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Your personality and your brain | Scott Schwefel | TEDxBrookings

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This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. We all have a unique personality, but we also show up to others in ways we don’t know. Understanding how our brains become consciously aware of ourselves, and in turn, everyone else teaches how we can connect, adapt and ultimately influence others. It all starts with knowing when we are truly self-aware, and when we aren’t, how to get there quickly and easily. Scott Schwefel built and sold Minnesota’s largest technology training company. To get there he used personality assessments to help his people understand each other and understand clients and customers. His study of personality led to an awareness of brain science and how our brains enable us to communicate with each other. Scott has taught these principles of brain science and communications techniques throughout North America, Europe and Asia, and to over 1300 CEOs globally. About TEDx, x = independently organized event In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)
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Text Comments (1309)
Christina Sao (3 days ago)
I’m blue... because if I was yellow I wouldn’t be at home watching this video right now...
NoGritNoPearl lLikeMe (3 days ago)
I'm duo color: GREEN & YELLOW. I forgive my ex-husband and my older sister for being RED = controlling freak and narcissist
Fire when using my Se, but blue when that function has had it. Then I want to hide and need to be by myself. (INFJ)
Natrium guy (15 days ago)
This informative talk.
N H (19 days ago)
Cool Blue.
Pablo Demetri (22 days ago)
I have a friend who is Yellow but wants to be and respects Red. I am a Blue. What is the preferred way for me to communicate with him effectively..?
Julie (1 month ago)
this is kind of video that youtube needs mooore! i'm totally in love
Jamine Earl (1 month ago)
juju ad (1 month ago)
Very inspiring..thank you
Nirleponshishprapanc (1 month ago)
I see a mix of 75%Yellow and 25% Blue. Where am I ?
farrel purwoko (1 month ago)
If my name starts with F, then my alliterative adjective would be
Three Dio (1 month ago)
When i am concious i call it "waking up"
A Al gregory (1 month ago)
I'm INTP and I'm 75%blue and 25%green approximately 😊
Uchiha Itachi (1 month ago)
9:30 he saw through me xD
The Cowboy (1 month ago)
What you feed your mind with, determines who you are and who you will become. Many of the world's most brilliant men agree on this. Here's some quotes from them regarding this subject. "The mind is everything. What you think you become. We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think." - Buddha "A man is but the product of his thoughts; what he thinks, he becomes." - Ghandi.
Akansha Maity (1 month ago)
And what determines what we think?
unOrdinary Replica (1 month ago)
I love yellow but I'm blue? Shouldn't it be red
Hello world (1 month ago)
I saw ravenclaw at the top left , griffindor at the top right , slytherin at the bottom left , huflepuff at the Bottom right.
Edwin Li (1 month ago)
Anyone else is watching this video for assignment
Tripti Biswas (1 month ago)
I think I actually transformed from blue to green...but there's still a bit blue in there when I am alone and when with ppl I am green
Richard Russell (1 month ago)
It all starts with knowing when we are truly self-aware, and when we aren’t, how to get there quickly and easily.
Jason Earley (1 month ago)
This guy thinks he came up with this coloring temperament analogy? Nope, this is the theory of the 4 temperaments camouflaged with colors and different words.
Chris Morris (2 months ago)
Blue = Ravenclaw Green = Hufflepuff Red = Slytherin Yellow = Gryffindor Ironic ;) xD
hajash ansari (2 months ago)
I'm between Blue and Red.. wow.. I feel so exposed
Mayya . Artist (2 months ago)
When I saw the colors on the screen I was like Yaaay yellow ! And then it was my type 😅
lily 06 (2 months ago)
I'm a mix of all except red
lily 06 (2 months ago)
Lazy lily
SmileyD Crosby (2 months ago)
Blue is dominant but I connect with the other three as well? More information please?
Jo (2 months ago)
I’m red, green, and blue... but if I had to pick only one it would be blue. And I would wear all three hats 🧢 like your son asked if he could! 🙋🏻‍♀️
JIA LINN (2 months ago)
Joking and Jazzy is what adjectives I thought of
evajialing (2 months ago)
O I am A Yellow Over Blue
Back Road Bob (2 months ago)
Actually cows do drink milk, baby cows. The wrong answer is not as wrong as you think it is.
Maggie ZM (2 months ago)
MBTI is way better than this thing.
Zahid H Khan (3 months ago)
Mohamed Abdussalam (3 months ago)
Isn't amazing when you watch a video or read a book and you feel you really did learn something of value? Thank you very much for this great talk.
Esmeralda Ben diaz (3 months ago)
very good video
Arjun Gupta (3 months ago)
Blue and Green. Where's my fam?
I always find systems with so few categories to never fit me right. I went to green but realized I was also kind of yellow and a little red. I haven’t a problem with Myers Briggs but maybe it’s because it’s so diverse in range of personalities. Idk, it’s much easier for me to fit myself into one in 16 groups rather than one in 4. Infp might be an easier category for me to identify with because it’s a lot less vague than green. Idk what I’m saying here tbh. It just crossed my mind that there’s no unconventional colors like pink or tan and no mixtures like purple or orange and it seemed a bit off to me. I’m sorry that this comment is so long and pretty meaningless, I am tired and I am just voicing the ramble in my head please don’t take it too seriously.
Rashed ahmed (3 months ago)
Please translate this video into Arabic
Esther Sali (3 months ago)
I'm green and blue. :D
msnadiak (3 months ago)
I would be the Earth Green.
mogo (3 months ago)
am I blue or am I green I don’t know lmao
Amber McGar (3 months ago)
What’s the one for uses the stairs 🤔
Amber McGar (3 months ago)
I feel like I’m a little bit of all four. A mixture of certain traits from each.
Mike Lesesne (3 months ago)
Baby cows drink milk so... Yea🥛🥛🥛🥛🍼🍼🍼🍼
A F (3 months ago)
clintrahe (3 months ago)
Has he just ripped off DISC behavioural profiling
Leaa H. (4 months ago)
Im a mixture of blue and red. Weird...
sentienttrash00 (4 months ago)
I tend to see that people resonate very differently in the color areas, as if they would in the four way political chart (which has by now, become the best meme material ever but anyway). People definitely have a distinct 'tone' to them, which is one of these four, but looking closer, it's like a colour wheel spectrum. I tend to be blue but I have undeniable redness in me, which would make more like a sharp violet, and that can make make me possibly the next most exhausting person to be with for people who have loads of green with just a little bit yellow, or just straight blaring yellow - I tend to make every discussion a little bit too heavy, in-depth and over analyzing, dissecting everything even when it's really not necessary. My husband is definitely blue, bluer than me, but despite being enigmatic, distant to some and hard to reach emotionally, he's way more patient with other people and maybe a better listener than me; he definitely belongs in the dreamy beach enchanting turquoise (whatever it is, it's beautiful and that makes him beautiful) wavelength. I find this interesting (however, I do think this on its own is more about temperament, rather than the full extent of a personality).
Kathinski Laminski (4 months ago)
Omg. Yellow = Mister Peanutbutter!
gunz (4 months ago)
Sunshine yellow gang where you at🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️
Maya Goodson (4 months ago)
I took the true colors test approximately 6 months ago and my results were Blue, then green and orange tied. I took it again earlier this week in my psychology class and I got Green with blue and orange tied. My teacher has told me that your color shouldn’t change and that in most cases there’s one very strong color for each person. I know that this isn’t a fixed thing and you aren’t strictly one color, but from what I’ve seen and heard, not many people get results like mine and I’m curious to know if this is something that happens usually and if there’s a thought process that explains this
Syda stark (4 months ago)
Anybody else do the who am I how am I going to show up today thing ?because I definitely do. Sometimes I use different kinds of cards to connect with myself andAnd see what I might like to access for the day.
casey (4 months ago)
9:29 And that is when I realized Im Blue
Kevin Fuk (4 months ago)
Cool Blue-Melancholic-Task-oriented introvert Earth Green-Phlegmatic-People-oriented introvert Fiery Red-Choleric-Task-oriented extrovert Sunshine Yellow-Sanguine-People-oriented extrovert
Pedro Gabriel (4 months ago)
This looks like a mayan tzolkin related thing lol
MK Traveler (5 months ago)
I think I'm blue, green and yellow and sometimes red, I guess this makes me blue lol
Pranav Harikrishnan (5 months ago)
I'm a mix of red, green and blue
Aaron Wright (5 months ago)
So if I'm all 4 I must be ill
XxxlilmizzzxxX (5 months ago)
I'm mostly red. Yellow comes in as a close second. I have a little bit of green too.
BreadNButter (5 months ago)
I switch between blue and red so purple
P S (5 months ago)
I start with blue then go to red.
Ms. Lisa Bailey (5 months ago)
I am more Sunshine Yellow and Earth Green and less of the other two.
Anusha P (5 months ago)
Very red very yellow :p
Eissa Amini (5 months ago)
What about a magic trick?
Thoriso Molefe (5 months ago)
Lol, I'm the opposite of myself, Yellow and Blue (I'm also a Gemini so makes sense lol) On second thought, I'm also quite green, without the patience. But then again I have a lot of red, without the decisiveness (extremely indecisive), I'm extremely impatient and always need to move very quickly and get things going (I run around the house because walking takes too long), I'm not always good at getting things done but incredibly enthusiastic and get everyone around me incredibly enthusiastic about stuff then I get distracted. I feel like what people describe me as is all four colours in equal measure. I'm confused. I always pick everything anyway (including buying the same item in various colours because I can never decide). Right left brain tests also reveal me to be both in equal measure. I'm also an ambivert. Started out in art and became a mathematician too. I'm that mathematician that everyone thinks is a drama student lol.
sum girl (5 months ago)
i feel like im all of them
sari md (5 months ago)
Cool & Useful Presentation
America Sur (5 months ago)
I'm mix of blue and red bahaha, now stop reading comments and get something done
Abigail Jacobo (5 months ago)
Wohooohhh I'm a yellow!!!!!🤣🤣🤣but a mix of BLUE!!!! Omg!!!!!!
Fernando Calazans (5 months ago)
There is no model to provide self-awareness.
i tought we´re more than this colors maybe one or two of them at the same time
My Charming Angel (6 months ago)
I am blue astj
Brig Sushil Bhasin (6 months ago)
Loved the video. Plain, simple, upfront. Thanks for the insight
Nikki E. (6 months ago)
His whole what to do to please a spouse who is a particular color very adequately explains why we shouldn't marry our opposites.
I E (6 months ago)
😐Thought this would be about neuroscience
Pragmatic Prakash
lebanese and proud (6 months ago)
Sunshine yellow
memandylov (6 months ago)
I feel like I'm a mixture of red and green. I'm two completely opposite people in one
Jen nifer (6 months ago)
😂 Introverted Turquoise (Bluish Green or Greenish Blue) 👒🧢
Clara Alosbanos (6 months ago)
Am I his son? or he is me? im confused. 😂
eve (6 months ago)
I’m blue and yellow :o
Abdullahali41 (6 months ago)
This guy’s presentation was really spectacular woow very specific and he knows what he’s saying well prepared •
kustom13rods (6 months ago)
I don't think its going to "UMM"!!
Gia (7 months ago)
'All our knowledge has its origins in perception.' - Leonardo da Vinci 'Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will rule your life, and you'll call it fate.' - Carl Jung 'Once you know who you are and how you're wired, you need to be consciously aware of what Carl Jung called the otherness of the other.' - Scott Schwefel
Kumar Vimal (7 months ago)
isn't it too much of self-awareness is a bad thing?
D Man (7 months ago)
Try orange, the cross over between yellow and red
SeeF (7 months ago)
blue and red, i guess
angličtina s Andy (7 months ago)
I love this :D
potato psoas (7 months ago)
So basically this model is just an interpretation of Te, Fe, Fi and Ti from Jungian Typology.
Christian Banks (7 months ago)
Im very grateful after watching this as I now realise my self (and other) consciousness is actually a good thing. Not a mental problem :)
KY (7 months ago)
When speaking in terms of a career, this sunshine yellow kid wants to be more fiery red
Justthe Girl (7 months ago)
Wheres my cool blue at? Anybody interested on dropping over and play cards.
nicole taylor (7 months ago)
hi beeches
iop erty (7 months ago)
13:25 I do 3 things of these
dallin eats lettuce (8 months ago)
my alliterative adjective is radical reid *sunglasses emoji*
Mihirdev Arya (8 months ago)
I think I am -ve yellow. 53% Blue 28% Green 19% Red.
Ayoub Khalil (8 months ago)
Damn i must be the cause of all the wildfires going on cause I'm so intensely fiery red. ...,=?777777777777i?+~.... ..=+++++=+==++?????????777+=....~ ,..777777?+++,i7777777777777+...:,........ .~7777?.....+77=+++++++?????+?7777777+~.,+... ..777?....?7777777777i???iiii?+i77777........7:., .i77,=:..777........~77777777777777?..i77777.... .77~....777,.+7777777~.:77777777777:.?77777,...7.. .77....7777..77777777777.+777777777:.7777777~...7+. .=777777777,.777777777777,.777777777.i777777777777,. .7777777777.?777i77777777?.777777777.7777777777777.. .,777777777i.77=....?77777i.777777777.777777777777,... .i7777777++..=7.....777777~.777777777:.7777777777..7~. .777777+=+??=.?7.:i777777i.?7777777777?............~=. ..7777777777+??..:7777777,.i777777777777777..7777777:.. .:77777777i+77777?.......=777777777777777?.:777?=i7777,. .i777777777777777777777777777777777777+...=77,.~=,..i77,. .777777777777777777777777777?~::...,=777.:77..?7777i.777. .7777777777777777777777777777777i?+=?77..77,...,...+..77., .777777777777777777777777?+++++?i77777..+77.77.7+::.?.77:. .77777777777777777777777777i+=++++++77..77:.+=.:===,=.+7., .7777777777777777777777777777777777777.,77,.777777777.,7. .7777777777777777777777777?=+=+++++++7..77..777777777.=7. .,77i777777777777777777777777777777777i.77,.77777777+.7.. .77+777+777777777777777777777777777777.~7,.77777777.77. .~77+77+777=77777777777777777777777777.~7,.7777777..7,. .77?+7+i777=7777777777777777777777777.:7,.7777777.i7.. .?77++?+7777+777777777777777777777777.~7.:777777?.77.. ,.777+?+77777?i77777i?++=+77777777777.=7.?777777+.77i. .?777++=77777+7777777?++++=i7777777i.7i.77777777.777. :.777i+++7777ii77777777777+++777777,.7~.:=?77777.~77., .=777=++?7777?77777777?++?7?+?7777.i7.:7777.:77=.77~. .7777+++7777+777777777777++77777..77.i777777.77.i7~, ..777++7=777??77777+,=i777i=i777.+77.77777777.7.i7~, .~777+7?+7777+77777777:.=77?+?7.777............77~, .7777=++i7777?i777777777.~7777.777.77.7+=i=7,.77,, .7777+++=i7777+7777777777..7?.777..7..,,?.7.i77., :.77777+77?+i777+i777777777.:.777,.7777~....777. ..7777+?777+i777?777777777,.?777,.i7777..777.. :.?7777i++i+++777777777777..77777,....?777~. ..?77777?+++++=iiii77777+.,777777777777,. ...7777777i=++++7?==++++~.,77777777,.: ...?77777777?+++==??i77~........ ...,77777777777777777777.. ,....7777777777...... ...?7777i:.. :....,
Pham Thu Hang (8 months ago)
Thank you !
Jacqualynne Newby (8 months ago)
Jolly Jacqualynne, Joyous Jacqualynne, Justified Jacqualynne
isasibela (8 months ago)
I am absolutely yellow, so yellow that you cannot be more. Therefore, I may be a real freak for blues and greens. Only reds and yellows can follow me.

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