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Kodak Black - Testimony [Official Music Video]

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Kodak Black - Testimony [Official Music Video] Stream/Download - https://Kodak.lnk.to/testimonyID Dying To Live Out Now! Stream/Download - https://Kodak.lnk.to/DyingToLiveID Get tickets to see Kodak on tour - https://Kodak.lnk.to/DyingToLiveTourID Director: JD Films & Kodak Black Commissioner: Kareem Johnson Subscribe for more official content from Kodak Black: https://Atlantic.lnk.to/KBsubscribe Follow Kodak Black https://twitter.com/KodakBlack1k https://facebook.com/TheRealKodakBlack https://instagram.com/kodakblack https://soundcloud.com/kodak-black https://open.spotify.com/artist/46SHBwWsqBkxI7EeeBEQG7 The official YouTube channel of Atlantic Records artist Kodak Black. Subscribe for the latest music videos, performances, and more.
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Text Comments (18637)
Romance Stewart (3 hours ago)
This song has many domonic messages... i doubt thats him
Deborah Farley (5 hours ago)
This music video has a lot of subliminal messages. This is definitely a illuminati ritual especially with the blood bath with him being baptized and all the upside down cross in the video. 👀👀 Stay woke people
James Bryant (5 hours ago)
Brother wash me down with bleach ooo
Michael Redd (7 hours ago)
this is the worst music ive ever heard
K B (8 hours ago)
i'm not a fan this does not sound good.
Sergio Labathe (9 hours ago)
Sergio Labathe (9 hours ago)
Yung Cino (12 hours ago)
Jack Paint (13 hours ago)
Juan Jones (16 hours ago)
Y’all favorite rappers believe in Satan, if you don’t believe it you need to read into it more. Why is he getting a “blood bath” if he suppose to be getting baptized? Why is he talking about sacrificing some of his homies? Def cool people like his music but you could love satan yourself🤗
David Huizar (18 hours ago)
This song just made my day
Sakiss Cama (1 day ago)
They all got a wen-wen voice. I don't enjoy when all of them using same type of stereo sound. Should come up with your own way of sounding stereo voice. But not same wen-wen sound. They have sabotaged the good R&B, hip hop and other music's in U.S. Before, Snop-dog had/ uses his style, 50 cent uses his own style, Tupac was unique, Jazy's not comparable no one else , Chris Brown unique stylist, doesn't sound like this Kodak. What are you doing with the same stereo with others?
Jjay John (1 day ago)
He spit that 💩 thru me!
Sabri Guess (1 day ago)
1:58-2:07 funny ashit sound like durk 😭😭😭
unknown user (1 day ago)
Satanic baptism
XD Lazer (1 day ago)
Bro I just noticed that Kodak Black turned fat 😐
τωıη Ζ z (17 hours ago)
BMG_ Triz (1 day ago)
*kodak black has joined the Christian server*
Jayla Laws (1 day ago)
haters no haters (13 hours ago)
Mama I fell victim to the streets I'm sorry!!! (R.I.P) ( M.A.M.A. ) 💔🖤💔🖤💔🖤💔
Ride On (1 day ago)
this is one ugly mother fucker 😂 he cant even pronounce words right , wtf, 90s rap plsss comeback 🙏
diamante diamond (2 days ago)
Someone with a voice, a platform, strength and a testimony. God is good all the time. We thank you for being our voice. We need more
Stephen Burton (2 days ago)
UziMayne (2 days ago)
rihanna braynen (2 days ago)
sniper all the way gleeeeeeee
ricardo solorio (2 days ago)
Wtf this piece pf shit is talking about Wayne you gotta be shitting me...wack as fuck
Foka Loka (2 days ago)
This nigga just got baptized in blood really!!!!
Vic Cave (2 days ago)
shit is real
Kalyn Burton (2 days ago)
gleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sniperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Spongebob (2 days ago)
JØDY X RĀGË (2 days ago)
This need 100mill views
Charles Kemp (2 days ago)
This nigga gay as shit....carry your ass to he'll you bitch....and fuck you who don't like this comment 👇😡😠💯🐐😝
haters no haters (1 day ago)
Stick and paste
Richard Astros Garcia (3 days ago)
MusicFiend Gekk (3 days ago)
Not a big fan of Kodak,but I'm fuckin with this shit 🔥
Logan Jackson (3 days ago)
Uru inSec (3 days ago)
Kodak sold his soul i can feel his pain
Rachel Molina (3 days ago)
To all the older rappers, do yall thing. Drop some shit we'll cop it. All the old heads still out here and we need yall bangers. 70 babies stand up.? it is easy to get ton of real Instagram from a very reliable website where you just have to make an order and delivered your order *I G R O C K E T D O T C O M?*
Eternity Faith (4 days ago)
Check out a new and upcoming artist from Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania.. liL $tevie (Gettin Rid of The Pain) its 🔥https://youtu.be/b1iejsvwbVM
Big Duck (4 days ago)
Upside down crosses in the stained glass in beginning of video
FGS Guap (2 days ago)
Big Duck time
Danielle Sinclair (4 days ago)
Venicia Marc (4 days ago)
Nay LuxTV (4 days ago)
Cried to this song no lie I feel the pain and the message 🙏🏾💯
EBK Rondo (5 days ago)
jerome thompson (5 days ago)
Who says Kodak looks damn good in white !
Intoxicated 77 (5 days ago)
*Demon Semen*
John Slotnick (5 days ago)
On Instagram showin of my wee wee
Crypto Zeus (5 days ago)
Baptized in blood... yikes
Emmanuelle Charles (5 days ago)
Jeremiah Rebirth killed this beat also
Malakai Holman (6 days ago)
Rip Xxxtentacion :c (6 days ago)
Nikki west (6 days ago)
Good for you
Jamie Peterson (6 days ago)
Why the hell people diss like???
Tez Jackson (6 days ago)
Went crazy
FH Family (6 days ago)
He took a blood bath, Satanic ritual, I feel bad for all the dumb fucks that can’t see the symbolism, they put everything in plain sight
Abran -EL (6 days ago)
Kodak can spit
Teaira Cole (6 days ago)
Whats up. What. Cha doing. Goodmorning
Steve Bhikh (7 days ago)
This shit is satanic af. Jesus is your "Lord and savior" not God. People call Lucifer God too.... And the baptism is in Blood, to symbolize your loyalty to Lucifier. They ain t even hiding this shit anymore. Stay Woke
Chris DiMaggio (7 days ago)
This is straight poo!
Jermonty Kimbrough (7 days ago)
This song go hard
Jermonty Kimbrough (7 days ago)
Tasha MaaKK (7 days ago)
Zeke Juarez (7 days ago)
“Schemin like a demon semen “
Mr. Dub gaming (7 days ago)
12k hater wishing they were Kodak kmt STOP THE HATE!!!
Joshua Arreguin (6 days ago)
Hold up let me add mine!! LMAO trash ass nigga sound like shit!! Fake ass bitch
BROTHERLY LOVE (7 days ago)
Born and raised in the P.No 226 27 an 6str datpart
Abran -EL (7 days ago)
Shout out Kodak
Papa A. Gueye (7 days ago)
Orenthro Brown (7 days ago)
"Stuck In These Streets Feel Like My Life Froze" Felt That Shit..DEEP 🐐Mode
Derrez Green (8 days ago)
I been running these streets got dehydrated
Rico Head (8 days ago)
Lil durk testimony better🤷🏾‍♂️
haters no haters (2 days ago)
Hell no bro
Savion Dupree (5 days ago)
Rico Head the original always better
Lavish K (7 days ago)
Rico Head naw fr tho
Huge Stuff (8 days ago)
Demon semen 😂😂😂😂😂😂💀
XxteddythagodxX (8 days ago)
poetic Justice that's what this is...could feel this nigga soul bleeding out in his voice
best watch (9 days ago)
great album refreshing that their back? it is easy to get ton of real Instagram from a very reliable website where you just have to make an order and delivered your order *I G R O C K E T D O T C O M?*
Jarrell Parker (9 days ago)
Lovel (7 days ago)
Ok am I the only one that saw him walk into the church and get watched by those satanism and get baptized in blood and also at the end he threw up 666 symbol and he threw up illuminati this song has a deeper meaning he never said "jesus" he just said god but what god is he talking about? I believe that kodak is a sellout and people forreal bobbing their head to this demonic ass music singing it and ignoring it
Lovel (6 days ago)
+FH Family no that's a satanic ritual that satanist do it's not a "blood bath" its hidden in plain sight.
FH Family (6 days ago)
He definitely took a blood bath🤦🏾‍♂️
jkutta214 (9 days ago)
My new single...💪💪💪💪💪💪💪 https://youtu.be/j74Cp6PBJMc
Lorenzo Guerra (9 days ago)
Did he just say he only 20💀💀
Autumn Holder (2 days ago)
Lorenzo Guerra he did , bc he is
Brian Gordon (9 days ago)
I like the first one he did on this song
Marie Sahara (9 days ago)
This song made me cry
The Sharp Shooters (9 days ago)
Watch Kodak throw up 666 at the end in hand signals
Chief913 (6 days ago)
And a triangle
It don't take angel from heaven or demon from satan to know this nigga sold his soul this shit has to stop
FTL Monday (9 days ago)
Feel ya pain bro it’s just makes us stronger some real monsters but that’s just me um hu they say I am stay wide open n focused
FPS MANYAĞI (9 days ago)
BARS over mumble rap!!! Thank u Lox!!! NY HEATING up for the WINTER ????????? it is easy to get ton of real Instagram from a very reliable website where you just have to make an order and delivered your order *I G R O C K E T D O T C O M?*
Joa Jdm (10 days ago)
latavis holden (10 days ago)
that is sad
Anoyolo Tomsana (9 days ago)
This song is so underrated I wanna beat everyone with a smart phone and internet.
Tasha MaaKK (7 days ago)
Anoyolo Tomsana that way 🤘🏿
Terrance Lambert (10 days ago)
the beat is what makes the song !!!
Rachel Molina (11 days ago)
Styles a real one, only real g's can admit when they got caught lackin!!? it is easy to get ton of real Instagram from a very reliable website where you just have to make an order and delivered your order *I G R O C K E T D O T C O M?*
Avery’s Alchemy (11 days ago)
Follow me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/avedashsoul/
Swear foe gawwdd
sienna smith (11 days ago)
what is he sayin
playhouserage (11 days ago)
"Im God sent..I know I'm God sent..I sware fo God, know Im totn bout? Now I over came sum a du ostriches dat came up from under some sumo rocks"
Mack HUNNDO (11 days ago)
If they kill you bruh i was your biggest fan i rock you till the end of me #sg131800block$$$$$
A. Browne (11 days ago)
Why he sound lis tongued
Skuddaaa Skudaaa (11 days ago)
Forgot about this song come back and its sounding as good as before. Respect kodak
Erica Bates (4 days ago)
Every time 💯
Anaiyah Irizarry (11 days ago)
This man did a whole BLOOD BATH in front of yall he showing yall who he really worshipping all this symbolism yall still cant see this is a mockery. Wake uuuuup
carl neilous morgan (11 days ago)
Anaiyah Irizarry blood of Jesus
Samaria Fitzgerald (11 days ago)
Stop comparing Durk to Kodak ‼️ Sincerely, a Floridian 😌
Erica Bates (4 days ago)
I'm from Chicago but i totally agree. I love em both but no comparison
Samaria Fitzgerald (5 days ago)
He is nice not better...
Lul Shorty (6 days ago)
Durk Way Better Than Kodak ..
Lakisha Griffin (12 days ago)
KD Kodak Sonny Burton booty doodling hi
Aktual (12 days ago)
Kodak the GOAT! I can tell he really felt this track.
LilWap2x (12 days ago)
lil durk shit better hands down
DanFTWGG 975 (12 days ago)
Kodak is the only mumble rapper I like

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