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How to Invest $500 (5 Brilliant Ways to Invest 500 Dollars)

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Today we are going to talk about INVESTING!! Particularly, how to invest $500. For some of you that may seem like nothing and for others that may seem like a lot. Like how do you even come up with $500. (But that is a whole other video). So, if you have $500 and you want to start investing….how do you do it? Where do you go? What options do you have? 🤔 So you have $500 - does that limit you on your investment options? Yes it can limit you somewhat. Vanguard you will need like $1,000, Fidelity $2,500 and Schwab you need $1,000 - unless you do a monthly ACH. However, there are some options out there that you can invest in for $500. ★☆★Resources Mentioned in Video:★☆★ Best Investment Platform Where They Choose Investments for You: 📈 https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/resources/betterment-youtube-invest-500.php Best Investment Platforms Where you Choose Investments: 📍M1 Finance: http://jeffrose.com/mm1 📉 Ally Financial: https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/resources/ally-youtube-invest-500.php 📌Etrade: https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/resources/etrade-youtube-invest-500.php 📊 https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/resources/tdameritrade-youtube-how-to-invest-100.php Micro-Investing Platform: 🤝 https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/resources/stash-youtube-how-to-invest-100.php You can read more about Fundrise here: 📰https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/fundrise-review-how-to-invest-in-corporate-real-estate-with-a-small-investment/ You can start investing with as little as $500 here: https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/resources/fundrise-youtube-invest-500.php There are lots of options out there - but I want to focus on my Top 5 options. The ones that I feel are the easiest to implement while seeing the best return. ➡️ 1. Investing in the Stock Market [1:48] - Investing in mutual funds, ETFs and/or stocks depending on your experience, your time frame, etc., you can start with companies like Ally Invest, E*Trade, or Betterment. ➡️ 2. Investing in Real Estate with Fundrise [10:49] - This is a great way to get into real estate investment without having to get a loan and actually finding and buying a property. ➡️ 3. Start an Online Business [13:32] - There are so many options for an online business and the room for financial growth with an online business is amazing! ➡️ 4. Invest in Online Courses [20:17] - There are a ton of online courses. Lots of them are scams - avoid those! (You are not going to become a millionaire overnight). I am talking more along the lines of educational courses. Courses that will teach you how to run your business and be more profitable. ➡️ 5. Flip Challenge [26:03] - If you are going to spend so much time on your phone - be productive while doing it. Instead of playing games or trolling social media, go to a garage sale or Craigslist, find something on sale and then flip it online for a profit. So those are my top 5 picks for investing. Which one resonates with you? 🤔 Which one are you going to take action on immediately? 🙌 Maybe you have already tried one of these options, share your story! Let me know in the comments. ★☆★Resources Mentioned in Video:★☆★ Best Investment Platform Where They Choose Investments for You: 📈 https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/resources/betterment-youtube-how-to-invest-100.php Best Investment Platforms Where you Choose Investments: 📉 https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/resources/ally-youtube-how-to-invest-100.php 📊 https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/resources/tdameritrade-youtube-how-to-invest-100.php Micro-Investing Platform: 🤝 https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/resources/stash-youtube-how-to-invest-100.php You can read more about Fundrise here: 📰https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/fundrise-review-how-to-invest-in-corporate-real-estate-with-a-small-investment/ You can start investing with as little as $500 here: ✅https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/resources/fundrise-youtube-fundrise-review.php ▶ Check out my gear on Kit: https://kit.com/jeffrosecfp ★☆★ Want More Good Financial Cents? ★☆★ 💻 Check out my blog here: https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/ Listen to my podcast here: 🎙 https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/good-financial-cents-podcast-investing-building-wealth/id775107294?mt=2 Pick up my best selling book, Soldier of Finance, here: 📗 http://amzn.to/2xOH78V Connect with me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jjeffrose My most favorite inspiration T-shirt line, Compete Every Day: 👕 https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/compete
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Ian Scianablo (2 days ago)
Hey Mista Rose. What's the difference between Allied & Betterment? Say I'm closer to retirement. Should I do 15 years? Is there a way for automatic payroll deductions through my company? Anyway a local bank can do these automatic bi weekly transfers? Like 401K through my pay check deductions? Thank you!
J Rod (3 days ago)
Hey man thanks for your video. Looking to invest for my 2 year old and 2 month old. Didn't know where to start and this helps out.
Glad it helped!
sonny liputra (3 days ago)
can i invest in those platform you talk about if i am in Indonesia?
Not sure what is available in your area - you can search for similar platforms that are available to you.
rave1704 (3 days ago)
Sorry Jeff but your explainations can get people very confused.. You cannot "invest" 500$ in an online store.. What you can do is start an online store, but that has nothing to do with the 500$. Running an online store is a business that requires commitment, time energy, and hard work.. Investment is a very different category than business dont mix the do because they are very distinct. Have a nice day
Well I often 'invest' in my business by spending money on marketing, etc. I also 'invest' in my self with books, courses, and mentoring programs. I most especially like to 'invest' my time in my family.
Mekia NoLastName (9 days ago)
Thank you so much 🙏🏾💯
Ing Ezequiel Sanchez (11 days ago)
Hello what I liked most was info on real estate investing I'm going to give it a try thanks
That's great! Let us know how that works out for you 😀
Branden Williams (14 days ago)
What do you think about Lending Club?
You can start here https://youtu.be/zpAi9euMCJE - but I have several videos referencing Lending Club.
Joshua Villarreal (15 days ago)
Investing in education is the best option that you could can make
Yes 💯👍
HulkPhil Smash (16 days ago)
gonna start a new biz and flip a trade skill homie !!!!!!!!!!!
hey Alex (25 days ago)
wanna get smarter faster? put the speed on 1.25
Jeffrey Mcdaniels (28 days ago)
I'm with Fidelity Investments. They know allow you to buy a couple hundred different ishares and some mutual funds with no minimum and commission free. My favorites that I take advantage of weekly are ishares russell 3000 value (IUSV ) very low fees btw and Fidelity Biotechnology portfolio mutual fund (FBIOX).
Lara Wilson (29 days ago)
Thanks Jeff, a huge amount for the idea!
Lara Wilson (29 days ago)
More great news, TDAmeritrade, their trading platform is bar-none, has a listing on their website, Research & Ideas, commission-free ETFs.
Lara Wilson (29 days ago)
Tastyworks is one of the platforms that I have been using, with their trades of $5.00 to enter and $0 to exit, coming out to a whopping $2.50 per trade. Yes, they are set up mainly for options, but can easily be used for trading, both day, swing, as well as buy and hold.
Özgür Sarıoğlu (1 month ago)
Jeff, how can we learn to invest in stock?
Özgür Sarıoğlu (1 month ago)
+Wealth Hacker - Jeff Rose Awesome, I will do your advice, thanks so much !!
You've come to a great place to learn! Watch some of my other videos, do some research online, then just jump in and try it, learn as you go.
JACH Hood (1 month ago)
you're good geeza ha. I've worked hard AF as a chef, head chef for bloody years but in the last 5 years I've been really using my personal skill in sales, health & fitness plus so much more. I want to start a health blog to help and educate others in a nutritional lifestyle :) Gary is the bomb to. thanks bro, 1 love!
Keion Witherspoon (1 month ago)
I just joined Robinhood. Going to try the Flip challenge! This was a GREAT video Jeff!! THANK YOU! 😎
Clout Mastermemes (27 days ago)
How was it
Issadeen Muhammad (1 month ago)
what you fail to understand is that this websites like fundrise and many more favour those who are US citizens...tells us options that can benefit us who are not US citizens
I am from Cyprus and these investments are not provide services here!!! Why??
Amanda A (1 month ago)
Damn you’re tan af 😂
Splash _CSC (1 month ago)
Your making 19,000 dollars a month atleast! Good for you my hardworkin' homey! Have a great one! Peace
Mmb-yt Coc 3rd Account (1 month ago)
I have to say this etf like s&p have a 10% yearly return so you would get 50$ a year from that but if you do some reaserch you can start daytrading and if you get good you can make 10 15 even 20 or more % of return on investment a week so if you get 2% a day with 500$ you make 10$ if you have 5000$ you make 100$ and if you get really good and you have 50000$ invested you can make 1000 or more $ a day but stocks like s&p are good if you have a milion$ invested because then you get 100k a year if you have 10 mil you get 1 milion a year so that is good for retired pepole mostly rich peepole
Kristy Good (1 month ago)
How do you decide which courses are not just scams? There are so many courses I’d like to take but the internet is flooded with people marketing their courses, ebooks, etc. It feels impossible to know what’s legit.
Kobe Brown (1 month ago)
Do you personally suggest using RobbinHood for beginners looking to invest in index funds and bonds?
AJHDesignsMusicfans (1 month ago)
Investwithcoin.com start with $50
Phillip Okoye (1 month ago)
Is it smart to do all or some of these at the same time?
Depends on your risk tolerance 👍😀
Luke Harrington (1 month ago)
$320,000 ROI/gains expected with HEMP/Cannabis stock (FTEG) 64 Million Shares owned at decimals of a % and sold at half a penny or .005 will generate a $320,000 PROFIT $$$
thobile mathebula (1 month ago)
Was definitely worth watching 👍🏾
Mia Bright (1 month ago)
Take off your braces for the video, please
I took those off 22 years ago
Elia Shaw (1 month ago)
Brilliant Jeff. Thanks for sharing.
James Johnson (1 month ago)
CYG (ASX): strong buy today but under the radar. Going to go off tap by end of the day. I rocked it with afterpay and zip pay and although different companies, their purchase to increase the market and minimal shares on the market. This is the next one but I don't have the cash. Pay it forward (or backwards) & give me an awesome ASX tip under 30 cents please. I need to increase my portfolio from day trading & this beauty I can't afford, without selling my favorite shares.
Arv V (1 month ago)
With Fundrise, if I invest 5 or 10k for 5-10 years more, what if I will have an emergency that needs to use my money. Can I get all of my money at one time? Any charges? Thank you
Make Cash (1 month ago)
Some great advice here on how to invest but you need money in the first place. Check out my site for lots of ideas
Mubashir Mahmood (1 month ago)
Is the app Robinhood safe? I saw the reviews on play store and some of them said they lost money from their account.....
Freestyle Finds (1 month ago)
1st of 5 Ways begins at 1:45
thebibleformula (1 month ago)
Education is the best investment. Agree or disagree? Like or dislike?
Sabrina Pack (1 month ago)
I like your channel...and you are easy on the eyes too...lol
Thanks for watching!
jose hernandez (1 month ago)
Can anyone help me ? I have no experience in investing or knowledge on how to do that I’m 24 years old I have a crappie job. I just wanna invest into something without losing money
carolina crisostomo (1 month ago)
Thanks Jeff! Nice value on this video! Keep going!! Great sites to go
SeeraTech (2 months ago)
Hey Jeff! I’m a 13-year old investor. Could you make a video for teenage investors?
h1mb (2 days ago)
Unknown PrO (4 days ago)
SeeraTech how much money do you have?
Moleary (2 months ago)
same bro
Nero Robinson (2 months ago)
I soon as I get started will do
Get started, what are you waiting for!
Nero Robinson (2 months ago)
I ' m excited about Fundrise think it's a excellent opportunity
Have you started investing with Fundrise? If so, check back in a bit and let us know how it is going for you.
Meno K. (2 months ago)
menok likes once again, march 2019
Me like you like
Meno K. (2 months ago)
menok likes
cobra d (2 months ago)
app for belgie
mohamed tafifet (2 months ago)
Dude you are good😎
No, you are good! Thanks for watching!👍😀
Ron Whitby (2 months ago)
Hey just subscribed! I buy n flip overstock and return pallets. The reason I mention it, if you are good at it, flipping can make more than most minimum wage jobs. For less than $500 if you really know where to look. Flipping would be my #1!
Sal F (19 days ago)
Interesting. How do you go about that?
Norlee Garcia (2 months ago)
Flip challenge is one of the best especially if done through LetGo or Craigslist it's free. Also online investing is easier now because it's on your finger tips all the time but should always research the stock you're investing in. Thanks for the Fundraiser info.
No problem! Thanks for watching 😀
NukePlayz Rare (2 months ago)
You can buy a oz of dope and sell it on the corner
CandyCandy (2 months ago)
Fundrise sounds a bit odd
How so?
Franck Duliepre (2 months ago)
Excellent Jeff, thank you for sharing your ideas, they really stimulate my mind on doing more. I definitely am going to get into fundrise and probably robinhood as well. Thanks a lot.
Help me please
Wealth Hacker - Jeff Rose me and my wife aren’t in debt ,we just bought a restaurant we both work very hard everyday . It’s a long story but long story short the restaurant is kinda my wife’s thing I’ve been trying to save every penny so that I can invest but it is all so confusing to me I’m not rich more wealthy I just want someone to help me subs get wealthy I just mainly want to be comfortable and want my kids to have a decent future I see all these self wealth videos but hard to understand or trust I don’t want to lose the little bit f money that I have and I don’t want to wait 10 years to see profits idk there has to be something for me out there idk thank you for the reply I really appreciate it and appreciate your content I know u work hard on your content
What are you looking for help with?
Nazair King (2 months ago)
I have $10,000 in my savings. I wanna invest for my future. Any advice
William Edmondson (2 months ago)
I use Robinhood for both Cryptocurrencies and Stocks. It's very easy to use. I also use Stash for ETF's. I took out my original investment and let the money grow. I didn't have to start with $500.00 either.
Paul Argueta (2 months ago)
Great information. The key is executing and taking action. Too many people watch and do little to nothing with the information.
lol mn (2 months ago)
Daniel Harrison (2 months ago)
Fidelity.com or Vanguard.com Create acct. Choose fund. Deposit
That’s a start
Gustavo Rosales (2 months ago)
I liked the stocks and real estate.
Gustavo Rosales (2 months ago)
Not yet but hopefully soon.
Awesome! Have you started investing?
Carprincess (2 months ago)
There's so many things I'd want to invest on with $500 but honestly, I wish it was $1K since there are so many other things I'd like to get. Specifically for my blog.
Emil Nad (2 months ago)
10:36 Wait what was that?
Johann Fritz (2 months ago)
Is eToro any good?
Kenneth Phillips (2 months ago)
I like them all
WildCam_ (2 months ago)
no fundrise referall link?
prod. Volttaone (2 months ago)
Or buy a camera and start making YouTube videos like you do
Boom Shaka Lakka 🤙🏽
Coleman Jeter (2 months ago)
If I may ask how much did ur fundrise make overall in 2018
I’ll have an update soon
Coleman Jeter (2 months ago)
The only problem with Robin hood is you can't day trade with an account under 2500 and Ur trades are limited I still like it for mid to long term investments tho (unless something has changed with their policy)
Alex Tryby (2 months ago)
i wonder how much bank he got promoting like 12 different companies in one video, smart right? ;)
Carlton richards (3 months ago)
I love the fundrise investing in real estate thanks you very much
Jameson 87 (3 months ago)
For now, I am currently investing $50/mo in a small Acorns ETF. It's moving slowly but I am making progress. My goal is to open an enterprise company that invests in different real estate businesses including housing, rental properties and hotels. But I also want to include a big and highly productive furniture factory since high productivity and commerce are very key to making a lot of money. I'm also thinking about investing in funds from e trade, betterment, fund rising, and lendingclub. And hopefully, that plethora of investments will bring me the funds I need to get my enterprise started. But I might also need to think about going to school to learn business management, accounting and marketing. Might also need to learn computer programming.
JASMOND FLORENCE (3 months ago)
loony fresh (3 months ago)
Thx jeff
dro sky (3 months ago)
old school millennial here 500.00 a 2gallon of primer and 5litters of color paint , a paint brush , a big piece of plywood , and give the brush and paint to your kids . and let them practice until their wrist get right , even if they are 4 or 5 years of age
Anthony Diaz (3 months ago)
What a broke lazy a hole
Totally 🤠
mamery jazz (3 months ago)
Thanks a lot for this. Stock and real estate is what makes me vibrate
Awesome! Glad you like it. 😀
BreMiller (3 months ago)
I just opened my robinhood account yesterday and brought my first stock, I like it so far
Clout Mastermemes (27 days ago)
Tell us
Clout Mastermemes (27 days ago)
jade xade (3 months ago)
Which stock did you buy? Is it still doing great?
Woo-hoo!!! What stock did you buy??
Ryan Reynolds (3 months ago)
diversification is for people that don't know what they're investing in
So guys like Warren Buffett who diversify by investing in different companies don’t know what they’re doing, huh? 🤔
Stephanie Jackson (3 months ago)
Very good info...thank you
kay Fr (3 months ago)
I searched your channels started this video so can block you Fuck off youtube Moron
I’m so proud of you. You figured out how to do that. 👏🏼👏🏼
xAlphaWulfx (3 months ago)
Since the past year investing $5k in Fundrise, what is your experience on how well it is treating you? I am wanting to get started investing in Real Estate. I don't have the 10% down, but the real question is: How am I able to get the money? There is billions of dollars out there in the world, I am sure I am able to get a piece of it.
Rodney D. Robertson (3 months ago)
I'm going to take advantage of the real estate investment. That was good information and insight.
That's great, check in with us and let us know about your struggles and your wins!
Veronika Olaniyan (3 months ago)
Most excited about investing through robinhood, ally, and bettermen. I told myself that I would invest my time in educating myself about different ways of investing and you did an amazing job clarifying a lot of questions I had. Thank you. Subscribed because of this video and very excited about all the other ones I get to watch and learn from. *Already have Acorn and I love it. Great for those just trying to put a little change aside that has the potential to grow into something great within a year and be the funds you may need to invest on a different level
GiL HP4Life (3 months ago)
Great advice, One of the best investment I've made this year. Well appreciated -Thank you Jeff 👍
Socrates Nicolaou (4 months ago)
I've invested in a camera and I already made up 1/3 of its value... If I hadn't school in front of me who knows what I could have actually achieve
Gotb2chn (4 months ago)
TD Amitrade, no minimum and no cost ETF trades
What about M1 Finance or Robinhood?
Miguel Quiroz (4 months ago)
Wow you put them in the description. I'll drop a like just for that.
My pleasure 😇
Julián Gutierrez (4 months ago)
Any of this apps can be use outside USA by a non American user?
You will have to check to see if they are available in your area.
robostain_ (4 months ago)
Thank you for this, subbed and liked! I am planning to invest my $500 in an online t-shirt business. I'm a professional illustrator and I have some cool designs so I think this is my best option.
That's awesome! Be sure to check back in and let us know how that is going for you.
Jose Lugo (4 months ago)
Thanks for the easy explanations and good info you share. Also You can have a free share at ROBIN HOOD when you sign up through the BUSINESS AND BICEPS (podcast ) site. 👍🏼✌🏽
Thanks for watching!
Mohammad Mortada (4 months ago)
Do the first two options work for non-US citizens?
TheDawningEclipse (4 months ago)
Did not know stuff like Fund Rise existed. Wasn't even a thought. Checking it out now!
Frankie Soto (4 months ago)
Great advice, but lost all respect when Fortnite was called stupid...shame on u
My boys would agree with you
G H (4 months ago)
This guy with his 1st of the month check cashed. Sad...Scams are endless nowadays.
Tarlus M (4 months ago)
500 in you guys world is 1500 for mine :(
Arthur Appling (4 months ago)
I like the fundrise I'm just a little intimidating and investing I know I need to take the initial step I still work a nine-to-five and I still pay bills I would like to try to do it maybe a thousand or two what do you think will be the return on that
Nailerz O Neill (4 months ago)
You could buy a 9 bar of hash for 500 cut 10 ounces off it sell each ounce for 100 our cut it up in quarters for 25 and half ounce for 50 thats double your money. Out of that 500 you put it away and buy another bar and repeat.
mamery jazz (3 months ago)
Sounds great. Any internet resources to understand the basics of marijuana stock investment please? Thank you
Renee` Hill (4 months ago)
A mental block, like a giant stone wall, pops up in my mind when I think of the word investing. Why?
Curlee Ruth (4 months ago)
Can you do all of them
Johnathan Grey (4 months ago)
Yaaaay!!! A guy who talks business and he's not white!!! This is a great day.
Johnathan Grey (4 months ago)
+Hucksie yes. Didn't you read what I wrote?
Hucksie (4 months ago)
Yaay an interesting youtuber that has solid content. Did his race ever factor into the equation?
Johnathan Grey (4 months ago)
+Wealth Hacker - Jeff Rose I'm playin man. I always listen to the white guy about business with no results.
DjArmedWolf (4 months ago)
would it be hard to set up a blog and move it from WordPress to shopify? I would like a store and shopify has really attractive features I want for a shop
shopify is a store front

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