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UKIP Nigel Farage MEP - We do not need EU Regulation on Financial Services

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The loss of control of the Bank of England and the giving it to the tick box beauracrats in the FSA interpreting EU directives is why we are in in such a mess.
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Stanislavs1 (8 years ago)
anybody notice he looks like medvedev?
Matthew Sinclair (9 years ago)
lol a socialist talking about jobs
Matthew Sinclair (9 years ago)
People who say this crisis was caused by lack of regulation do not understand this crisis at all, and thats why you'll notice that nobody who predicted the crisis says this, eg. Peter Schiff, Ron Paul, Jim Rogers.
Matthew Sinclair (9 years ago)
If this stupid bitch doesn't want private companies playing with tax-payer's money then why does she support the bail-outs? This financial crisis has absolutely nothing to do with regulation. If the Federal reserve had not had interest rates so low, the teaser rates for sub-prime mortgages would have been impossible, and if the government entities Freddie mac and Fannie Mae had not had implicit government guarentees, they would have had better lending standards.
TooDarnSoulful (9 years ago)
Another interviewer that does not know her brief!!
Nathan Gill (9 years ago)
Nigel Farage is a wise man, who definitely knows what is best for Britain and the British people. Vote UKIP on June 4th
TheOriginalJoeBloggs (10 years ago)
02:54 why does that so called reporter keep interrupting?!
TheOriginalJoeBloggs (10 years ago)
Everything that happens in politics does not happen by chance!
Matthew Davies (10 years ago)
Spot on.
TheHairyHeart (10 years ago)
All 3 of them fail! The city of London, thats where the betting went on just recently, during the demonstations? What have the city of London done for ordinary except wave 10 pound notes at them when they have had enough? I dont agree with any of you any more, its time get rid of the entire old school of politics. Im voting PIRATE from now on!
Joshua Roberts (10 years ago)
wow, amazing clip

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