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Hardfork Without Replay Protection Explained | Bitcoin Cash (11-15-18)

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Bitcoin Cash is having a hardfork this November the 15th. It is having this with no built in replay protection. I explain how this works. Electron Cash Splitting Tool: https://github.com/markblundeberg/coinsplitter_checkdatasig/releases/tag/3.3.1CS User Guide: https://github.com/markblundeberg/coinsplitter_checkdatasig/blob/master/doc/coinsplitter_user_guide.md
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Text Comments (160)
Benjamin Stewart (6 months ago)
Great videos mate. I remember your video explaining the BTC BCH split. Thank you. What are your thoughts now on the stupid war? I want it to be over so bad.
gwho (6 months ago)
You seem to be using the word "split" in two different ways. 1) chain A vs chain B 2) several input amounts on a given chain. It would be helpful if you clarified the distinction, whether you meant them as the same, or were using the same word for two different concepts. and in the future, use separate terms if they were meant as different concepts.
Linda IFWallet (7 months ago)
BSV remove the replay protection code, so you should use wallets or exchanges that protect you from replay attack lost, I give you IFWallet to do this.
E Wilkow (7 months ago)
I would appreciate if you do video tutorial step-by-step how to run the split on Electron Cash for newbees or lames like me.
MGTOW Lifestyle (7 months ago)
bitcoin cash team is not that stupid, when they forked btc that time they fixed replay attack
Jill Mcknight (8 months ago)
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Angel Rivers (8 months ago)
He is the best, i would have lost all my coin since the constant drop in price but thanks to him i learnt the best way to increase it. He's the best.
Robert Bizzarro (8 months ago)
This HASH WAR signals the death of the "Proof of Work" Coins. They have proven themselves to be to centralized. Wall Street will run from the space and the Government will be sure to weigh in with regulation. Makes XRP look like the Tech that will win the space and will start to take over the space by Market Cap. XRP is currently number 2 by Market Cap
kellyjohna (8 months ago)
Watch Ripple and you'll see who benefits. It's the canary in coal mine. This is a play by the Jamie Diamond boys to attempt at control. This guy is a proven liar... he's bluffing even if he isn't he cant last long.... stay the course. This is a psyops from the outside complete BS don't fall for it. Stick with the fundamentals. This guys is a complete actor... no substance behind SV.
REnriquez (8 months ago)
The main question is will you get a BCH transaction to your wallet if you send a BCH from your other wallet. Not making a transaction from blockchain A.
SBICO777 (8 months ago)
Too technical🤯
Lyricalinus (8 months ago)
Thumbs up for BTC💯
Zibidi Gonzales (8 months ago)
I wanted to send my BCH to my Coinbase wallet due to the hard fork, but I sent it accidentally on my BTC address instead of BCH address...
Zibidi Gonzales (7 months ago)
Randy Nelson Nope but Coinbase claimed that they will fix it with their professional workers
Randy Nelson (7 months ago)
I did the same thing have you gotten your BCh back?
Hrusty Enrico (8 months ago)
And you expect this to be used/adopted worldwide? Are you kidding me I can see that the banksters are cheering this confusion bigly Comical explanation for a newbie!!!!!!
Francois Harris (8 months ago)
Nope, Craig Write has said over and over and over and over, there is NO fork. lol
Decentralized Thought (8 months ago)
Well if CSW said it, it must be true 😂
Jason Lucas (8 months ago)
This split has me pissed off
Ole André Knutli (8 months ago)
Learned so much. Great videos!
s3lfFish (8 months ago)
wow more headache honestly, ledger said it wont support it until dust is settled so where if it was my option, where am i supposed to save them also if they stay there they might not get split, or just disappear ? this is really really painful to understand
Nana L (8 months ago)
can just backup the wallet seed?
Nana L (8 months ago)
@Decentralized Thought why?
Decentralized Thought (8 months ago)
@Nana L Yes. But if you want to split your coins, make sure you move your ABC coins before you put the seed words into a BSV wallet.
Nana L (8 months ago)
@Decentralized Thought can the seed work on all abc & sv wallets after the fork/split?
Decentralized Thought (8 months ago)
There shouldn't be. I wouldn't recomend ever using a key generator website either. Be safe. Get a hardware wallet
Nana L (8 months ago)
@Decentralized Thought so there's no reason to go to a keys generator website, create a new address, and send everything on the wallet to it. It makes no difference rite?
Edward Gutierrez (8 months ago)
I’m still confused. Which is better? To hold BCH in Exodus wallet with no replay or in Ledger with replay? Thank you.
Decentralized Thought (8 months ago)
If it's an investment, just keep your seeds and wait to see what happens. If you use BCH as money, you probably want to split.
Febry Santoso (8 months ago)
Goes to MARS BCH...
WinstonSmithsBrain (8 months ago)
Losing money has never been so entertaining.
Neville Robertson (8 months ago)
Please support Bitmain and ABC they have been very nice to us with lowering the cost of S9 miners to purchase, we can thank them by showing our support.
Amod Uprety (8 months ago)
I am going to make it simple. Keep Holding you BCH na matter what. You will be insanely rich in 12 months
MT (8 months ago)
What direction do you think BCH will take the abc or sv route ? Either way Bch value has dropped considerably
Amod Uprety (8 months ago)
Neville Robertson if you don’t need money urgently keep holding. You will see a big reward.
Neville Robertson (8 months ago)
@Amod Uprety Hope that's what we all agree to do then. Not sure about rich, just need to pay my loan back and pay back my student loan.
Amod Uprety (8 months ago)
Neville Robertson hold the bitcoin cash. No need to dump. BCH will make you rich in next 6-12 months
Neville Robertson (8 months ago)
We will all be dumping hard after the fork I think.But if Bitmain need us to hold for them so they can dump and recover losses , they need an announcement to suggest we all hold to help them out after the fork. I support bitmain winning with Bitcoin Cash , but they need to prove BTC is the fake fork with an block filling attack.
Michael Yarieux (8 months ago)
You left out that Craig Wright is credibly threading to sabotage the other chain. What a fucking mess.
Decentralized Thought (8 months ago)
I could make multiple videos on the different dynamics. But you've summed it all up pretty well in this comment.
Ryan X. Charles (8 months ago)
You got this part right: The split is unsustainable because miner coin is split. The part you miss is that one chain can be destroyed and the coins on that side can be destroyed. This is part of the attack. If you split your coins, you are guaranteeing inability to transact during the hash battle except with other people who prefer that side, and who accept they may lose their money. Your warning against MB is confused - unified coin has higher value than either split coin exactly because it is safer. Roughly speaking, price(unified) = price(ABC) + price(SV), assuming the exchanges do it correctly.
Decentralized Thought (8 months ago)
Only guaranteeing the inability to transact with services that exclusively accept the unified coin. Most services will be accepting the ABC chain by default. Anyone who uses such a service will be sending the SV chain without being compensated for it. My warning is not against MB. My warning is against sending the unified coin when you will only be credited for one chain in the majority of cases. People will lose money.
Dominic Candy (8 months ago)
I wish you explained something. But you were only talking nothing else
Decentralized Thought (8 months ago)
Lol wut?
Dominic Candy (8 months ago)
Binance supports the fork does that mean my coin will automatically split into two??
julij94 (8 months ago)
Didnt understand a thing.
TorontoCrypto (8 months ago)
julij94 😂😂😂😂 me neither
YouTube_Surfer (8 months ago)
Doing nothing is the best strategy if u don't like short-term speculations. Not your private keys - not your bitcoins
Stifftoshi Nakamoto (8 months ago)
Thanks this made me more confident to buy SV coins from Polo.
Il Portico Dipinto (8 months ago)
Very nice explaination but you forgot to speak about the fact that SV may (will) forfait to miners transactions with inputs using the new opcodes. So, the only safe way to split your coins is to mix them with some new inputs from newly mined coins (coinbase transaction after the fork).
Crypto Trader (8 months ago)
Does anyone know what time the fork happens on November 15th, or what block?
1stMil.com (8 months ago)
You have made a good video explaining the replay protection. HOWEVER, your advice to split the coin could seriously damage your subscribers. Keep it safe. Don't try to pick up pennies in front of a freight train. It's not worth it. SV side has more tricks up their sleeves. CSW did not threaten ABC without backing it up. This is his chance to make all his doubters to PAY with real money loss. Don't cry fool if you lose money in this process by splitting your coins. Your channel has great contents and I enjoyed it very much so far. Keep up your good work!
Kiwi AustEcon (8 months ago)
@StotheEtotheB i actually like the guy just don't want ppl losing money
StotheEtotheB (8 months ago)
@Kiwi AustEcon Seems like he isn't even interested in correcting his video. Hope this guy gets rekt in all ways, I hate it if ppl talk about thinks they have no clue.
Kiwi AustEcon (8 months ago)
This is wrong.... He just told another lie. You WILL LOSE YOUR MONEY if you send your split ABC coins around... the original UTXO will be tracked and invalidated. GOD. STFU if you don't know what you're talking about. Maybe you ABC supporters deserve it anyway... for trying to wreck bitcoin.
1stMil.com (8 months ago)
I really DO like your channel. Keep up your good work!
Decentralized Thought (8 months ago)
If SV destroys ABC you still have your coins on SV. It's not like you have to pick. However I do appreciate the friendly cautionary warning :)
COMARto (8 months ago)
Weird, I didn't hear even one ad hominem attack. Don, you must be new to crypto :D
Jack (8 months ago)
The smartest thing to do is probably not hold any BCH and just see how it plays out. Speculating on who will win might just burn you. What is more interesting is that Craig wright is still claiming to be SN. I talked to him via twitter and he kept avoiding ny direct questions about how he will prove he is SN. I was telling him to transfer 10k BTc out of the original wallet but he is saying ' where is the fun in that '. I was neutral before but that guy is absolutely ridiculous. Here is the link: https://mobile.twitter.com/CryptoWonka/status/1060591763096780800
Salty (8 months ago)
Jack you will learn bitcoin is capitalist. The protocol is protected by Hash. Welcome to bitcoin.
moleccccular (8 months ago)
one of your best videos. very clear explanations as always. thanks for doing this.
635574 (8 months ago)
This is good time to buy whatever alts if you are trading with bch before the mess settles down and everyone figures out whats going on and the risk of double spends stops. Also its unlikely that their value will staybthe same, so treat it as any other fork.
Pumba (8 months ago)
Too hard, I'm going back to BTC.
YouTube_Surfer (8 months ago)
Having choice is awesome
Deadbeat Pennyless (8 months ago)
I hope you have a good lawyer.
Decentralized Thought (8 months ago)
Lol the SV side looooove making legal threats. It their main theme.
moleccccular (8 months ago)
enzofer 222 (8 months ago)
Put a fork in bcash.... It's done!
Jason Lucas (8 months ago)
enzofer 222 - I really want to know more about you and why you hate on Bitcoin Cash. So go ahead...Male? Female? Age bracket? Country.
enzofer 222 (8 months ago)
@Jason Lucas - lol for your own sanity you need to stop thinking every negative comment on bcash is A.I... Except people do not like it
Jason Lucas (8 months ago)
enzofer 222 - tell me about yourself.
enzofer 222 (8 months ago)
@Jason Lucas - lol, it's not a war and I'm not a spambot! You bcashers that think anything bad said about the scam that is bcash will lose your money
Jason Lucas (8 months ago)
enzofer 222 - fkn spambot. Nice to see proof of alphabet agencies and government sock puppets accounts actively against BCH. Proves undoubtedly what’s really going on. This is war. Most don’t see it yet. But I do.
Bitcoin Sofia (8 months ago)
You are assuming that the ABC chain will survive. Everything you said is true, if the ABC chain lives on.
Decentralized Thought (8 months ago)
I didn't want to end the video with "Now you can throw all of this out if Nchain destroys the ABC chain" 😅 As you've said, the risk of losing funds is nil. It's a bluff. There's no harm in splitting your coins.
Reformed Bugman (8 months ago)
Don't split your coins, one fork will die.
Liebe Und Freiheit (8 months ago)
@Decentralized Thought Would be interesting to see how the market reacts, when SV includes invalid transactions(with DSV) in their blockchain and "donates" the outputs to the miners.
Decentralized Thought (8 months ago)
Please. Do you really think CSW is stupid enough to rewrite the blockchain to redistribute most of the coins to himself?
Reformed Bugman (8 months ago)
@Decentralized Thought except one side is already pushing code to strip the funds on using non-compliant opcodes.
Reformed Bugman (8 months ago)
@Anthony0fFire you are delusional if you think that CSW is going to let ABC keep their own fork. I suggest watching his interview with Tone Vays.
Anthony0fFire (8 months ago)
Maybe, but only if everyone stops running one protocol. If people keep mining both SV and ABC, neither fork will die.
peepsonjuice (8 months ago)
Why is it that only you make some common sense each time. Big thumbs up.!
Aleksandar Klipic (8 months ago)
Don't hope for the split it ain't gonna happen this time
Corbin Fraser (8 months ago)
This is going to be a very helpful video for explaining the Bitcoin Cash fork to users. Great work. Will share around
Covfefe Dreams (8 months ago)
This is in my subscribed list even though I'm not subscribed...
Decentralized Thought (8 months ago)
You cant escape me easily
Waremonger (8 months ago)
Don't like your videos with music :-/
Salty (8 months ago)
Waremonger because it off time no tone . He is getting the opposite effect of music is supposed to support.
moleccccular (8 months ago)
music? didn't even notice. edit: I like the music
Grey Goose (8 months ago)
I personally liked it, it was very subtle in the background and not distracting to me.
Decentralized Thought (8 months ago)
Thanks for the input :) I thought I would try it and see how it went.
hal0bend (8 months ago)
Seems like a mess...
hal0bend (8 months ago)
@YouTube_Surfer Well in the case of Bcash you have huge inflated egos involved the likes of CSW. Ver, Jihan Wu, and sundry others. Never have I seen such an arrogant group of people coalesce around a flawed idea. Even if it wasn't flawed I'd never invest in it because of the asshats involved.
YouTube_Surfer (8 months ago)
Crypto is messy. Artificial evolution process
Decentralized Thought (8 months ago)
It is. Things are getting pretty weird.
Tao Jones (8 months ago)
Please mention that one of the chains will likely die.
Tao Jones (8 months ago)
@Decentralized Thought Oh ok bro! Gotcha! And thanks very much!
Decentralized Thought (8 months ago)
I just wanted to cover replay protection in this video. I may do one on a total overview before the fork. I'm avoiding it because price has a lot of impact here.
Tao Jones (8 months ago)
Thanks buddy!
Mr J (8 months ago)
***ALL BTC MINERS JOIN SV POOL ON FORK DAY ------ Revenge is a dish best serve cold Jihan and Roger. *** POST THIS EVERYWHERE!!!!!
Anthony0fFire (8 months ago)
Doesn't BTC still have that thing where losing a lot of hash power in a short period of time would cause serious problems? Pretty sure they're not going to ruin their own chain and miss out on profits to influence BCH.
Matt Johnson (8 months ago)
Lol good luck with that
Decentralized Thought (8 months ago)
Oh my God is this real?
s135cobra (8 months ago)
Great video as always. Could you make a beginners series on the technicals of a blockchain (what makes up a blockchains, utxo's, atomic swaps, etc) and Bitcoin, explaining, dissecting, etc. As if you were explaining it to a 5 year old. I think this would be great for the people who aren't really tech savvy and don't understand the technicals behind it all and what to learn them.
Keshav Ram Narla (8 months ago)
More power to the user!
nion456789 (8 months ago)
Smashed the like
Kakifrucht (8 months ago)
Nonsense. If you split your coins you are no longer paying with BCH, but with BCHABC/BCHSV. These split coins are worth less. Actually, if you sent me split coins and I expect a full BCH (these are on both chains), my wallet has the responsibility to let me know that the coin I have received is not BCH, but BCHABC/SV.
lechango (8 months ago)
You have every right to demand both BCHABC and BCHSV as payment, just make sure you are pricing it fairly to take that into account.
Decentralized Thought (8 months ago)
Your wallet has the responsibility? Can you show me a wallet that has this ability? We are 5 days out, and that product doesnt exist, let alone make any sense.
Kiwi AustEcon (8 months ago)
False information. If you make a transaction with DSV in it, then you forfeit your SV bitcoins and could lose all your money if SV wins the hash war. You should keep your coins neutral until the hash war is over
Kiwi AustEcon (8 months ago)
a hot wallet will be fine... just control your own coins. Electron cash should be fine. Will be easy to take appropriate action post-fork for newbs. Bitcoin,.com will cause all newbs to lose money of they sent txns post-fork (IN THE CASE THAT SV WINS). IF SV lose then bitcoin,.com will be okay. But WHY put all newbs at 50-50% risk of losing all money!
Ron Turkey (8 months ago)
@Kiwi AustEcon what do you recommend bch holders should do with their bch on Coinbase, Bitstamp, Binance, or other places? Move to an offline wallet and leave it?
Kiwi AustEcon (8 months ago)
yep pretty much! All money = gone. If you split into ABC and then they lose. Roger Ver (I have always been a a big supporter) but he as royally fucked up and is putting noobs all around the world at risk of losing everything! He's got malicious code in the bitcoin,.com wallet such that it plants DSV op codes into every standard transaction to split the coins. IF a noob panics or simply sends money anywhere using Roger Ver's wallet... They stand to lose all of the UTXOs that were spend (IF SV wins). Big big risk to take with OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY
Victor T (8 months ago)
How does that happen? Are the SV nodes monitoring the other chain and if it sees a utxo being spent with DSV it just consider that utxo on SV's side invalid?
Kiwi AustEcon (8 months ago)
There's be no hash battle if ABC didn't force contentious drastic changes onto everyone. SV just want to offer miners more choice over blocksize settings. It's not even a change, it's just a user interface fix. They're also not messing with the op code economy by picking winners and losers (government style) with a million fold subsidy for ABC's beloved DSV (to pander to WHC!). It's all so obvious. You can go and spend your ABC split coins if you want... but if the ABC chain dies, you'll have NOTHING. All your BSV will be gone. Goodluck. Maybe you deserve it to take your own advice then. I'm done trying to help people keep their money safe. The people who could possibly lose money are mostly going to be the ones who supported ABC and pushed for wrecking bitcoin. Good riddance
Ian Cassie (8 months ago)
GOODexplanation we need to know why this is happening and somehow have both sides explained fully At the moment SV gets my vote because they are promotting a future plan without adding on useless changes, still unsure about ABC ,s claim that bigger blocks are unsecure and the need sig ver versus o confirmation and why do we need wormhole again? THERE seems to be the same obstacles to growth appearing on the ABC WISH LIST/ would appreciate someone giving a fair FACTUAL NOT PERSONAL explanation of my mangled points
Tone Engel (8 months ago)
You've done great work in the past. This time your inability to process what CSW's been saying has a high probability of making this really poor advice. At the moment, SV is running 40-60% hash to ABC's 20%-40%. At those rates, the ABC fork will be rapidly unusable. Sure, if you do everything correctly and carefully manage your personally split coins, you might not lose anything. But if you screw up or chose the losing side in this fork, you will lose your lunch money.
TheBig Nig (8 months ago)
@user name taken you are an idiot doesn't matter if they both survive you fucking ding bat. Nobody who know what's up gives a shit about BCH or the split Fucking CLOWN.
user name taken (8 months ago)
Such ideological losers. Both will survive. This is the plan from the beginning. All you quacking twits are so predictable. .
Rich 77 (8 months ago)
@Tone Engel Antpool went from 2nd yesterday to 3rd today in Hashrate distribution for BTC
TheBig Nig (8 months ago)
Dude i have zero BCH and i would never invest in it, but do you honestly think Roger Vere is going to lose to a broke fraud like CSW? How fucking dumb are you?
Amanda Feener (8 months ago)
@Tone Engel It would be good to know for sure. I am aware as a pool they are not in control of all of the miners in the pool. Could fiduciary responsibility include loss prevention?
Calem Smith (8 months ago)
Thank you ahy. We need more edu content surrounding blockchain technologies on yt. Much appreciated
moleccccular (8 months ago)
on YT or even better: on bit.tube
G Jun (8 months ago)
Unlike the title, your thought is too centralized to ABC
YourTV Unplugged (6 months ago)
@YouTube_Surfer Well actually if the chain has no real support then it technically is dead. For example bitcoin cash is alive and well because it had a groundswell of support of people that switched to it and use it... You never really hear about 'bitcoin gold' or 'bitcoin diamond' except when they got 51% attacked a while ago... Because they had no real support no real people using it, basically just one guy in his moms basement mining it, it can't survive long term with so little support with just 1 or a few people propping it up. And hence why those non bitcoin cash forks got 51% attacked because the hash power / support wasn't there to keep them going and keep them secured. So yes they do die if no ones actually using them.
Darkbotic (8 months ago)
@G Jun BCH is the majority chain. SV is way behind. https://cash.coin.dance/blocks
YouTube_Surfer (8 months ago)
@Decentralized Thought *Their is no evidence minority chains ever die* They often do in economical sense - differences between majority and minority chains go exponential (from orphans to protocol changes). Exceptions like ETC and BCH are worthy of paying attention
moleccccular (8 months ago)
@G Jun why didn't bch die?
G Jun (8 months ago)
@Darkbotic I don't think they will but as I said, if ABC wins I'm more than happy to follow their chain. Be sure to kill off SV chain though. If we split, we all die. Game set.

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