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Live Price Action Trade Off Key Support Level +160 Pips & +5R

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In this video, I share a live price action forex trade on the EURUSD using a trading strategy from my price action course. I'm currently up about +160 pips of profit and over +5R. In this video, I share with you how I analyzed the price action context, found my trade setup, trading location, precise entry and stop loss placement. Get a FREE practice forex trading account: - For EU/UK residents click here: http://go.xtbaffiliates.com/visit/?bta=38017&nci=7867 - For Non-EU residents click here: http://go.xtbaffiliates.com/visit/?bta=38017&nci=7837 Want to get my Price Action Course for FREE? Click here to find out how: https://2ndskiesforex.com/xtb/ Forex Trading Video Timestamps: 0:35 – Weekly Price Action Setups & Trade Ideas 0:59 – Current Open Positions 1:24 – EURUSD, Trade Details 2:10 – EURUSD, Top Down Analysis 3:45 – Impulsive & Corrective Moves 5:10 – Entry location 6:06 – Trading without ‘confirmation’ 6:51 – Stop loss location 9:00 – Take profit location 10:21 – Learn how to find and take trades like this
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Text Comments (17)
Fitz Forex (5 months ago)
..thank you for sharing your analysis.. great help to me..
2ndSkies Forex (5 months ago)
Hello Fitz - np, am glad it helped.
جو جو (9 months ago)
but of what i understoud youre not just randomly entering on supp/resistance with limit orders. Youre entering on stophunts/liquidity pools but in the course none of this is mentioned' like here in this video you entered on a liquidity area you knew exactly where to enter not just randomly placing order.
2ndSkies Forex (9 months ago)
No, I'm not trading stop hunts or liquidity pools. And you are correct, I'm not just placing orders randomly. I place them based upon price action context and the order flow behind it. You can learn how I make trades like this by becoming a member (https://2ndskiesforex.com/advanced-price-action-course/). Hope this helps.
Doctor Brown (10 months ago)
Great stuff brother...the simpler the better. I look at some people's charts and they look like the schematics for a nuclear fusion reactor. You can barely even see the candle sticks anymore. Your way is certainly less stressful and  more straightforward.
VISION (11 months ago)
perfect video
MD 8 (1 year ago)
Who uses black bullish candles and white bearish candles....... It's like making your bullish red and your bearish green
2ndSkies Forex (1 year ago)
Hello ST24, It's actually a dark blue candle, parallel to our business colors. It's only a problem if you are inflexible to colors, or attach any specific meaning to them and them only. Over the years, I've had about 4 colors for my candles. Changing never affected my trading.
Ninz Ocon (1 year ago)
NIal fuller will hate this..when i starting using this method it makes my trading more comfortable trading..I have so much confidence in this strategy
RAYMICLE CHIN (1 year ago)
Hi Chris, Just want to inform about the video's AUDIO, it happened to work only on the left side (using headset), no audio for the right side. Same to the recent 3 latest video. Maybe its my device problem(but its fine with other video), so i hope your coming videos sounds perfectly like charm. Thank you and Good Luck, _/|\_
2ndSkies Forex (1 year ago)
Hello Raymicle, Hmm, I just listened to this with a headset and didn't have this issue. But I'll have my technical team look into this so thanks for the heads up.
Minh Do (1 year ago)
Excellent teacher, tks Chris !
2ndSkies Forex (1 year ago)
Hello Minh, Glad you liked it.
Jonathan Filoteo (1 year ago)
Hi Chris, got a little confused at first coz of the candlestick colors. I'm used to black for bearish and white for bullish. Now that I look at it closely it seems to make sense
2ndSkies Forex (1 year ago)
Hello Jonathan, If you look closely, its not black, but dark blue, like our colors.
Rauf Ahmad (1 year ago)
Hi Chris, Exact same trade that I took, My tp was below resistance zone inside the correcive structure. And on my live account. Kind Regards Yalmaz Dogar
2ndSkies Forex (1 year ago)
Congrats Yalmaz. The course has helped you a lot so keep up the good work.

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