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My First Time investing in Shares

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In the following video I speak about my first time trying the stock market and what are some of the reasons why i Invested in BRAIT at that time and what the market did to my portfolio. I invested into BRAIT shares on the Standardbank Securities Platform, had no stop losses nothing. I literally put my money in and waited...FAIL. Also I bought high instead of buy low sell high I have learnt and I am going in much stronger now.
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KAGISO DUNI (10 days ago)
I love you man ,you something else #Respect
Sports Variety (17 days ago)
What did you study in varsity?
tebogo kgohlo (1 month ago)
😂😂nearly jumped on this train.
takalani matibe (1 month ago)
I literally paused the video and clapped my hands @ 8:02.
Thato Sandra Manaba (1 month ago)
Ok I get everything that you’re saying and thank you. But I want to know how you go about buying shares. And what’s the minimum number of shares one can buy?
Princess Ngokz (1 month ago)
Sesi Nicollete and everyone who provided info on the comment section...thank you so much..
Sinentokozo Sibeko (1 month ago)
We dnt blame the players... it's the nature of the game... but I really appreciate u babe... keeping repping us 💃
Xitsundzuxo Maluleke (1 month ago)
I am loving your advice. @Mpoomy Ledwaba got me listening to you after that feature
Matete mashabela (1 month ago)
I finally found an FSCA(Financial Sector Conducted Authority) accredited learning institution that provides you with a mentor, dummy trade as a trial before actual market trade and online trading curriculum... ALL SOUTH AFRICAN. JSE here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TATYANA Feremenga (5 days ago)
Pliz share..
Lisa Nkosi (1 month ago)
I learned investing 101 the hard as well. Also bought Braits and Steinhoff shares in 2016 ..
Tracy Zandile (1 month ago)
I just love you!... Really appreaciate your videos. We are learning so much
Mauro Kane (1 month ago)
First time in the stock market try paper trading
Daphnique Channel (1 month ago)
That is similar to what happened to Bitcoin. One jumps at the moving train thinking the road is still long all to find the destination is very close by...
karabo moakamela (1 month ago)
Everything she has mentioned is true. You can however educate yourself about JSE trading through Stock Market College(via online course or direct) in South Africa. The college is a great platform to acquire adequate information on everything stock market related plus the benefits of brokers who give you signals.Contact me on 079 3271166 for more info.
Chipo Gunda (1 month ago)
Brait is burning me too, I feel your pain
alcklean Bobbin (1 month ago)
it is time for every investor to take serious look at investing in Bitcoin. Bitcoin has performed strongly significant returns over the years rather than shares. To learn more check out more on my channel Hardcore crypto
Mpho Ramudzwagi (1 month ago)
watching at 1080 pixel
Obakeng Taje (1 month ago)
I would say to all aspired investors, try value invest and do not follow the news or trends of the market, some stocks are under and others are overvalued, in the words of Warren Buffet, be fearful when everybody is greedy and be greedy when everybody is fearful, and another thing is that do not try to get rich quickly if you look at your capitecs and naspers you had to wait 10 years before making real money but how many of us are willing to wait that long?
Esther Sakala (1 month ago)
Please do a video on investing in crypto currency. its making a lot of waves here.
alcklean Bobbin (1 month ago)
Yeah crypto currency is the highest yielding investment ever . Bitcoin to the moon. Learn alot about crypto on my channel : Hardcore Crypto, lots of great video tutorials
Esther Sakala (1 month ago)
I recently started watching videos on financial management. Most of them were done by americans. While the infor they was helpful i wanted something i could relate to. Am from zambia but you are way closer to home than america! I have been binge watching your videos. Thanks for the great tips and lessons. You are awesome Nicollete. Mwah!
Financial Bunny (1 month ago)
Thank you Esther ♥️
Tshepile Melamu (1 month ago)
Like you don't know how much I appreciate this video, actually all your videos. I watched your video on shares and I'm gonna start looking into investing as I'm a saver not an investor. Thank you girl
thandazani snegugu (1 month ago)
Your passion, I loveee it!! 😍
wilmonm (1 month ago)
Investing lesson 101 requires that you do not invest what you are not prepared to lose. If you are a new investor, seek advice, (read up on companies, watch youtube videos on how to build a portfolio, ask for help, there is lost of useful information if you willing to look for it). Secondly a new investor whilst still learning the workings of the stock market would be wise not cherry pick stocks, however buy Exchange traded funds (ETF's) which are basically a basket of shares, so if 1 company is doing bad, the others would hopefully prop up the loser (as you are invested in a diverse range of companies), so that you do not have huge valuation fluctuations as you would have seen with a single stock like Brait. Happy Investing.
Teboho Moloi (26 days ago)
Princess Ngokz (1 month ago)
I never had an interest in business or market, shares,money whatever, until i started watching your videos everytime u post...u really changed my perspective in a positive way.... i kinda dont know where to start...what advise can you give to me in terms of where to start with research, relevant platforms to get info about those places you invest in....anyone can answer or advice.
Princess Ngokz (1 month ago)
+Oscar Sibanda bruh🤔
Oscar Sibanda (1 month ago)
Princess Ngokz Kodak, Blackberry & Nokia were around for years. Imagine if you invested
chegofatso M (1 month ago)
Guys the way ke ratang wisdom ya Auso, ebile kamo lora, thanks for sharing bohlale
Lutendo Sikhala (1 month ago)
I want to get into shares. Can you be my mentor?
Johan Paulus (1 month ago)
Write me a book some time I use to be out of data
Vogue Ham (1 month ago)
Lonmin/sibyane shares looks good
wilmonm (1 month ago)
These Sibanye (JSE: SGL) shares were trading at under ZAR8.50 for nearly 8 months in 2018 then it doubled to just over ZAR18 recently in early 2019, however it has since lost 25% again. Be careful when trading in a mining company that are heavily invested in South Africa due to the mining charter policy uncertainty / labour issues like strikes and so on. Also take note that Sibanye intends buying Lonmin which is saddled with debt, and that they will pay for Lonmin Mining Company by issuing new Sibanye shares, further diluting the current share price. Lastly Sibanye has not paid a dividend in 2yrs since buying Stillwater in the USA (again at huge cost and have not yet fully reaped the benefits of this investment) - so all these variables need to be considered in before you click BUY.
Jix Sthole (1 month ago)
Thanks for info
Athi Ndwalane (1 month ago)
I really want to go into investing, I tried reading on it but never got a solid idea on what to do really... And I'm a student can't afford to pay thousands for these forex teachers
Obakeng Taje (1 month ago)
+Athi Ndwalane I would never advice you to begin with forex, start with stocks by first identifying brands that you know have been around and are going to be around for years, you can also try value investing by you'll need to learn the skill that no one can teach, you need to learn how to read and interpret annual reports, the platform that I use and would advice on is easyequities, you can start investing from as little as R1, you don't pay heavy brokage fees and there's no monthly fee, you can buy the smallest fraction of shares and the best part is when you own the full share the share will be under your name and you will have voting rights. Just search easyequities on YouTube to know more about them. Remember investing is not a get rich quick tool it takes 5 to 15 years for it to pay off but the sooner and younger you start the more you can make, investing is about time and not money. I know I've said a mouthful but hopes it helps
Athi Ndwalane (1 month ago)
+Obakeng Taje but what's the best way to go in as a beginner or any helpful tool/app you might recommend?
Obakeng Taje (1 month ago)
Only a few and very few people actually win in forex and they do not know how they win and a lot of them facilitate workshops without trading so I would be careful if I were you
docmedia Mlambo (1 month ago)
ok got a question that is not related, i just bought an investment flat, between managing your own flat and getting an agency to manage it for you, which one do you recommend? Do you have a have you have done about this already?
NomTee Macheve (1 month ago)
You can only invest /buy shares only when you are working?
Financial Bunny (1 month ago)
Nomthandazo Macheve no, as long as you can buy then
Bongani Radebe (1 month ago)
If you have read anything about Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett or even Charlie Munger you'd know or remember that they always advise that you should have a margin of safety with every investment you make. I'm glad you've shared this experience with us, it will serve as a reminder to never neglect doing the most basic steps when considering to make any investment.
Obakeng Taje (1 month ago)
I would also advise investors to always read analyze annual reports of companies before investing in them
Tshepile Melamu (1 month ago)
Which are? I'm only starting to look into investing now and there's one of her videos where she speaks about the option of getting a broker or registering to do it myself. The only shares I bought were the MTN Zakhele ones and i got a good return. So please enlighten me further
Ongezwa Mafunda (1 month ago)
Yho that is a massive loss R20k yonke. But we live and we learn. Your experience is also teaching US something.
Financial Bunny (1 month ago)
It really was a loss, but I learnt from it
abongile sibhoko (1 month ago)
I like the hairstyle
abongile sibhoko (1 month ago)
Thankyou for advices
abongile sibhoko (1 month ago)
I like your energy.
abongile sibhoko (1 month ago)
Nicolette is there anything you know about One Coin?i lost close to 90000 rand.i am not sure whether its a scam One coin or not.plz advise
Financial Bunny (1 month ago)
Nope, ill google it though
Liesl James (1 month ago)
Thank you!
Huiz Musik (1 month ago)
it's not really a bad thing especially if you didn't plan that money for something. this king of things it's hard to predict, look at what happened to Steinhoff. my advice is if u not really that financially stable but wants to start small you can start with ETFs
Financial Bunny (1 month ago)
Very true
rameez hassan (1 month ago)
Love that this is south African based financial topics.. always watching these types of vids but they all aimed more towards people living in the US
Tumi Matshai (1 month ago)
yea like rich dad, poor dad book the teaching is good but i couldn't relate to US economy and target market.
Daphnique Channel (1 month ago)
That's what I love about her niche...
Nozi Khumalo (1 month ago)
I am a lazy investor and I really do not have the skill to pick a single stock that will do well. So to cover myself from the huge risk on investing on a single share, I prefer to buy a mix of local and international Exchange Traded Funds
Obakeng Taje (1 month ago)
+Khosta you can never go wrong when it comes to that and they can also make you a millionaire thanks to the law of compound interest but not overnight though not overnight, you just have to be patient
Khosta (1 month ago)
Invest in what will be here 20 years from now, guaranteed to do well
Obakeng Taje (1 month ago)
I advise you to all try the Peter Lynch route where you can look at brands that have been around for years and are still growing and then invest in them
Financial Bunny (1 month ago)
Thats clever
Siyabonga Masuku (1 month ago)
8:04 You haven't lost (as yet), you are down R20k on BRAIT, you will lose (or maybe gain) when you sell. You taught me this Nic #FFBGang #FinancialFitnessBunniesGang
Polokego Mphahlele (1 month ago)
nah man..if you check Brait's numbers that thing is done..
mbuso nkabinde (1 month ago)
Did you have doubts when they went with the "New look " route or it was one of those, they've been doing well in the past this will pull through?
Lee M (1 month ago)
Do I have to bank with Standard bank for me to access all this?
Financial Bunny (1 month ago)
No dear. its just a platform. As Nozi said the brokers are listed on JSE
Nozi Khumalo (1 month ago)
No. There are lots of stock brokers. They are all listed on the JSE. My favorite is an online broker called EasyEquities its quick and easy to sign up with them.
Siyanda Miya (1 month ago)
Notification gang 👅
Rocky R (1 month ago)
I guess everyone here is into shares. Guys look at that African Rainbow Capital, stack on those shares and lets head To the mooooon!🔥🔥
Rocky R (1 month ago)
+wilmonm ohh yeah I even forgot about that Rain mobile😂. Thanks for seeing a future in it too, at this stage they look like their just need good ads and customers will come flying
wilmonm (1 month ago)
ARC is one to hold for the very long term... its good idea to top up your position whilst its trading at a discount to the list price. When they start monetizing Rain Mobile and TymeBank they should fly.
Rocky R (1 month ago)
I just like their portfolio holdings because its made up of listed and unlisted companies personally it gives a feeling balance, As we saw with that Capitec share price increases over the last 10 years where the bases of it being them stealing customers through their low banking fees, now think how big TymmeBank will be the moment the ball gets moving, great leadership proved by how fast they responded and the share recovery from a minor downfall not only the EOH saga but the IPP corruption rumors. As you know what most share investors say " if you invest when the news come out then you are probably already late" so no I don't know anything that most don't know. At this rate im looking for R8 or more a share by December. But lets wait for their SENS reales on their quarter results, then we see if they are really on an uptrend
Financial Bunny (1 month ago)
Unless you know what we don't?
Financial Bunny (1 month ago)
Ahhhhh very sceptical, been watching them bought when they listed
Lefatse (1 month ago)
Don't be too hard on yourself , there was no way you could have known that Brait was going to make such a tragic mistake , keep going mbokodo
Financial Bunny (1 month ago)
Lee M (1 month ago)
Notification gang💃💃💃
Mbali Mtshali (1 month ago)
How can I apply for the standard bank platform you're trading on?
Financial Bunny (1 month ago)
On their website you register
Gugu Mthethwa (1 month ago)
As I gather my 🍿 popcorn.....
Judith Zwane (1 month ago)
I'm even more lost than what I were when before watching this vid.
Princess Ngokz (1 month ago)
+Nozi Khumalo ey i just went through the website..bruh thanx a billion times....i cant even sleep...im trying to get as much info as possible....the link helped a lot
Nozi Khumalo (1 month ago)
+I lefutswe that's how I started too.
I lefutswe (1 month ago)
+Nozi Khumalo I'm also on easyequities and I'm basically learning as I go but I started on their demo account for a month or so and then I deposited cash. I really love easyequities
Judith Zwane (1 month ago)
+Nozi Khumalo cool!
Sasha Tjavariva (1 month ago)
+Nozi Khumalo A million thanks for the link!!! Now i feel like a PRO
Nokwanda Hlatshwayo (1 month ago)
Notification gang!
Natalia Nkqwili (1 month ago)
Notification gang

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