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How to Make a Green Smoothie — 5 Step Template (whole food vegan, oil-free)

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On this episode of Healthytarian Living (http://www.healthytarian.com), host Evita Ochel (http://www.evitaochel.com) shares the 5-step template for making optimally healthy and delicious green smoothies. For more info, see Evita's Essentials of Green Smoothies video course with bonus discount: https://www.udemy.com/green-smoothies/?couponCode=SiteSpecial20 Video Overview and Chapters: 1. Intro and video topics (0:08) 2. Part 1: Why Green Smoothies? (0:53) — Nutrition, health and practical benefits 3. Part 2: The 5-Step Green Smoothie Template (3:48) — What ingredients to use and why — Step 1(3:49) — Step 2 (6:24) — Step 3 (9:55) — Step 4 (11:45) — Step 5 (13:06) 4. Part 3: Green Smoothie Demo (14:55) — Concluding tips Helpful article: 7 things that can make a smoothie unhealthy (http://www.evolvingwellness.com/post/things-that-can-make-green-smoothies-unhealthy) Links to Blenders mentioned in video, on Amazon.com: 1. Vitamix blenders (https://amzn.to/2JewHs6) 2. Nutri Bullet Pro (https://amzn.to/2IS7TTy) 3. Nutri Ninja Pro (https://amzn.to/2xluBlF)
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Marcia Wellington (6 months ago)
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. This is an excellent video. Extremely helpful and informative as it answered so many questions at once. You have a new subscriber 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Kim Pham (6 days ago)
M Beacon white (1 month ago)
Marcia Wellington how to freeze kale
Healthytarian (2 months ago)
+Vicky Esperanza Oats should be cooked for optimal digestion, and not used in their raw form. If you'd like to add some cooked oats to bulk up your smoothie, sure you can try that.
Vicky Esperanza (4 months ago)
Healthytarian how about adding oats?
Healthytarian (5 months ago)
How wonderful to hear Marcia! Thank you so much for sharing your feedback with me :)
Wayne Midro (7 hours ago)
Beautiful explanation of essentials
Barbara Lyman (15 hours ago)
This is a great video. The instructions are clear and concise. Thanks!
Sri vvp (1 day ago)
Superb video giving detailed explanation about making green smoothies. Really very very helpful .l love your work.👍👍👍can you please let me know if we can use moringa leaves in smoothies.Thanks Keep up the good work.👌👌
Chalika Oliver (1 day ago)
Very specific breakdown of what to do. Thanks. Learning a lot by watching this
James Cockey (1 day ago)
Thank you, excellent video.
John Adams (2 days ago)
The best informative video I have seen on smoothies, that answers a lot of questions I have been seeking. Thank you.
Lisa Morris Morris (2 days ago)
Thanks for this video gave me some great tips
Sherreigne 1 (2 days ago)
Thank you so much. I tell my friends and family all the time that all I use is water (not almond milk) and they look at me like I’m crazy. My smoothies are always delicious. 😋
SHARON EMPSON (2 days ago)
Evita, on your boosts can you refer me to clean sources for super greens that you mentioned. Here in california we have prop 65 warning on many products containing organic greens and plant based proteins. I realize you do not recommend powdered proteins but what boost super greens do you recommend that are clean. Spiraluna, etc. Thank you, sharon California Love your videos, recipes and teaching!
notatroll18 (3 days ago)
Thank you, well explained.
Christina Augustine (3 days ago)
Wonderful information and I made these green smoothie everyday but lately I learnt about blanching the spinach before blending them into smoothie as they can cause “stones” in the gall and kidneys. Is this true ? Thanks in advance ;-)
Ggg (5 days ago)
Thank you so much for this video ! I always wondered how to do this :)
Healthytarian (5 days ago)
My pleasure! Thank you for your nice comment.
Dennis Gaffney (6 days ago)
Please write a book ? You have so much information it is overwhelming.
Healthytarian (5 days ago)
Hi Dennis, thank you so much. I have actually written a book all about the foundation of healthy eating and living. You can find info about it here and it is available worldwide: http://www.evitaochel.com/post/healing-prevention-through-nutrition
MegaBuster27 (7 days ago)
At last, a video that just explains why and what to add, or not too add. It just took me a while to find it. Thank you.
Healthytarian (5 days ago)
You are most welcome, and thank you for your great feedback.
Fletcher Brown (7 days ago)
The Gold Standard for Green Smoothie / Nutrition information. Wow! I am new to learning about nutrition/healthy eating and I have spent too many hours on YouTube looking at folks make green smoothies. Look no further. This is the top YouTube video you will find discussing healthy advantages of green smoothies and one of the top videos I have seen on YouTube, ever, on any topic. The presentation is perfect. Detailed information on both “how”, and more importantly, “why” of green smoothies and all the nutritional backup. Split screen with video and audio of the presenter on right half and clear, legible, text on the other half. I think this person knows a thing or two about teaching. Added bonus: Clear audio, perfect diction of presenter (you won’t miss a single word); doesn’t have distracting, loud music playing in the background competing for your attention. My new vita-mix arrived yesterday and now I have my go-to resource for all my nutrition needs. I am now a new subscriber and look forward to seeing all of your other training videos. Well done - and Thanks so much for all the hard work you must have put into this.
Healthytarian (5 days ago)
I am so greatly moved by your thorough and amazing feedback Fletcher. Thank you SO much for taking the time to write this comment and share it with me. It means a lot, as such keen observation, thoughtfulness, and kindness can be a rare thing today here on YouTube. Best wishes to you, and have fun with the new Vitamix :)
kristi shore (10 days ago)
Great video! I'd like to add a tip. When using a Nutribullet type blender and FROZEN fruit your smoothie will blend quicker and more easily if you put the fruit in first and your greens last. That way when you flip it you blend your greens and liquid first helping the blender blend the frozen. If the fruit goes in last once you flip the liquid and frozen fruit can become a stubborn mound that just sits and whirls. At least in my experience. Happy smoothing!
Healthytarian (5 days ago)
Great tip! Thanks so much for sharing that here Kristi, and for your nice feedback.
Joanne roundhill (12 days ago)
Which make and model is you blender please
Joanne roundhill (5 days ago)
Healthytarian (5 days ago)
Hi Joanne, I have an older model of a Vitamix blender that is over 10 years old now, but still available. It is the 5200. There are many other models of Vitamix now to choose from, but this one is one of their originals and really good.
Martha De Diego (13 days ago)
Por favor podrían dar la versión traducida al español?
Healthytarian (12 days ago)
Lo siento, pero no puedo Martha. Yo hablo Espanol muy poco. Quizás el traductor de Google pueda ayudar de alguna manera o YouTube ofrece una traducción en un futuro próximo.
François Lavallée (15 days ago)
Excellent video! You're the best!
Healthytarian (12 days ago)
You are so kind, thank you!
Phyllis Leshoure (16 days ago)
Thank you for this video. I have a question. If I desire to do say a 40 to 60 day green smoothie cleanse, does it matter if I do primarily bananas, mango, spinach, and flax seeds on most days. OR would it be best to add in different fruits. and vegetables?
Healthytarian (12 days ago)
Hi Phylis, it would be best to diversify your smoothie ingredients. For example, if you have 3 green smoothies a day, make each one a difference combo of greens and fruits and seeds. OR drink one combo one day all day, and then switch up to a completely different combo the next day. If you have about 4 different combos, and rotate through them every 4 days, that should be fine too. This way you are getting the most variety of different nutrients and minimizing the risk of any food allergies, etc.
Kevin Patrick Mason (16 days ago)
You,re channel is the best ,just found you ,great video,thanks, ps keep them coming
Healthytarian (5 days ago)
Thank you for your nice comment :)
Mrs. CeCe (18 days ago)
Thanks for sharing this very helpful information.
Healthytarian (17 days ago)
You are most welcome. Thank you for your kind comment.
Maria Sch (20 days ago)
I have been looking for a video like this for quite some time. They are so many videos out there but this one is very clear, no nonsense and very informative. Thank you for taking the time to make sure a video 🙏🏽
Healthytarian (19 days ago)
Glad to hear you enjoyed it so much! Thank you for your nice feedback.
al hardee (20 days ago)
Great video. Thanks.
Healthytarian (20 days ago)
My pleasure. Thank you for your feedback.
b millan (20 days ago)
Nice vid - i had an Aunt that was into all these health smoothies and working out she was a monster..unfortunately, she was on her way to the supermarket and bank and she got run over by a bus. Well, at least she died healthily!
b millan (20 days ago)
+Healthytarian ahh thanks btw i got all the ingredients yesterday going to make my first green smoothy in a few hours round 10 :)
Healthytarian (20 days ago)
Thank you. I am sorry to hear about your Aunt's accident, but at least she created a high quality of life for herself, and in the end that is what this is all about — quality over quantity.
Dianne Brown (22 days ago)
Thank you for lessons on smoothies.
Healthytarian (22 days ago)
My pleasure Dianne :)
Aparna Chegu (23 days ago)
should we remove pulp or not while preparing green smoothie ?
Healthytarian (22 days ago)
Not at all Aparna. The whole point of a smoothie is to eat the "whole" food and gain all of its nutrition and health benefits. A smoothie is not a juice, which is an extract without pulp.
Mark Haggerty (24 days ago)
Just made a smoothie following your tips - best one I have ever made! Thanks so much!!
Healthytarian (22 days ago)
Mark, that is so wonderful to hear! Thanks so much for taking the time to share this feedback with me.
mithil bhuva (25 days ago)
Thank u so much😀🤗....If you can pls elaborate on cold pressed or centrifugal juicers...Thank u:)
mithil bhuva (22 days ago)
+Healthytarian Yes Ma'am I read about it..I concluded tat to ensure the intake of greens, Smoothies s a better option as it's tasty and also fibre is very imp...I jus luv your voice...Keep making beautiful lifestyle videos😊😘
Healthytarian (22 days ago)
There are a few major differences, the biggest is that smoothies provide a whole-food meal and include all parts of the plant foods, whereas juices are only an extract without fiber and used mostly for healing, snacks, or detox. Please read the following article for a further overview: https://www.foodmatters.com/article/juicing-vs-blending-which-one-is-better
mithil bhuva (24 days ago)
+Healthytarian Thank you Ma'am for clarifying...What is the key difference between smoothie and juices, as for me all is a form of intake of greens. When I can make a smoothie at home easily then why would anyone spend so much on those cold pressed juices as the smoothie includes both greens and fruits.
Healthytarian (25 days ago)
Mithil, the smoothies I am making in this video are not juices. There is a big difference between making smoothies with a blender and a juice with a juicer. So yes, if you are making juices then a cold-pressed juicer is better for nutrition benefits. However, many people get centrifugal juicers because they are easier to work with and clean, and if you get a very good one then they can provide a good amount of juice and not lose too much nutrition. But again, juicers are not for smoothies, which is what I am making in this video.
Neesie Davis (1 month ago)
14:53 Template...LIST OF STEPS
Cathryne Anzaya (1 month ago)
Wou nature for life I do like it.
Healthytarian (1 month ago)
Great to hear!
Queen Amina (1 month ago)
Hi great video. Do you have recipes???
Healthytarian (1 month ago)
Thank you for the nice feedback. With regards to recipes, yes, there are a few that you will find on my site www.evolvingwellness.com but in general I teach people through meal templates, rather than recipes because recipes are limited to SPECIFIC ingredients and often not practical for everyday use. The best way to work with food for quick and easy healthy eating is to have the right GENERAL ingredients at home and then know how to put them together based on a pattern or formula, like a template. You just need to follow the steps I shared in this video and you create your own recipe combinations. This way you are empowered and liberated, rather than locked into limited recipes. Cheers!
Just Nadou (1 month ago)
This is so helpful thanks for sharing 😊
Healthytarian (1 month ago)
My pleasure, and thank you for your nice comment :)
Marcia Hudson (1 month ago)
Watching again to make this smoothie.. Is there a possibility you can help with the thyroid balance some way or even with some smoothies.. Thank you
Healthytarian (1 month ago)
Hi Marcia, smoothies alone will not heal your thyroid. As I shared in my previous comment to you, to tackle thyroid health most effectively a holistic approach with several lifestyle changes is required. It is not just about drinking green smoothies or eating a clean and healthy diet based on whole plant foods, but about removing and avoiding so many chemicals in everyday products that interfere with proper thyroid function, and adding in proper sleep, movement and most importantly dealing with the stress in your life and mental-emotional health revolving around personal expression. I do nutritional consulting but am currently not taking on any new clients for the foreseeable time. For proper support you would be best off working with a qualified plant-based doctor. You can find such help and support here: https://www.plantbaseddoctors.org/
Sanjiro Sanjiro (1 month ago)
Great video, for anyone looking for a cheaper blender equivalent to a Vitamix, try the Enpee blender it's superb and I've had mine for years and the motor in my opinion is on par with the Vitamix but at a fraction of the cost.
Sanjiro Sanjiro (1 month ago)
+Marcia Hudson Guidance and assistance in what context? Please elaborate, thnx
Marcia Hudson (1 month ago)
Hi so is there anyways or guidance you can assist with?
Healthytarian (1 month ago)
Thank you so much for your nice feedback and helpful suggestion about blenders.
iamrupal (1 month ago)
This is the best information on smoothies. Though I would need to reduce fruit quantities to half as this would make too much for me in the morning, at least.
Healthytarian (1 month ago)
Thank you for the nice feedback!
Officer T (1 month ago)
The absolute best video !
Healthytarian (1 month ago)
Thank you so much for that great feedback!
Sue Prince (1 month ago)
Wow you are really explaining everything. I have been eaten green and drinking green drinks for a year now and I feel real Active.
Healthytarian (1 month ago)
Thank you kindly for your nice feedback Sue. To your best health!
RL Roblox (1 month ago)
Best video ever, you got yourself a new subscriber..
Healthytarian (1 month ago)
Thank you for the great feedback RL!
Chinemerem Ndukwu (1 month ago)
I do use avocado ,orange , spant and banana, after drinking this, I feel so good
Komal Marvaniya (1 month ago)
Wow, simply awesome. Im now PhD in green smoothly. Lol
Healthytarian (1 month ago)
Awesome to hear Komal :) Thanks!
Dan Ciura (1 month ago)
Excellent video, thank you for sharing your tips. A couple of things I'd like to add from my research & experience: 1) greens will oxidate when blending, and you will lose most of the minerals and vitamins this way; you can get a vacuum blender to prevent that. 2) you are absolutely right about water being the best liquid ingredient, but I don't necessarily think that smoothies with lots of solid ingredients taste worse. And for me, they actually simplify things: I put in most of the nutrients I need, make a huge smoothie, and drink it throughout the day. That and one solid meal is all I need during the day. Here again, having a vacuum blender helps to keep them fresh and prevent separation. 3) smoothies are great to ease your way into intermittent fasting, which is one of the best things you can do for your health.
Healthytarian (1 month ago)
For sure, great additions Dan. Thanks!
Hakeem Shabazz (1 month ago)
Amazing video! Packed with information and nutrients! I wish you uploaded more often!😔 Liked and subbed.😄
Healthytarian (1 month ago)
Hi Hakeem and thank you so much for your great feedback. Yes, I wish I had the time and ability to make more videos here too, but as it goes my work spans many areas, and I cannot usually dedicate much time to youtube. So a new video will come out every so often. Cheers :)
Lenore Howe (1 month ago)
Healthytarian (1 month ago)
Thank you!
Marcia Hudson (1 month ago)
Love your video which ia very interesting.. But do you have anything like that to help with thyroid? Thanks
Healthytarian (1 month ago)
Thanks for the feedback Marcia. The key to thyroid health is: a whole-food, plant-based diet, proper sleep to rebalance all hormones, detoxing the body and reducing toxin exposure, as many toxins in everyday products disrupt thyroid function, iodine supplementation in most cases, and most importantly healing emotional stress and trauma revolving around the ability to express oneself to speak and live your truth, rather than living your life for or in fear of others.
Jennifer Lowe (1 month ago)
Hi! I have a question?? Since this smoothie contains all the proper nutrients that you need daily is it possible to just do these green smoothies for like a 30 day fast and nothing else?
Healthytarian (1 month ago)
Generally yes, just again choose a different one for each meal smoothie. But it will be of most value to research the boosts that would be of most value and benefit for your health needs.
Jennifer Lowe (1 month ago)
+Healthytarian I will be trying the boost. Is this okay to put in my breakfast lunch and dinner smoothie
Jennifer Lowe (1 month ago)
+Healthytarian thank you!
Healthytarian (1 month ago)
It is as simple as steaming a vegetable of your choice, like broccoli or tomatoes or squash, and blending it with enough water to meet your consistency preferences, along with some herbs and spices. Here are a few creamy soups that include more ingredients, but you can easily make them simpler by not adding the cashews/coconut for creaminess, for a low-fat option: 1. Butternut squash soup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vt4pHd4bYsM 2. Butternut-Tomato soup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SetFTlovCbw 3. Creamy broccoli soup: http://www.evolvingwellness.com/post/creamy-vegan-broccoli-soup
Jennifer Lowe (1 month ago)
+Healthytarian sounds great. Do you have any good examples of some good veggie puree soups?
anand jp (1 month ago)
Perfect smoothie expert. Thank you
Healthytarian (1 month ago)
My pleasure! Thanks for the nice comment.
At 4:45 you mentioned plantain, which looks like a big banana and it is eaten cooked and definitely cannot be used in smoothies.
Healthytarian (1 month ago)
Easy with the judgment and hostile attitude please. For your info, I live in Costa Rica for parts of some years, and regularly eat raw plantains there. It is completely possible and delicious, as I shared. They are soft and sweet, very similar to bananas. Anything I teach is from both personal experience and years of research.
Hello, so far I know of two kinds of plantains, here in the US I have seen only one kind in the grocery store, the fat or plump kind, I have not seen the lean or skinny one which is common in Africa and South America. I don't know anybody who eats raw, uncooked, ripe plantain like you said. By the way, have you personally eaten raw plantain? If you cannot use potatoes in your smoothie, then you cannot use plantain in your smoothie either. Try it and speak from your personal experience. Plus, of all the smoothie recipes that I have come across on YouTube and elsewhere, you are the only one who mentions plantain as a smoothie ingredient. Please do check your facts.
Healthytarian (1 month ago)
Hi BeeBee, there are many kinds of plantains, and fully ripe ones can most definitely be eaten raw. They are just as pleasant as bananas, whether on their own or in smoothies.
Yenyen Piquero (1 month ago)
Have you tried fresh moringa smoothie? Moringa has a very strong taste. I can’t perfect my green smoothie using fresh moringa as my green leafy. Just one twig of moringa is too strong.
Yenyen Piquero (1 month ago)
Healthytarian 😱 I see, now I understand. Thank you 😊
Healthytarian (1 month ago)
Ah that makes sense. You are aiming to use moringa like a leafy green, but it is more of a medicine than a food, which means it should be used in smaller amounts. Compare moringa to how someone would use fresh ginger in their smoothie. It wouldn't be in place of a fruit, but as a side addition in small amounts, like a medicine. If spinach is not available, explore other options like kale, cabbage leaves, bok choy, etc.
Yenyen Piquero (1 month ago)
I live in the Philippines and moringa is abundant here. Spinach is also available but not as abundant as moringa. That’s why I am using it and until now I can’t perfect my green smoothie.
Healthytarian (1 month ago)
No, I have not chosen to use moringa, but yes many such medicinal foods have strong flavors and will greatly alter the flavor of the smoothie.
The Kist Vegan 92 (1 month ago)
WOW! I absolutely loved this vid..so mch important information on flavors, food combining, omega 3 vs 6 fat content.. and the list goes on! This was full of sensable advice.. thank you!
Healthytarian (1 month ago)
Thanks so much for your positive and enthusiastic feedback :)
RandyMTB (1 month ago)
Love this video! You have made it very clear on how to make a basic and simple green smoothie that will be easier for one to stick to over the long run. I have been making a green smoothie now every morning for the past month which is the longest I have ever been able to stick to a smoothie plan, so thank you! I have a question: some say that because raw greens like spinach and kale are high in oxalates, they should be cooked before using them in a smoothie. I have not been cooking the greens before using them in my smoothies, but I do add lemon juice to every smoothie I make. What are your thoughts on this?
RandyMTB (1 month ago)
Thank you so much for your reply Evita! The information you provided is very helpful. It looks like I won’t worry so much about oxalates as long as I’m eating healthy and staying hydrated. Thanks again for your reply, you are such an extremely knowledgeable person when it comes to health & nutrition. Oh, and I might add, cute too! 😀
Healthytarian (1 month ago)
Thanks so much for the great feedback Randy! As for cooking those leafy greens before using them or any fears about oxalates, absolutely not. Unfortunately, too many people in our society are conditioned by a reductionist view of life and nutrition, which means they fixate on details and miss the big picture, and do not understand the synchronistic way in which different parts function together for the best outcomes. Hence, why so much misinformation and fear is spread online. However, nature did not make a mistake and not only are oxalates not a problem for most people, but we do more damage and lose more nutrients by cooking such sensitive and nutritionally valuable vegetables. Here is a sensible article and good summary for you to gain a more holistic view of this subject: http://www.jrorganicsfarm.com/blog/news/oxalic-acid/
Samantha Ombwegeh (1 month ago)
13:05 I saw people using green tea liquid and what about spices eg ginger turmeric
Healthytarian (1 month ago)
Hi Samantha, sure, if someone wants a green tea or herbal tea base, that can be okay, as long as the flavor works for them. And sure, you can most definitely include some spices like ginger or cinnamon, but a lot of them will start to change the flavor of the smoothies drastically, like turmeric, and especially if used in large amounts, and will not make for a delicious or pleasant smoothie experience. So I do not include them as part of the foundational smoothie template because it is not what will be most practical, enjoyable, or desirable for most people's smoothie needs. We can easily eat those foods in our other meals throughout the day with vegetables, grains, and legumes, and there is no need to overdo a good thing and stick them into everything. So it absolutely possible, but will be a matter of personal preference once someone becomes advanced enough to know what green smoothie combos work best for them.
Gerald Frank (1 month ago)
Best health video ever, covers every base! 👌👏🙏
Healthytarian (1 month ago)
Super awesome to hear Gerald. Thank you so much!!!!
Dawn Marie Roper (1 month ago)
Perfect! Thank you.
Healthytarian (1 month ago)
My pleasure Dawn, and thank you.
Chris And Jury (1 month ago)
My attention span sucks
Healthytarian (1 month ago)
Unfortunately, this is a serious concern for many people today and very prominent here on YouTube. If you want to improve it, spending at least a little time in silence each day, in nature, and in meditation, away from noise, media, smartphones, technology, and distractions are essential for our mental, creative, and cognitive health.
Chantal Gardner (1 month ago)
I love my green smoothies, thank you for the education and awareness of the benefits. You Rock!
Healthytarian (1 month ago)
Awesome to hear Chantal! Thanks so much for your positive comment :)
Kristian čačić (1 month ago)
Can you please help me i am between vitamix ascent 2500 and 3500?? Which is more durable and better ?
Healthytarian (1 month ago)
I am not sure Kristian, and unfortunately cannot help with this question. I have the old 5200 and love it, but now there are so many kinds out there, which makes it harder to decide for sure. Either way, you cannot go wrong with a Vitamix. The best advice I can give you is to read reviews on Amazon, etc. Best wishes.
Rita Francis (2 months ago)
Thank you so much, lots of important information.. Just 1 question, what do you recommend someone with diabetes? Same kind of smoothies or should cut back on the fruits.
Healthytarian (1 month ago)
You are most welcome Rita. In general, it all depends on how advanced the diabetes is, but fruits have been now proven to be part of healing diabetes and should not be feared. Please explore the following resources about reversing diabetes with diet. Diabetes type 2 can be reversed in many cases completely with the right dietary approach, this being whole-food, plant-based, and there are lots of resources with backing science out there to help you do that. Some of the best are as follows below: 1. Dr. Fuhrman's diabetes healing program: https://www.drfuhrman.com/library/eat-to-live-blog/109/reversing-type-2-diabetes 2. Forks Over Knives: https://www.forksoverknives.com/ (If you have Netflix, start by watching the film "Forks Over Knives", and "What the Health" 3. Nutrition Studies: https://nutritionstudies.org/how-i-lost-weight-and-reversed-diabetes-with-diet/
Tatyana Smile (2 months ago)
Thank you very much for your video and the detailed explanation. I am a beginner and so far I found your video is the best. Can I ad a broccoli? is it considered the green choice? What about cauliflower, carrot, beets? Thank you for your time.
Healthytarian (1 month ago)
You are most welcome Tatyana, thank you for your nice feedback. With regards to broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and beets, you can use their LEAVES as the "green" choice, but the actual vegetables have different properties and are not exchangeable in that regard. Yes, you can add the actual vegetables if you like, but they are not a replacement for leafy greens, and the reason I do not include them as part of this video template is because they will not make the "best" smoothies. It is much harder to make "delicious" smoothies that everyone can enjoy when adding vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower. All of those vegetables are best left for other meals and consumed whole, not blended.
Chennisia (2 months ago)
very helpfully ❤️❤️ i love it.. Thank you so much for making this video ❣️
Healthytarian (1 month ago)
You are so very welcome! Thanks for your lovely comment :)
大和三輪 (2 months ago)
tremendous wonderfl idea i made this recipe. its very delicious . my husband dis like somoothy. but this recipe he enjoy .
Healthytarian (1 month ago)
Excellent to hear :) Thank you for sharing your comment.
Sahel Naimy (2 months ago)
Great video. Thank you.
Healthytarian (1 month ago)
My sincere pleasure and thank you for your nice feedback.
Rehan Kids Show (2 months ago)
Thank you for all the tips. U r great
Healthytarian (1 month ago)
You are welcome and thank you for the nice comment.
Gina Yang (2 months ago)
Your choice of fruits contain too much sugar
Healthytarian (1 month ago)
Gina, looking at fruits as having "too much sugar" is a reductionist, not holistic, way of looking at nutrition, which is not what creates optimal health and weight. People have lots of things to fear in our world today, but eating fruits, regardless of what kind or amount, is not one of them.
Marilyn Mainwaring (2 months ago)
Thank you. Great video and you are a wonderful teacher 🙂
Healthytarian (2 months ago)
Thank you Marilyn for your nice comment and meaningful feedback :)
Giovanna Pipia (2 months ago)
Thank you so much. I usually what videos but never add a comment but your explanation very very clear and precise. I learned a lot. I have Candida in my intestines and also gluten and dairy. I always have problem with my digestion. Do you have some advice for me. I would really appreciate it. Thank r again.
Healthytarian (2 months ago)
Hi Giovana, thank you for your nice feedback, it is much appreciated. With regards to your health, here is some quick advice: 1. Don't fear fruits; a lot of internet info tells people with Candida to stay away from fruits incorrectly 2. Heal your intestines with clean eating; this means whole-food, plant-based. I offer a free food guide here (http://www.evitaochel.com/post/optimal-health-food-guide). 3.Remove things that cause intestinal imbalance and poor health, like junk food, fried food, processed food, animal food, alcohol and drugs, both pharmaceutical and recreational. 4. Dairy should not be in anyones diet who is interested in best health, so that is really good that you are doing that. 5. Make sure that by going gluten-free you are not relying on gluten-free processed foods. That is not a healthy way to be gluten-free. 5. Finally, assess your life and state of mental and emotional health and how you are dealing with your stress; most people do not realize that MOST of their intestinal and health problems are mostly due to how they are handling (or not handling) stress properly. So that is some quick, general info. For specific assessment of root causes and healing solutions, normally a proper health, diet, and lifestyle assessment is required in such cases, however I am not taking on any new clients for consultations at this time, so cannot offer that as an option to you. However. I do provide all kinds of support for people to learn how to create a healthy lifestyle and heal themselves through the educational resources I provide as part of my work that you can find here: http://www.evitaochel.com/post/nourish-your-body Best wishes with your health!
Geovanni Garreck (2 months ago)
Indeed!.. yes.. I like you..subscribed real quick🤗
Healthytarian (2 months ago)
That is very kind of you, thank you!
Peace Justice (2 months ago)
Thanks a lot. Really liked the valuable ideas and the way they were presented.
Healthytarian (2 months ago)
Really great to hear Tes, thank you!
Jannel Christian (2 months ago)
Thank you for this teaching. This confirms what the Bible says in Genesis 1 verse 29 and all through where our food comes from. May God bless you with His Salvation.
Healthytarian (2 months ago)
Thank you for your kindness Jannel.
Linda Snelson (2 months ago)
Love how simple. I'll give them a try...😊
Healthytarian (2 months ago)
Great to hear Linda. Thank you for your comment.
Diana Boughner (2 months ago)
❤Thank you. Clear, concise, Well explained. Now I understand why and what to use in a green smoothie. Also, I just love the health benefits of beets. Will you do a video on how to make a red smoothie using beets and ? 😊
Diana Boughner (2 months ago)
+Healthytarian Thank you so much 💕
Healthytarian (2 months ago)
It is great to hear your feedback Diana, thank you very much for sharing it with me. With regards to beets, you are welcome to use them in your smoothies in either raw or cooked form, in smaller amounts. I, however, generally do not recommend mixing more complex vegetables with sweet fruits. See here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kugr_7xwKLE). So I recommend keeping beets for meals with other vegetables, or beans, or grains. They make great soups in cooked form and great salads in raw form. Beets can also be juiced with some other vegetables and lemons, which bring out their best. If you'd like a beet smoothie video, I recommend this one from Plant Based News: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PgQikijB1ac Best wishes :)
Afrika Bruintjies (2 months ago)
Thank you this was really informative as i do have lots of fitness clients asking me about smoothies for weightloss or as a meal replacement.I really understand the concept of it all now...please if possible can you give me advice on bellyfat smoothie ideas ?
Afrika Bruintjies (2 months ago)
+Healthytarian hi this is so true. That is why people struggle with weightloss..cause they think that they can just eat as they are use to..im struggling to convince clients to eat correct which is part of a life changing eating habit way.so yes if possible can you give more on foods that is good to eat for a healthy life in pdf form ..i am new to this fitness world im not certified yet but would really love more advice on foods.i also have a Facebook page called A,B,C FITNESS AND NUTRITION CHALLENGE where i post about fitness and nutrition. .please like my page and comment on my topics..thank you for your advice and insight .
Healthytarian (2 months ago)
That is great to hear Afrika, I appreciate your feedback. With regards to weight in the core area, unfortunately a lot of people think that they can just lose that with smoothies alone, but it is not that simple. There is no smoothie in the world that is going to remove that. To lose weight, especially from that region requires a thorough lifestyle change that includes a better overall diet, and one based on whole plant foods, effective physical exercise that includes muscle building, and good quality sleep, which has a big influence on the hormones that regulate weight gain and loss. A lot of people in our society fixate and look for a quick fix, but that is just not how health is created or how our bodies function.
Jennifer Ramirez (2 months ago)
This lady is great. Thank you for the information you share . Thank you again. God bless
Healthytarian (2 months ago)
So kind of you Jennifer! Thank you so much :)
Jamie Rivet (2 months ago)
Great vid. I also throw in a chunk of fresh turmeric root and often a scoop of my own superfood powder (maca, spirulina, mushroom etc) that I mix up myself, and sometimes some cold cooked beans from the fridge like chickpeas etc. One can hit most of Dr Furhman's GBOMBS (greens beans onions mushrooms berries seeds/nuts) save for the onion all in one awesome blended drink this way.
Healthytarian (2 months ago)
Great to hear Jamie! Thank you for sharing your green smoothie experience.
Tony Doyle (2 months ago)
Wonderful video with great detail I'm loving my greens now tx. Tony in Ireland
Healthytarian (2 months ago)
That is really great to hear Tony, thank you!
Imelda Morales (2 months ago)
Awesome video! The Most helpful! Very clear and simple! Thank you! Now will try eating/drinking Green! 😍😘
Healthytarian (2 months ago)
Thank you so much for sharing your positive enthusiasm and feedback Imelda :)
Rick Manyo (2 months ago)
What everybody else said, or... just the info I was looking for. Subscribed for sure.
Healthytarian (2 months ago)
That is very kind of you Rick, thanks!
Coreen Stephens (2 months ago)
Very detailed. Thanks
Healthytarian (2 months ago)
My pleasure Coreeen! Thank you for your feedback.
shery A (2 months ago)
Thanks for your useful information:)
Healthytarian (2 months ago)
My pleasure, and thank you for your nice feedback :)
Anthonett Fillies (2 months ago)
Thanks thanks ,,,best explanation ever,,,
Healthytarian (2 months ago)
Appreciate your feedback, thank you!
Doonwati Singh (2 months ago)
WOW!!!! This video was very informative and well explained. Thank you so much my dear, this is very helpful for everyone. Thank you and God bless.
Healthytarian (2 months ago)
Wonderful to hear you enjoyed it Doonwati! Thank you for your kind feedback and blessing.
Pratima Banerjee (2 months ago)
Omggg..u r the best ...uhhu.. finally found the best video.. of smoothies..thank u so much..
Healthytarian (2 months ago)
My sincere pleasure Pratima! Your lovely comment put a big smile on my face, thank you for that :)
Lilit Manukyan (2 months ago)
Amazing video thank you
Healthytarian (2 months ago)
Appreciate your feedback! Thank you so much.
Mya Rose (2 months ago)
Healthytarian (2 months ago)
Thanks Mya!
Glorious Time (2 months ago)
Great video - I make green smoothies almost on a daily basis and learned alot from you. I always included protein powder (expensive!) and now I'm considering omitting that ingredient.
Healthytarian (2 months ago)
Thank you so much for your feedback! As for the protein powder, indeed, there is no shortage of protein if we just eat enough food for our needs from a basic variety, and processed, isolated nutrients are never ideal for the body, nor are high protein diets. Here is my quick video on protein in plant foods (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfL-FtKubwc) and my long research article on its quality and quantity (http://www.evolvingwellness.com/post/protein-myths-about-plant-and-animal-protein-sources).
Jason Hill (2 months ago)
You are it my friend; you are it. I always seem to sabotage mine...
Healthytarian (2 months ago)
Thanks Jason!
Cathy Cudney (2 months ago)
I use frozen greens it saves money and keeps your smoothie nice and cold oh you can easily use frozen bagged fruit
Healthytarian (2 months ago)
Thanks for sharing Cathy. Yes, you can definitely use frozen greens or fruits, but hopefully not all the time, as nothing beats fresh produce when it comes to health, nutrition and even flavor.
David Raley (2 months ago)
Would avacado be a valid fruit? Nevermind. You address later.
Ricky Galera (2 months ago)
thank you !
Healthytarian (2 months ago)
My pleasure Ricky.
jacqueline paterson (2 months ago)
Great video. Thanks. After making a smoothie today that I could barely drink (too much beetroot) I’m really glad I came across your video.
Healthytarian (2 months ago)
Glad to be of help :) Thank you for your comment.
rachel lopez (2 months ago)
goodjob..thank you..Godbless u
Healthytarian (2 months ago)
Thank you very much Rachel.
Plantain is definite not a green leaf, it's like a big banana.
Healthytarian (2 months ago)
No plantains were mentioned in this video, so I am not sure if you have a question I can help with?
Thomas Joseph (3 months ago)
Healthytarian (3 months ago)
Thank you Thomas!
Robyn McCarthy (3 months ago)
Great video with excellent information! (And I thought I knew all there was to know about smoothies-I even took notes!) I just subscribed. I look forward to more of your videos. Thank you SO much!!!
Healthytarian (3 months ago)
That is super sweet to hear Robyn! Thank you for sharing your comment, feedback and positive enthusiasm :)
atia wasima (3 months ago)
love it...specifically for detailed information. ....however, are raw green leaves good for ibs patients?
Healthytarian (3 months ago)
Thank you for the feedback Atia, and good to hear you enjoyed it. With regards to raw greens and IBS, that all depends on who you ask, as there are many theories about that out there. What I can tell you with working with people with all kinds of digestive issues is that there are many differences in what each person can best tolerate, BUT all IBS has a stress component that is reflected by our mental/emotional health and anxiety. This is why there is no, one, consistent diet that works for all IBS people, because different foods set them off, but the underlying issue is not the food, but the emotions and how we are coping in our lives. So see if raw greens work for you, pay attention to food combining too (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kugr_7xwKLE), but most importantly work on the root issue: the stress and emotional trauma. Best wishes!
Nita W (3 months ago)
I came across one of your video's and have been binge watching them for the last 2hrs. Transitioning into plant base lifestyle. I just subscribed, thanks for all the great info☺.
Healthytarian (3 months ago)
Wow, that is really great to hear Nita. Thanks for sharing and best wishes on your journey. It is one of the best decisions we can ever make for our health, and the health of our world.
jonjoe89 (3 months ago)
Only one question? How many smoothies a day?
jonjoe89 (3 months ago)
+Healthytarian Thank you so much for responding.
Healthytarian (3 months ago)
No hard rules about this one. In general, one, as you want to eat other variety of foods and ones that you can "chew", as all this further helps to optimize our health. But if you are ill or very busy at times, then you can have as many as you feel best to meet your needs. People can go on "green smoothie" only fasts/cleanses/detoxes too for days on end, as they are full of nutrients. If you are going to have more than one a day, I just recommend making sure that you vary up your ingredients. Have different leafy greens, fruits, and nuts/seeds in each one.
meme meme (3 months ago)
Is smoothie good for colon?
Healthytarian (3 months ago)
It is excellent for the colon, as it is full of real, whole plant foods, which are full of fiber, and thus very healing and cleansing for the colon.
Lil Fuller (3 months ago)
Why you didmt list the recipe
Healthytarian (3 months ago)
Lil, there is no specific recipe. This video presents you with an easy, 5-step template for you to use with whatever ingredients you have or like that fit each step. It is about each person taking accountability and using some personal creativity to make the green smoothies that best work for them.

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