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Highest paying side hustles & work from home jobs for 2019! Please SUBSCRIBE if you got any value from this video, it means so much to me honestly! UPDATE! PART 2 HERE: https://youtu.be/0cmWb4xU07s PART 2 WORK FROM HOME VIDEO: https://youtu.be/zhUAOpUHDRg Sign up for Ebates here! https://www.ebates.com/r/JCARMC3?eeid=28187 -Giveaway: https://gleam.io/EKDZS/jordan-cheyennes-100-visa-gift-card-giveaway Sites mentioned: -EBATES (sign up here and get a welcome bonus!): https://www.ebates.com/r/JCARMC3?eeid=28187 -Air b&b: http://www.airbnb.com -http://www.poshmark.com -http://www.lyft.com -Rent your car out! http://www.turo.com -http://www.etsy.com -http://www.respondent.io Subscribe: http://bit.ly/2bn2E2J | Follow my IG: https://www.instagram.com/JayJayWeezy/ Watch last video here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVaJ-yG0ENmEM2-Csf_6S3zgYYSV0RE56 Grab my Ebooks, blank media kits & more on my website here! https://bit.ly/2MXWOT0 My favorite lashes!!! I'm always wearing 'Drunk in love', 'Bugatti' 'Famous' and 'Slay' styles. Use code JORDAN30 for 30% off the whole site at http://www.iikonn.com Gucci Dupe belt: https://amzn.to/2OcXO6L *Buy asap if you want it because it sells out every other day lol WATCH THESE NEXT! -How to make a vision board & reach your goals: -https://youtu.be/e09NMAGp9js -How to manifest MONEY effortlessly: https://youtu.be/WeRR1pPrsMI ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/JayJayWeezy Twitter: https://twitter.com/JayJaysBeauty Snapchat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/JayJayWeezy How I lost 30lbs: Royal Queen Fat Burner: http://bit.ly/2ldadIk Pre Workout (On sale now): http://bit.ly/2b03XhT Meal Replacement Protein: http://bit.ly/2bfeAjG FREE WEEKLY NEWSLETTER: http://eepurl.com/dcK_s1 *Motivation, discounts/coupons for you, meetup/event info and more. Its free so sign up here: http://eepurl.com/dcK_s1 WATCH MORE VIDEOS: Latest Uploads: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVaJ-yG0ENmEM2-Csf_6S3zgYYSV0RE56 BOSS BABE SERIES | Finance, Budgeting, Credit Tips: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVaJ-yG0ENmGCOmMnllhANbuVwOIgmjsz Weight Loss + MEAL PREP!: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVaJ-yG0ENmFg-8Dp457xrwjgi58yXGAc FULL DAYS OF EATING FOR WEIGHT LOSS: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVaJ-yG0ENmGPs1Sb77YhtQAnbMzVokgs Popular Videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVaJ-yG0ENmE90nXgzMgo1CXELkBwIRMS PO BOX: Jordan Cheyenne 40960 California Oaks Road #324 Murrieta CA 92563 * I did move away but I kept the PO box open, so you guys can still send stuff here & I will get it! * About Jordan Cheyenne: I’m Jordan Cheyenne, a beauty and lifestyle vlogger! I upload 3 times a week, Monday, Wednesday & Fridays at 5pm! Be sure to subscribe for new content and follow my social media below to keep up with me! Business Email: [email protected] Todays video is sponsored by Ebates!
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Jordan Cheyenne (4 months ago)
Hey guys! I have a second video with 10 different 'Work from home' jobs if you'd like even more ideas!! Check it out here: https://youtu.be/zhUAOpUHDRg
Brian Winch (11 hours ago)
Hi Jordan. I have an easy way to make money, based from home. Clean up litter outside commercial properties for property management companies. I started doing this as a side gig in 1981 and grew it into a profitable 6 figure business that I still operate today. The service is done after hours on foot using simple hand tools. Almost as easy as going for a walk! I share how to start and operate this business in my book, Cleanlots, as well as offer free support. Affiliate program available.
Yvonne Norton (5 days ago)
Slooow down. Omg talking so freaking fast. My head is reeling!
Buried Treasure (22 days ago)
I've hidden a thousand dollars somewhere on the internet. The riddle on my channel leads the way to it. Good luck looking everyone!
Mad Ashell (29 days ago)
wasting our time with bs vids and nonsense.
Agueda Valdez (1 month ago)
How you have a perfect hair line
Don Londa (11 hours ago)
+1[657] 217 0584 thanks to vichacker for the new method you just discover on how to make fast money online ....i just got my cash deliver to my home ....want you to contact him so you can testify about his works .
Progadgetsonline (17 hours ago)
I thought JL has a youtube channel
JayDriso (1 day ago)
I honestly don’t mind your white hair people in this generation is disgusting and here’s a tip, boil water and black tea and leave for an hour then apply to your hair for 1 hour - 30mins
Literally just prostitute yourself
Gabezilla 52 (1 day ago)
What a good dog, I love Golden Retrievers
Ethan Crowley (1 day ago)
I have had grey hair since I was 12. She's gorgeous, stop being jealous! Thank you for your information!
Tersey Karla (2 days ago)
1. Your hair is pretty yesssssss. 2. uR dOG iN tHe BEgINNiNG-
Anis Greenwood (2 days ago)
Hello Jordan, if in repondent say that the location is one-on-one. Does it mean is not remote?
dave davis (3 days ago)
Hi, can this work with people abroad I'm in West Africa
Ben Dover (5 days ago)
u look kinda young to be having gray hair
Rayn George (6 days ago)
This video is fake, I got a transfer of 13000 from Brian, hit him on 267,.. 578. 4862
Yazi Carter (7 days ago)
I’m always looking for new ways to make money 💰 thank you sooo much for making this 🥰
deyvegarage (8 days ago)
21 to work for uber/ lyft in california
Rayn George (6 days ago)
This video is fake, I got a transfer of 13000 from Brian, hit him on 267,.. 578. 4862
john everts (8 days ago)
Thanks for sharing these ideas, really helpful.
Taylor Baker (8 days ago)
Love your videos and your channel ❤️
Lebeau Family (9 days ago)
Heeey girl i have 5 kids and daycare is not cheap! I have a part time job but it feels like fulltime since i only get 2 days off and now my husband is working again... i have started doordash and love it i get to spend time with my kids while i do it
Joshua Urban (10 days ago)
That’s awesome to me. I enjoy product testing for free but to get paid for it would rule!
I'm not big enough to collab, but I'm here to say thanks for the video,this stuff really works if you keep at it,guys be like Da Vinci , sounds silly but utilise your mind,
ai lee (10 days ago)
2:10 you’re welcome
Alzir Ceaser (11 days ago)
3:47 do they check if u don't have criminal record, but u just doing reviews... WTF
Grace Obadiah (12 days ago)
Hi Jordan , what’s the link to Delivery for grocery thing? Please and thank you!!!
Elizabeth Newman (14 days ago)
earn money
Rayn George (14 days ago)
This videos are fake, I got USD19,500 from Brian, text him on 267,,578. 4862
barbara fuller (14 days ago)
Hi who does ur make up
Mila Miranda (14 days ago)
best way to make money online
Abigail Wu (14 days ago)
ways to make money online
Audrey Roth (14 days ago)
how to make money online fast
Rayn George (14 days ago)
This videos are fake, I got USD19,500 from Brian, text him on 267,,578. 4862
Monica Okada (15 days ago)
Please fix ur lash
Khuram S (15 days ago)
Is this video directed towards us customers or uk too?
Rage Msaid (15 days ago)
Thank u.
gina odd (16 days ago)
The respondent website does not work it’s not sending me a verification for my email and I tried to sign my sister up and it’s not sending one to her, I need help
Gillian Kim (17 days ago)
Ebates doesn't cost you money. But it isn't free. They collect data about your shopping habits & they resell it. They don't use PII (Personal Identifying Information) but they do use your shopping data for trending & audience segmentation. I work in digital advertising/marketing & many companies will buy/sell that data. Don't get me wrong. I use Ebates myself but I am very aware of what they are using my data for. It's important to understand what they gain from it :-)
TheChristopherBlake1 (18 days ago)
I'm an old ass, GAY MAN, 52 & you are soooo inspiring ! U have touched my heart & taught me ways to transform my life . Thank u Thank u Thank u Huge HUG Blake .
Dion's vloggs (19 days ago)
Hi there I'm turning 16 and starting with gumball machines to make money I don't usually ask but are u willing to donate
Dion's vloggs (17 days ago)
Ha fair enough
Felicia Randle (17 days ago)
She would never donate. This girl is all about making money and thinks she's some baller now!!
Déborah L (21 days ago)
Wish she speak SLOWLY. I feel like she is running on a marathon:-(
Nina V (21 days ago)
Funny thing you said if you’re a nurse Uber/Lyft is a good side hustle for us because that’s exactly what I do for my disposable income.
Katherine Jarrett (25 days ago)
I am from Jamaica how can I make money from here.. 😢😢🤕
Aspen Love (26 days ago)
Love your energy and your hair is super cute with the highlights. Thanks for th great tips
Sam B (29 days ago)
Make money by teaching people how to teach people how to make money!
BUILD LIVE EMPIRE (29 days ago)
Great info! Thanks for sharing your tips!!!
autumn lynn (1 month ago)
i clicked on this video, and the second i saw your pup i started to cry... my dog passed away yesterday and he was my best friend and the best thing that’s ever happened to me. this is so off topic but i’m literally crying uncontrollably because i miss him so much. cherish every moment with your pup ❤️
Silly Bands (29 days ago)
autumn lynn rip
freelance gigs (1 month ago)
I work from home for a few different website... they pay $11.55 per hour is works out to plus extra.
arnetra tillman (1 month ago)
Can you give me the info
Great video, thank you for sharing. I am looking for an at home side hustle to add on to my cleaning money. I found that Upwork doesn't pay so much but I am going to look into Respondent. That sounds like fun. XOXO Thank you!
Ali Hassan (1 month ago)
This is 2018 Now it’s 2019 but whatever it’s fine 🥰
Rainbow Goddess (1 month ago)
It was posted in November...she made it at the end of 2018 FOR 2019.
Bye Felicia (1 month ago)
I am currently trying respondent and I have yet to hear back from someone I don’t know what to do to get a invite
b80 (1 month ago)
Salito Med (1 month ago)
I think making money online its to give more effort and spend more time in
L S (1 month ago)
I’m 32 and I love my grays! My kids say in the sunlight it sparkles. I have so much in the front it reminds them of Rogue from X-men 😂 I think her hair is lovely.
Jenee Blount (1 month ago)
Liked this video strictly for the dog playing in the beginning 🥰🥰
A Rarefind (1 month ago)
Girl, you read my mind. I'm going to make a video ,just my dogs playing with me .
Mango Conchile (1 month ago)
just signed up for Respondent. i did see a few good studies and filled out surveys, im hoping someone gets back to me
lapstreet21 (1 month ago)
amazon flex is an option for doing package deliveries if that is available in your area
Lauren Grahm (1 month ago)
Vid starts at 2:08
trinitee hughes (1 month ago)
i think the greys in her hair look dope tho
Ember (1 month ago)
I started getting WHIIIIITE ass hair at 17, it just happens, life happens, people need to humble themselves.
Sarah Blanchard (1 month ago)
Thanks girl! Also not just Etsy but Amazon has a special area just like etsy called Amazon handmade I believe which I just found out about so just letting u know in case u wanna look into that and put it in ur other video or something. I'm a single mom of a 9year old boy so this info helps me so much since money is so tight basically non existent lol so thanks! We really need all the help we can get.
JosieTron (1 month ago)
So with websites like respondent I never understood do you need to add them on to like your taxes or??
Jim Isnardy (1 month ago)
Thank you very much and your makeup is gorgeous
Misael Franco (1 month ago)
$200 buck a day
LoL seems like the only real side hustle is this.... create a Youtube video telling people how to make extra money and to use your referral code.
le viet Thai (7 days ago)
Great info. You guys can also go to *4NetJobs. Com* if you're trying to make money online. This is what I've been doing and I'm happy with my results.
+Steve the Pirate 2nd rule.... be a hot chick like her. LMAO!
Debra (27 days ago)
LOL, You got the right.
Mad Ashell (29 days ago)
yessssss. just total nonsense and bs from yt people who are good at making bukkshit videos.. sooooooo sick of this shit....wtf.
Steve the Pirate (1 month ago)
First rule of gold mining, sell shovels.
Raabia Liladrie (1 month ago)
Thank you for the information you are the first person who have spoken the truth in your video thanks for being honest.
Amathas (1 month ago)
Great info, thanks!!👍
Suger Babe (1 month ago)
I've been an airbnb host for 6 years and a super host for 5 years. It's the easiest $ we've ever made. We're glad we didn't downsize when our children left the nest. Our house literally makes us $!
Suger Babe (23 days ago)
+TheLadyofLace Not sure what you mean. Our rental is our house that we live in. We have a guest suite downstairs that we rent out. We don't have guests year around, mostly just a summer gig as we're close to Yellowstone Park but you can do airbnb anywhere.
TheLadyofLace (23 days ago)
Sounds great! I loved using this service never thought about being a host? What happens when you have no rentals?
donald 1988 (1 month ago)
I’ve applied many different techniques that stated to help me make money on the web within hours but none of them really worked. The good news is, my buddy told me about this money-making approach known as *4NetJobs. Com* This strategy has allowed me to gain over a hundred bucks daily! You might like to try it as well!?
RickReviews (1 month ago)
Justice 2017 (1 month ago)
She’s perrty
Earn Cash From Home (1 month ago)
Thank you @Jordan Cheyenne for this help
Kwasha Burts (1 month ago)
Uber is tough because I worry the mileage = wear and tear
Kwasha Burts (1 month ago)
Natalie Jordon really? what's my options?
Natalie Jordon (1 month ago)
You don't have to use your car.
sannray twistedd (1 month ago)
I think her hair really suits her very much so
Evian Mason (1 month ago)
Great Info Thanks
Andre Terrett (1 month ago)
Thanks for the great suggestions!!!!
sarcasticadriana (1 month ago)
Shanah Rampersad (1 month ago)
Do I have to be living in the US to sign up for Respondent
aussiejubes (1 month ago)
I would say so, but just google "beta testing + product testing jobs + [your country]" and see what pops up
Atomy Help Guide (1 month ago)
Passive income!! We can do that in our daily necessities products that we use every day. We dont need a lot of effort.
Kialouise06 (2 months ago)
any new channels wanna support eachother? xox
Wyndell Williams (2 months ago)
Thx very much god bless you! Life saver!
Christina Christina (2 months ago)
You look and remind me a lot of you tuber Nicole Guerrerio! Thanks for posting this!!!
Lana Kaine (2 months ago)
You're gorgeously hot and i love the white in your hair. Love side hustles, Liked and Subbed.
Miccia Tube (2 months ago)
Hey Jordan, maybe in one of your future videos you could mention what are the available apps, websites etc for Eu residence, or which are for US only.. Love your videos, sadly some of your advices can't be applied in the UE.. like ebastes :(
priceless (2 months ago)
The dog wanted to play....... so cute!!
Adirondack Pixie (2 months ago)
Arlene Michel (2 months ago)
Hi. I'm a new follower because I loved ☝️this video and the idea of the company Responder and other ways to make money online. I went on their website but couldn't find the job you described. Can you please make a current video with similar information.
HEPHZIBAH ALLEN (2 months ago)
Arlene Michel Text +1 814-205-3719 for help now
Chad Onan (2 months ago)
As a former rideshare driver for both Uber and Lyft, I dont advise it! Both rideshare companies take 50% of the total fare the passenger pays, and you are the one that owns the car that you will beat to death trying to make a few bucks, I would stay away from this as in the end the rideshare companies and the rider are all that benifit from platforms like these.
Santos ! (2 months ago)
Do you have to be 18 or old for "UP WORK"?
Britney Rose S. (2 months ago)
Thank you babe
Terry Jones (2 months ago)
i just clicked cause you fine
Molly R. (2 months ago)
Respondent wants you to put in your Facebook password ... NO! That’s fishy as hell
Tastyyy Recipes (2 months ago)
That's so they can post to your page spam ads.
Sweet Warrior (2 months ago)
I just used my email account to sign up with and it asked me to make a password
annie finley (2 months ago)
Ummmmmm why y’all talking bout her hair 💀 I have white hairs and I’m 16 hairs hair tf get over it
Susanna Villalobos (2 months ago)
Signed up for respondent and super confused on how to get started
T Stamps (2 months ago)
It only works for someone who is a professional or a specialist in something. This is a legit like panel surveyor but to be honest most of us would not qualify and it's a total waste of time.
jimena troche (2 months ago)
me too!! Jordan help jaja
E-commerce Mom (2 months ago)
Great video. Very helpful information. Love you 😘
Big Flow Masta C Span (2 months ago)
Ayyo. Whats something i can do WITH a criminal history? Tryna get my money the RIGHT way
Stiffler Music (1 month ago)
Big Flow Masta C Span i have 6 felonies all for improper handlings of firearms and improper discharge of firearms and F2 felonious assault. I do fire protection in construction, Uber Eats, Lyft, i donate plasma every 2 weeks, and on average bring in several grand a month legally at the age of 20. They make it hard for us felons especially when were trying to do right, keep that hustle mind state.
Big Flow Masta C Span (1 month ago)
+Dave Kent damn. I got 2 F4s for Gun Violence. I think once they see those alone, its over with
Dave Kent (1 month ago)
Comcast hires and trains non-violent felons (example: check kiting) and includes truck to make house calls.
Big Flow Masta C Span (1 month ago)
+Brandon would truck driving companies accept somebody with 2 F4s for gun violence?
Djrisk 2480 (1 month ago)
Yeah me too Aggravated Assaults on my record
Not sure about Uber/Lyft, never did like them but ebate gets my vote. Thank You.
Annie Owens (2 months ago)
Uber/Lyft isn’t so great for the driver anymore. I just recently stopped driving for both simply because the pay isn’t worth it anymore. Uber has started taking between 50-75% of the fares now and the rest goes to the driver. When I started driving 3 years ago, it was awesome! Made a couple grand every weekend. Now I’m lucky to make $400 driving 7 days.
Grind Hard (2 months ago)
Where do you work
Juan Garcia (2 months ago)
That's a delicious taco
Sreerupa Ghosh (2 months ago)
Does Insta Cart really pay $30 / hour?or does it depend on the area and timings? Do we need to shop for the groceries by ourselves on Instacart?
Kayle Daniel (2 months ago)
i love doing business with trustedfamilyhackers,wordpress,com cuz they really helper me and my family
Crystal Myers-Barber (2 months ago)
Hi Darling, I just found your videos and subscribed. You are a dear heart and deserves the best life. love your vids, and am a new subscriber. Blessings!!
Jordan Cheyenne (2 months ago)
Thank you so much Crystal!
Naomi Rodriguez (2 months ago)
I love your dog.. my favorite part of the video 😊
Marcielle Brandler (2 months ago)
Great, Jordan. I wrote "The Secret to My Wealth, Health, and Love: How I am Getting There. Happy Happy! " available on Amazon. I have an amazing life because I learned how to attract everything I need. Yes, the work is important, and so is our focus. This book is already helping people. I love your video.
Naiym1 (2 months ago)
Here for your dog....lol
Alianah Early (2 months ago)
Hi guys, I work with multi-millionaire Lance London (founder of Carolina Kitchen & founder of new upcoming company Névetica). I’m 100% here to help you all. Tired of the typical 9-5? Wanna make lots of income based on your work ethics and work on your own time? I really recommend this to you guys: go to https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/nevetica/id1401454344 for iOS device, and https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tkmx.nevetica.app for android device. After downloading the app, use 814516 as Sponsor ID during your sign up.
Thank you for the Ebates tip. I signed up through your link.
Jordan Cheyenne (2 months ago)
Thanks so much!

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