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Exchange British pound for SA rand,,, yes or no ??!!

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Wondering if you should send your hard earned pounds back to SA?? This video will give you a technical perspective of what could be around the corner to make a better informed decision
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Raymond Bezuidenhout (1 year ago)
FWhat is this page
Raymond Bezuidenhout (1 year ago)
Alec Traub (3 years ago)
I see your video was publish a few months and in your video you said you should wait before converting your pounds. it has been a couple of months now, if you had pounds now what would you do?
Alec Traub (3 years ago)
+Marius Robberts okay great, thanks for your help on this. will you be posting another video of what happens in a little bit?
Marius Robberts (3 years ago)
I think its a good time to exchange. we might see the gbp gain a little more strength, but I think it reached as far as its will go at least for another couple of months.

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