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Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis August 18 2018

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Bitcoin price prediction. Bitcoin price technical analysis Bitcoin Price Trading Technical Analysis. Verge coin price analysis. Verge price prediction. Verge technical analysis. Bitcoin Crash. Bitcoin Bubble Bitcoin price prediction 2018. 👨🏽‍🚀 Please like, share and subscribe to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-NMqz7ZjbnLET2scbi_YdA 👨🏽‍🚀 Social Media and Contact info: ⌨️Twitter: https://twitter.com/cryptoamd ⌨️Email: [email protected] Disclaimer: The information contained is the authors individual interpretation and should not be understood as financial advice. It is for educational and entertainment purposes. Tags: BTC| Bitcoin Bubble| bitcoin crash|bitcoin price│bitcoin trading│technical analysis│bitcoin chart| cnbc bitcoin| how to buy ripple| tron| litecoin prediction| tron price prediction| bitcoin crash│bitcoin trading analysis│what is bitcoin│binance │bitcoin news│bitcoin price 2019│bitcoin price 2018│verge│ripple price prediction │mtgox|iota|john mcafee bitcoin| bitcoin vs bitcoin cash|tai lopez bitcoin|como invertir en bitcoin|bitcoin drop|bitcoin analysis|bitcoin futures
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Crypto AMD (7 months ago)
Smooth Operator (7 months ago)
Thanks for the answer. Yeah that's exactly why I invested in Wax because I figured out most of the coins that got hyped by youtubers as the "Next NEO, Ethereum killer" all failed to make an impact and since they have a poor marketing on top of it there's a high chance they will never recover. I'd ride that ship to zero, but since there's a high probability that we will fall lower I'm thinking to sell some and re-buy at 5000 to collect more coins. I just hate selling at a loss...
Al DeTrolio (7 months ago)
That's a very good question. Here's my opinion (I do NOT know the answer, but this is my opinion) ...some of the coins may have special circumstances that will keep them afloat for long enough to bounce back even in a normally terminal situation... for example... some coins got started in different ways than the standard ico. They may be connected to an already operating successful business with positive cash flow, or maybe the coin was PRE-invested in a way that gives it funding for a certain length of time, or maybe the owners were smart enough to anticipate market crashes and have already invested what is needed to complete the project so that they still have a slim chance. I know that NEO was an angel investor in HPB, and that HPB has a patented BOE chip hardware accelerator for 1 million TPS that is already designed and built and it was successfully tested last month. So in situations like that, a coin that is now at 25 million market cap (and that should get crushed if bitcoin goes to 4400 or 3000) might still survive because of outside circumstances. I personally do not have enough knowledge of how market structure, stocks, or big business works to tell you if a coin like WAX can make it through or not. My guess is that WAX will make it through and so will HPB... but at the same time i think that some of these alternate platform coins are going to fall to zero eventually and die out. I would love to get further clarification from people who are truly in the know. Usually on youtube people claim to be 'in the know' and only 1 out of 100 of them actually is. Just keep that in mind. Thanks for asking my opinion... but again... I am not 'in the know'... I am simply a critical thinker. Sometimes that is enough, but often in business matters it is not.
Smooth Operator (7 months ago)
Al Detrolio What about coins like Wax? It got destroyed pretty bad, but it's unique and has Mike Novogratz as an investor. It has a lot of potential but if the market goes to 3k not sure if there will be enough liquidity. I don't see a reason why would they want to abandoned such a promising project especially if they got enough resources?
Al DeTrolio (7 months ago)
I think we all would love to know 2 things... not only which coins will survive... but most importatntly... if we look at how far they have fallen (and will fall when we hit 4300 (or worse) what we need to know and consider is this...) Which few coins have the best earning potential as they slowly get back up to some of their regular positions as the market recovers. Because if the coin has hit full bottom, and it's all time high is much higher than another coin, the Xing capacity for one coin might be better than another coin. One coin might only 5X over the coming months while another could do 10X in the same time period because of the drainage it suffered. Yes? LOL ....so a video on thse possibilities could be EPIC, and would probably be your most loved and popular video to date, as well as being your most helpful to us all. Thanks again! :) ...btw- in that respect, I have my eye on Cardano. at 5 cents a coin when we hit bottom, I can see that sucker doing some very steady, serious gains considering it's previous all time high, it's Shelly thing coming out soon, and the fact that it follows the btc price charts very closely. (Icon is in the same boat... but they have not met deadlines, and the coin may have lost too much already. It may go over the edge if btc goes down to 4400.) ...this is the kinda talking points that would be great for the video imho.
the shitcoinkid (7 months ago)
great analysis thank you
John Vu (7 months ago)
Keep up the great work Crypto AMD, greatly appreciate it!
SuperIcon93 (7 months ago)
Thank you for your work !
Fatal Fury (7 months ago)
Your scenario is quite reasonable ,but this is also to obvious! What im thinking and I got a gut feeling that we might pump to 8500 ,forming a double top M shape on daily chart. this will be similar to 2015 double top reversal . After 8500 we go down to 6k once again at this point everyone will think that we bottomed out(as we did in 2015 after double equal top),everyone will long but now the surprise factor will come :break 6k to 5 then 4k ...
Koingo Boingo (7 months ago)
Thanks for the time and sharing your opinion appreciate your videos and if your scenario plays out you just save me some money from jumping on some coins that I'm looking at like OMG ont PPT ICX NAS kind of missed the last couple days hopefully they come back down there again with the new news in China about the vaccination recall vet it's looking like another one that could take off or should I just save my money wait for Bitcoin to drop down down down and just roll everything into that decisions decisions WTF 2DO???
Arnold W (7 months ago)
You should make a video about which Altcoins go to zero in your opinion
TutiorHD (7 months ago)
What's your honest opinion on DGB?
Crypto AMD (7 months ago)
bullish long term
KRM (7 months ago)
thank you very much
Chris Cooper (7 months ago)
got my fiat waiting man thanks for the info
Stacy (7 months ago)
Great outlook and analysis for the market. You really help me put my trading into new perspective 😊
borgilskye (7 months ago)
Possibly would be better to do a video on the coins with the highest risk of failing? Good presentation thanks!
mrroora40 (7 months ago)
Thanks for your analysis. Good stuff
Jon Read (7 months ago)
Withdrawls cured
Comic Vision (7 months ago)
What would be the market cap of Bitcoin if Bitcoin hits 100k. ..is it possible to calculate ?
Comic Vision (7 months ago)
+Sara cookie That means the Bitcoin Bubble Burst market cap would be around 40 Trillion Dollars ....Hmm
Sara cookie (7 months ago)
Algorythm Pictures about 2,5 to 3 trillion dollars
borgilskye (7 months ago)
Roughly divide 100K by current price then multiply by the current market cap.
tiffany grey (7 months ago)
The internet is so filled with lies and people claiming to offer what they do not have. I have traded with most of these over hyped EA's being used on almost all videos here. Here i lost over 17k USD to the very wrong people! To all those misinformed, confused, or would i say ignorant about this , I advice you understand the Basics of trading and get a mentor as someone to guide you through!. Now I successfully trade because of this Geniune Group of Crytocurrency Miners! Contact Forex/Binary Engr Jim-Walter Flennery. Email; [email protected]!!! IG @jim_flann
Harvey Linton (7 months ago)
Over the years, I have worked with a lot of account managers and honestly this particular group of Forex traders have their strategy well laid out for your understanding. Of course I had my doubts before trading begun but now I am enjoying returns monthly and I’m now indeed a very happy man.
Maxwell J (7 months ago)
8/23 watch that day...
Marcus (7 months ago)
When you say it’s not yet “alt season” does this refer to the best time to buy the alts or a surge in price for the alts?
Cryptonesia (7 months ago)
Concept 211 (7 months ago)
Love your analysis and I'm glad to see someone with with a realistic view of the market cycle. However, I don't understand how you could think we'll suddenly have this massive push back up by EOY? You're showing an extremely short accumulation period.
john black (7 months ago)
Great analysis, thanks so much
Richard Pfeiffer (7 months ago)
So if that's a wave 1 and thats a wave 4, i guess we're hopfully at the end of a wave 2. That makes a lot of sence, thanks
OyeBeto7 (7 months ago)
thank you amd
Ahmed David (7 months ago)
Hi friends, i made it again all thanks to minersharvest.io My withdrawals was paid directly to my wallet and am looking forward for more, Miners Harvest is the best platform for your BTC investment 💵and is 100%paying.
Arick Ras (7 months ago)
you are legit....lets go get that 80-85 retracement levels...!!!!!!!
Jonnah Maz (7 months ago)
you the best better than Nvidia :p
bonsai treehouse (7 months ago)
Of course it's alt season. Alts are getting hunted down and killed. lol
Anonymouse 1 (7 months ago)
Love to know your list of coins you are keeping an eye on please!
Carlos Rios (7 months ago)
Excellent analysis as always. Thanks AMD.
Money Makers (7 months ago)
great TA
Ali (7 months ago)
AV Wells (7 months ago)
You breakdown of BTC is the BEST!
Todd Schultz (7 months ago)
Ulf Sigrid (7 months ago)
thank u
Potsafe (7 months ago)
Thanks AMD
PranchaL (7 months ago)
you're Phenomenal you're very logical & to be the point Pls keep doin great We really appreciate that thanks for everything :)
Matt Wilkie (7 months ago)
Bitcoin is stabilizing at $6500 for log time now. i think the bulls are almost back in control of market
VivaMessico (7 months ago)
Leonard Gonzalez (7 months ago)
Thinking and knowing are two different things. I believe the bears are still in control, and will be for a bit (no pun intended).
Crypto Mystik (7 months ago)
Great video man! have a great weekend.
paul steves (7 months ago)
Finally, someone who can explain the slow bleed correctly
Crypto AMD (7 months ago)
haha thank you
oscar (7 months ago)
thanx !
Gino Cella (7 months ago)
Always short and to the point :)
David G (7 months ago)
Here come the Man
Igi90 (7 months ago)
Nice Weekend AMD! :)
Crypto AMD (7 months ago)
Thank you :) You as well
D Bag Robot Gang (7 months ago)
First again. Have a great weekend AMD
Crypto AMD (7 months ago)
Thank you have a good weekend man

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