis (7 months ago)
I wish I could join you guys and become a trader at ITPM. Maybe one day.
RT222 (7 months ago)
Thank you so much for the amazing advice Anton
Rafał (7 months ago)
Much value here
x (7 months ago)
Where are the bitches?
Jason Ulaner (7 months ago)
Great video! Thanks for the content!
Ron Bhalla (7 months ago)
Anton is the real professional educator! Have already met Tristan as well. ITPM is a golden ticket to insider process / professional into the world of trading. If you are not inside you are outside.
Roy Andrada (5 months ago)
Link to "Tristan"? Anybody?
Gabriel Minville (5 months ago)
Ron Bhalla what’s the conplete name of Tristan?

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