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open source tracking software

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Webpage and download http://openvisionc.sourceforge.net/ This video was quickly put together to show some features of a freely available software called open vision control. The initial aim was to create software for an automated paintball turret. It was then found that this type of software can be used for a multitude of applications. But having all these variations would include a large amount of coding and complexity. It was then decided to embed python into the software, allowing scripts to be written and shared as the control part. Scripts we have written and tested include controlling servos for a turret application, notifying a user by email if motion is detected, using a microscope to track microspheres and plot trajectories, control the mouse cursor using hand movements etc. The software is still being improved , and worked on. The next stage would be to rewrite the GUI using Qt, improve performance, and add features such as barcode scanning. A quick install guide for windows xp and 7: 1.download and extract software 2.install opencv2.1 3.install python27 4.make sure you have all the .net dependencies. Cheers
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Text Comments (19)
Quantum Software (6 months ago)
Hi, the software doesn't write the object orientation info to the text file. How to get that info?
Sebastiano Curreli (2 years ago)
It seems pretty cool guys! Good job!
Crash override (2 years ago)
Is any script to record vide from this software? Something based on the movement or so on?
Alfie Richards (4 months ago)
Crash override you could just screen record it or something like that
Fluency Club (3 years ago)
Danijel Makar (4 years ago)
NO WORK :!!!!!
Omar Talal (4 years ago)
I have error in cvaux210.dll ? how can i solve it ? 
Neeraj Negi (2 years ago)
do not include in dependencies
Vic Luijkx (4 years ago)
Is it possible to export the information real time to software like excel, Matlab or octave?
Mad Though (3 years ago)
+vic luijkx I second this question
relativityboy (4 years ago)
This looks fantastic. Working on an art project for Northern Spark in Minneapolis.  Neatly packaged with few hoops to jump through.
SPK (4 years ago)
hi can u tell me the procedure to install it on windows 8, x64 bit
nathan bregmen (5 years ago)
This is exactly what I am looking for, except I need it to interface with a mac. Any plans to release a mac compatible version of this?
Dee Dubbs (1 year ago)
Very easy solution. Throw crapple out window and join the civilized world.
Dawood Subhani (5 years ago)
Have you got something which can work in smartphone on iphone and ios
tjthejugggler (5 years ago)
i got passed my that dll issue by finding each dll it said i was missing and putting them in that folder. now the program loads, but i just get a black box where the camera feed should be.
jcstay123 (5 years ago)
Wow looks good. I'm going to download and give it n try. Thanks!!!!
whsch1 (6 years ago)
Hello, You need to install Opencv 2.1 and add your bin file to your path, or simply copy paste the required dlls to your exe folder. The cvaux210.dll is an opencv 2.1 dll. Hope this helps
Antonio Gomes (6 years ago)
congratulations on the software, works flawlessly! i've been trying to have it working with the bightness tracking feature to control my mousecursor but so far i was unable to do so....would you suggest running glovepie on the background or something similar? Thanks

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