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25 LOW WASTE TIPS FOR ADVANCED | beyond beginners

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Sustainably Vegan (1 month ago)
Hey Everyone! I hope you enjoy the video. Just a note on the KIDS point - obviously equal access to free (or any) birth control is a MASSIVE issue as well as education on sexual health, having children etc. This point is merely to bring up the conversation and gage your opinions on the subject. I am not saying you CAN'T have children or that having children is WRONG. It is merely an open discussion where i'd love to hear all of your opinions. As part of extending my reach I want to share a new charity I care deeply about!! If you are interested in supporting Zero Africa started by Antonia Prata https://www.instagram.com/she.is.awake/ please think about donating to her latest educational programme: https://www.gofundme.com/zero-waste-educational-program ! Antonia started the programme in Luanda, Angola and hopes to expand by providing more zero waste workshops to other cities and soon other countries too!
Kaylene Winter (7 days ago)
+LibbyWatts Exactly :) lead by example and help teach the next generations to leave the world in a better way. That is my legacy not following their father's family motto of we won't be here then so why should we care. Their father and I are no longer together so they get to see both sides.
LibbyWatts (7 days ago)
+Kaylene Winter yes, so true. I think overpopulation is one thing, but for goodness sake if you're going to have kids at least teach them the basics. Don't litter, be mindful of your environment etc. There are too many people who don't see these things as their top priority, so they certainly don't teach their children any different. It's so sad to see children (and even sadder to see adults) just throwing litter without even thinking about it. It's a bit naive of people to think that eventually everyone will be zero wasters! Got to remember that prior to the 1950s there was no such thing as the term zero waste, because zero waste was just life!
Kaylene Winter (7 days ago)
The point nearly everyone here has made to not have kids doesn't necessarily make sense. Adopting or fostering other people's kids has the same impact as if you had your own just not on your body. My son's were planned and wanted by both me and their father before I got pregnant, Women who go around just wanting a sperm donor or having unprotected sex and unwanted children are the ones who need to be educated. We need the next generation and their next generation to make a difference.
Ida Ina (25 days ago)
+LibbyWatts Not really. I wasn't raised by low waste parents and finally found my way into it. I think lot of people are just like me.
Noemi Garzón (22 hours ago)
I love your videos! Fantastic tip about children. I feel the same about it. Keep going because we need you!
Emily Roberts (5 days ago)
Great tips 😄 for the child point, our baby is due this summer, I think it's a lovely opportunity to bring a child up as a low waste vegan, we need young minds to make a difference ♻️🌍💚 But I wouldn't want to have more than two for ethical reasons 😊
Alex Bond (6 days ago)
9:34 is the best tip
Elusive Illusion (6 days ago)
No kid from me 🥳
Sharmistha Bhowmick (8 days ago)
I may adopt a girl child 🌻 But definitely not giving birth to any. Thats we need abortion law. Bring back abortion law!!!
dewi McNeill (8 days ago)
Adopted a child/en instead if you want a family.
Stella Solari (8 days ago)
I don't know if I'm going to have kids... If I do I'll probably only have one or I'll adopt someone
lsamoa (12 days ago)
Couple more tips: 1) Organise or join a class action lawsuit against the worst polluting corporations. These actions the most efficient ways to reduce environmental damage. Hit them where it hurts, their wallet. Better yet, help send the worst offenders to jail. 2) Say no to Christmas presents. Don't give any, refuse to receive any. Christmas is the most wasteful part of Western economies. Studies show that about 90% gifts end up in the bin after just 6 months. A card is enough. Or a meal or a hug. Baby Jesus will understand.
lsamoa (12 days ago)
I decided a few years ago I wasn't going to have children. The thought of bringing new people into a world on the verge of collapse was filling me with dread. I do absolutely love children, but I don't need to have them around me 24/7. Just passing by a smiling one on the street is enough to fill me with joy for the rest of the day, and I'd rather do my best to give a better world to those who already exist than spend all my (limited) energy on being a mum. But that's just me. I totally understand the appeal of getting children. Different topic: Ecotricity is the best eco energy provider if you live in the UK.
Carla Perry Bonillo (12 days ago)
I wanna adopt in the future rather then having kids biologically 😊
steph yo (12 days ago)
So glad you mentioned growing our own food!!
katemolly100 (13 days ago)
Ishmael by Daniel Quinn brought me here
Ashley (14 days ago)
My husband and I have decided not to have children before we even decided to get into zero/low waste so it is an additional bonus that it helps the environment. Our reason for not having children is because there are so many kids in the foster care system and we felt we would rather help those kids with a permanent or temporary stay, whatever their situation may be, instead of having kids ourselves. We have started growing our own food this season and hope it'll turn out well! We are renting a house so we are growing veggies and herbs out of pots. We are lucky to have a friend who is a gardening pro so they have been so helpful for us. Really excited to dive into possibly altering my clothes. I have failed a couple of times, but I must be getting somewhat better. Thank you for all the helpful tips!!
Vivian Loney (15 days ago)
I've always wanted to be a foster parent and never wanted to have children of my own. It was never for environmental reasons, just a personal choice I was drawn to.
Cathy Bryant (16 days ago)
Great video! I did chuckle at the idea of you feeling old on the youth march - you’re so young! I knew by the age of 14 that I’d never want kids. I’m in my fifties now and I’ve still never felt the urge to squeeze human beings out of my genitals. I know that for some, however, the urge is very strong, so I suppose it’s a choice between not having kids or raising responsible eco-warriors. Fantastic to see you talking about banks. So often this is neglected, and people trying to hard in their daily lives are actually putting loads of cash into businesses that would horrify them. Thanks so much for this fab video, Immy xxx
Kayla Hill (17 days ago)
Or be low waste with your babies ♥️
Kaalo Lovett (21 days ago)
Goodwill is the only second-hand shop here. People, where I live, are very poor so you really don't want to buy the stuff here. Most of it is in bad shape already.
Lotta Frost (21 days ago)
I love the idea of carbon offsets but I recently read "This Changes Everything" by Naomi Klein (~p. 220, fruits, no roots) where she talks about them and the way I understood most of the carbon offsets are highly questionable (taking land from indigenous people, displacing local agriculture, ...). I hope there's a way to make sure you're not supporting any of that. Can you choose where the offset money goes? I don't fly regularly but I suppose this is the way to go for people who have to fly if the money goes to projects that aren't scams.
Zoë Georgia (22 days ago)
Am I right that you met Claire Michelle?
My Way Mi Manera (22 days ago)
I have one the same my two sisters, was easy to take care, go anywhere. I respect the idea of none is a personal decision and the adoption too, they are many children's in need of love, care and guide.
The Normal Life (23 days ago)
We drive but we don't have trains. We have a bus system that I used when I first moved but its no good for having to take kids to school or grocery shopping. Took me almost 3 hours to get to my doctor that takes 15 min in a car. We don't drive a lot though cause things we need are kind of close and we try to do everything in one trip. My son was 12 b4 I had my second child.
rivaslefox (24 days ago)
I practically cheered out loud when you said no children! The biggest factor in causing all the issues we're seeing today with the environment etc, is overpopulation, but no one wants to hear it! I'm adopted, and I think there needs to be encouragement for this to be normalised. Doug Stanhope does a very funny (in my opinion) bit about not having children for the sake of the environment. Can we start a new #, like #adoptdontshop has impacted how people choose to find their pets? For the record I don't have and will not be having children, just rescue animals. xx
Annemarie Förster (26 days ago)
I totally disagree on the point about children. In Germany we have the "Generation Treaty" which means that young people pay the state so the state can give older people their pension. We are already suffering from having too low pensions because the lack for young people- it would only get worse :( There are already so many pensioners collecting empty bottles they can bring back to the stores for some euros. It is heart breaking to see those in poverty who built up this country after war...
citlali333 (26 days ago)
This video came up as I was in the process of repairing and altering some clothes! How appropriate:)
bee (26 days ago)
for me, having children isn't a question. having children is really important for my partner, and me too. I would love to be mum some day. I think there are really good ways to raise your kids "sustainable": ecological aware, interested in living in awe of nature and this planet...it is the best way to pass down our habits of living sustainble to the next generation.
Johannes Hölzl (26 days ago)
Wegen der Banken: es gibt da ein wunderbares Video vom Neo Magazin Royale :)
Linnéa U. (26 days ago)
I don't agree on getting less children. A very small minority contributes to the half of the pollution.
Tineke (27 days ago)
Great video! You could have also said adopt cause I know someone who adopted two girls from china who were some of many in the system
Katlin Meyer (27 days ago)
I love your sweater in this video (:
Jiru Candy (28 days ago)
Yaas living that childfree life~ People always tell me that I'm cold-hearted being a woman who doesn't want children... but I've never wanted them and I have a lot of chronic illnesses that have made my life really hard and don't wish that on anyone, either... that's usually what makes people stop judging me, not the fact that climate change is out of control and our children will be living a hard life in the ruined environment we're giving them smdh Bonus points for the people who complain about overpopulation but then yell at women to have babies *eye roll*
I love these! It's always good to hear more tips that aren't only beginner focussed because that's where most of the energy tends to go in getting people INTO the movement, but what do people do after they've got their reusable water bottles and tote bags and whatever else? I'd love more of these kinds of videos :) My boyfriend and I live in the UK but I'm from The Bahamas and don't often fly home just because of the cost, but my family tends to visit me once a year so it's the same flying issue I guess.. I like that you brought up the kids point. It's maybe a sensitive subject for some but I don't think it has to be. If others feel they want to have kids, it's not like you're judging that decision; just suggesting one of many ways that a person could reduce their impact on the planet. Not all options are applicable to all people. Personally, I don't want them and I've felt that way for as long as I can remember.
Grace Higgins (28 days ago)
I’ve never heard anyone mention procreation when talking about sustainability but it’s a really great concept to think about. Being someone who wants to have kids one day I think the most important thing to consider is whether or not you can teach a healthy sustainable lifestyle and if you’re willing to provide for and support them sustainably. Children are the future and the more aware and empowered they are the better off our planet will be.
19alexie19 (28 days ago)
I always knew I would have children, no matter what. But I also always knew I would adopt them because I didn't want to bring a new human being into this world. I am sooooo happy this is a conversation people are starting to have.
Dora Pamment (28 days ago)
Thanks so much for these tips ❤️ I've been on my low waste journey for a while now (actually since I started watching you about a year ago), and have been wanting to take the next step. So straight after watching this video I went and bought carbon offsets for a trip I'm taking to Amsterdam with my boyfriend next month. Currently filled with a feeling of joy like no other for doing my part for the planet 🌍
P P (29 days ago)
does anyone know an app that shows you where you can recycle stuff like food waste (I can't compost here) or sell/give away clothes? I'm new to this and I'm young so I'm having a pretty hard time with all of this lol
Mich Comecerebros (29 days ago)
What is carbon offsets?
Haxy Quinn (29 days ago)
The idea of having a family is a must for me but being pregnant is not something i would like so i'll probably adopt in a few years if everything goes well. I've been planning t for years now, also I can skip all the diapers part as many kids in need of loving families are not babies. Also dogs (or pets in general) are important for my family you can also adopt a dog and they don'r need stuff just food, attention and a place to sleep
Sarah Orihu (29 days ago)
This may be a weird question...but I get my hair cut a lot and sometimes do it myself what should I do with the hair? Is that something that can be composted? Or is it just waste?
Doodle Dabble (1 month ago)
It’s so fascinating to think of adoption as a way to save the planet! I never thought about it that way, but it’s spot on! It takes care not only of one of the world’s major problems, but you can raise that child to take care of the planet as well!
ThermalViolet (1 month ago)
When I opened your description I was immediately like "there's another disabled zero waste/environmentalist lifestyle person out there??????" you're right, there does need to be more variety in the voices out there! Thank you so so so much for sharing a wide breadth of accounts in your description! It's so not just about white girls making pretty videos with mason jars and walking barefoot in nature or diy-ing toothpaste lol :) I so love and appreciate how intelligently you speak about everything! You and your channel are so much more than what so many other copies are trying to be like, I wish they'd be more authentic to themselves and realize that if they were they'd have something more real to share than just the 'here's my deodorant, here's my white face, here's me washing it'.....
Carolin Eickhoff (1 month ago)
Sorry but that point about children is super stupid. If you as someone who wants change has children, you will bring your children up in that way of thinking. So very propably, your children will be better humans (eco wise). It therefore would be better to have more children 😋
Granola Mommie (1 month ago)
So just a different perspective- I know lots of large families (5 plus children) and they all are way lower waste than the average family of 4. A lot of that is because of cost, it costs a lot more to have multiple children so it cuts costs to do hand me downs, cloth diapers, grow their own food, etc. But many are already aware of the amount of waste their family brings in. For example one friend of mine is pregnant with her 10th child and she literally only has one dumpster of garbage every other month.
Grünlilie (1 month ago)
Hm. I personally would want to have my own child, but for all the people in the comments who say "yay simply adopt a child!" First of all, babies are easily adopted, there are a lot of people who want to adopt cute little babies. So many, that babies are being sold from the other end of the world to being adopted by western parents, who think they are saving a little child from the terrible live it would have back home. Some times, those children are not even orphans, but taken away from their parents who are told the children are going to a boarding school et cetera. So if you want to adopt, adopt an older child, the ones who arent as cute anymore, the ones that have to stay at the orphanages because no one wants to have them. I am just bothered by how here in the comments people are acting like babies are a sharable and tradable good. I am sure you all would make wonderful parents, but I just wanted to say that it is not as simple as you think it is. I am not saying don't adopt, adoption is wonderful, I am just bothered by how simple it is depicted in the comments here. Babies are not dogs.
Jen O'Hogan (1 month ago)
Totally on board with having no children. I'm not against anyone who does. But being mindful about it is pretty important.
Claire Shea (1 month ago)
I think having kids is super important actually. And a very personal, individual choice. I have 3 kids, and plan on having more. And, I'm raising them to be low waist, and true contributing citizens in our world. I think most of the bigger families I know are actually very aware of their impact, just for plain practical reasons. We cloth diaper, we buy in bulk, most of us don't drive a lot, we buy almost exclusively second hand, many of us have gardens and have inspire to be urban homesteaders. Most of us raised in the 80s and 90s were raised in such an intensely consumer driven society, that we were pushed to learn how change the tide, and I'm proud that my kids are apart of this minimal and no waist movement. My 5 year old shakes her head at one-use plastics, and she will in turn grow to be a positive impact. Also, as a note, it is very dangerous speak to reccomend a limit on how many kids someone should have. What is right for one, is not always right for others. Especially when it becomes a government issue, like in China. The reproductive culture there is hugely abusive and disempowering to women and reproductive rights.
Veronica Prudencio (1 month ago)
I love that your tips are all possible. I currently live in Mexico and we are soooo behind on green education. However this videos help me so much in reducing and doing everything I can to help change my community little by little. Grettings.
Ellen Calcutt (1 month ago)
I have known since I was a teen that I do not want to have children, in part due to environmental and other impacts that children have. I do not judge those around me, or say to them “you’re still young, wait till you are older to make that decision!” when my friends and other young people talk about wanting to have kids… but so often people (especially older people) think it is ok to judge, and question my decision to not have children. Thank you for acknowledging that choosing not to have children because of environmental concerns is valid. I hope people keep an open mind when the people around them go against the “normal” way of doing things.
Jones LeFae (1 month ago)
Hi! Love your channel! I just posted a new video in honor of Earth Day with 5 of my favorite tips for reducing waste at home. I would love it if you would check it out! I'm a new YouTuber and I could really use some views!💖
osku (1 month ago)
i have decided to not have children long time ago (i am still just 16) but now i have thought it in more depth i can reason it to people as my climate act and it makes me feel that i have a good reason to NEVER have a child
Stacy Ramirez (1 month ago)
I have 2 kids who were planned and I will do everything in my power to make them ecofriendly, by example & by exposing them to experiences (time in nature, gardening, farmers markets, sustainable tours, etc) in hopes that they will contribute on a larger scale than I am able to as working adults😊 adoption could still be a possibility in the future bc I feel like 1 more child would complete our family💞
Lana Kranz (1 month ago)
I have two kids. Have always been low waste and minimalist. Made my kids clothes and nappies myself and made them adjustable so the same clothes fit for longer. around 0-6 months and 6-12 months the first year. Lasted all year 12-24 months and all were done with recyled fabrics. Its not impossible. My kids have probably had less impact on the planet than a lot of adults advocating for not having them. Kids cost (and impact) exactly what their parents make them. We grow our own food, make our own toys and dont have much in general but they are happy and healthy and well educated on the environment. Sure some people use every gadget under the sun. But a breastfeeding, co sleeping, cloth wearing infant is basically free. If you dont want to have kids- don't. The worst idea ever if you aren't desperately wanting them. But if you do want a family- its totally doable. Just look at vloggers like the fairly local vegan. Just my two cents because the consumers dgaf. They will use and reproduce as much as they want. Missing out on something entirely because of irresponsible people is not sensible. Better to have that family and be an example. Being too stringent just makes onlookers think its too hard and too miserable to do.
Emily Grignon (1 month ago)
Yes! I always feel preachy when I talk about the impact of having kids, but it seems crazy to me that people feel inclined to create more people in an overpopulated world. What are your thoughts on adoption or being a foster parent. Id rather do that anyway, so it's easy for me to "sacrifice" the chance to further my gene pool.
Corvin Greene (1 month ago)
I love that you mentioned not having kids. I've chosen to be child-free for a variety of reasons, and I'm constantly told how selfish it is, when really, it's not a selfish choice at all!
CanadianFitnessBeauty (1 month ago)
I started to use bunz about a month ago love it
Sarah Girard (1 month ago)
I have actually been thinking for so long, that the whole political engagement is really what it needs. At least to do something effectively. I mean look who is in politics, look where they came from. It takes us to step up and partake to make a change. But how do I do that? Lol
69SalterStreet (1 month ago)
Everyone please look up Greenpeace controversies before supporting them. They irreprebably damaged a world heritage site and tried to prevent severely impoverished people from accessing certain foods. Those people can't be picky ffs! There are better groups that don't harm the environment and indegengous people.
Rozzie Mistry (1 month ago)
The kids point is a difficult one. I have one child so far and he's been the best thing that ever happened to me and I wouldn't trade that for anything nor would I want to have missed out on it. However, I can raise him to be low waste, educate him on the environment and perhaps one day he'll grow up to be a force for change in the world. I was raised in a very wasteful, consumerist household and so I feel like I have to try to make up for all that time I didn't know any better myself. He's being raised to be low waste from the start - couldn't the world use more people like that who just think of it as normal so that it does actually become normal?
RoxyHeart (1 month ago)
I have and will soon again grow my garden, will work on the one in one out tip, and have decided to not have kids (one reason being the environmental resources and over population in California)
Genevieve Therrien (1 month ago)
I've decided not to have children and this decision I have made really young and it was also for environmental reasons as well as many other reasons... On the flip side I'm with someone who has his own kids so I have step-kids, so I still get the joy of being an influencing adult in their lives which I find really valuable! I didnt purposefully look for a single father but it just turned out that way and I am happy with the choice that i made. I get to fulfill any maternal feelings I feel the need to show and feel responsible towards the envirnoment. i get to teach them how to be environmentally responsible (using handkerchiefs, making our own soap, buying stuff in bulk and cooking from home, buying secondhadn etc...) these are just the things I get out of it related to the environment but there are also other pluses to being a step-mother. Obviously there might be some draw-backs of not having your own children but I find I have enough power of influence in my family to be able to feel like i have my place with them and that I matter and that I am making a difference in their lives. I'M happy I get to live my values of being environmentally responsible at the same time as being a maternal figure.
Carol Salteidua (1 month ago)
I did not know about carbon offsets. Tanks for sharing as I fly and drive a lot xx
Éli S-P (1 month ago)
Ana Hrabar (1 month ago)
Sorry but I think it's more important to have children than to not having them because they will be "too wasteful".
Timothy Deneffe (1 month ago)
About children: maybe educate them to be a positive impact on the world that's going to crap? If possible. I am aware that its going to get harder as time goes on.
Timothy Deneffe (1 month ago)
Hey great tips here! Thanks for giving some more advanced and ... "Philosophy" oriented content. That's one reason I haven't been finishing some of your content, mostly it's because I've "moved on". While I believe many benefit from your starter content (I did when I started). I would love to see you move forwards in some content related to community, the movement, moving beyond basics etc. Cheers again for being such an inspiration!
Vendula Hungerova (1 month ago)
i love your videos, every your tips and things, but i really can't agree with your idea to have no children. Here in Czech Republic is quite hard to adopt a kid, some couples are waiting many years. You must to make some psychotests, social controls in your home, if you are gay you can't adopt in couple, like a single person only....... i have one son, he is one and half year old and he is my biggest joy in whole world and my life. i wanna have next one kid, i'm looking forward it. of course we both (my son and me) live less waste, ecological, i use cloth diapers, second hand toys, secondhand clothes for him and me of course, we have no car, i plant trees (actually i have 57 little oaks on my windowsill, ready to go to the nature after summer) use eco or homemade cosmetics and cleaners..... you can have a kids and be zero waste, think about things and save your planet. one day, when you will be older, you will maybe sad that you have no kids. maybe not, maybe yes, maybe you'll really adopt......... of course i respect your opinion, i only wanted to write mine :) (I'm sorry, my english is not good i know it, i have problem with using times and so...) :)
Falling in love with somebody from the other side of the world is a pain, isn't it?! My husband's American, and while we've lived in the same place as one another for the past 6 years now, we've essentially made a lifelong commitment to flying to see his fam in California every year. That long haul flight is problematic, but it's great motivation to be as eco conscious as possible in every other part of our lives. As for kids, I struggle with that. On the one hand, I know that we would be great parents who would raise a kid to be a positive asset for the world, and we need compassionate and eco-minded people to take over from us when we're gone. On the other hand, a kid, no matter how much of an eco-warrior they were raised to be, is still another human that the Earth would need to support. It's a philosophical nightmare for our generation.
Ingrid Furdal (1 month ago)
After your videos I have started to buy everything used if I need something ❤👏 maybe too comfortable with it, last time I asked if they had vacuum bags 🙈 🤣
Loumarmit (1 month ago)
Some wonderful advice! I switched to banking with triodos about a year ago, and I feel like no one is really talking about the importance of how/ where your money is saved! Me and my partner decided not to have children a while ago, but we never really wanted children anyway. There's always adoption, because there are so many kids out there that need a home!
ถ Tho Tung (1 month ago)
Any ideas for things to do instead of using air conditioning in very hot countries? It's kind of intolerable without it in 40 c heat.
Clair Bolthouse (1 month ago)
It's also important to point out that if you don't have the ability to have you're own garden outside (like if you're in an apartment), having little plants in pots by window sills is a great option! My Grandma always has a few tomato plants inside that she loves. And though a few plants doesn't produce much produce, they're still great to have, and makes the space look greener. :)
Aparna Panchanathan (1 month ago)
My GOD there's nothing that takes me to another level than people saying they don't care about the environment, saying they want, like, 48 kids, and then telling me that I'm selfish for not wanting any
Julia Olsson (1 month ago)
Hello! Just found your channel and I binged watch loooads of videos! I was just wondering, what kind of camera do you use for filming? It looks amazing! Thanks for beeing an insperation / fan from Sweden! <3
Sustainably Vegan (1 month ago)
For this video I used a Canon 70D with a 24-70mm 2.8 canon L series lens xx
zziggy808 (1 month ago)
Idk how to cook dry beans for my life. Help? Talking black bean, kidney, garbanzo, pinto, to name a few
Doğa Sindar (1 month ago)
Loved it! And totally agree with no more babies :)
Diana Ivanenko (1 month ago)
I'm 20 now. and I decided not to have children for the environmental reason when I was 16. I haven't changed my mind. but I'm afraid that one day, in the future, my body will need to have one. female hormones or whatever it is u know
Emelia Söderlund (1 month ago)
Immy you're great!! <3
K. W. (1 month ago)
I have no kids. I just would like to point out the math. When we suggest only having no more than two that assumes you are staying in the same relationship and your spouse has no existing children. Technically if you divorce and have had one child in your previous marriage and your new spouse has had one previously, you shouldn’t have a child together if you’re trying to keep it at ZPG.
maureen (1 month ago)
Interesting video. You’re good at presenting thought provoking suggestions while being extremely charming. I have two kids and a cat; I suppose I can sell them second hand. 😘 More seriously, before having kids, I was very much pro-zero population growth (this was in the 80s). Things changed when I got older and stuff for me. I don’t disagree with you though. ❤️
Lilly Richards (1 month ago)
I am planning to experiment with growing vegetables in containers.
Tiggy Summers (1 month ago)
This is a great video! Amazing tips presented so well :)
Elisa Ditta (1 month ago)
About the child tip, I would say: adopt. There are so many kids in need...unfortunately there are countries that do not allow single women/men to adopt, but the UK does which is great I think. :-) I am definitely going to grow my own food, I have already put seeds in my vegetable house, so hopefully this Summer I will have a lot of fresh veg ;-)
Sarahlenea (1 month ago)
Love your video and the tips you provide :-) I'm increasingly trying to buy second-hand (and only useful stuffs), pick up trashes when I go for a walk, donate to environmental NGOs, etc. In the future, I'm gonna try to make plant-based milk and to change my bank. Also, I would add to your suggestions: write to companies for instance to ask them to change their packaging; if you have a pet (especially a cat or dog) pay attention to their environmental footprint that can be really important (meat and animal products, canned or frozen food, cat litter, toys, etc.); vote for people or parties who have demonstrated that they are taking action to protect the environment.
Vibing Vegan (1 month ago)
Great video! And congratulations on your boyfriend moving overseas !
morgan weiler (1 month ago)
For children i think it’s always better to adopt than have your own and way better for everyone
Robin Sharp (1 month ago)
I live in Toronto where Bunz is huge! I've been using it since Feb 2017 and I've traded over 300 things! I love it so much. I'm glad it's catching on in other areas. 🥰
Sandra Dorr (1 month ago)
My husband and I had the discussion about zero population growth 24 years ago. We decided to only have one child. This is a personal decision, but I think it is an important conversation to have. Love your channel North Carolina, USA
Emilia Jämsä (1 month ago)
What i’ve learned in almost 4 years of distant relationship is that talking is the key because it is all you can do together😅 But that also makes you get to know the other person in much more deeper level which i love. Also what helps us is to know when we will see again so it keeps us going when we plan our next visit and it somehow feels like there is hope for you 😆 And planning the future when some day you could live together feels like such a dream that you don’t wanna give up on that❤️❤️
Lauriane Lombèrd (1 month ago)
Hi! Thank u for this video that is différent from the usual “ guide for beginners” with very basics tips”. I’m writing about the child point : I think you did well to talk about it because it’s a kind of taboo in the low waste community. I think there is two main raisons not to have child and the first one is for them. Even if there is a small part of people who are fighting for the climate, it is reasonable to think that scientific predictions about times of wars, migrations, difficult access too food, and lack of breathable air because of deforestation and death of the oceans are our future. I’m terrified about it and the last thing I want to do is putting new human beings that I love in this mess. I’m scared enough for myself, I think the best gift we can give to our future child is to preserve them. The second reason is hope. Even with my very pessimistic vision of the future, I want to fight to prevent it. And a very efficient way to fight against global warming is to decrease the number of humans beings on earth, so I really think not to have kids is one of the most efficient among solutions which could possibly save us.
Melanie Liu (1 month ago)
Hi, I live in a city which the public transportation is very crowded and sometimes inefficient at the rush hour, it's not a bicycle friendly city because there is pollution and there are robbers but I really want to reduce my carbon footprint. Any suggestions? And I don't want to have a Child, actually there is a infographic about having one fewer child is the most effective way to reduce your carbon footprint. https://www.google.com/amp/s/phys.org/news/2017-07-effective-individual-tackle-climate-discussed.amp
Andreea Sebe (1 month ago)
I don't know where you live, but in my city (Bucharest, Romania) public transport is very hectic (very busy at rush hours, too few buses on some lines, etc), the city is very crowded (I think it's the worst European Capital in terms of pollution and crowded streets) and we only have 2 or 3 bike lanes in the whole city. However, I've been biking to work for almost 8 years, on the street. I just have to be careful and respect the laws (I always expect that the driver's don't notice me or will just refuse to let me pass, try to cut in front of me, etc) and the only incidents I had were my fault. Try to see if there is any bicycle groups in your area, that's how I started.
Coryn Nelson (1 month ago)
Im on level 21 on zero waste, really excited forr level 22 ha
Rääpynä (1 month ago)
What's that? Your age? 😄
Sarah Thatcher (1 month ago)
You might not think this is necessary and depending on where you live, maybe it isn't an issue but I have been writing to my local Farmers Market trying to get the FARMERS to stop putting their produce per measured in plastic bags. Thankfully, they did ban bags for carrying our items but then it seems so ironic that you 'have to' buy your produce in a bag. I've had conversations with a few farmers to help them realize consumers don't want it and we don't need it. However,, they say if the lettuce, spinach, greens are 'wilted' no one will buy them... anyone see a solution for this at their farmers market?
Rachel Erin (1 month ago)
Maybe better than just “don’t have (many) kids” as a tip would be: If you want children, consider adopting or fostering instead of carrying the child yourself. There are lots of kids who already exist but need a good home! Adopting or fostering is a good zero-additional-carbon-footprint option if you want kids, especially if you want several.
shelby cooper (1 month ago)
I grow a huge garden every year and I love how it makes it so much easier to live low waste in other aspects of my life!
Danielle Alexander (1 month ago)
What’s an example of an ethical UK bank?
Tabitha Hemery (1 month ago)
amen to the no (or few) babies tip!! Nice to see this point of view becoming public!!
iamme (1 month ago)
Grow your own food!! Or be part of a ecovillage with a community garden fron which you can get your food next door. Yeah!🤟
Adriana Ortiz (1 month ago)
Right now, I have no idea if I want to raise children or not. However, I've decided that without a doubt I would much rather adopt. There are so many kids without a family already, why in the world would I put my body through making another?
Kazuko Nishi (1 month ago)
Please don't forget you were kid before , too
Pauline Moira (1 month ago)
I'm currently in Bali and sometimes go to Starbucks for Wi-Fi. Some random tourist donated a bunch of stainless steel straws and now they use those instead of paper. (I'm not even sure if thats legal but everyone likes it so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

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