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You have no excuse not to do this.

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Get more videos & support my channel: http://patreon.com/mattdavella I hate excuses and I want to see all of you succeed so here are two articles that can help you on your path to getting fit. Nate Green’s 4 Rules for Working Out: https://goo.gl/HAJ9cm Strength Training 101: Where do I start? https://goo.gl/1Hqr3U Alright that’s all the information you need to get started. Reading this is not progress. Taking action is. No excuses. Find 30 minutes TODAY. xx Hi my name's Matt & I make videos on this channel every week about minimalism, lifestyle design & habits. Subscribe if you'd like to see more from me. I also make a newsletter & podcast if that's your thing. Follow the links before for those. Newsletter: http://mattdavella.com/newsletter Social: http://instagram.com/mattdavella/ http://twitter.com/mattdavella/ Podcast: https://youtube.com/groundupshow http://groundupshow.com Thanks for watching!
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Matt D'Avella (1 month ago)
I want to see all of you succeed so here are two articles that can help you on your path to getting fit... Nate Green’s 4 Rules for Working Out: https://goo.gl/HAJ9cm Strength Training 101: Where do I start? https://goo.gl/1Hqr3U That’s all the information you need to get started. Reading this is not progress. Taking action is. No excuses. Find 30 minutes today!
Hello Matt, i'd like to ask some advice, i reckon you have a video on getting up at 6 am or earlier, but i really am not finding that balance between sleep time, i can't get out of bed and it is costing me my free school and education, any help? Or tips?
Scott (1 month ago)
0:58, the calves tho, goddamn you big
aa (1 month ago)
"No excuses" Someone told me that yesterday. 😒 But, I do do that though (well, for the most part). I do 30 mins. of jumping on a rebounder and also whatever else stuff I feel like doing. Not exactly every day though (not exactly structured or in good form either, but eh, shrugs). I had to stop for about 2 weeks, and then I started up again a few days ago. But, anybody can jump on a trampoline. That's why I do it. It's easy to do even if/though I am lazy. I'd go hiking 2 or 3 times a week regularly or do stuff at home or at the park that has all the stairs. But, people would always tell me not to go hiking because it's dangerous. I haven't gone to the gym in quite a while though, but I used to go regularly. But, when I did go (near the end time right before I stopped) some chick was harassing me about me wearing a sports bra top (saying that it's too revealing and asking if that's really all I'm actually going to wear to workout in , said it rudely to me). Usually I'd wear sports bra tanks and leggings or shorts, but sometimes a midriff showing sport bra racerback top. And, a guy that I had seen a few times before was asking me a bunch of personal health type questions and said that I should do this and that, he'd ask me what I'm eating and what not to do or eat, etc. And, then said that he likes to be sure someone he's getting with does certain things, etc. And said that to me in the parking lot after a few times I had seen him there and him talking to me, and then he asked me out. I wasn't single though (didn't mind him talking to me and stuff though, but not like I'm his gf before he asks me out). Some guy was videotaping me on the rower machine too. So, SOME people are kind of intrusive (in a rude way) sometimes. Sooo, then I'd mostly just go there to swim and use the sauna or steam room or do a quick run through on the circuit training machines (unless I was at another gym location doing whatever my trainer was telling me to do, but I didn't go to his gym too often). It's sort of easier (but harder) when you have a trainer telling you what to do. But, then if you don't do it the way they said to they kind of get frustrated that you don't stick to what they say to do. I think people sometimes fear that kind of pressure to be put on them. But, definitely, the gym is like no other place...the things that happen there.
Keith Hughes (1 month ago)
Links are down 😭 could you repost them please?
Superior Phi (3 minutes ago)
you had me in the first half, im not gonna lie
Khalid Muhammed (1 day ago)
The first part actually make you think how men love to be objectified but women don't
Enoch Alemonai (1 day ago)
Yo let me also drop mine here: the beard is so neat. Please do a how to groom video
Will Helliwell (2 days ago)
Love those views of LA. Visited once and now it's a goal of mine to live there one day
JH Gaming (2 days ago)
Building habits is wayyy harder than I first expected
Antichrys (2 days ago)
I would love to see you try to beat a lie detector test, you had me at the first part
Joe River (2 days ago)
You're totally hot!😍😍😍
Victor Zhou (2 days ago)
Matt has those guns
luis angelow (2 days ago)
I wanna know if that cliche vlogger transition is shitty on purpose because I really believe that is intended lmao
benny amst (3 days ago)
Man I love you 😂
i accidentally subbed (3 days ago)
what he say? i was distracted by his nice beard
Kyle Williamson (4 days ago)
Renata Bundz (4 days ago)
Hi Mat, i listen very care fully to you. But at the same, i think you look great.... Would love to have a boy friend looking the way you do
Dr. Jekyll (6 days ago)
best meat
terry651000 (6 days ago)
Good one👍
Divya Kejriwal (6 days ago)
Absolutely love the hike cinematography
Mcduck (7 days ago)
3:42 This was to funny
MyFitScience (7 days ago)
You had as in the first half, not gonna lie.
Imane Chelioui (7 days ago)
The funniest video
Miguel Arrieta (7 days ago)
Do you really only work out for 30 mins?
Lucy Evans (8 days ago)
was hat der gegen die klischées ? die sind doch voll schön und wahr? xD
*you should be in a mental institution* ouch
JacobLZP (8 days ago)
Stop objectifying Matt you uncultured swine.
Rylan Bonnevie (8 days ago)
I love that you put some of your bloopers at the end. I was literally ROFL at the beginning and the end. Thanks so much for this! Made my day!
iris olympia (8 days ago)
i admire your videos so much matt
Fennec Besixdouze (8 days ago)
@6:21 Hi Matt, it took me 3 hours to type this out because I'm in a wheelchair and use my tongue to guide a cursor on the virtual keyboard on my accessibility device. Is being a quadriplegic an excuse to not lift weights 30 minutes a day?
Zumzum. A (9 days ago)
Matt you know what, i am so glad found your channel, and its like my one of favorite show ever. Lmao, thankyou for feeding me xxx
Zumzum. A (9 days ago)
That peace of meat 😂 mattttt why
DramaLama (9 days ago)
Best Fitness Channel on YT
barsenovic (9 days ago)
I'm careful of external validation, it should matter to an extent but what you think inside should matter more. As long as you're real with yourself.
Chris G (10 days ago)
We have the blessing to objectify him. Praise da lort! Unleash the thirsty Susans!
¡ ! (10 days ago)
2:40 lmao
Game Pirate (11 days ago)
TLDR: All roads lead to Rome but you need to be consistent otherwise it's no use
Game Pirate (11 days ago)
His biceps are thicker than my thighs
they 8lb6oz (13 days ago)
I just got fucking jabaited lul
ZHLodhi (13 days ago)
The advice is gold - but your sense of humour is priceless :D
TomaCukor (13 days ago)
5 days a week is too much, 3 is better.
Bradley Draper999 (14 days ago)
not gonna lie he had me in the fist half
Sugunesh Vallinayagam (14 days ago)
3O min 👍
Defroses Yeet (14 days ago)
Without hair you look like Vsauce
Jamie McGuinness (15 days ago)
I watched this video and immediately after it i booked a personal trainer for a month, paid for it in advance so that I'd lose money if I didn't go, and arranged it for 6 in the morning 3 times per week. IT. WAS. MISERABLE. I was sore all the time, I felt like throwing up all the time during the workouts and I was also eating healthy which sucked. 3rd week in... I suddenly enjoyed it, not during it but after it, once I had showered when I got back. The pain was alot less and I started changing up the meals to suit me. The real moment of satisfaction though was when a girl I like at work asked me if I was working out... Immediately paid for the next month when I got home. It was horrible at the time, but when I look back on it I feel much better than I did this time last month. You just have to make yourself do it. Hope this helps someone. 😊
Ethan Rowland (15 days ago)
I honestly just get hung up on the fact that he wears those nike freeruns (i think?) that are honestly just not good shoes.... for someone who seems to take pride in valuing quality over quantity etc... I would've thought he would own a quality pair of shoes to run/hike in.
Flamingo Williams (15 days ago)
5:48 why does Duke suck?
Geralt of Rivia (16 days ago)
I feel like your videos make me push harder and do stuff consistently i think that I am very fortunate as a teen to watch your videos.
Geralt of Rivia (9 days ago)
+Game Pirate haha mate I love witcher too
Game Pirate (11 days ago)
I love Witcher. I'm a huge fan of you Geralt!
Emanuel Marquez Torres (16 days ago)
LOL DUDE i was working while seeing this in my office and i just can't hold my laugh!!!
Anisia Azo (17 days ago)
I have pretty much no habits.. Or routines. I will definitely try hard to get one!
Red (17 days ago)
David Kim (17 days ago)
Does Matt list the back ground music he uses in the video?
pato luna (17 days ago)
Depression :(
Victória (18 days ago)
Matt is so funny. This is why I love his videos. KKKK
Player Hatef (18 days ago)
Lol, you are a good looking guy..
Rah (18 days ago)
30 minutes working out 20 minutes masturbation 1 hour work 10 minutes eat 22 hour sleep
Joseph Quinn (18 days ago)
I'm more interested in knowing what food and regular diet looks like for minimalists.
Nia Oram (19 days ago)
I don't have 30 minuets becuase i spend all my time watching your vids
lendawnamb (19 days ago)
Somethings telling me this man is extremely depressed at the bottom of himself and it probably ain't gonna be pretty once it kicks back up to the surface fr
Amani Wanyoike (19 days ago)
Damnit I love this guy ❤️😘 #noHomo
psteeg (20 days ago)
my excuse = I dont wanna done!
Francesca Checchin (20 days ago)
Are your origin in Italy? Where from? You are "irresistibile".
Arnav singh (20 days ago)
That was a pleasant surprise 😂😂😂😂🤯
Plum Horizon (21 days ago)
Ok It's 12pm and I wanted to skip the gym at 2:30pm, but I think i'll go anyway :) Great video ! Impressed by the drone parts, do you pilote it yourself or do you have someone to help you ?
Hibs Hass. (21 days ago)
My choice of exercises is walking... from leisure to power walking
Anita Hamlin (21 days ago)
Runyon canyon rocks! I did notice how beautiful your eyes are despite the work you have put into working out. What I have truly watched for though is your outlook about life. You are honest and insightful and you have a great sense of humor. Inspiration to climb that mountain! ;-)
Max Dittmann (21 days ago)
30 day vegan pls
Amtran727 (22 days ago)
And it's not just your upper half. I mean, those thighs and a**:), you are hot Matt! I totally agree with your comments In this video. People need to find exercise that they enjoy. I also don't need motivation to go to the gym, I am there 6 days a week because I enjoy it and feel like a million bucks after my workout. The gym is my zen and escape.
hellonhoell (22 days ago)
This video was so damn good.
R Mλtesz (22 days ago)
Maaan you scared me 😄
Magic Ricky (22 days ago)
Hey Matt, do you want to become even more jacked? Invite Dan John on your podcast!
David Lyons (22 days ago)
I was actually working out while I watched this video!
Frozen Unicorn (22 days ago)
Nice biceps ok thats nice... but that amazing beard like woooooow
Karima Saci (22 days ago)
Ur videos r really helpful
Elizabeth Thiel (22 days ago)
I love your sense of humor! Real insight to allow yourself to introspect in what we are drawn to in order to evolve. Yes to comedic voice overs lol.
Saori M (22 days ago)
Jesus will 2:40 at this moment in my head it went "JESUS TAKE THE WHEELLLLLLLLLLLLLL"
Saori M (22 days ago)
7:51 of just laughing and can't get serious and lose it lol
Kevin S (23 days ago)
I actually started today by hiking at a state park. It was fun
kotare86 (23 days ago)
Ever the tease... so naughty ;)
Te Haunui Art (23 days ago)
😂 what a great ending! I love your sense of humour. You take the words right out of my mouth! 😂 love your content Matt. 🙌🏾🙏🏾
Wilson Muñoz (23 days ago)
But if you put one fuck in front of another... Yeah fuck it :P
Adrian Flory (23 days ago)
All you really need is 10-15 min a day. give me ten minutes and ill get a sick ole chest pump.
Pure Peace (23 days ago)
Matt, doing a great job bro, keep it up!
wiiboxing master (23 days ago)
Dem airpods though
Enny (24 days ago)
Where the hell are you getting this sky footage?
XTheSpartanX7 (24 days ago)
My only question is where do you buy your t-shirts ?? they are perfect quality. Someone please answer this.
Addison Moore (24 days ago)
‭”The big things we do every day are much more important than the small things we do every once in a while” Love this!
Hillery Brown (24 days ago)
Well, maybe we missed the cliches because we were blinded by the biceps.
I was like “oooh crap he’s so right....” I objectified you in my last comment on your video. Talking about your eyes. lol You’re hot and smart. That is rare and needs to be celebrated. I’m glad you’re finding the joy in it.
Brazil 90 (24 days ago)
Im confused
Ben G (24 days ago)
Women: It is not fair that we are being objectified while half naked showing our tits and ass filming the most useless youtube videos..... . . Matt: Thank you for noticing the result of my work out despite of my effort to deliver the most intelligent delivery of life hacks and how to's!
Anthony Ramirez (24 days ago)
The ending had me in stitches 🤣 God damn....
Mahamed Gayre (24 days ago)
Oddly this is one of the most motivational video I have ever watched. Thanks for that!!
Janessa Malone (25 days ago)
😂😂😂 hilarious intro
Michal Onufrák (25 days ago)
im too lazy to have an excuse
Abdullah Hassan (25 days ago)
Can yall please tell me where and how Matt gets his music
Tom (26 days ago)
I love this video. So funny!
Tom (26 days ago)
Aww!!! A piece of meat talking :))
Vero Cetina (26 days ago)
That "cool transition" was hilarious btw
Paulina Laponte (26 days ago)
Hahahahahaha I loveeed this
Linda Farneth (27 days ago)
You inspire me! Thank you!
Cassidy Schilling (28 days ago)
This video kept catching me off guard and I love it
Meas Sophearak (29 days ago)
But anyway I love the way you walk bro I dream about living a life like you one day !!!!!

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