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France May Day Protests & Iranian Oil Embargo: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

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This is the May 1, 2019, FULL FREE EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO. 2:18 Attorney General William Barr testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee today on the findings of the Mueller report 6:18 We spoke with voters in Iowa about Biden entering the 2020 race 10:16 Workers around the world made a show of force today for May Day, the pro-labor demonstration that dates back to the 1880s. In Paris, the day turned violent before the march even started. 14:54 The US-imposed embargo on Iranian oil has been in effect for 11 months — since the US pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal. Tomorrow, a loophole that allowed some countries to keep buying Iran’s crude, without any penalties, goes away. 18:38 What does it mean for Facebook to pivot to privacy? Well, it’s still a little vague. Subscribe to VICE News here: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE-News Check out VICE News for more: http://vicenews.com Follow VICE News here: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vicenews Twitter: https://twitter.com/vicenews Tumblr: http://vicenews.tumblr.com/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/vicenews More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideo
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Text Comments (143)
John Doe (8 days ago)
Democrats are the biggest cry babies in the world my God Republicans didn't cry like babies during the Obama era
biggreenmachine2007 (9 days ago)
The TDS is strong with this one. 2020 will be spectacular.
andres romeo (10 days ago)
Lmao funnyst part riot police gets teargas in his mask 😂
whyputaname2 (11 days ago)
Wow the Reichwing version of Vice.. You can tell by the comments and the lady talking.. Typical Reichtie whining...
Ricco Hall (12 days ago)
The U.S. and many, if not all, of its allies need to right many wrongs for many groups of people and countries. Currently, the leaders of the U.S. need to focus of what truly matters to achieve world peace. Hopefully, the needed changes occur that highly reduce and/or stop major violations of human rights and stop all other serious world problems. Hopefully, there will be a day needed changes occur for the Earth, human life, and all other forms of natural life.
Gary Schill (13 days ago)
I haven't been on FaceBook since about 6 months after it started... my life is way better without all the stupid distractions. Im watching less youtube everyday as well other than watching videos that help me fix or make something
bamdadkhan (13 days ago)
funny how the US government have no plans to abandon their nukes, lets israel keep theirs, and supports terrorist groups just the same. but making the life of every citizen in iran miserable is cool with them.. two faced bastards.
Samer Abulfetuh (13 days ago)
liberalism IS autism.
Rex Rex (14 days ago)
This is sh*t is 6 days late to upload on YouTube. Right now Barr just flip the bird at the Congress hearing committee and laugh while he's doing it
Kay Lee (14 days ago)
Sick of Vice and their liberal politics!!! In the beginning they ALMOST appeared neutral, but people could soon see they were as liberal and paid-off as CNN! No one wants to hear what Vice has to say anymore!
Blaze The Blazer (14 days ago)
America should keep their politics in its borders and not intervene in other country politics as they do with Iran. If anyone thinks Iran started this, you must consider America made an embargo on their most important export, which will not only affect Iranian politicians, but their whole nation. America is really good at making enemies and it seems they arent getting any better by time. (Maybe they are doing it on purpose, because they want to start a war? hmmm... Seems like oil thirst once again...) Must admit tho... Iranians making nuclear bombs isnt really good news. But looking on the bright side, they will at least bomb America and not my dear Europe...😂 We also been fairly nice to refugees, which is why Im having high hopes for not being bombed. Also, if you are smart, quit using all social media. It doesnt matter what that corrupted retard Mark Zuckerberg says... Your facebook account is like criminal record for surveillance agencies to abuse at will. They know who you are, what you do, where you live, who you are hanging out with, what your interests are... You are making it real easy for them... Dont be nice to people who are abusing you and your information for their own profit and political power.
Matt Biden (14 days ago)
Cuckory and submission to islam will get you killed.
fuckfannyfiddlefart (14 days ago)
#BidenSucks #BernieorBUST
andres romeo (10 days ago)
I think the elitest are going to push Biden in office just to please some progressives while holding us back another term like you said #bernieorrevolution
Jason S Savitt (14 days ago)
The only Democrat I would even consider voting for would be Andrew Yang. Don't get me wrong he is a bit too left leaning for my taste, but he is presidential and he talks about real issues like automation, climate change, and Universal Basic Income. I respect the man, he is the kind of person who would want to encourage reconciliation between parties.
mark spannar (14 days ago)
Trump 2020
fuckfannyfiddlefart (14 days ago)
Rick Sanchez (14 days ago)
1:17 The patriarchy has soften down and is still very dominant
wjbqmzl (14 days ago)
why your words sounds so biased?
Rex Rex (14 days ago)
That's because he's CNN contributor he has a morning segment at CNN
Steven Amoah (14 days ago)
Mayank Singh (14 days ago)
Trump did absolutely wright with Iran .
Mayank Singh (13 days ago)
+Elizabeth Gomez yes, on metro station, train station also my 50 mbs unlimited internet with no data cap just costs me about 5 USD .... also we have the cheapest 4 G mobile data rates
Elizabeth Gomez (14 days ago)
You're indian, did you just get free wifi?
Cody Hertlein (14 days ago)
Screw Biden and Bernie move over for Andrew Yang!
ain't your mama (14 days ago)
I used to think being white is ok
kefalo84 (14 days ago)
That black guy at 9:00 knows what he's talking about
deez nutz (14 days ago)
I can sence the left bias in this but it is nicely done. Respect. The first lady was good, use her more. She seems smart and very sincere.
Jonathan Wilson (14 days ago)
Sad thing though, trump is gonna win again
justin hall (14 days ago)
Thanks for making barr look good vice even though that was probably what you didn't want. lol silly democrats
mark spannar (14 days ago)
Persvades hahah you sound as stupid as your comment. 😂
Persvades (14 days ago)
justin hall yeah Barr is good at aiding a criminal
TominBach (14 days ago)
Yeah, forget the upturned economy, low unemployment, tax refunds... the important thing is waking up the day after the election and not going "my God, we lost again". Scum. Bottom of the shoe type.
fuckfannyfiddlefart (14 days ago)
What nonsense, tax cuts are for the rich, median income had stagnated, children are being put in concentration camps to punish their parents.
Remember how every government denied global warming. But my generation was taught both sides, it was a lie but it was also true? I'm 19 next month 2 fucking decades on this planet I was 9 only 10 years ago still every government denying global warming now my own daughter probably does not have a promised future earth is gradually becoming warmer and water has risen in alarming amounts the government is all lies they destroyed our home and continue to lie about it, education? It's been manipulated since it began you know what is permitted
rock17lee (15 days ago)
That's black female runner .. that's a dude lol
BCN (15 days ago)
"Go for the white guy?" Proving that vice only see's color not merit and platform. It would be horribly sad for the mindless npcs tp carry this view into the voting booth. This is a great example why vice is such a hated network when it started as some of the greatest international journalism focusing keeping out bias and focusing on interesting topics.
fc stpauli lover (14 days ago)
This segment was filled with HBO bullshit.
HK30B Gaming (14 days ago)
RIGHT?! I was just going to make that comment. Who cares if he is white. He cannot do anything about that and if you are going to appreciate and acknowledge racial equality, what you should not do AS A REPORTER or a JOURNALIST is degrade or label someone by their skin color. Imagine If he was referring to a black guy. "Go for the black guy?" What a degrading statement. Woke assholes, man. Some day their time will come and they will look like a bunch of fools for this disgusting rhetoric.
BCN (15 days ago)
What abunch of trash biased reporting from vice. Showing democrats are the enemies of the american people. Mueller report showed the truth that its all a false flag from the left and they have zero to play with to drag america back to obamas era of america last. Now they are pushing 2 grandpas entering into dementia. One who likes to force himself on women the other is a easily confused communist. This will be a fun one.
XSportSeeker (15 days ago)
The reason why Facebook can keep lying about privacy straight faced is because of everybody's short term memory on the subject. Encrypting messenger? Dude, Messenger was supposed to be encrypted way back when WhatsApp encrypted their messages, 3 whole years ago. I dunno how people can forget stuff like these while being so worried about current shifts in the platform. The company has already publicly promissed this crap over and over and over again.. it's all purposedly vague because they know they can't deliver it. Facebook and Google plus few other messaging services did this encryption in a half assed way (opt-in) back then because ultimately what Facebook really wanted was to keep having access to most of messages so that they could implement stuff like ads, and keep collecting private user data. This is just the same old marketing strategy, going against regulation, and yet again just following trends that companies like Apple set up. This is also why both founders of WhatsApp took off the platform - because Facebook kept insisting on collecting data on WhatsApp and eroding privacy for the service. WhatsApp implemented obligatory service wide encryption 3 years ago. All messages are already encrypted, they just don't encrypt metadata which is still valuable and collectable information. Currently, the only chat app that fully encrypts everything is Signal. One of the WhatsApp founders took off and started the Signal Foundation, which is focused on privacy efforts, that's how much you know Zuck is lying. If a company really has intentions of making platform more private, they are gonna list the exact steps on how they are going to accomplish it - not just bullshit crap like "encrypting messenger" which is something that is already a reality. But this is exactly why there is no real shift towards privacy. Because people still don't get it. It's just buzzwords to fool people. It's like a politician coming out on campaign saying something like - from today on, slavery is illegal and we'll make a law that forbids violence against minorities! Like, dude, it's already illegal, it's already there. The problem is not making new laws. The problem is enforcing it.
DayOld Donuts (15 days ago)
The bias in your reporter's narrative is obvious and a huge turn off. You guys used to be center and have these crazy stories about some random craziness happening some where in the world. I looked forward to your stories. Now I equate your journalistic quality to that of CNN, FOX, MSNBC, etc...guess I'll just add you to the list...
Ryan Liming (15 days ago)
Vice has become wack! Leaning to far left. What will you report when Hilary gets locked up... that’s real justice
My Comment Account (15 days ago)
All these world leaders, yet Vice isn't reporting on the only president keeping the world peace. Andrez Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) (Mexico's President) has been changing Mexico for the past 6 months. AMLO has welcomed a peaceful dialog between President of Venenzuela - Nicolas Maduro, and interim president Juan Guaido to come to a peaceful agreement of the Venezuela Crisis without the use of force. Mexico Has taken a neutral position in the crisis due to their constitution to not intervine in foreign affairs to keep the peace. Mexico is the ONLY country in all of the Americas to NOT take a side on the crisis, it is for a peaceful dialog without the use of force. Mexico is preventing a war! Let's not have American troops and Russian troops meet in Venezuela. Cover something positive for a change Vice. Always Negative world tension broadcasted.
directfunebru (15 days ago)
What a joke the US has become. Barr defies Congress and nothing happens. You're a joke, America! Zero credibility!
Walter S. (15 days ago)
Shia Iran doesn't support the Taliban. You have to be an imbecile to believe that. Iran for years sponsored the Northern Alliance who fought against the Sunni Taliban. It was Pakistan under Bhutto that funded the Taliban and housed Osama Bin Laden.
B. B. (15 days ago)
Pretty easy things for Iran to comply with... unless they are being run by terrorist... oh wait.....
lala bla bla (15 days ago)
Democrat's were awful quick to hold Barr in contempt (4days) but took 400 days to hold Eric Holder in contempt and 4 years for Obama to turn over the papers for fast and furious. They did so fast that it seems like their trying to obstruct Barr from investigating the possibility that Obama's DOJ unlawfully spied on Trump.🤔
lala bla bla (14 days ago)
+Joseph K I didn't say they were. My point was the Republicans tried to negotiate terms for 400 days before then charged hold with contempt and the Democrat's refused to even try to negotiate they went straight for contempt bc their trying to obstruct any investigation into spying by the Obama's administration.
Joseph K (14 days ago)
They didn’t control Congress when Eric holder was ag you numbskull
Judicial78 (15 days ago)
Amazing, all that oil is long dead processed dead shit, and it is going to kill us all.
Donate Hilltop (15 days ago)
Im dead at how Mark Zuckerburg started his own round if applause for himself 😭
Paul Haught (15 days ago)
me tooooo. Hilarious
thuan123red (15 days ago)
Vice is liberals organization. Just listen the them put the narrative about Barr. If you reading asked yourself what information cause the FBI to investigate? Was it good information? Big clue Christopher Steal. Do some research Vice news or should it be fake news
Pumkin Eater69 (15 days ago)
5:17 THATS WHAT IVE BEEN SAYING, why pay the lawyer that's attacking you!?
1MicrosoftCPU (15 days ago)
Barr A synonym for I don’t have fucks to give, so,... I don’t give a,... ? Haha!
Johnny Cruise (15 days ago)
this news is so one sided it makes me sick, the democrats are obstructing America...
A C (15 days ago)
I see someone at HBO has garageband
john shu (15 days ago)
Biden literally does not care about your medicare for all. Bernie does. Americans are so mislead like sheep
Patrick Parker (15 days ago)
Biden and Sanders, really bro, really....
Derek Wilson (15 days ago)
Damn liberals
john shu (15 days ago)
People in france has universal healthcare AND 1 month mandatory vacation every year they are protesting? Americans have neither and we are content
Sbir Snow (14 days ago)
+Hanna Löwenherz because in the last 200 years we fight our democracy, beheaded every political who wants to be a king or a dictator and demand by protesting the work's, human's and women's rights, after this history macron think he can transform our social system like in usa and so we will lose all our privilege
Carosello Show (15 days ago)
Well that doesn’t mean they have to accept every other injustice just for that
Hanna Löwenherz (15 days ago)
How did the french get all that?
JTR (15 days ago)
I would not go so far as to say "content"
SuperKami (15 days ago)
@john shu French love a good riot, it's a tradition and a bit of a cultural divide is all.
David Miscaviage (15 days ago)
The EARTH promo looks like the word FART for a second hahhahahaha
David Miscaviage (15 days ago)
I own the internet I literally used to use the N word on BBSes when I was like ten so.i.been trolling since trolling was trolling and even b4 that
David Miscaviage (15 days ago)
David Miscaviage (15 days ago)
I totally just pwned vice's ad revenue LOL
J L (15 days ago)
Yup it' coming true. "7 countries in 5 years" Iran is next.
Elizabeth Gomez (14 days ago)
After Iran, say hello to south America. What countries have not been attack by America would be an easier list to make
Pigdoc1 (15 days ago)
Joe the hack. Once again, tHere is one real Democrat running, and the DNC is going to run their corporate hack. And, yet again, they we be left at the alter as Trump is re-elected. Bernie, or nothing at all!
Krombopulos Michael (14 days ago)
bruh he like 90, also all he talks about is big promises yet no practical ways to achieve anything. Hes a populist
CircleOfSorrow (15 days ago)
Remember the pentagon leak of the order of planned US invasions? Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran; in that order. Which ones haven't been ticked off yet? Things are going to get interesting.
The Hole in Dans Sock (15 days ago)
Illegal Latins taking Legal Latin Jobs. Trumps a hero. That WALL helps latins here already. Idiots.
Stamin-Up (15 days ago)
The illegals provide too much competition at the base levels, making it too difficult for people to gain a good living or prospects for advancement there.
kifdaaaga (15 days ago)
Amerikkkans Got No Shame. A Known PedoVerT Heard Plainly Saying Vile Things To A Little Girl While Her Mom & Dad Just Stood There..Is "A Good Man"..WTF Is This World Coming To!!! #DemoNCraTs
kifdaaaga (14 days ago)
+Juan The Truth Is A FacT..An Offense..But Not A Sin.. #NeverWrong PS:Racism Is Embedded In Amerikkka..& Any NonMelanated Person Who Defends Racism..Is A Racist...Imbroglio Indeed.
Juan (14 days ago)
+kifdaaaga thats...wrong though.
kifdaaaga (14 days ago)
+Juan Nope...AmeriKKKans
Juan (15 days ago)
Tigger0067 (15 days ago)
Bye Bye VICE..same with CBC (Canada) and CNN...you liars are incorrigible
no (15 days ago)
1:50 He chose to be hiding in that embassy, he could of walked out turned himself in at any moment of time. If you wanna procrastinate on the time you have to serve then so be it, you will serve it eventually anyways. This argument is like a prisoner escaping and arguing he shouldn't have time added because he was already in prison and the whole time he was out he was running from the police. Execute that fucker for all I care, there are more pressing issues at hand!
mydawghaffilive (15 days ago)
no suck ur gran with your tyranny, it might excite her whole generation
no (15 days ago)
0:35 How can our political leaders expect society to advance when they are depriving the next generation's of education I am a hs senior myself, I live in Ontario myself and our premier is cutting the education budget like its a ribbon and he's opening a McDonalds We need to spread this movement far and wide, our education systems are already terrible, no need to make them worse!!! Because who the hell else is gonna do it???
Samurai Red (14 days ago)
People need to murder Change things
R NYC (15 days ago)
Wow the vice reporters on this piece are exceptionally bad. Little research. Excessive biases. Half truths. Vice usually does better than average reporting. Better fire these losers before the company goes bankrupt like huffington post
Captain Crunch (15 days ago)
Janet Reno was a true patriot and did not try to protect the president. Barr is corrupt and trying protect the oligarchy.
R NYC (15 days ago)
EVERY SINGLE LIBERAL NEWS ORG conveniently leave out that Barr did not return to congress bc the forum set up was unprecedented. Congressional figures were too intimidated to question Barr themselves so they wanted to hired lawyers to question on congress’s behalf. Barr did the right thing refusing to bow to the radical left.
jay dubbs (15 days ago)
F*** France
TheUntubed (15 days ago)
Iraq has oil. Iran will never change, they need to oust their leadership.
Elizabeth Gomez (14 days ago)
Yeah will you fight in the war? Or do you think it's just "bombs"?
TheUntubed (15 days ago)
Biden slurs his words, he’s too old. He is personally responsible for the death of our Seal teams that killed Bin laden
The Hole in Dans Sock (15 days ago)
+TheUntubed *America!!!*
TheUntubed (15 days ago)
But Seal team is not, yea he prob is still alive unless his kidneys gave out. These Dems have caused such a stink that they will beg voters please vote here...no more stinks. Peace. Ha! I’m voting for Trump again. Walked away
The Hole in Dans Sock (15 days ago)
Bin Ladens probably still alive tbh.
TheUntubed (15 days ago)
The president did not want to waste time and money on a dead horse he knew was fake. Barr is a man of law, Dems cannot force him to break the laws so they can boot him. They know the redactions are illegal to reveal.
Captain Crunch (15 days ago)
TheUntubed Barr is an agent of Trump. At least Janet Reno was a true patriot and did not try to protect the president.
Kersey (15 days ago)
What’s wrong with this “reporter” and summing up people’s beliefs and arguments as being about “the white guy”? 9:00+
Tamara Bossler (15 days ago)
It may not be apparent now - but Macron will help to make changes in France. It won’t be easy of course. Globally the common person if becoming more involved in the political process . A good thing . All the best to France 🇫🇷. Wishing them unity , safety & prosperity for all .
Maika Tupua (15 days ago)
The sanction on Iran is right!! Thank you Trump! People of Iran deserve the fall of the regime.
kifdaaaga (15 days ago)
The PPL. Of Iran Deserves To Run Their Own Country & Reserves The Way They Please..Likewise Venezuela..The World Goys Knows What These Wars..Viruses & Vaccinations Are All About. The Apartheid..ZionisTs..Turkic/Syrian AshkeNazi Veil Has Been Long Lifted Off These Amphisbaenas.. & That's No Myth..
Ramces Oliva (15 days ago)
+kifdaaaga no I'm a guy who proves people wrong when people who don't believe the facts so no your a propagandist you are the one making Iran look bad
kifdaaaga (15 days ago)
You're An ImP..& PropagandisT.
TA13OO (15 days ago)
What about Saudi Arabia? Why has nothing happened to them? Stoning women, executing people in public... you wanna know why? Because they have one thing Americans LOVE — oil
Ramces Oliva (15 days ago)
You know you made Iran like this by replacing Democracy in Iran to a dictatorship during the cold war if America didn't do that Iran would have been like Saudi Arabia but more democratic do your research
H M (15 days ago)
DFW KICKS (11 days ago)
vamsi miriyala relax man life is not serious
vamsi miriyala (11 days ago)
TheUntubed I vote for trump banging your mom
DFW KICKS (15 days ago)
Yang 2020
TheUntubed (15 days ago)
H M you vote for the USA to go bankrupt?
Shard 308 (15 days ago)
The Hole in Dans Sock (15 days ago)
No please. He isnt radical enough. We need a young young smart president.
Juan Valdivia (15 days ago)
MICHAEL MURPHY (15 days ago)
BARR IS THE MAN ... choppin them loco dems down, like Paul Bunyan ~ then trampling on 'em like Babe da BLUE OX . Haahahahahahahaahahahahaahahaa
Ziljan Vega (15 days ago)
You guys are cheering for what? The dismantling of the republic? Replacing it with an unchecked dictatorship? The legalization of foreign meddling in elections? Even if you think Trump is innocent, the Russians still wanted him there. The Russians aren't the good guys. They want to destroy the US, and they also wanted Trump. Do the math.
CircleOfSorrow (15 days ago)
I would definitely want him in my corner. The left is so weak.
Space Catboy (15 days ago)
why doesnt vice talk about bidens son and their money schemes and manipulation
Chuck O (15 days ago)
+Eric Hamm You are so wrong. I just call it how I see it. I'm an independent and watch both sides, then come to my own conclusions. Sorry try again next time. Also searched for that video to find nothing.
Eric Hamm (15 days ago)
Vice did in a previous video. They also talked about his "bad touch". They didn't in this video, but that doesn't mean they haven't in the past. Chuck O apparently likes watching these videos to troll the comments. Like saying you hate Fox news but watch it anyways, either option makes no real sense.
Chuck O (15 days ago)
Their reporting is one sided and short sighted.
Comrade_ Savage15 (15 days ago)
Stop sanctioning Iran
Space Catboy (15 days ago)
its interesting that vice is not going to bat for asaunge, very strange indeed
Krombopulos Michael (14 days ago)
hard to back up a guy who smeared his poop on walls tbh
AEW Mark (15 days ago)
That's how it always works... People bail on you when you're in hot water...
no (15 days ago)
If you pay attention, Vice does many "interesting" and "very strange" things surrounding polotics
Cyantwo (15 days ago)
Really? I expect nothing less
Mat J (15 days ago)
if there was an "Uprising " in Venezuela than what do you call what is going on France? Vice is just another fake news agancy
kifdaaaga (15 days ago)
+George Petersen Why Shouldn't He Be Here Mr. SM Legislator? That's What SM's For..Comments & Rebuttals...Some Of Clerisy..& Some...As Yours, Of Effluvium. Thank God Its Coming From Your FingerTips & Not Your CheiLion.
CircleOfSorrow (15 days ago)
France will be burning and Vice will still be towing the line.
George Petersen (15 days ago)
And yet here you are. That is what's FAKE.
Callum Dunn (15 days ago)
Mat J there is a big difference between the two and the problems in one are so much bigger than the other
Jester Avrgjoe (15 days ago)
So, is it illegal to be white in America yet??
Dean Vocht (15 days ago)
lmao look its the alt right, back where they should be and always have been hiding in left youtube comments :^)
Oliver D (15 days ago)
not if you undergo sterilization either through gender reassignment surgery or chemical castration. the issue is not the whites it is the future propagation of whiteness.
Captain Crunch (15 days ago)
No but it used to be illegal some parts to be a free black person. You should travel back in time and check it out
TheUntubed (15 days ago)
Jester Avrgjoe It’s funny, if all whites walked out?? The country will fall faster. They want it
Crankyhippyvlogs! (15 days ago)
+coffee and tea they taste good
Jacob Boles (15 days ago)
im on it

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