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Cash App - ( Square/PayPal) CRYPTOCURRENCY *BitCoin* ( BTC ) JANUARY 2018 !!

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Cash App ( Square/PayPal ) Newest Update - Great Bitcoin Cryto !! Try Cash App & Our Newest Cryptocurrency update using my code and we’ll each get $10! LMGJCKM cash.me/app/LMGJCKM Share - Follow - Like - RATE !!!
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hitsndc (1 year ago)
hmmmmm....nice! I wish we had a wallet that we can send already purchased btc to tho...
SquidLxc Łatest (1 year ago)
hitsndc yes you can -
hitsndc (1 year ago)
So i can send my bitcoin that I already have in my GDAX account ? If so, this is amazing!!
SquidLxc Łatest (1 year ago)
hitsndc theres a withdraw option... Thats the part i show the camera for QR code

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