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Belief in the Angels - 2nd Article of Faith in Islam - AbdurRaheem Green

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AbdurRaheem Green is explaining the 2nd article of faith in Islam which is the belief in the angels. --------------------------------------- Checkout my new Channel of (How To) and learn many various stuff like making Subtitles, Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Electronics & Many [email protected] https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9wyrVcZ6w_n7gZbAOfWhwA/videos My Google+ Page for My Islamic Articles : https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/103511443304161742824/+NewMan2015/posts?pageId=103511443304161742824 -Visit my blog for many complete lectures & nasheeds , great conversion stories & other Videos @ http://hdvideosnewman2010.blogspot.com
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Y. Onur Yucel (3 years ago)
Where does angels go ? Destroyed after pilgrammage ? What is the last place for them ?
Y. Onur Yucel (3 years ago)
+NewMan2015 Yes but what happens when they are destroyed, we go to heaven where they go ? It is really interesting idea. I always though after Kaaba they died and others come. 
NewMan2015 (3 years ago)
+Y. Onur Yucel Where does angels go ? the Angels was created by Almighty God "Allah" to fulfill his commands so Allah made them in charge of many things as explained in the video for example the Angel which in charge of the rain and another is in charge of the mountains etc.. plus Allah might assign task or order to any one of them too but we don't know except for the Angels which Allah told us about in the Noble Qur'an. so Angels are the obedient workers of Allah. Destroyed after pilgrammage ? No they are not destroyed after the pilgrimage, he meant to say they just leave the area .. "What is the last place for them ?" i don't know personally Allah is the one to decide what to do with them as they are his creation.
Mosome (3 years ago)
Ahmad Noordin (3 years ago)
may Allah  grant happiness and health to  brother abdur rahem green and his family
Haroon Ahmed (3 years ago)
I love example because am a muslim to

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