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Eighteen And Sleeping Rough | Girls Living On The Streets Of Brighton

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Kelly may have a room, but still needs to earn money on the street. Brought up in care and with no qualifications, she’s busking for now but hopes an open mic session will lead to bigger things. Further down the coast Zoe started sleeping rough when a relationship broke down, she has learning difficulties and has found refuge in a winter night shelter. Meanwhile, for Caroline home is now an abandoned shelter on the seafront. This is the last episode in the current series. A new series will be released later this year. For information and support, these organisations in the UK may be able to help: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/3SHLxLhpNgzbbbC0tMfzlrr/information-and-support -- Click here to subscribe to BBC Three: http://bit.ly/BBC-Three-Subscribe Did you know that we’re up to other things in other places too? Best of BBC Three: www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree iPlayer: http://www.bbc.co.uk/tv/bbcthree Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/bbcthree Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bbcthree Instagram: http://instagram.com/bbcthree Tumblr: http://bbcthree.tumblr.com Oh, we’re on Snapchat too - just incase you were wondering… add us, bbcthree.
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Text Comments (1415)
Den Wiessimo (5 hours ago)
"Help from organisations". Go wash cars to provide for your wife, loser.
Chez La Mez (12 hours ago)
I can't stop crying watching this series
StopItGetSomeHelp (1 day ago)
She has a good voice and she looks like a singer!! She should be given a chance to start singing career if she wants
Kaylan B (1 day ago)
What great singer
Umm kay (1 day ago)
Poor thing, she adores her mom and feels so abandoned.
Marta (1 day ago)
17:26 What a freaking voice ! My goodness , that girl have such a talent , I have goosebumps when she sings ....that means a lot . Hope she will take her music career seriously and that is gonna be her main Job in the future . Fingers crossed for you smart girl !!!!!
Rhuth K (2 days ago)
Somebody, absolutely anybody in or near Brighton with basic phone camera should record her and put her videos on youtube. She needs to get noticed. She has a beautiful voice and pure soul. If she is lucky enough and catches the eyes of some music producer, her life will change in instant. Somebody, please help her. I live in hell so i cant help. If i lived in brighton i surely would have.
Robert Raw (3 days ago)
Shit this girl can sing
John Fitzgerald (3 days ago)
Use a shopping cart or a backpack. Why Amy Winehouse song? Hold up did you see her smile? 2:56 - 2:57 3:00 3:17
Elvis Burgerking (3 days ago)
I always believed Brighton was a shithole, now I know it's worse than a shithole.
Good for you Kelly girl
bles s your heart .. Kelly ..Right On 😊👍
Prad Bit (6 days ago)
Zoe keep your head up baby. That smile was priceless :D
Prad Bit (6 days ago)
Kelly your gonna be alright kid. Support from Denver U.S.A.
Helluminati (6 days ago)
Kelly could be next Lorde....
De Veelvraat (7 days ago)
Low IQ + addictions = disaster.
Nallely Rodriguez (8 days ago)
Kelly won my heart I hope she’s okay and is doing good 😭💜
Immoral Wombat (8 days ago)
Offered a job to homeless person once, gave him my number, pointed to agency where he would have to register to be able to start the work in warehouse, but never heard from him again, so I think that they just say they'r willing to work, in reality they'r not.
Chaza (4 days ago)
so your judging millions after one encounter?
Katie Mc Crink (9 days ago)
awh my heart goes out to Kelly honestly,she's such a nice girl,she should be a model!she's an incredible singer and I really hope she's doing way better.BBC needs to do a catch up series!!💓
Sudden Eclipse UENISE (9 days ago)
It saddens me to see people struggling like this. There is no balance of resources. No one should have to go through this.
Ty Smith (9 days ago)
I volunteer 3 days a week at a store called "it takes a village" where everything is free. You can get food, clothes, hygiene products, dog/cat food, toys, books and everything else you can think of. It's an amazing idea and it should be adopted by every town and city. Check us out on facebook. Just search for "it takes a village"
V Oh (10 days ago)
the system really let kelly down
After Burner (10 days ago)
Poor Zoe. My heart breaks for her 💔
anyone have updates on ANY of these ppl. REally want to know if Kelly's ok???
radialdrift (11 days ago)
Kelly has such a beautiful voice . So much soul. So much more substance than these Processed pop knobs we have today.
poppy paul (13 days ago)
i agree with the comment below. with the right songs and support, kelly could go somewhere. if you ever read this kelly, please get in touch, and i will send you a few original tracks for you to listen to.
Danny Reed (13 days ago)
The basic problem is hidden in plain sight: HOME - LESS. You can't do anything with this existence until you have a secure place to call "Home." Whatever the problem, you can't really feel safe and secure unless there is a place for you. The rest is just nitpicking about this and that. It ALL comes back to having a place to call Home first and foremost. Step One: Find a place to call Home. Step Two: EVERYTHING ELSE. Home is where the heart is. Some people like to camp and live a vagabond life. Fine if that is their choice. If it isn't then you know where to begin. At HOME. Get one and hang onto it. If it's drugs, alcohol, tobacco, prostitution, crime, being a bad tenant, whatever, you NEED an Address. Learn how to budget and produce some Income and get help to exist. I'm ONE STEP AWAY from being Homeless too. When you're young it's rough. Guess what it's like when you get old and Alone? Don't dilly dally. It doesn't get easier. I thought it was romantic, at first. It's NOT Romantic now, I can say.
LemonDrop (13 days ago)
kelly has a beautiful voice ❤️
phuck youu (14 days ago)
She's too cute
Evan Gibbs (15 days ago)
Stop saying "HeLp" and get a job. Making excuses for your bummy mistakes. Help yourself stinky druggy
dubstep1994 (15 days ago)
6:00 my first advice to her is start looking like a woman and lose weight. That would help her tons for a starter. Only positive looking like a man is there is no risk of rape but also no chance of a job or money from begging because you are a woman.
cj222100 (15 days ago)
I hope Kelly was able to keep her place, I'm sure her income is very unpredictable. Hopefully that last place called her, it's only part time but at least she'd have something on her resume to move onto a full time job eventually. And if not there, somewhere else, each place is different anyway, you have to be trained anyway, so hopefully someone takes a chance on her.
Dlighted 1 (16 days ago)
Kelly can sing! Why the hell is she homeless!? Can you imagine what heights she could achieve if she had the proper home life, with love and support!? She can easily make it in the music industry. People know they can mess their children's lives up! And the worst people, breed the most children. Sad.
Paul Haynes (16 days ago)
Hope Kelly is sorted now, she reminds me of Lilly Allan.
Robert. L. Hansbury (17 days ago)
Kelly has an amazing voice somebody will grab her up and she'll probably make a career out of singing....We can only hope for her best....👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Robert. L. Hansbury (17 days ago)
It's truly amazing in the United States there's abandoned buildings that are untouch clean as a hospital enough room for 20000 people in one building and they're all over the place but yet people want to sleep outside in the snow and the cold.... I'm sure the UK has plenty of abandoned buildings where are the homeless can live I don't understand why they're on the streets or in the woods... they all seem like very nice people except for the guy that treats his cat better than his woman now he pisses me off no reason to hit your lady douchebag...😱🤭😳😡🤮🤬🤭
Kelly Osoro (17 days ago)
I feel for all these girls but Kelly stands out to me for having such positivity in such a horrid situation, she just seams so lost and it breaks my heart💔 I would help her if i knew how to get in contact with her. Kelly if your reading this please know your amazing hun! You are very talented, I hope your doing good! Please let me know if you need anything!❤️🖤
Jessica Walsh (18 days ago)
Kelly is a beautiful girl . I wish all the best in life
Khalidah Chen (19 days ago)
i'm watching all these documentaries about homeless people... maybe first time in my life i feel so thankful to be able to work and to rent a flat, to have many things which these people do not have... i think they just got used to live such life, so most of them probably will never have a normal life (job, home, family, etc.) but i'm praying for them. like seriously, people take so many things for granted...
lex (20 days ago)
I hope Kelly gets help ! Poor girl.. her mom is terrible
Beth Hirst (21 days ago)
I’ve just stumbled across this series & watched ep 1,2 & 3 back to back. If I could find Kelly in particular and help her out I so would!! She has such a sparkle despite what struggles she’s been through & still endures. Her voice is beautiful too! I was homeless at one point in my life too due to mental & physical abuse & a shocking pair of ‘parents’. I thought my world was over but now I realise years on that I’m lucky because I escaped it all & made my own path built around people now who truly love me for me. Having a messed up blood family who don’t naturally care/love/provide/guide/protect is horrible...so I can empathise so much with Kelly but I now know (after years and years of struggle & hurt) it’s all set me free from their toxicity. It has with her too even though there’s been huge bumps along the road. I hope Kelly can continue to push on with her singing and blossom into a strong woman 💖 If you reading this Kelly- You’re amazing!! Keep going 💪🏻 The universe will reward you for your constant efforts. You’re destined for big things, I can see it! You’ve got such an infectious, lovely & down to earth personality ✨ BBC - PLEASE update us on her progress xxx
Queenie H. (21 days ago)
Kelly also has features of fetal alcohol syndrome. So sad because she's a kick ass girl regardless but she deserved a better shot at life
Michels Music (22 days ago)
Kelly have a wonderfull voice. I need this here in Germany for many Gigs!
MajnouniWahad (23 days ago)
When I was homeless no one would help. not family not the government. I only had a few friends to rely on and even then most of them had agendas to helping me. I.e. men only helping so they could get 'something' from me.
Sith'ari Azithoth (24 days ago)
Everyone in comments feels bad about the young pretty girls. But really, I feel bad for the slow boyish looking lady. We all know that's gotta be rougher. And she is older, and heavier... Some people make you wonder if god just falls asleep at the wheel sometimes. Like give people somethin, you know? That's fucked up. Im not even saying it to be mean, Im just saying it because nobody else does, and it feels bad, man.
Sith'ari Azithoth (24 days ago)
"It sounds so sad, but I looked so happy." *-after showing clown face* Bruh...
Ashley Justice (26 days ago)
Any updates on Kelly? Charlotte? Lance?
cazza Australia (26 days ago)
Poor Kelly, shame on her mother and family, wtf would you leave that little girl on the streets to fend for herself. Disgusting.
Katie Higgins (27 days ago)
Absolutely love Kelly. So we'll spoken and seems very intelligent. I hope someone gave her a chance since this was filmed. She seems like such a genuine person who's just stick on a rotten system.
Jillian lea (28 days ago)
Kelly is the perfect example of how the system fails children that age out. I hope she writes songs about her life . She's a beautiful singer. I commend her for being thrown out with no tools and she's still fighting for a job. And her life
Jessica Newberry (1 month ago)
I live in California and the homeless is getting so much worse it’s so heartbreaking 😢I was homeless by choice for awhile because I chose drugs but I’m clean today own my home but we need to always help them and talk to them because we are all one ☝️ this life can be rough and we all need kindness and love don’t matter where we come from🙏
Jessica Newberry (1 month ago)
Kelly’s going to make it big one day she is a fighter💓they all have beautiful souls🙏
Martin Linahan (1 month ago)
Kelly’s laugh .. I laugh with her every time bless ..
Al Sp (1 month ago)
I want to take her as sex officer
connie thomas (1 month ago)
I think Kelly is so talented I hope life gets better for her 💗
robert ingram (1 month ago)
I hope she is ok now.
deeprose4 (1 month ago)
Kelly should be given a record deal. Imagine the songs she can write with her experience.
Laura B (1 month ago)
Love the fact you're tagging all your resources BBC. That's way more credible.
Giada Combusti (1 month ago)
She is 18! Can’t believe v
Phila Art (1 month ago)
All these happens due to the not so good upbringing.
Phila Art (1 month ago)
Kelly, the way she laugh.😍😍😍
Gail Thorpe (1 month ago)
What a voice Kelly has got a record label should sign her up
Lynette Francis (1 month ago)
Jelly is an amazing singer let's see if some one gives her a job singing or a recording
Zara Choudhury (1 month ago)
aww kelly's a good singer, shame on her mum and family for letting her be homeless. that is not family
Bonnita Cazares (1 month ago)
She could be a model with those eyes. So interesting
Andybhoy Mc`phearson (1 month ago)
I would love to know what fckin kicks people get out of assaulting the homeless and burning their stuff they are fckin people to jail the lot of them animals sorry about the rant but there is no need they are human beings man it could happen to anyone
Andybhoy Mc`phearson (1 month ago)
My heart goes out to young Kelly so young and homeless and her feckin family won't take her in its sickening they want her to learn learn what to sleep on the streets ridiculous I hope the girl has done well with herself with that Great voice she has unbelievable that kids are having to sleep rough in these days give these kids a bloody home
Mr ferno (1 month ago)
Surely if we all put 10 pound in we can atleast help them if they setup a go fund me page i will put in
Sum ting wong Richard (1 month ago)
The thumbnail picture of this girl is hilarious 🤣
Leonie H (1 month ago)
I love Kelly so much. Feels like she really could have been me in another life.
Junglee j (1 month ago)
Little laughs of Kelly
Debbiebabe69 (1 month ago)
Seriously girls, if you want to get off the streets, the first thing you need to do is ditch the druggie 'boyfriends'. They only are with you for drug money, however much they say they 'love' you, and you being with them wasters is the main reason people turn their heads and walk away instead of even talking to you.
Eric Schimmer (1 month ago)
Its true what Marks (Mr Nice) said, they speak in Lundun as if they got eggs in their mouf. "Not allowed to sit on men from 9-10:24(?) ). Weird Time. OH, they meant mens BEDS. Well, a mens bed just might haf a Man inside;)
Morks ramen hair (1 month ago)
Kelly is so sweet. I love her enthusiasm and jolly attitude all through what’s she’s gone through.
Monika Moni (1 month ago)
I love Kelly voice xx god bless her x
Chris (1 month ago)
Men in this section woman in that section... Hummmmm where do I go
Brenna Barkley (1 month ago)
I hate seeing Kelly's bags under her eyes. She seems so sweet and talented. I noticed when she was singing that it looked like she has Cauliflower ear? That's usually caused by blunt trauma! :(
ifuss (1 month ago)
What happened to Ocean? She's beautiful, that girl is going places. These women are incredibly strong willed.
Widdekuu91 (1 month ago)
Maybe this sounds weird or something...but aren't hairdressers always looking for people to (for lack of a better word) practice cutting hair on? I can imagine that washing someone's hair and cutting it into a nice comfortable hairdo is a win-win for the homeless person and the hairdresser.
Artemis Baxas (1 month ago)
the only issue with kelly not getting her job is her spelling. I wish the camera man helped her. She spelled college like Collage and she spelt peforming like preforming
Cabib Tanggomay (1 month ago)
Kelly is So Positive, i know she can make it on life...
May God Bless and Protect those people.
greatwhite (1 month ago)
Does it rain everyday in Britain
Dangerous Type (1 month ago)
She's so beautiful and cute, this is so heart breaking!
Truth Seeker (1 month ago)
It's absurd, not hiring an 18 year old, for "lack of experience". It's like "yeah?", they lack experience, they're only 18 numb nuts. What do you expect?
lion dream (1 month ago)
Where are all the old, crusty, homebumbs? That would be a better show. More real. Unless the producers start buying them rooms unscripted, caravans, unscripted.
Liz A (1 month ago)
This documentary tugged at my heart a lil bit....I wonder how they are all doing and hope they have somehow found peace and comfort.
Dawn Lavan (1 month ago)
RIP Delores, Kelly does her song beautifully. My heart hurts to watch this. I slept on my paps grave for weeks as a teen. My mom tossed me out a lot from age 13 & up. She'd let me come for a few months then shed meet someone new & I'd have to go again. I wish everyone had a home of their own. I think mini houses could be the answer to so many ppls prayers if only city ordnance would allow them. A job for each that can work too. I sure hope they all made it thru the winter , I can't find anymore episodes than the first 3 of season 2.
Abby Reynolds (1 month ago)
So if a family member has a housing benefit, they can't let another family member stay there for a few nights when it's freezing cold or else their benefits will suffer. That's unbelievable.
Koto B (1 month ago)
To be honest she could stay a few nights just as long as she doesn't reside there. There was probably a different reason for kicking her out (maybe drugs).
Zinc Crystal (2 months ago)
Winston Churchill plans don't work
Zinc Crystal (2 months ago)
England is hard,even real estates is complicated
Zinc Crystal (2 months ago)
You my dear need to get a job in a studio with your non experience you will start of as a cleaner and destiny will c,I c you like singing,do that for her,
Zinc Crystal (2 months ago)
Many decision good and bad we're made by the Jesuits,ur company,1700 is enter taiment
Zinc Crystal (2 months ago)
Did I tell that I have read former Spanish priest Roberto Rivera the double cross,jesuit secret society
Marc Padilla (2 months ago)
Terrible to see a kid so young strung out like that.
Foreverdreamingcorpse (2 months ago)
I love kelly she’s so talented I hope she gets noticed one day and begins a career in music or what she wants,she’s so sweet🥰It’s sad to see her living like this😔Sad to see them all living on the streets
Foreverdreamingcorpse (2 months ago)
One thing I’m gonna say is don’t wreck where homeless people stay that’s just damn right horrible and cold hearted,that’s upset me😤😪
Kelly is so talented I love ❤️ her
Shan Santee (2 months ago)
Teresa May, you should be a disgrace for having this in your country.

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