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I quit social media for 30 days

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Text Comments (6489)
curiouslylaura (18 hours ago)
Deleting instagram riiiiight now.
David Romero Arenas (22 hours ago)
Isn’t it weird you make me wanna see less of YouTube videos (even yours) and start doing more of my own?
Pink Guy (1 day ago)
Technology will be the collapse of mankind.
Andrew Brady (1 day ago)
I dont even use social media, i just use it to message people, I get tired of all these posts, either political, whos been killed, no wonder why people are so depressed, they are wasting time wondering how many likes you get. I just use the messaging part
Addicted to YouTube (1 day ago)
I quit social media and finally feel like a human! I walked to a local Starbucks with my 7 month old daughter and literally everyone even the baristas, were on their phone. I felt like a spaceman observing the future and started giggling. The future looks boring AF! Now my daughter doesn’t compete with “the bright light box” and I have the time to actually learn. I don’t need to know what everyone is doing every second of the day, I don’t need to compare, I don’t need to be fake and post content just to feel content. I feel free ♥️
Sazzad Shanto (2 days ago)
I like the way you explain it. At the beginning it seems controversial but now I made my decision.
eggsy (2 days ago)
3 and a half hours!!! RLY IM a teenager and i can have my phone last battery last over a week and not use it at all for a month easy i cant believe im one of the few people that dont need to use social media to keep my self bissy.
gmofoe (2 days ago)
I quit social media in 2014. It’s now 2019 and I lost all of my “friends” and only have a small group of 5 people that actually care and love me. They even go out of their way to send me a message to check up on me. I genuinely feel more relaxed and am no longer depressed with keeping up with the drama my friends would put on my back. When something amazing happens all of my friends are quick to grab their phone and record it and I’m the only one who enjoys every second of the moment. I thought I wasn’t going to be able to live without social media but now I can’t imagine myself having it.
Miyanna Gering (3 days ago)
But what if your friends ask you to come over?
Syahirah Izzati (3 days ago)
I uninstall my ig because I wanted to focus on my final exam. But I don't feel like installing it back now. I have ig acc but it's been 3 weeks since I've using it. Well it's crazy but I start to focus on what I am doing rather than feeling bad seeing the "good" time they posted on story while I'm at home . But nahhhhh I'm good now. Oh yeah
AdiJoPey (4 days ago)
just quit paying for the internet plan. anything urgent or anyone requires will reach within a phone call, otherwise its not urgent enough
Vijay (4 days ago)
At some point i decided to delete all my social media accounts and I deleted that all one year ago. I'm using YouTube for educating myself, for music and good stuff. After deleting I founded myself focused on doing things I love..like Reading more books, traveling, spending time with our loved ones etc. Yeah..it's great to be go Online to Onlife. But make sure you should use your time and energy at positive productive things that makes you better happy person. You should give it a try for atleast One month..it's super Good 👌 Always try to impress your own self..not others and connect with yourself. Experience life More ♥️
xbanana (4 days ago)
I quited YouTube and Instagram about a month ago now. Iam now more away of my time spend on the smartphone and will not use both Apps anymore. I now even think that it is ridicoulous that i could waste so much time watching videos i could not even remember after a day...
VADOR 93 (4 days ago)
Without social media Plenty of people ain’t shit They hate reality because they can’t fake it Or don’t get nowhere close as much attention compared too that illusion/drug !!!! When I had social media 2yrs ago I always gotten ignored, basically no attention, Compared to reality, people look at me like if I was some type of celebrity everywhere I go Shits crazy ...
Terushima (4 days ago)
10 days ago I also decided to 'quit' social media for a while, and as finals are coming up I thought it would be good timing so I can focus more on those. with social media I mainly mean instagram and snapchat as I use those the most, so I also deleted them from my phone etc. I only have facebook left but as a student I need it to be able to communicate with other students, and it's not like I use it for anything else anyways. social media is just a really toxic place sometimes... a lot of people are fake and have two faces and after a while I was done tbh, that's the main reason that I decided to stop for a while. don't know if anyone cares haha but there u go
Just deleted my Instagram and Twitter. I never felt so happy.
stunt cracker (5 days ago)
I am very much addicted to YouTube yesterday alone I spend 9'5 Hours watching YouTube videos.
Jaygo (5 days ago)
I don't understand that.. I hate using my phone. i UTTERLY hate social Media and i immediately get very irritated when my phone ring. most people know, If it's not an emergency Do NOT call my damn phone.
Ayush Pratap singh (5 days ago)
Those who saw broken screen of phone at 3:08 hit like
Ruby Laquindanum (5 days ago)
What about youtube? Isn't it social media?
Gnana prakash (5 days ago)
Good video, i hope even i can come out of it😅
ESman Music (6 days ago)
Kind of weird since I’m commenting on YouTube but I find when I step away from it for a while and focus on other things. The constant anxiety that I already have to deal with seems to dwindle. Although in a weird way, I know social media is a good thing to promote your business, but for now I need to focus on what direction I need to go in. And my own mental well being.
Alpha (7 days ago)
I quit 30 days for social media 😪
Elizabeth Mary (7 days ago)
I quit Facebook & Instagram months ago but now I'm addicted to Pinterest & Youtube. I don't really look for anything, I just...scroll or just look up random things. Same with Google. I feel I HAVE TO be doing something on my phone. 😢💔 What should I do?
Noorsiha Abdul Rahman (7 days ago)
Your house is so neat and tidy
Gita Ayu (7 days ago)
I quiet instagram cuz its make me compare to ither and stressfull.
A (7 days ago)
I’m quitting it for a bit because my group chats took all of my attention away from reality and I swear I have been on my phone for an average of 20 hours a day in the past two weeks because of Instagram group chats. And so I tried to kill myself because people in my gc were being assholes to me so I decided to give it a break for a few days. I am leaving for 15 days, they usually freak out if I am gone for more than a few hours.
Ronnie Pryor (8 days ago)
I'm going to do it.... 30 days.... I own 2 salons in Ft Lauderdale. It's time to focus on them being Icons instead of popular. Thanks Matt!
Vaidehi Sharma (8 days ago)
its amazing by just watching your video one can learn so many things.. what content is meaningful, new styles of shooting videos, way to lead your life, how can serious videos be funny, its spiritual its practical and its funny. great.
Amby (8 days ago)
Social media is distracting and I’m sick of it. Thanks for this video. I need to stop trying to connect to people I’m not even close to
Tech Explained (8 days ago)
I would love to do that but sadly I need Instagram to promote my photography and keep in touch with models and coordinate things
Kucing Putih (9 days ago)
I have tried to delete all my social media many times. But I always install it back. I am actually really hated it. But, I don't know why my nafsu always want to hold phone. Even it was just scroll down status etc.
Jahseh Chilton (9 days ago)
With no fap and deleting social media I’ll become a god
Rose Hauer (10 days ago)
Really appreciated Oliver's shriek. Saw that coming when it went into their hands! :) Thanks for making awesome videos.
Maxwell Willis (10 days ago)
Your shirt is the same colour as your eyes you handsome devil.
Ines Berjon (10 days ago)
I got shock when I saw I was spending 5h everyday on my phone, since then I do not give a f* about social media and i get a lot done this days and i am way happier :) i only watch youtube when i am washing dishes XD
Veni Grasia Utami (11 days ago)
Someone should make a video quit youtube for a month 😂
jiggzda1 (11 days ago)
White men talk weird as uh fuck
Nasu (11 days ago)
Having something "hard wired" into your brain is the worst. Sometimes i just randomly stop doing what i'm focusing on and start browsing reddit WITHOUT even fully realizing that i'm actually doing it. Already minutes into browsing i get that sudden realization "Oh wtf why am i browsing reddit"
Justin Russell (11 days ago)
I have facebook for one purpose only....to post before and after photos on my business facebook page of our home renovations business. Other than that i dont look at or post anything else. Or at least almost never. Occasionally i might see a post from someone as I log on for my business account, and then hit like...but thats pretty rare. Dont have instagram or any other accounts. Watch youtube as my source of entertainment as I cancelled cable and movie channels 3 years ago.
Zhaklin Vasileva (11 days ago)
I wanna leave my phone at home but im addicted to listening to music.I love listening to music but lately it makes me feel bad i dont know why.I wanna stop listening to it as well.
Anurag Pareek (12 days ago)
Yes this is true ...i came here because of the minimalist video ..and now I'm watching each and every video 😂😂
victoria parker (13 days ago)
Watching this on week two of no social media for mental health awareness month in May I never really use YouTube unless I need to know how to make or do something and I’ve never not used my phone so much 😂 it’s a nice detox and I think I might go a little longer
Juliana Raymundo (14 days ago)
Hi Matt... I will try that for sure. Just thinking if LinkedIn should be considered as a social media. 🤔
afza afiqah (15 days ago)
Disable my instagram n facebook few day ago..thats why i watching this video
Fak Mir (15 days ago)
i hav left all useless social media,i connect with real circle of friends now,i just use youtube and pinterest that too for knowledge
SicGroouve (15 days ago)
Whit only YouTube and WhatsApp life is more simple I think, I have Facebook hope I will deleted my account soon.
Cassie W (15 days ago)
If he goes blonde he’ll look like Frank Gallagher
SoulScr3am (15 days ago)
Why can't i find live without Youtube for a month?! nobody does this.
Someguy493 (16 days ago)
I just started watching your videos Matt and guess what, you've gained a new subscriber. Everything in this video is so true. Fear of Missing Out!!! Although I am not going to quit Social Media for 30 days, I am going to challenge myself to only check and scroll once per day instead of making it a constant thing. This age of technology and social media has strained society, people don't connect with others like they used to, people compare themselves to others, it is bad. I grew up in the 90s, we didn't have all of this Facebook, Twitter, IG, etc. Sometimes I wish that were still the case. Anyway, thanks again for the content.
Bri Lynn (16 days ago)
I recently deleted my Instagram and facebook cause I was getting tired of seeing my feed full of my friends kids, (I'm one of the few people in my friends group with no kids and i'm not even 30). But yeah, I was getting tired of that and the perfect lives I was always seeing everyday and night for the past few years of people. Its hard to not go back on but I need this long break to find my self again.
kunal thakran (16 days ago)
Awesome vedio great work 👍🏻
Steph Edmundson (17 days ago)
quitting social media has made me more content
Regina Remsberg (17 days ago)
Am I making excuses when I declare you tube is not social media (oh, neither is pinterest)?
Player Hatef (17 days ago)
I'm not on sm. However I spend a lot of time on YouTube. Is that just as bad?
al3x storm (17 days ago)
0:16 relatable as hell!
Sharayu Sawant (17 days ago)
Another lesson : don't give Oliver the drone 😂😂👍
rahil sand (17 days ago)
These videos fascinate me to improve every single minute. Gives my mind a whole lot of stuff to think about and structure my life. But then, i realize it's all in my head.🙈 Rahil.
Android Insider (18 days ago)
Why people disliking this video?
Anugrah Nair (18 days ago)
That doesn't even bother me , but google newsfeed does 🤨
skylinexj100 (18 days ago)
subbed off of the back of one of your videos. this is my third vid of yours, and you are now one of my favourite content producers on Youtube. Nice job
freelancerAM (18 days ago)
What 30 day period were you not posting to YouTube
James yue (19 days ago)
my friend said people that don't use social media are cave man
Diane Bryant (19 days ago)
James yue . Your friend is STUPID 😜
Kenean Ayele (19 days ago)
Leaving your phone at home is dangerous. What if sumthing happens to ur girl friend or parents
1am (17 days ago)
oh well sucks to suck
mandeep randhawa (20 days ago)
So weird everyone is blaming social media. How weak we have become that we can't even control ourselves for using social media. Do we really need to delete social media or do we really need to work on our self Control ??!!
[Developer]MooksT (20 days ago)
Plum Horizon (20 days ago)
Amazing video, as always I love the way you film and narrate things ! And funny is I joined your channel during your huge spike, and I'm happy it was recommended to me :) I think I will go through a detox challenge, I feel that zombie mode going to instagram, swiping up to see the last notifications even if I checked... Two minutes ago ! It's starting to scare me a bit and I don't like it, I may go through this detox and record the process :) Thank you for being so inspiring, and keep creating amazing content !
Dorothy Aboagye (20 days ago)
I'm really curious. Why don't you monetize your videos with ads? 🤔
CalCats262 (21 days ago)
Going on a week Instagram free.....
Random Funz (21 days ago)
Is youtube social media?
mohamed atwan (22 days ago)
i made root to my phone and removed my distributes apps like youtube
Steve Vargas (22 days ago)
Phone Wallet Keys - Adam Sandler Song google it! lol
Hugo Brown (22 days ago)
Antisocial Media.
Straight Out of Camera (23 days ago)
Social media is where you create content and activity for the company's benefit, without getting paid. It's a plantation.
mari'npieces (23 days ago)
This is what i'm going through right now. I delete all my social media apps and deact all my acc. And it is so relaxing. I spend my time reading books and i love it. One thing i'd learn is that Social Media isn't the problem, the people using it is. That's why we get addicted and trying to change our lives for it.
tyrone b (23 days ago)
I just remember how things was before internet and social media, i dont even check it as much as i used to really. since fb get so much traffic and has so much stuff on ea page changing anytime i feel i need a super pc to be on it just for a few lol. i do check it by chance 1 or 2 day out of week or when check mail and get any from fb so i check it then . but now i dont feel i need check every day every other hr , etc
Louisa-Faye Harmon (23 days ago)
Love what was said about the Mona Lisa, really resonated with me.
JacobLZP (23 days ago)
I only use youtube and roblox
JacobLZP (23 days ago)
Thx, now im going to remove youtube from my phone
Tony Mandes (23 days ago)
Over the past year or so, almost 2 years I'd say, I have been almost obsessed with constantly evaluating my own life, constantly thinking and critiquing everything. I'm 35 yrs.old and by 40 I dont want to be working for someone, i want to better myself. I like the saying, "Live like no one else, SO YOU CAN lìve like no one else". Watching your videos gi es me a new approach and compare outcomes. Thank you Matt for all your video's!
J Daniels (24 days ago)
Iv done this with FaceBook and I must say its been great. My friends hate me though but I don’t care👍 10 months sober now🖕🖕
J Daniels (24 days ago)
Iv done this with FaceBook and I must say its been great. My friends hate me though but I don’t care👍
(24 days ago)
I deleted social media and honestly, I'm the happiest ive been in a very long time.
AcidGlow (24 days ago)
*We are in an era where technology lets us connect to anything around the world very easily. Sometimes you do need a break* ✅😎
Katherine K (24 days ago)
I started watching with that video. I remember thinking you were undersubed at the time. I love finding new creators like that. Glad to see I wasn't the only one. YouTube and Pinterest are the only sites I really go to anymore. I check facebook when I am specifically looking for something but it's so hard to find the actual voices of my friends there anymore
Mickey-2940 (24 days ago)
Love this video. I'm a Baby Boomer, and I am from a generation that grew up without social media. I took the plunge about 5-6 years ago and got myself a FB account. It grew and grew. I was attached to my old friends, family and even those who didn't know me. As my account grew, I could feel my life being sucked away. I started to ask myself "Why don't I paint any longer?" "Why don't I go fishing any longer?" and so on and so on. I knew I had to regain my life, but what about all of my connections I made over the years? I then also realized that I was lying to myself about those people on FB actually caring for me. I decided I'm going cold turkey - I'm deleting my account. I WANT MY LIFE BACK! I deleted my FB account over a year ago, and I immediately felt detached, but totally free, and I loved it. Sure, I no longer know what the rest of the world is doing, but I definitely think I wasn't meant to know about everything and everybody. It's as if I suddenly woke up from some trance. I was living my life vicariously through others. Now, I don't know about Sally with cancer, and I don't know about Joe making a bazillion dollars, and I never knew that Jessica got married (and I wasn't invited). Now, I'm hiking. I'm fishing. I'm painting. I'M LIVING AGAIN!
hippylishious (24 days ago)
I don't have any social media right now I just have a addiction to youtube
LSJ Digital (25 days ago)
Why did I cackle out loud when you all attempted to get the drone back from Oliver? (((sigh))) It doesn't take much to crack me up. My laughter is so cheap.
Sage Seno (25 days ago)
I quit Insta a long time ago. Now I just use YouTube for my main news source, self development, and entertainment.
Johnston Liu (26 days ago)
I did not quit social media. I simply used it for productivity not procrasination.
HLB512 (26 days ago)
I'm gen x and vaguely remember life without computers and phones. Watching tv was the biggest distraction and I didn't grow up with cable so there were 6-7 channels lol People were definitely more social.
Dairotul Khasanah (26 days ago)
I was thinking to stop my social media because it's really distract me in everything, I couldn't even study more than 1 hour without opening my instagram, I completed my tasks on deadline cause I always procrastinate, this is stress me out. To help relieve the stress, I will opening instragram/twitter again, and in the end my task will be left again. This already become vicious circle. But I was too scared to delete it, I am scared I will be miss something or I will be left behind. Thanks to you, after watching this video, you give me courage to make one step forward :))
Maritza Holguin (26 days ago)
Your videos are AWESOME!
Ren Dori (27 days ago)
i really only use facebook because i am in many support groups for transgender and autistic people, plus whenever ive gone off for a week all my family is like "wtf, are you ok???? did something happen!!!!! get back on!!!!" though it didnt bother me to much and i was happy to just not reinstall them i felt i was pressured to do so by family so i did it even though i didnt want to :(
Scott D (27 days ago)
YouTube is all I have. I got rid of my other social media accounts years ago. FB is to negative and I lost interest with IG. It’s nice not sharing every moment of your life with people who probably really don’t care anyway. I don’t miss them one bit.
Ondrea Torrence (27 days ago)
Anyone else see dat booty giggle dooooe @[email protected] lol
Dr. Tariq Ramadan (27 days ago)
My month of quiting social media is still not completed but I've Alhamdulillah exponential growth in my productivity in evry walk of life. From job to health and family to spirituality... Hey guys just do this awesome experience... Even just for fun. Although I'm using whatsapp due to family and job
Ta’Laiah Thomas (27 days ago)
I’ve been off of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and snap chat for about 6 months now and I must say my over all well being had improved drastically. I don’t miss it. Not even a little tiny bit. ☺️
Uzma Faheem (29 days ago)
So happy to have quit social media
Moh Ari Novan (29 days ago)
I quitting social media for 2/3 years ago.. Delete Path account, delete Facebook account, delete Twitter account, But on Whatsapp and Ytube?? Well it's hard..
simone (29 days ago)
i’m currently on a social media cleanse as well and i find myself also trying to find something to do on my phone and unthinkingly going to open instagram. i’d really recommend doing it!! i feel much clearer.

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