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How I Started Investing In Real Estate In My 20's

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Get my free training that shows you how to make your first $4000/month even if you're completely new: http://sebastiangomez.com/funnels Ever since I was small, I wanted to own my own real estate. I thought I was going to have my first apartment when I was 25, but I am now 21 and already own 3 apartments, which is something mind blowing for me. I am no real estate expert or whatsoever, but I believe I made some smart moves that allow me to be now the owner of some apartments and the future owner of more. I think you have to first focus on your business and in accumulating capital before you start investing in anything. Once you have enough money, you can start thinking about diversifying and creating passive income streams. However, don't invest everything you have. I would suggest personally that you have the money to buy the real estate of your choice (property, house, apartment, etc.) cash, even if you are getting a loan for it. This way, you can also assume the possible risk of delayed rent payments, apartments without any renters, without having to struggle and stress over it. It also helps you to stand on your feet financially and not having to start from scratch every time you invest. Hope you got some value in this, my real estate journey is just starting, but I really suggest you invest as well. It is a very stable and tangible passive income stream that will allow you to generate money on the long term. ►►► Follow Me On Instagram For Behind The Scenes Content! http://sebastiangomez.com/instagram Find Sebastian here: Instagram: http://sebastiangomez.com/instagram Facebook Group: http://sebastiangomez.com/tribe
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Text Comments (25)
Deandre Maclin (1 month ago)
Great video!
mokeefedaw (1 month ago)
To purchase the apartments did you have to get a loan or did you save enough beforehand to purchase them both? Very informative video too man cheers!
Bogdan Bujor (3 months ago)
And that folks is how the 2008 crisis started
Shelton Love Sr. (4 months ago)
I’m impressed. Great video. Great content. Much continued success.
César Torres (5 months ago)
It's better if you buy multifamily places bro
G&T HD (4 months ago)
César Torres how come
DIOR (6 months ago)
Big mistake that you do not leverage your money. Because you can buy more than two apartments and they will pay themselves.
Sebastian Gomez (6 months ago)
I bought the first 2 upfront so that the rent is all profit and so that I can use them as "backups" for the next ones that I will buy with credit. Now I'm using the bank's money to buy the 3rd and fourth
Jack Daniel (7 months ago)
wow sooooo underrated for the amount of VALUE that he gives! i feel like its because nothing about anything he is doing is "cool" "sexy" "appealing" for ANY demographic (audience) just straight knowledge im no expert but U MY FRIEND need to look at what other YouTubers are doing in there thumbnails and videos that are getting them those views and subs, ESPECIALLY some emotional connection! like showing a nice car or tooting ur own horn a bit better about u OWNING a fucking apartment, u know thats fucking badass and u are playing it as if its normal which makes people kinda look over it.
Marcus Hudson (9 months ago)
very wise. love that u value ur time and peace during that time rather than making a shit ton of money.. thats the real goal most peope misunderstand.. peace is what were all lookin for
Sebastian Beribe (9 months ago)
Great advice! Thanks for sharing!!
Muritala Jaafar (10 months ago)
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Alejandro CM (10 months ago)
Sebastian do you know why facebook doesnt let me make a 10 dollars daily budget ad set but forces me to spend 20 ?
Luís Novais (10 months ago)
Good Start! Hope Beggining soon too :)
Jhan Bern (10 months ago)
More real estate videos please
Carlos Perez (10 months ago)
cómo manejas en Costa Rica a tu cliente si no quiere pagar a tiempo?
Carlos Perez (10 months ago)
cómo manejas en Costa Rica a tu cliente si no quiere pagar a tiempo?
Jordan Welch (10 months ago)
More real estate videos bro! Thanks for this value. Finally starting to get some money saved up and trying to keep it away from those nice cars and unneeded things lol
Motorkout (6 months ago)
Hey Jordan happy to see you here
Jordan Welch (10 months ago)
Could you make a video about what you look for when considering a property
David Andre Manuel (10 months ago)
Nice said Sebastian
Gurvinder singh (10 months ago)
Sir,i did Facebook ads but sell is not going on well.now what to do.plz tell me.
Bluechecker (10 months ago)
Great content Sebatian! I just started following your channel a couple of days ago but it seems you are the real deal as you are practical and your content delivery is straight to the point. Well done for achieving financial freedom at such a young age.
Marcus Hudson (9 months ago)
God bless you Sebastian .... love from Egypt ... all the best for you

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