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60 Second Strategy - Live Trading Video - 24option.com

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Start Trading - http://bit.ly/2VFkEdu Binary options are not promoted or sold to retail EEA traders. If you are not a professional client, please leave this page RISK WARNING: YOUR CAPITAL MIGHT BE AT RISK NOTE: THIS VIDEO IS NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE. “General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.” Visit my blog here - http://estoniantrader.com Start Trading Today - http://affiliate.iqoption.com/redir/?aff=2070=youtube Start Trading Today - http://estoniantrader.com/24option ______________________________________________ HOW TO MAKE €200 IN JUST OVER AN HOUR! In this Live Trading video, I make do an hour of trading with my 60 second strategy and the indicators I showed you how to set up in my last video. My broker of choice for this video is 24option.com. Happy Trading!
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Wicked Gamer (8 months ago)
Where are you ??
herbertsuan Fun (1 year ago)
This money management is what I'm looking for...thankyou
Rosario Darlene (1 year ago)
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Spatrick Mcbride (1 year ago)
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Greg Millar (1 year ago)
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Anthony Correa (1 year ago)
how to add alert in the indicator in MT5?
glibert samantha (1 year ago)
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Fendsquier Pyne (1 year ago)
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elhuron retteno (1 year ago)
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Donald Caldwell (1 year ago)
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Garcia Alex (1 year ago)
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Harry Wills (2 years ago)
Hi.....I really enjoy your level-headed, no bs trading pls keep in your loop. Thanks for posting !
pandiras (2 years ago)
Thanks a bunch for sharing your knowledge and showing your skills.. I learn a lot from you.. very much appreciated. May I mention that here, other than in your description for the 15 minute strategy settings is said, the RSI period is set to 3 (took some time to figure that).
Gus Michaels (2 years ago)
HI Estonia trader, Thank you so much for your 60 sec strategy, I have changed both the STO & RSI indicators to 10,90 and it seems to be working really well like 80 - 90%, thank you for showing me this technique, it was a light bulb moment for me.
sarah Matteo (2 years ago)
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BO& FX (2 years ago)
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Gavin Trewhela (2 years ago)
Interesting strategy, i'll be trying this one :)
carlos smart (2 years ago)
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peter white (2 years ago)
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Kai Donnelly (2 years ago)
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Alastair Macdonald (2 years ago)
Hello Estonian Trader, Lina, I have not been in you site for some 10 months now. I am with 24 Option, have been for 12 months. Am in diamond category. Had good success but then bad due to "account manager" advice. this here looks great but I cannot hear as hearing aids are out of order. Would you please care to outline the essence of it. I think one has to wait for candles to be a extreme end of RSI and touching the bollinger band. You success rate is amazing in this.
Cameron J. Garcia (2 years ago)
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Liina Laas-Billson (2 years ago)
Hi! This strategy is quite risky and needs a lot of prctice on a demo first to get the timings right. It does grow money rather quickly but also is risky as it requires martingale'ing. It does look for extremes just as you said - so when RSI 90 or 10 levels occur wait for swift opposite movement in RSI. Then try and get the best price and start a 60 second trade. If price doesn't change but conditions are still good, start another one with the value of 2.5x higher. Don't martingale more than twice. Perhaps it would be best to try the 15 minute strategy first - there's a lot more time to react with that one.
Maria Christou (2 years ago)
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Josh Bates (2 years ago)
I have used this signal. By using this signal, I have a lot of capital. I am successful! Thank you very much.
Tim Westergren (2 years ago)
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Nelly Foster (2 years ago)
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Tom Conrad (2 years ago)
Hey! Thank you so much! I have already made feel so much better.....more energy and focus. I can't wait to see what happens next. Thanks again!!
Santiago Lopez (2 years ago)
Hi Nina, very good video, could you please confirm de BB Deviation, becose at the configurattion video is in 3 but it look like is setup in 2 at this video.
Cameron J. Garcia (2 years ago)
Have you heard of the NEW ATL system? check it out.....its better.
Lukesh Parthab (2 years ago)
Thank you so much for this very informative video.
SABRINA (2 years ago)
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Zackary Rogers (2 years ago)
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herbertsuan Fun (1 year ago)
Zackary Rogers telle your trick...mr
Vladimir Yakov (2 years ago)
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Glenn Weinstein (1 year ago)
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Emma Lane (1 year ago)
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Eamon Slattery (2 years ago)
I have been very privileged and honoured to have you in my life.
YURI IVANN (2 years ago)
I feel extremely grateful and special for the beautiful wisdom you bestowed upon me Thank you so much. vladimir yakov
Miguel Ryker (2 years ago)
Thank you Vladimir, for being my guiding star, helping me with my trading issues and also guiding me through the right path in binary options. You have been much special and a good teacher whom we can always look up to
Crystal Searle (2 years ago)
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Med Yassine Ezzine (2 years ago)
Thanks for the video, but you upload it even it was done years ago, does the strategy still work ? and my 2nd question is : What do you advice me to do if I'm about to start with the minimum, $250 in 24Option broker, I mean which strategy do I have to follow, even if I prefer to go to M5 or M15 max ? Thank you
Cameron J. Garcia (2 years ago)
look most of this stuffs posted here are not as they promise. have you heard of the new ATL system? You should try it. if you're still looking for a better strategy to trade binary? or you are finding it difficult to withdraw your earnings? or are you looking for a risk free trading app? try the ATL system. contact me via [email protected], i would give you every info you need for a successful trade even if you choose to go with M15 or M5. lets make more money per day.
Bailey Aart (2 years ago)
+Med Yassine Ezzine i have a strategy that can profit you M5 or M5 max just feelfree to contact me [email protected]
Estonian Trader (2 years ago)
Hi, for a beginner I recommend IQ Option - the minimum trade is $1 so makes your $250 go a lot further. Also their returns on trades are much higher. try here - www.estoniantrader.com/iqoption
Amelia Balanon (2 years ago)
Hi Lina what kind of strategy need to use if there's small account in order to go up immediately.😚
Bailey Aart (2 years ago)
+Amelina Balanon you can contact me if you need my strategy [email protected]
JasonSt (2 years ago)
longterm speaking u could lose all your money with this strategy if you martingale a lot..
Cameron J. Garcia (2 years ago)
Long term speaking, you should try the ATL system. its the best thing that has ever happened to binary trading. you can contact me for every info you need. its risk free and withdrawing your earnings isn't an issue.
Estonian Trader (2 years ago)
absolutely. Don't martingale more than 3x
ARNOLD WEST (3 years ago)
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UK Hip Hop Grime (3 years ago)
Works exceptionally well on forex as you can grab a few ticks/pips and close in profits where you're not restricted to the timeframe of binary. Really great video, thanks Estonian trader!
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Dave Edge (3 years ago)
Hi Nina how are you? since I set my RSI to your setting my success rate has shot up. Thanks
Estonian Trader (3 years ago)
+Dave Edge Awesome. Keep up the good work!
iTzKhaYeR (3 years ago)
are you still trading? If so how is it going
Estonian Trader (3 years ago)
+iTzKhaYeR Hi! I still ocaasionally day trade, but now I'm mainly more interested in cryptocurrencies. I invest and trade with them. Read more in my blog - www.estoniantrader.com I will make some videos on this topic soon too :)
Thorsten Steuper (3 years ago)
Hi, nice vid. Is it right, that you trade the 60 seconds in the M5 timeframe?
bithi sarkar sarkar (2 months ago)
*Friday $1577* https://t.co/2STDbXh1Kx
airjaff (3 years ago)
this is good, i ont think i am ready for 60 mins trade yet
Estonian Trader (3 years ago)
+airjaff It is defo riskier, master the 15 minute ones first and when you are really confident in trading, then move on to short terms. You don't actually have to at all, just find a strategy that is right for you.
Michał Soszynski (3 years ago)
What about bolinger bands settings?
Estonian Trader (3 years ago)
+Michał Soszynski Standard settings
Jermaine Wedderburn (3 years ago)
Been waiting Months for this, i hope it doesn't come back down, anyways, isn't there a way to filter the trades? As you must have perfected the art by now.
Cameron J. Garcia (2 years ago)
are you still looking for a better strategy to trade binary? or you are finding it difficult to withdraw your earnings? or are you looking for a risk free trading app? try the ATL system. contact me @ [email protected], i would give you every info you need for a successful trade. lets make more money per day.
Jermaine Wedderburn (3 years ago)
Thanks so much for the speedy response, i admire your work a lot.
Estonian Trader (3 years ago)
+Jermaine Wedderburn I hope no other scumbag steals mu content again, one can hope :D Sorry I don't quite understand what you mean by filtering trades. How to choose the best ones ? I would say it is about experience. The more you practice the better you start to recognise the best opportunities. So just practice a lot and start with small amounts.
Musica para orar (3 years ago)
hi thanks for this video, i cant find the previous video where you show the indicators, can you please show me where is it?
Bailey Aart (2 years ago)
+Musica para orar have you heard about Mr Nelson Witt mentor of binary?
Estonian Trader (3 years ago)
+Musica para orar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7e9lMCJip8

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