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BIOS Mod: Sapphire Pulse RX570 8G MICRON for Ethereum AMD Radeon GPU Mining

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Mod your AMD Radeon Sapphire Pulse RX570 8GB so that it gets a higher hashrate at lower watts for Ethereum and other crypto. Downloads: PolarisBiosEditor: https://github.com/jaschaknack/PolarisBiosEditor/tree/110aa3a5a0aeafe16bb0a96b53583e7e8e77999b AtiFlash https://www.techpowerup.com/download/ati-atiflash/ Pixel Clock patcher: https://www.monitortests.com/forum/Thread-AMD-ATI-Pixel-Clock-Patcher Support the channel by shopping at: https://cryptomined.com Get your Ledger Wallet Nano S or Blue here: https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/c73c Using the store is the best way to support the channel, however if you liked this video and found it helpful, and you would like to leave me a tip please send any amount of coins to any of the following addresses (Thank you): Bitcoin 12hKQ99t9eiLV2D2C6K9bdYntdEVk46o3h Litecoin LTkDdmm9qXHNXpnc1FbnyhWFjqdNR4t4Xt Dogecoin DHGaiFJU442oKVnjnexkvRDwuX7pysXPF2 Dash XtnRsdAHdAAGD4EshCDFpvwJqTWZvE2A2u ZCash t1goK66cPpVbiUsoi3httTTtmKz4d1kie4k Ethereum 0x317732FA9E934018D2D0Dd7b5C8f8f320D6059D2 My RX570 and RX580 Recommendations: XFX Rs XXX Edition Rx 570 4GB OC+: http://amzn.to/2qh9DyZ MSI VGA Graphic Cards RX 570 GAMING X 4G: http://amzn.to/2pLYi6V Sapphire Radeon NITRO+ Rx 470 4GB : http://amzn.to/2qH4Yro Sapphire 11266-04-20G Radeon PULSE RX 570 4GB: http://amzn.to/2r6SVTL
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Text Comments (239)
nguyen phat (2 years ago)
top view
smael zouane (2 years ago)
Cryptomined i need help to sapphire nitro rx570 8 gb nitro+ please, me too ;)
Jan Istvan (2 years ago)
Please I need help with SAPPHIRE NITRO+ RX 570 Micron 8GB, I changed a nothing happed.
Cryptomined (2 years ago)
nice! RX580 8GB Samsung Bios Mod Video coming up next!
Disconnected X (5 months ago)
Can you give the Original Bios of Sapphire rx570 pulse 8 gb micron memory. Tanx!
Szymon Wypijewski (12 days ago)
Did u get it? Im looking for it too
Dexyu (1 year ago)
how does the core clock affect the hash rates?
Paulo Silas (1 year ago)
Hi. Thank you very much to share this with us. Worked for me. Sapphire RX570 nitro+ 8GB micron. Increased from 26.4 to 29.9. In my case was necessary to apply the patch.
Robert atVitalityStar (1 year ago)
Robert atVitalityStar (1 year ago)
When flashing bios, what does it mean when Polaris shows a set of random numbers instead of MHz speeds in the box? I'm thinking that's a deal breaker (RX 560 4GB) lol, Thank You Crypto !
John Pythagoras (1 year ago)
My timing straps are all 0:xxxx
Asterios Skodras (1 year ago)
I flashed my RX570 8gb Micron Nitro+ but hashrate unfortunately remained at 4Mhs. This doenst work for nitro+ but maybe only for pulse . Thank you anyway and if you find out what to do with nitro+ please publish .
Rob van Gils (1 year ago)
Does do nothing... :(
VooDoo Calugaru (1 year ago)
Hi,thanks for the video. I have Sapphire Pulse RX570 8G MICRON and I did everything like you,but when I open ATI winflash I got just one strap instead of 2. I wonder why. and evey time I try to put a edited bios the computer would not start. Can u help me?
Dan Brown (1 year ago)
Hello could you please help me I have a Gigabyte RX580 8GB Micron mem and i only have the following timing straps: 0:200 0:300 0:400 0:800 0:1000 0:1250 0:1375 0:1500 0:1625 0:1750 0:1875 0:2000 What should I be chaning in my case?? Thanks for the help in advanced
Милый TV (1 year ago)
firstly when i bought it i got like 17Mh/s it was terrible, but now im happy with this drivers for mining, instant 24,5 mh, and 27,5 in normal boost. Recomended
Dan Brown (1 year ago)
Милый TV uhm didn't think it could be That, for my other gpu card I don't they the same timing string layout
Милый TV (1 year ago)
i solved the problem, it was a driver problem only, now i have driver for mining (block chain one)
Dan Brown (1 year ago)
Милый TV I copied the 1750 string to the 1875 and 2000. It didn't make much of difference. It boosted it from 28.2 MH to 28.5MH but it wasn't fully stable in my case. It would sometimes drop to 27.something and fans were speeding a lot more.
Милый TV (1 year ago)
i got the same problem, did you find the answer, pls let me know if you did ty
Alexandre Benaim (1 year ago)
Hello, can i do the same for the Pulse RX580 8gb ?
쭈니준재티비 (1 year ago)
Can anybody send the moded BIOS of Sapphire Pulse RX 570 8G Micron to me? My e-mail is [email protected] Thanks.
thatwaslit (1 year ago)
does this work for msi gaming rx570 8gb hynex memory. iam mining etherium and i get only 17mhs on stock settings.
Jasbir Panwar (1 year ago)
thanks bro i got 29.8 with 80watt on sapphire pulse 4 gb elpida
terran771 (1 year ago)
Did you do one for Sapphire Pulse RX580 8G MICRON ???
Markus Gustafsson (1 year ago)
It works in My MSI rx 470 8gb
Zach LaVoy (1 year ago)
has anyone tried this same mod on a "Rx580 Saphire Pulse 8GB"?
bhstone1 (1 year ago)
MSI 570 8GB please! Every time I try myself NiceHash complains and refuses to mine and I have to restore the original.
Joshua Scrimshaw (1 year ago)
my timming numbers are different then yours. my polaris bios editor 1.4 displays these - 400, 800, 900, 1000, 1125, 1250, 1375,1500, 1625, 1750, 2000, 2250. any ideas on what to do about this?
Farago Norbert-Felix (1 year ago)
Hello, is there any mod ROM for Sapphire Pulse RX580 8G MICRON ? Can you share the ROM please. Thank you!
jesse carnell (1 year ago)
I have a set up with 2 MSU armor rx 570 8 gb out of the box I was only getting 18.5 m/h I bios modded one card and it bumped it to 20.2 but when I mod the second card claymore no longer recognizes any and cards. I had to go back to stock bios for them to work again. I can mod either one but when I mod both it doesn’t want to work. Any ideas what my issue might be? Also it seems my stock hashrate is low only being 18.5 do you know why that might be so low? And lastly when ever o try to overclock any at all with trixx my hashrate goes down. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m running Windows 10 home on a h81 pro btc 2 mobo an i3 processor. I am also running the amd blockchain driver. Thank you for your time.
Mohammed Hafiz (1 year ago)
Does it matter if i have 4GB RX570? Or its the same?
Yartin (1 year ago)
Does this only work in that specific card?
CHANGO ROCKS! (1 year ago)
So the 580 can run at lower wattage for same hashrates then?
Varga Edmond (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing. While following the same steps, after modifying the rom and trying to flash it, AtiWinFlash throws: "this version of vbios is already installed". Googled it, but no info came up regarding the cause. What could be wrong? Thanks!
BIT EGYPT (1 year ago)
BIOS Mod: Sapphire Pulse RX 570 4G
J Blake (1 year ago)
I know this was a while ago but wanted to thank-you for posting this. I will commit to supporting your efforts as I know this takes work and dedication and should not be taken lightly. Your efforts are appreciated. (This got me through a struggle I was having with the RX-570)
p Leung (1 year ago)
sorry does it also apply to Sapphire Nitro+ RX570 4GB? thanks
BabiJungle (1 year ago)
will this works on rx580 8gb?
BabiJungle (1 year ago)
thanks man
Cryptomined (1 year ago)
why wouldnt you use the 580 8g video i have? anyways, PBE has updated, now there is a one click timing straps option, and thats probably what you want to use now.. i need to update and do another video
jonathan martin (1 year ago)
why do you downgrade every gpu?
eleodor ninel pencu (1 year ago)
clymore 9.8 setup dual mining ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// setx GPU_FORCE_64BIT_PTR 0 setx GPU_MAX_HEAP_SIZE 100 setx GPU_USE_SYNC_OBJECTS 1 setx GPU_MAX_ALLOC_PERCENT 100 setx GPU_SINGLE_ALLOC_PERCENT 100 EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool eth.ldvpool.com:8008 -ewal 0xD0F515AEB2Fb463C733c27E7e6777f9515b74335 -eworker rig1cap -epsw x -dcoin sia -dpool stratum+tcp://sia-eu1.nanopool.org:7777 -dwal 6a3b741e7e52f31e9ae146a17cf771af97c0eedc7f6447ac2b581aeaa2f46dadf056e3d91f88/rig1/[email protected] -dpsw x -ftime 5 -dcri 13 //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool eth.ldvpool.com:8008 -ewal 0xD0F515AEB2Fb463C733c27E7e6777f9515b74335 -eworker rig1 -epsw x -mode 1 -ftime 10 ldvpool.com
Danko Lovic (1 year ago)
it is not working on SAPPHIRE NITRO+ RX 570 Micron 8GB If anyone can help please contact me on [email protected]
M4nTana (1 year ago)
i need help for Gigabyte Radeon RX 570 4GB Aorus methode to flash thanks for your work !
Ionut (1 year ago)
is the same for rx570 4gb ?
Bujar Lubovci (1 year ago)
does it work on 580 saphire nitro please answer thans
Fernando Olivo (1 year ago)
Hello Cryptomined! I am having a serious issues with all my new Sapphire rigs, I am using this mod on my GPUs and they reach high speeds but I cant mine for more than a few seconds, even at speeds of 23-26 Mh/s (I cant even mine with stock settings and never-modded-GPUs). I am using Win 10 pro (UEFI) up to date, Biostar TB250 BTC (updated), Processor i3 7100, 8gb Ram 2400mhz, 1200 watts for 6x Nitro+ 580 8gb Hynix mem (I have the same issue even with a single gpu connected), Also tried drivers ver 17.5.2 and latest ver. without mod. Most of the times I get the THREAD STUCK IN DEVICE DRIVER and TDR Blue screen problem, or the ataidlxx.dll issue. Also tried DDUing and reinstalling the mixed driver over and over. Always using Claymore DM 9.8. Already increased the virtual memory to 16gb. Processor temp is always nice and cold. I am really running out of ideas here and I really need your help guys!
Tyler Durden (1 year ago)
I fuckin love you... thx a lot!
myantispambox (1 year ago)
Did this mod on a Sapphire RX 570 4GB Hynix and see no change in hash rate. None. I even tried Anorek's canned BIOSes and same thing. Best I can do with ETH is 24.1 MH/s with a high memory clock. This mod doing nothing seems to be a common problem. Someone outta do a video on this :)
Alain Mardirossian (1 year ago)
Same for me RX 570 4gb Hynix copied strap 1 and 2 (1500 to 1625,1750 and 2000h Got my hashrate from 23.5 to 24 :(
Jason (1 year ago)
Can you do one for sapphire nitro+ 570 8gb? I tired this and nothing happened 🙃🙃
NaworHD (1 year ago)
Worked fine on my "SAPPHIRE NITRO+ RX 570 Micron 8GB" Thank you =)
Borja Cano Barredo (1 year ago)
Could you please help how you did this? Im opening original rom on polaris editor but im unable to see mem straps 1: and 2: i can only see 0: group.
Jacob Ward (2 years ago)
Can someone please help me
Gökhan Turunç (2 years ago)
Hi everyone, I have a question about gpu bios modding. We're modding gpus but is it harmful? Does it effects card life? I do mining with lot of gpus and i want to use my gpus a long time. I'm afraid of card life with gpu modding? Can someone tell me that is it harmful or not?
Tuấn Hùng Bùi Lê (2 years ago)
Dear Sir! Thank you for the video. Can you send me the modded file of Sapphire RX 570 Pulse Micron? My email: [email protected] Thank you so much!
Master Oogway (2 years ago)
RX 570 Sapphire Nitro+ 8gb please? managed to get my hands on some for 200£ each
SOZ I KILL YOUZ (2 years ago)
My GPU clock on my 1050 Ti is 1750 and my memory clock is 3663 (around there on average) yet I only get 12MH/s :/
Muhmad (2 years ago)
Hi. there any way to undervolt vm in bios? thank you sir.
timmyla90 (2 years ago)
I flashed both graphics card but one is stuck at 24MH/s while the other is at 28MH/s... Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Both cards are RX 570s (exact same cards) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/adf32317aadd80175e18e02421789ac69a22a7d1eb48d9f40c6b85e4cec63279.jpg
Enrique Phan (2 years ago)
Help! It doesn't do anything; hashrate doesn't change... It is a SAPPHIRE NITRO+ RX 570 Micron 8GB idk what's wrong, please help!
Enrique Phan (1 year ago)
myantispambox if you are on windows use MSI Afterburner no matter what brand your gpu is; then mem clock 1855 and core clock 1100 plus power -45(the less the better). If you are on ethOS, mem and core clock the same and powertune 3. Let me know if this helped you! As for the bios mod, read my previous comment, it'll seem that nothing happened but when you OC, you will see the difference. Also you can try to push my values, but it wasn't stable for me.
myantispambox (1 year ago)
Same problem here.
Enrique Phan (2 years ago)
My 6xRX570 8GB Micron is doing 155.5MH/s and drawing 860W. Not the best rig but... not bad though; next one will be with 480 or 580 for sure.
Enrique Phan (2 years ago)
Hey, I spent a couple of days trying configs and this is what got me the best result: copy 2:1500 to 2:1675, 2:1750 and 2:2000 (570 8GB Micron). After that, OC with windows was unstable, but in ethOS is working great. I have Core clock: 1100, Memory clock: 1850, Powertune: 4 Getting very stable 26MHs, but yeah, you can OC a little more and get to 28MHs(or if you are lucky some get to 29) approx and decrease the voltage. Still, I didn't like the result given the stability and GPU crashes over time. I hope this helped!! And feel free to try every config and share!
Jan Istvan (2 years ago)
same problem :(
Japan Girls (JAV) (2 years ago)
Hello, I need mod for "Rx 570 Sapphire Nitro+ 8gb". It is similar ?
Borja Cano Barredo (1 year ago)
Mine is micron (but is Nitro+). Can i use same mod you used here?
AT Shooter (1 year ago)
Hynix, Elpida, Samsung or Micron.??? Send me your Original Bios i will MoD it for you :)
Japan Girls (JAV) (2 years ago)
thank you !!
Enrique Phan (2 years ago)
Same, can't find anything :(
Cristian 08 (2 years ago)
Hey mate, thanks for the tutorial. Do you know how to flash Sapphire rx480 Nitro (MICRON)?
olemann77 (2 years ago)
Dude.. plz do a review on the Sapphire rx 570 ITX 4gb. Im so in love with this tiny little card. 1 fan. 1x6 pin power. (so tiny and few cables makes rigs smaller) 2048 streams. Great vid btw.
NTikKho (2 years ago)
Hi I am new in mining I have Sapphire Pulse RX 580 8GB Hynix Does this BIOS apply to my card ? Will the flash extend the lifespan of my cards ? Do you advise me to change the BIOS or leave it intact ?
HunterPerno (2 years ago)
Hello, i just built a rig 4 rx 570 strix oc 4gb i'm using the latest driver (17.5.2) with calyomre 9.4 in windows 10 but it keeps shutting off the pc every hour or less, do you know what could be the problem? i tried to use 1 750 g3 gold psu but though it wasn't enough and that it might be undervolting so i'm using 2 of those now, still same issue.. thanks
Frank Mendoza (2 years ago)
Hi man , i need help, i buy 2 sappire rx 580 4 gb micron memory , i no modifiqued the bios , but when run claymore the gpus crashing. You can helpme ?
Dean Vinas (2 years ago)
im planning to get a 4gb pulse for this, how can I make it work? im kinda new in mining.
Noob Orgulhoso (2 years ago)
nice vídeos, thank you so much... men, i need a bios to pulse mini, u can do?
Matrix-ZA (2 years ago)
Hi Would these settings be the same for the 4G cards of the same type? Amazing video btw, tnx so much
Matrix-ZA (2 years ago)
Would there be any advantage to getting the 8g over the 4g?
Cryptomined (2 years ago)
I thnk you will need to copy the 1500 timing up.
Gtox Gaming (2 years ago)
do you have sapphire rx 570 pulse 4gb timings ?
Lorenzo Matteo (2 years ago)
Some discussion in here https://anorak.tech/t/sapphire-pulse-radeon-4gb-hynix/4092/11
Gtox Gaming (2 years ago)
Lorenzo Matteo no, although i have found a lead so i will report back.
Lorenzo Matteo (2 years ago)
also need them. Any luck? I'll post them if I find it. 1stminingrig website says they'll be doing it soon
Smelson (2 years ago)
You're getting 28 mhs+ with less than 100 watts? I just ordered 6 of these, you just have me a boner sir
Μήτσος (2 years ago)
Wan Daud (2 years ago)
4 gb or 8gb?
networkproblems (2 years ago)
Thanks! Works on XFX RX580. Summary of my settings below... Polaris copy 2:1750 value over 2:2000 and 2:2250 Edit: Scratch the previous Trixx settings. Using AMD Radeon Settings instead. Make all changes and apply before you start the mining software. Core: -20 on the slider Core voltage: auto Memory: 2100 Mem volts: auto Max temp 80, target 65 This produced the same results but isn't crashing every 4 hours Before: 22 MH/s After: 26.5 MH/s Watts: 105 to 115 Edit: HYNIX Memory This is the only affordable option left since demand is way up. I'm going to grab one of the XFX RX 570 4GB ($200) from BB this afternoon if still in stock to finish my rig (said they were in stock yesterday). If I can get one, I'll post my results. It is now Tuesday 5/30, and I should be getting the card tonight. Might just make a video on the XFX 570/580.
networkproblems (2 years ago)
(RX570) After modding the BIOS on the and flashing you should get over 25 Mh/s. Then go into the AMD Radeon Settings program, global settings, global wattman. Boost memory anywhere from 1950 to 2000 to see an increase in hashrate. Drag core frequency slider down to -20 (or more) to decrease wattage. Not sure if wattman settings only without flashing would give you an increase in hashrate.
Brad Dameron (2 years ago)
Can you post your Performance settings? I tried the above and didn't gain a thing.
networkproblems (2 years ago)
OK, I got it working... XFX RX 570 4GB from Best Buy (now sold out everywhere thanks to ethereum's rise) Memory: Elpida Use same Polaris from this vid's description Copy 1:1500 value over 1:1625, 1:1750, 1:2000 Before: 22.25 Mh/s After: 25.25 Mh/s Tuned (Economical): 27.5 Mh/s, 90W AMD Radeon Settings: -20 on Core Freq., 2000 on Mem Freq. Tuned (Performance): 28.75 Mh/s, 110W AMD Radeon Settings: Default on Core Freq., 2000 on Mem Freq.
networkproblems (2 years ago)
Driving 2 hours to pick up a single XFX 570. The shortage is real! Should be posting before and after tonight.
Joseph Sutton (2 years ago)
I'm interesting in your overclock findings on the xfx 570. I have 2 of them.
Ridwan Harahap (2 years ago)
Help me sir, I have powercolor rx570 4gb with hynix vram.. but i can only reach 21 mh/s with modded bios and overclocking, I use timming 2:1500 copy to upper then I use 2:1625 copy to upper, but no effect, It seems my vram type is hyinx and elpida (EDW4032BAB and H5GC4H24AJ).. Can you give me the solution please!
Snorky T (2 years ago)
great video!!! you are the best!!! Does it work with RX570 nitro+ 8gb as well? is it better RX570 nitro+ 4gb or 8gb (+20$) or RX580 (+additional 30$)? I'm building my first rig and I need you help to choose the card :) Thanks a lot for your help and the top videos!!!!
Cryptomined (2 years ago)
If its micron ram it should be the same, if its other vram than it should be similar but I don't know for sure, haven't tried with other cards yet (though I have one other 570 4g card to test in the near future)
Audi RS (2 years ago)
Hello. Do you have any tutorial with bios mod for Hynix memory, by any chance ? thanks.
Willy Bienabe (2 years ago)
Thanks, had the same problem with a non-jaschaknack polaris
Olekszandr Marjin (2 years ago)
is the mod works for asus rx 570/580?
İbrahim gülşen (2 years ago)
Can you find AMD Radeon Sapphire Pulse RX570 mode?
myantispambox (1 year ago)
Use a different Polaris editor.
Cryptomined (2 years ago)
which polaris bios editor are you using?
İbrahim gülşen (2 years ago)
timings broken poloris bios editör 3434839 is showing
Cryptomined (2 years ago)
for 4g card? I dont have any pulse 580 4g cards, sorry. probably 1500 strap up. not sure which set of timings as I havent seen that bios yet
İbrahim gülşen (2 years ago)
Sapphire PULSE RX 570 ITX MINI
Alejandro (2 years ago)
work in rx 570 shappire pulse 4gb memory elpida?
ari Veloutsos (2 years ago)
having a hard time to mine with claymores 9.3 and ethermine
Edmilson Santos (2 years ago)
May you send me a stock bios of rx570 8g, please! [email protected]
C P (2 years ago)
i got 6 580 8gb asus strixx OC edition cards, is it recommendable to flash them or do you think i will just brick them?
C P (2 years ago)
Im just a little hesitant cause i flashed a 480 OC edition before and it died, i flashed it back to its original bios and nothing :/ It would show 0 clock and 0 memory
Cryptomined (2 years ago)
I think you will be fine if you flash them. dont worry its only the few top memory straps, should not effect its ability to boot and work...
Rodolfo Letona (2 years ago)
Would this process work for a RX470 MICRON as well?
Rodolfo Letona (2 years ago)
i use trixx to oc, i got it to 1132, 2000, -150mv.
Attila Mucsi (2 years ago)
hi! i tried this method, copied the last rows, and now my card is doing 26MH/s tuned with afterburner, core:1100mhz, mem:1900mhz. tried this with 1200 core and 2100 mem, with 30%+ powerlimit, done 28+MH/s, but it crashed after a few minutes can you tell me your settings? maybe I can learn from them THX
Rodolfo Letona (2 years ago)
hello, i used the jashacknack and modified the timings just as the video showed, second to last copied to last and first to last, good luck.
Attila Mucsi (2 years ago)
hi! can you pls help me? I have the same asus rx470 strix micron 8g oc (22/24 MH/s) did you use the original polaris editor, or the one by jaschaknack ? did you copy the 2:1750 to 2:1875 and 2:2000 or did you do other changes? what tool did you use to OC? afterburner or wattool? THX
Cryptomined (2 years ago)
cool, thanks for sharing
PETER BARTIE (2 years ago)
Thanks for all your videos, makes life so much easier. Will this work with Sapphire Nitro+ RX570 8GB seeing that this is just a smaller version?
PETER BARTIE (2 years ago)
Thanks for the speedy response. My cards will be delivered in a day or 2, i'll let you know once i have them. 👍
Cryptomined (2 years ago)
it should work, but not sure about which set of straps to modify as not sure about memory manufacturer. what is the speed of the memory? 7Gbps?
Enrique Fernández (2 years ago)
will it work with the Asus Strix 570?
Kingsley Low (2 years ago)
just incase anyone using Asus Strix RX570 with Elpidia.. its working... need to mod the first set and second set of timing...
Cryptomined (2 years ago)
not sure what memory strix 570 has, and not sure of the memory capacity of the stric you mention, and not sure of the sets of timings in that particular bios.
Carlos Ramos (2 years ago)
any link to buy this card on amazon or newegg? i'm trying to find this exactly model but only found the Pulse 4gb version and the NITRO 8gb. help !
Samuel Rodrigues (2 years ago)
hey make a video on rx570 hynix bios mod.
Nebojsa Zrnic (2 years ago)
Can you please help me. I just got Sapphire Pulse RX 580 8GB (Hynux) , I cant find good mode, now I have only 22.6 mh/s :(
Damjan Cizelj (2 years ago)
Nebojsa Zrnic Hi One question. Im waiting for same card Sapphire Pulse RX580 8 GB. Did you modify bios from this guide for 570. If not could you plese give me some advice what timings to change. Thank you
Cryptomined (2 years ago)
probably not, probably be more like the 470 4G DIY mod, except that it should have 2 sets of timings like this video.
Nebojsa Zrnic (2 years ago)
Tnx, I moded the card, now I have about 28mhs. Now I want to buy rx 570 pulse 4 gb. What do you think, can I use same mod like on this video?
Cryptomined (2 years ago)
They are supposed to be very fast when modded. what timings did you try to copy? did you use the PBE i linked in the 570 and 580 mod videos? you should try that one.
Jan Kratka (2 years ago)
Hi I bought the RX570 NITRO + 8GB with Micron memory. But before the MOD bios I had about 24 HS on the ETH. After MOD bios, I have the same as though nothing has changed, but the values ​​are different. Why can it benefit me anyway? Thanks
Cryptomined (2 years ago)
maybe try resetting wattman
Jan Kratka (2 years ago)
i test GPU clock 1300/2100 And for example 1000/1700 and same hash
Jan Kratka (2 years ago)
I tried here 1: xxxx and 2: xxxx ..
Cryptomined (2 years ago)
then try the other set of straps
Erxhan Memeti (2 years ago)
Sapphire nitro+ rx480 4gb Memory ELPIDA do u have bios? 11260-02-20g
Cryptomined (2 years ago)
sorry, only 470 4g elpida
MrCairngorm (2 years ago)
What about RX 570 with Elpida memory, which set of straps should be changed for those cards? In my case its Asus Strix cards.
MrCairngorm (2 years ago)
Should be 1:1500 till 1:2000, and i the same for second set as well, and tried 2:1750 till 2:2000 as well.
Cryptomined (2 years ago)
what straps did you copy up?
Cryptomined (2 years ago)
im not sure for 570, but for my 470 elpidas I copied the 1500 strap up all the way to 2000
Danko Stojisavljevic (2 years ago)
Hi. Great videos. Can you please kindly show us video on hot to BIOS mod RX570 4GB Pulse with Elpida memory? Many thanks
Alain Mardirossian (1 year ago)
I have the same card (RX 570 pulse 4gb) but with Hynix chip I copied strap 1 and 2 1500 to 1625,1750,2000 and my hash rate increased only from 23.5 to 24mhs :( Any tips to boost more?!
First Name Last Name (2 years ago)
My card shows 101watt in afterburner. Core viltage -46
Dean Vinas (2 years ago)
Алексей Шамро how about the wattage? will it be the same as 100watts below?
First Name Last Name (2 years ago)
Hi miner comrad. (: I bought this card too, and i have already moded it. Do the same steps how talking in video but copy timing from 1:1500 to 1:1650 - 1:2000. After reboot patch your driver, and reboot again, and you will see a nice result. (: Original bios - 22.3Mhs, after - 25.4Mhs Sorry for my English
Jose Farias (2 years ago)
Can you please try Bios mod MSI 570 4GB?
Lucas Az (2 years ago)
sorry I'm a bit confused about the 570 versions from Sapphire.. which one is best? I can't find the 470 anymore so I was wondering if I should get the 570 Pulse for $299 (AUD) or a 580 Pulse for $339 (both 4gb) or the 580 Nitro for $369 4gb as well? what do you recommend? Thanks in advance. Great videos BTW.
Lucas Az (2 years ago)
the 580 then? that's $70 per card x 5 = $350 in total... worth it?
Cryptomined (2 years ago)
probably nitro then
Lucas Az (2 years ago)
mmm Australia has a limited supply in terms of brands... I can only choose: 4G RX 570 Asus ROG STRIX $309/Gigabyte GAMING $299/AORUS $309/Sapphire PULSE OC $299 =(
Cryptomined (2 years ago)
Id go XFX to be honest.
Lucas Az (2 years ago)
is the sapphire the best brand tho? Thanks for the answer
dbq (2 years ago)
How close does the bios moded rx 570 comes to rx 470 power wise
Cryptomined (2 years ago)
when undervolted and downclocked its about the same... but patching the drivers with modded bios sucks as it tends to revert back to unpatched and require repatching once in a while...
Bluxo Crypto (2 years ago)
Nice.. you are my Guru for mining right now....can advise me what is the hashrate for moded bios rx580 pulse 4gb...
Cryptomined (2 years ago)
I have not bought any 4G cards, but from watching a russian video I saw that it was the same as a 480 4G card. might depend on memory... 4G cards with samsung are generally faster out of the box... like I have one 470 4g with samsung and it does 24.5 on eth out of the box
Enghel Paez (2 years ago)
Where did you find pulse RX 570 8gb? I only find 4gb
Cryptomined (2 years ago)
my distributor.. actually he gave me the 8G by mistake... but since it was only 10-15$ more (about 12$ more I just took it as I figured its worth the extra 12$ for resale value)
odminus (2 years ago)
Xeridea (2 years ago)
Thx for correct polarisbioseditor. Tips, command line atiwinflash is alot more reliable, and can do more than 3 cards. Also, edit voltage in the Claymore batch file, it is a lot easier (if you have more than 1 card especially), and doesn't reset on crash.
pedro urpin (2 years ago)
this work in msi rx570 4 gb?
Cryptomined (2 years ago)
I dont know, i dont have that card
vacs (2 years ago)
hi, what do you think, would 8x rx570 work on asus h270 plus with 2x m2 to pci-e adapter?
Cryptomined (2 years ago)
cool thanks vacs, just making room to build an h270, guess i cant build it until tomorrow now..
vacs (2 years ago)
just to let you know, the m.2 pci-e adapters work with asus h270 and rx570, al modded gpu bios and on simpleminingOS as windows causes problems without a hdmi dummy
Cryptomined (2 years ago)
yes you can overclock or downclock in PBE so it sets it in bios... you just adjust the clock settings in the clock column.. but you need to adjust the lower clock values also (dont neeeed to, but you should).. so try to make a linear decrease after you set your max clock
vacs (2 years ago)
i'll try and report back..another question, can I overclock and undervolt the bios mod via polaris editor or is it just for the timing so I need to use trixx for the clocking park?? as my card has not yet arrived I am just curios
Cryptomined (2 years ago)
i have not had luck with the m.2 adapter.. i have seen others get it to work on their boards though, i do not know if it will work with that board though, you would have to try... it might.
skotias J (2 years ago)
tutorials work perfect every time  excellent !! are you temped to go x5 series now.. over the rx480 better voltage draw .. wait till you do the rx580 review
Maz Jack (2 years ago)
great brother... sory i've question, how abot elpida memory, I have purchased Sapphire RX 580 Pulse 4GB with Elpida Memory, I am looking for a tutorial, but did not found for this GPU series/elpida memory. (sory for bad english :D)
Maz Jack (2 years ago)
thanks very much brother, very appreciate~ btw, i mine for zcash now
Cryptomined (2 years ago)
I have 2 470 4g with elpida, but they are kind of new, from an RMA so i have not modified them yet... I have a long list of things to do over the next few days so I will try to do an actual how to video on elpida over the next week sometime
Vũ Quân Nguyễn (2 years ago)
How about RX 570 4GB
Private (2 years ago)
I just got MSI Armour RX 570 4gb.. getting 20mh/s :\
Paulo Henrique (2 years ago)
975MV for ram 1100MHZ for GPU
He Andrew (2 years ago)
kaese2002 (2 years ago)
Is that mod working with ZCash as well? Could you please run a test with Claymore 12.4 @1150Mhz @860mV/ 1900Mhz @860mV...What wattage is used with this config?...
Funeraria Pimentel (2 years ago)
hello can do a video of mod bios rx 480 msi pls
Hello, cryptomined. Do you think this bios mod can work on a Sapphire Radeon NITRO+ RX 570 4GB?
Cryptomined (2 years ago)
where do you see the z170A Gaming pro tested and working with 7 slots?
Which chipset would you recommend for mining. There is a Z170A Gaming Pro from MSI with 7 PCIe slots and that's one of the tested mobos mining ETH with full 7 GPU's
Cryptomined (2 years ago)
im not sure, i have not tried, you would have to try, no guarantee with any board gen though
Cryptomined (2 years ago)
this was a
Cryptomined (2 years ago)
LOL, well i dont like these cards, i dont like how i have to patch the drivers. ive been thinking of building a rig with more... but i keep thinking to just mix these in with 4 or 5 NVidia cards
Vu Ho Anh (2 years ago)
And try to build a 6-7 GPU rx 570 mining rig for Eth, plz :)
Vu Ho Anh (2 years ago)
I saw other video, they recommend we should decrease the powertune TDP about 85 with 480, Let u try and show the hash rate again.
rock80metal (2 years ago)
You would recommend buying one? RX580 & 570 8G

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