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The Many Benefits of Drinking Green Tea: Health & Conscious Living Series

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Our books on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2IyhSle Wisdom Health & Wellness Books: http://www.fastread.ca/ Maitreyi Paradigm: http://www.maitreyiparadigm.com/ Subscribe to this channel: https://bit.ly/2p48Srq Comfort & Conscious Living Series: https://bit.ly/2It9p2y Health & Conscious Living Series: https://bit.ly/2tB0y4z Money & Conscious Living Series: https://bit.ly/2U4Fpvo Relationship & Conscious Living Series: https://bit.ly/2GZgFkj Since it is important to feel some level of basic comfort and well-being to truly initiate a spiritual practice, we are introducing a new series called Comfort and Conscious Living, where each week we will present one tip to improve your money luck, help with improving relationships, improve your vocation and in general help you to live vibrantly with good health and vitality. Today we present the many benefits of drinking green tea. Watch on to learn more ... Other helpful links: http://www.maitreyiparadigm.com/ http://www.freshandnatural.com/ https://www.facebook.com/VedicWisdom Maitreyi Paradigm Board: https://www.pinterest.ca/Macro2Micro/... Ayurveda Board: https://www.pinterest.ca/Macro2Micro/... +++++ People who are interested in the following topics will be interested in our channel. +++++ We cover various aspects of living a spiritually full-filling life even as one conducts day-to-day living. Basically, this channel along with our associated website: http://www.maitreyiparadigm.com/ provides helpful information and tips so ordinary people can continue to have their daily existence while also experiencing the extra-ordinary divine presence in their live and living a purposeful existence. Many a times spiritual websites simply provide direct translations from the ancient texts and these do not apply well to the modern living. Most of our viewers like we ourselves, are not living secluded lives. They do not live in a monastery and are not able to conduct long spiritual prayers or intricate rituals. Many a times, they are not even close to nature- but such living situations can also be accommodated if one is truly interested in changing one’s life for the better. We do not need to be anyone special or different to be living a meaningful and purposeful life. We can all start from where are… In our videos and through the various articles on our website, we address on how people can lead a calmer, more meaningful life even as they continue with their chosen vocation and family life- i.e. how can a person live in this world, truly experiencing it but at the same time, not getting ensnared by it! Vedic Wisdom Topics: • Learning Hinduism • Learning about the Vedic Culture • Vedic wisdom • Vedic ways of living • Books on Hinduism • Vedic era books and samhitas • Vedas and the Upanishads • Vedic Astrology • Ayurveda • various Hindu deities • Vaastu shastra • Ashtanga yoga (eight limbs of yoga) • Kundalini yoga • Awakening the third eye • Spiritual awakening • Living the life of a Rishi Disclaimer (PLEASE READ): We believe in natural and holistic living. Though we have tried to find out as much information as possible while bringing you comprehensive information on these natural remedies and other topics, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of any of the information mentioned herein. If you are taking ANY prescription medications then even more so, check with your doctor before taking any natural herbs or supplements. ALWAYS check with your medical doctor before modifying your health routine. DO NOTE that we are NOT responsible for anyone following any of the suggestions, ideas or advice mentioned within this video. This is also applicable for any comments and/or discussions that are carried out on this site. For full Terms & Conditions, please visit: http://www.maitreyiparadigm.com/terms... Please consult someone properly qualified in your areas or concern/inquiry to consider your particular scenario and provide you appropriate consultation. #consciousliving #naturalhealth #alternativehealing #VedicWisdom #Vedic #MaitreyiParadigm #prana #chi #ayurveda #MaitreyiGautam #comfortableliving #greentea #EGCG #oolong #chinesetea #blacktea #healthysnacks #weightloss #nutrition #naturalhealth #holistichealth #alternativeremedies #healthfood Please do like this video and subscribe to our channel. Let us know if you would like to view more videos on a specific topic.
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