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How To Invest Your Money In Your 20s

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How on earth are you supposed to invest your money, when your young? What if you're in your 20's? Kris invites you into his home, to tell the story of what he did with his money, that allowed him to retire at the age of 26. Watch and Enjoy! Kris Krohn & Nate Woodbury WORK WITH KRIS: ======================== Becoming a successful real estate investor is easier than most people know… as long as you have the right Mentor and the right system. Click here to learn your best options: http://LimitlessMentor.com/TV/ BOOKS By Kris Krohn ======================== The Straight Path To Real Estate Wealth: http://limitlessmentor.com/TV The Conscious Creator: http://amzn.to/2gFEkblLimitless: http://amzn.to/2gLQXoV Be On Limitless TV ======================== Record your questions on video, and join me in a future episode: http://bit.ly/2yO78c7 MUSIC ======================== Tobu - Infectious https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ux8-EbW6DUI Artist: https://www.youtube.com/tobuofficial Licensed under Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 ======================== Video by Nate Woodbury (The Hero Maker) BeTheHeroStudios.com http://YouTube.com/NateWoodburyHero
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Text Comments (8635)
Martin Abdul Jalloh (2 days ago)
Mr. Krohn why is that sword turned down, please explain.
Joe Henderson (2 days ago)
Waiiiit wait wait wait wait.. is that the house from paranormal activity 2?
Pouria Saheb (2 days ago)
it doesn’t look like a rented house at all! i am so convinced
Andrew Glendenning (2 days ago)
Hey Bud, we want to see a garage tour!!!!
Drone Professional (2 days ago)
heyy how does this work for me in the netherlands ?
scazz _786 (3 days ago)
So scripted
Nockout_Nova_ (3 days ago)
I’m 17 right now .. you only need 3% down for house?
Andrew Prouse (2 days ago)
No lol
Joseph Medeiros (3 days ago)
Pyramid systems always target 20 year olds. It's your main demographic,
Joseph Medeiros (3 days ago)
So. I feel you bro it worked for you. But, how you gonna act like house markets dont crash? N your boy helped you. Not all of us have a hands on one on one mentor.
Ali Akbari (3 days ago)
I don't know what his saying
ckompktonero (4 days ago)
I know a person who was in the penitentiary came out got a job started investing in real estate and stocks and other things and now owns 3 properties about to be 4 in big bear and now hes my supervisor at my job and im 21 but he noticed my mentality and he gave me some knowledge on investing so i really believe you
Clix Music (4 days ago)
im 19 turning 20 this year , if i success i retire at 30 :) i am currently earning 0 per day
Evelyn Perez (5 days ago)
Does this even work
Wait what he built that house 10years ago? When he was 16?
DaPrince DM (6 days ago)
I didn’t hear any vacuuming in the video
ItsDavie Baby (6 days ago)
How did he buy a home and get credit while in debt ?
Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. I am very interested on braking the family pattern I lived in, I want my children to do their thing right and I just shared your info with them so that they can get hands on. I loved it!
Josiah Noel (6 days ago)
Most people were taught and trained by the school system to be workers. So maybe he did not explain it totally right, however anyone with a proper entrepreneurial mindset would understand what he's saying.
Danvictor Lofranco (6 days ago)
So life is like Monopoly
David Milian (7 days ago)
If you wanna retire at 20 your worthless
Angelica Xavier (7 days ago)
"Get your hands on a house". Sure, I have $150k laying around.
Zoretsu (8 days ago)
I don't care how much people are hating on this video I want to learn please
Marcos Gonzalez (8 days ago)
You may be retired at 26 but you wear sandals and jeans together so your life accomplishments mean nothing
Rainl_Trix As (6 days ago)
Marcos Gonzalez that’s not how it works lol. Do you see bill gates in designer
Unsaturated Matt (8 days ago)
Who gave you a loan for 110k with that much debt?
Eric Kayanja (8 days ago)
herman shiimi (8 days ago)
Well I really need help from you guys.I'm A college student with huge business ideas but no starting up capital and I'm slowly working on that but I currently can't afford to pay my rent. If you guys really do consider your self as Guinness please do help me out on how to start this. Thank you in advance
TheSlappy101 (9 days ago)
Hey, what if it's too expensive in my area for me to even lease a house, but I'm not willing to move to a new place for this expenditure to work. Should I hire a site manager or just give a renter reduced rent to act as a site manager?
TheSlappy101 (9 days ago)
One seemed more reasonable, but more expensive, where as the other seems more risky. Should I base it off the renter's as individuals?
Nicholas Cheap (9 days ago)
Thank you
Nicholas Seemann (9 days ago)
I'm currently only in my first year of high school. Very glad I took the time to find this knowledge so early :)
Hugh Mann (10 days ago)
In a nutshell, he basically said "become a landlord"
Pyr0Techn1c (10 days ago)
What house rents for 12,000 dollars a month lmao
DuhGreaT (10 days ago)
Pyr0Techn1c no he has a few houses for rent
triple z (10 days ago)
the majority of the video is him flexing
Alexsander (10 days ago)
Ok bro, I'm 24, bout to go take a loan out for 150k and slam it on a house, wish me luck
Jesus Lopez (10 days ago)
So this dude was creating a home and in dept $10,000??what???
Gonçalo Coelho (9 days ago)
Didnt understand either, welp
Joseph Hines (10 days ago)
Be my big brother. Haha. Show me the way. Because so far this life sucks. I want to be able to do more for my family and have more time with them and a better future. Invest in me please.... Sincerely J.
Joy Das (10 days ago)
Hey man I will see what I can do
Prank CJ (10 days ago)
Dude help me out bro. Let’s do business
Vital levson (11 days ago)
i like the energy bro you can even rape an elephant
SmaugYT (11 days ago)
I wish i can meet you one day, you’re amazing.
Vepa Mbatjanguasi (10 days ago)
Really wish I could meet you, you are really an inspiration in life
SEF ALCANTARA (11 days ago)
Im 20, Watching this from Philippines
DaveTechPro (11 days ago)
i'm currently 22 i started almost a year a go after watching your video and now i'm writing a book to advertise it on YouTube earn $1 per book plus YouTube and will become a Million-er in a few years :D
Tasnim Hossain (11 days ago)
Why they don’t teach this in school ?
Jessica Davis (11 days ago)
Im 17
Neptaly Pinto (11 days ago)
You bought houses in what state ? I live in LA it’s crazy expensive out here
funny mouse (11 days ago)
He's just boasting mehn
Mad Progress (11 days ago)
Take a shot everytime he says house
Ig andylaazo (12 days ago)
My dad looks at me crazy when I say I don’t want a regular job
art garcia (12 days ago)
So did he rent every single house out is what he was saying.cause that ain’t easy. Can’t really trust people what if they leave and you need new renters and are left with 2 or more house mortgage ? Or did I not understand properly
art garcia (12 days ago)
Or did he pay off the houses and bought new houses with equity line credit from his homes.
Rishav Sharma (13 days ago)
Did anyone hear maid vacuuming? I didn’t
Tatane Coréenne (13 days ago)
Très amusant !
JAMES (14 days ago)
I think I understand, it’s like drug dealing but house dealing. You work your way up and flip the product no body just moves an ounce in their first day.
WebSapere-it (14 days ago)
1 rule. Rent car and sell video. Rent and sell rent and sell. You should find stupids that buy something from you.
dejan siljak (14 days ago)
how can basement rent cover mortgage ...asuming basement did not need any investment to be living ready..yhis is will never work
Yash Tamhane (15 days ago)
LOL 3% down on a house is hilarious, American Banks will give loans to anybody
suraj dwivedi (15 days ago)
This is very cool Kris!! I am fortunate I came across this lesson of yours. Though I don't know how this strategy is going to work in my country. Need to do study more in it. Thank you for sharing. I feel you are very genuine and have achieved what you say you do. I am a believer.
Gabz59 (16 days ago)
Guy's I'm broke live in Portugal in a city called Viseu population 100,000 would love to get into real estate need help would this work???
ThaJoka98FTW (16 days ago)
15:09 I thought he was gonna say he became a Mormon lmao
Juicello (17 days ago)
Instructions unclear; I ended up broke and living in a cardboard box.
michael medina (17 days ago)
just curious, how were you able to be approved for a loan of $100k?
Greg Jackson (17 days ago)
Forex is the best option. Earning while you sleep is extraordinary.
Michelle Fox (17 days ago)
A major problem with our generation, they all want free wealth, no one is ready to take risks to invest and make a living. Going through comments you'll figure out the low thinking faculty the youths have
Angle JD (18 days ago)
Im 14 and already looking at this sh*t😂im growing old🤧
Gang GanG (18 days ago)
The goat
Michaela De Lima (18 days ago)
This is very true. My father's side of the family gets their income this way and has benefited so much from it
Muamer Klico (18 days ago)
Hey Im 18 and I had entrepeneur spirit for a long time😊 So whats your advice for me. Btw I really like your videos
shane whyte (18 days ago)
Guess I need a millionaire mentor
Alec Lemieux (19 days ago)
How did you buy your second house for 20k?
Overkiller Gaming (20 days ago)
You can still die in a single second...
Ryan Westerlind (21 days ago)
He said there is no luck involved. Then when he is drawing it on the board, he says he purchased a house and there was a newly married couple who lived there who covered the homes mortgage. That right there is like winning the lottery
seclife321 (21 days ago)
So having a few rentals, there's some strange points about your video. You got a house with a basement 'apartment' for only $150k, which is insanely cheap, which usually means the rent there must be low as well. Even at 5% interest, your mortgage payment is $800 a month and I find it odd that someone's paying that much to live in a basement. Also, what do you do if they don't pay? It takes 6 months to legally evict a tenant in some states. With that said, I would change the plan to rent out rooms to several people. That way the cumulative sum is actually more than from a single family.
RiCbob 13 (21 days ago)
Your team ? Hahahahahahahaha
What if i am almoust 18 and all ready have 10k in may bank account i guess its time to start with real steats
Alexander Milito (22 days ago)
mari millennium (22 days ago)
Seriously this man just casually took us on a stroll through his big house 🙄show off
BrandonThaGOD- (22 days ago)
Connor Kenway (22 days ago)
Weird flex but okay..
Brandon-lee Kubano (22 days ago)
really liked this video
White Dawg (22 days ago)
Inspiring video. Im trying to get my third property, need to find a partner to boost it further.
T Y P H O O N 98 (23 days ago)
Im 20...i started trading.. :) ..learning...
Cyrus La (23 days ago)
They're still vacuuming, let's go to the other room (so you can see how nice it is). LOOL🤣
Ethen Marceau (23 days ago)
Honestly the house reminds me of Season 1 of American Horror Story
Jaredcs199 (24 days ago)
Israel Herrera (24 days ago)
Kris! How do I get in touch with you?
Sarah Randall (24 days ago)
Instructions not clear. Microwaved a ball of tin foil now my whole family is dead.
Non Sensical (25 days ago)
Ok did it bother anyone else that he didn’t use a coaster or didn’t pick up the broom
Kenny Miller (25 days ago)
Guys on here like kris keep continuing to motivate me to become financially independent. I just recently made this account and plan on uploading some videos soon. I’m going to be documenting my journey to financial independence if anyone is interested. Keep up the awesome work!
Itzcharlie o (25 days ago)
He’s telling you to become a real estate agent
jonny blaze (25 days ago)
When he was 22 he only had $18,000, which is way below the poverty level..bro... you have no idea what poverty is
style city (25 days ago)
Mehul Ares (25 days ago)
lol where I live poverty level is over 100 grand
like liker (26 days ago)
This guy is such a non likeable person. Such a snickering snob.
R6 NOOB (9 days ago)
like liker how
JamesNathanielVlogs (26 days ago)
How did you manage 25 houses?
OnTheBoost Productions (26 days ago)
Simply put, awsome video , keep it up!💪
Some Weird Guy (27 days ago)
Bmw i8 is a garabage choice of car.
100degrees (27 days ago)
until someone does not pay. Then your F-ed.
Harold Converse (27 days ago)
It’s not that easy and yes luck had a role in it. At least it did for me.
Jamz03 (27 days ago)
You’re a smart man
Mailk Hopkins (27 days ago)
Would you be able to mentor me I am only 16 and eager to learn
Jose Romero (27 days ago)
What carreer is this? Dont they teach this in college??
Bobby John (27 days ago)
Brother i need help, i mean seriously. I'm from India
jedijamesmullady (27 days ago)

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